Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nollywood new movie: One Room. (Watch it!)

Rita Dominic
Anthony Monjaro
Uru Eke
Cassandra Odita
Blessing Egbe

The story revolves around a couple. It reflects a trouble woman going through emotional ups and downs in her marriage. She has a serious burden and a shocking path. This movie will be premiered in Lagos on the 17th of June.

When you look back and watch the movies Blessing Egbe has produced and written (Lekki wives series, two brides and a baby...), you don’t need a pastor  to reveal this new movie will be an interesting one to watch. She’s one of the best producers in Nollywood.

In 'One room' movie, her casts are very okay. The actress that acted the main character, Rita Dominic has proven to her fans, critics to be one of the best Nollywood actor to watch. The only thing I find odd about her is the inability to shed tears. Nevertheless, she is a fantastic actress and one of my favorites.

Anthony Monjaro is not yet popular but he knows how to act. The only question I ask is, does he have what it takes to be an A list actor in Nollywood? Anyways, time will tell.

I will not call Uru Eke an upcoming actress. She has been doing well and her acting was good in Weekend to Gateway (produced by Emen Isong). She has come far and I believe she won’t fail in this movie. When this movie is finally out, watch it! I believe it will be interesting!


  1. Sounds interesting to me...

  2. A wailing duck? LMAO! I will check it out when it comes out.

  3. Lmao @ ur analysis on Ridi's crying skills. Anthony is a good actor. Will watch out for this, gracias!

  4. Great! This sounds a must await movie. I hope I could watch it too as I am interested. :( In any event, try, it could be a great help to you as well. :)


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