Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Synopsis for the upcoming series!!

Genevieve Cole should step aside! A new heroine is here!!

Title: DEEP

I am certain you would love/hate her and love her all over again! Agent of Banks Investigations Agency (BIA) Tiwatope Bankole aka Tiwa Banks is a courageous, strong and a straightforward feminist. She’s never scared to express her feelings. A stalker, someone from her past has huge plans for her.  

Wealthy, philanthropist, a former detective, Adebiyi Gold has his good and bad sides. One thing that is common between these two people is that they despise each other.

There’s a sadistic murderer alleged to be killing women.…. A risky and deadly case.  

First episode will be posted on Saturday. *Kisses*


  1. Wow!! This will be mind blowing. Carinaa!!!!

  2. Yipeeee!!!
    Saturday hurry & come
    *shines teeth*

  3. Cari cari, Uve started again with Saturday again, pls make it twice a week biko, once a week is not good, it makes one to reread the old story before the new one

  4. Wat do u mean no more genevieve cole? No way*sad-

    1. Keep your fingers crossed. It's not over for her.


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