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(Season 1): DEEP. Episode 6

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Tiwa banged the door very loud, entered her room and dived on her bed. She was beginning to regret honoring his invitation. An angel must have touched her for her to agree and lived with him, she thought. She would have remained adamant to stay at a hotel. It would have been more convenient and drama free. Even if she had stayed somewhere apart from his house, there was no way to avoid conflict. She sighed, took her phone beside her and glanced through it. She had missed calls from her parents, a colleague and a female friend. She was not in the mood to talk with anyone else but choose to dial only her mom’s number. She missed hearing her voice.

“Good evening mum,” Tiwa said after she picked the call.

“I have been so worried,” Mrs. Bankole said. “Why were you not picking your calls?”

“I was not with my phone. I am fine.”

“Thank God for that. I really miss you.” Her voice was low.

“I miss you too.” She said and smiled. “I wish I was with you right now. Are you okay?”
 “I’m doing alright. Why did you ask?”
“I don’t really like the way you are sounding.”

“There is nothing to worry about my daughter. I hope you have settled with Mr. Adebiyi Gold?”

“Settled or quarrel all the time. I can never be friends with him, never!”

Her mother shut her eyes and thought about the condition of her health. She was terrified that if she kicked the bucket, her precious daughter would likely be alone. Her father would not be able to fill the gap, and her son had left without saying goodbye. She prayed and wished Temidayo would respond and be emotional to attend her funeral when death finally knocked on her door. 

“Hello,” Tiwa said. “You are not saying anything.”

She quickly wiped the tears about to leap out from her eyes. “You need someone Tiwatope.”

“Someone?” she asked in a puzzled tone. “What do you mean?”

“I love you so much and I want the best for you. You are not getting any younger and….”

“There you go again. I don’t want the marriage talk.”

“Even if you are not ready to get married, try and be open so that men will come your way. You are very beautiful and unique. I know you went to Abuja for something important but try to create time and make new friends. You can also get close to Mr. Gold.”

She frowned. “If Mr. Gold is the last man on earth, I will never date him. He is a chronic womanizer!”

“I am not saying you must be intimate with him, just get close to him. I believe he is nice.”

“You forgot to mention an inconsiderate and bigheaded bastard! If you are going to continue to talk about him, I have to end this call.”

“You need to take things easy.” 

“How is father?” Tiwa asked. 

“He is in the living room watching news.”

“Send my regards. Take good care of yourself and goodnight.”

Mrs. Banks heaved a long sigh. “Goodnight Tiwatope.”

She ended the call and tossed her phone gently on the bed. She felt a bit relaxed after speaking with her mother but she doesn’t quite understand the tone of her mother. Something changed and she hoped it was for the better.

“Is Tiwa not yet awake?” Adebiyi asked the next morning at the dining table. It was him, Popoola seated, and already eating breakfast. There were having fried plantain, scrambled eggs, sausages and hot coffee. 

 Mimi stood beside him and answered, “I have not gone to call her?”

“Must you call her before she knows this is the right time to eat in the morning?”

“I think she has the right to eat whenever she likes.” Popoola stated.

“Let me check up on her.” Mimi said in a quick tone and moved speedily to knock on Tiwa’s door. 

“Come in.” Tiwa said without asking the name of the person. She knew Mimi has been the one checking up on her. 

She entered and greeted her. “My boss wants you downstairs. Breakfast is served.”

Dressed casually, she smiled and told her she would join them in few minutes. Mimi left her, went to report and departed to her room. Few seconds later, she joined the men.

“Good morning Mr. Popoola.” She said with a smile and sat down beside him.

“Good morning Miss. Tiwa. How was your night?”

“Splendid. And yours?”


She turned to look at Adebiyi. He was eating. His eyes were concentrated on his food. There was nothing like a smile or beam on his face. “Good morning to you.”

He stopped to eat, glanced at her and turned his back to see if there was anyone standing behind him. “Are you talking to me?”

“It’s just the three of us here.” She said puzzled.

“Morning. I thought you would never speak to me because of what happened last night.”

She chuckled. “What happened last night?”

His eyebrows heaved upwards. “Have you forgotten so soon? We had an argument and it involved you, Esther and me. I hope you remember her?”

She laughed. “Oh! You call that an argument? I think you have a short memory. You simply made a fool of yourself yesterday.”

The fork on Adebiyi’s right hand fell on his plate. His mouth was widely opened.

Mr. Popoola fought hard not to laugh but he had no clue when he exploded into a brutal laughter.

Tiwa had a huge smile on her lips and stared at her meal. She began to eat. 

Adebiyi had no words to describe how he felt. He took his napkin, wiped his mouth and rose.

“Are you not eating again?” Popoola asked after cracking his ribs. 

He gazed at him angrily. “I have lost my appetite!” He said and walked away. 

Popoola said to Tiwa. “You won today.”

“Thank you.” She said and chewed some eggs. “I love what I am eating. The chef really knows how to cook. I will have to commend his skills.”

“You have not seen anything yet. He cooks our African dishes so well. It is rare to see a Ghanaian prepare all kinds of Nigerian food.”

“I will talk to him later in the kitchen.”

“He’s not around.” 

“Where did he go to?” 

“He went to the market.”

“Again?” Tiwa asked in a surprised tone. “I thought he went yesterday.”

“Yes he did. Asante goes to the market five times in a week. That’s Monday to Friday. Immediately he serves breakfast, he leaves to buy foodstuffs to prepare for lunch and dinner.”

“That is in insane. Why the long process when there are two deep freezers in the house. Foodstuffs should be bought in bulk and stored in the fridge.”

“Adebiyi Gold loves fresh food. He doesn’t like the idea of storing foodstuffs inside freezers for days or weeks.”

“That’s because he is not the one in Asante’s shoes. He is stressing the chef.”

“I think he enjoys what he is doing. My friend pays him well.”

“What about weekends?”

“Adebiyi order from his favorite restaurant or we go there and eat.”

“Oh, I see. Too much money.”

“I think you should eat and meet Adebiyi to talk about the case. He told me there is no lead on the case.”

“No.” Tiwa replied and drank her coffee.

“My only advice is for you to be careful.  He is a man and capable of taking good care of himself.”

She gave him a look. “Meaning women are the weaker sex?”

Popoola looked at her inquisitively. “Everybody knows that.”

“No, not everybody. Men and women are equal. Are you telling me all men are strong and capable of defending themselves when troubles come? If Adebiyi is skillful of taking good care of himself, why can’t I?”

“I am sorry if I upset you.”

“No you did not. I am only trying to correct your statement.”

“Whatever you say,” he said and smiled. “I am not the arguing type.”

Tiwa smiled back. “I thought so. Why are you here? Don’t you have family?” 

Two of them were almost through with their food. He briefly narrated about his late wife and two kids.

“I am sorry about your wife’s death. The rate at which breast cancer kills is alarming. I don’t wish such for my enemy.”

“Thank you. It was a terrible experience but I am happy that she gave me two amazing children.”

“Are you not going to remarry?”

“No woman can take my late wife’s place in my heart. I am not thinking about that. For now, I will continue to be a good father to my children, be a friend and also a brother to Adebiyi.”

“But for how long?”

“I don’t know. I would have died if not for Adebiyi. He came at the right time to rescue me from giving up on life.”

After they were through with their food, Donald came from the kitchen to take tidy up the table. Tiwa had no idea Donald was looking straight at her until she made eye contact, he hastily took off his eyes and left. She wondered why the look, it was the second time she saw him staring at her. She never thought it meant something the first day she came but now, she was having a rethink and planned to inquire personal details about him.

Both of them ported to the living room and sat down. 

“How well do you and Mr. Adebiyi know your employees?” She asked Popoola.

“You mean Kelvin, Mimi, Asante and Donald?”


He stared at her direction. “Don’t tell me you are asking because of the investigation.”

She rolled her eyes and looked back. “I would be lying if I said no.”

“I know you are supposed to be suspicious about everyone around you because of the case. I don't think these workers knows what is happening. You have nothing to worry about except you have seen something that makes one of them looks like the suspect.”

“I don’t like the way Donald stares at me. I find it creepy.”

Popoola burst out laughing. “Remember you are the first woman to stay here for a long period. No one knows when you would leave. You are the only woman that has never slept in my friend’s room. I am sure he is wondering why Adebiyi overlooked such a damsel. He might be admiring you.”

Tiwa smiled widely. “Thank you for the compliment.” 

“You are welcome,” he said and crossed his legs. 

“What about Mimi?”

“No, no. Adebiyi can never stoop low to sleep with his employee.”

She didn’t say anything, rose on her feet and excused herself.

Tiwa went to the veranda and saw Adebiyi looking at his laptop. He seemed unhappy and deep in thought. She took a plastic white chair, placed it opposite him and sat down. 
“We have to put our differences aside and discuss about the case.”

His eyes were still focused on the laptop. “I am listening.”

She was curious to know what he was staring at, “What are looking at?”

This time, he glared into her face. “I looking at the faces of the women he slaughtered. They wanted to make a name for themselves before he killed them. He didn’t have the right to take their lives. I am frustrated Tiwa. We are back to square one.”

She thought he was going to cry but no tears came out. He had sad eyes and she felt somber. “I want to catch the murderer too and that is why I am here. I think you should use what you have to get what you want.”

“Please explain.”

“Offer the agent money so that he can release the list of the girls to us.”

“I did that after you drove me away from the dinning.”

“Without my permission?”

“Did you ask for mine when you questioned the maid of Mariam Yusuf?”

She shook her head. “Is that still bothering you?”

“Let’s forget about it. I called the agent and told him to name his price. He said he has a conscience. He is never going to jeopardize the safety of his clients.”

“I think they are in danger and the only solution to make sure they are safe is to speak with them.” She said and stood up. “I can’t believe he is daft!”

“If I was in his shoes, it would be hard for me to release the list too. Do not judge him.”

She turned her face to look at him. “Don’t start. What do we do now?”

“I should be the one asking you. I paid you for that.”

Tiwa scornfully glowered at him and hissed before walking out on him. She went to her room and saw her phone ringing. She grabbed it and pressed the green button.

“Is it true?!” Mrs. Bankole asked after Tiwa answered her call.

“What is true?” Tiwa asked confused. 

“Didn’t you read today’s newspaper?”

“No. I don’t have time for that.”

“Please do and get back to me immediately. Check entertainment news.” Call ended. 

She was concerned with the way her mother sounded on the phone. She strolled out, to ask Adebiyi if he bought today’s newspaper. He was already in the living room with Popoola. 

“You can collect it from my room.” he said with a poker-faced stare and he handed over his key.

“Why can’t Mimi get it for me?”

“She is not allowed to enter my room.”

“But I thought she is the housekeeper.”

“Of course, if you care to know, I clean my room myself. I am not lazy. I know I am sexually active but useful when it comes to cleaning.”

“I didn’t ask you to tell me that.”

“I know. I know you think of me as a sex freak. You are wrong.”

“Your sex life or how you treat women does not interest me. You actually bore me.” 

Tiwa took the key and left. She opened the door, entered and was marveled by it. It was very beautiful. She was stunned to see the place neatly organized and equipped with beautiful artworks. 
She sighted the newspaper on his desk, rushed towards it and grabbed it. She ran out to avoid questions for wasting time in his room. She shut it, went to the living room and placed the key on the table beside him.

“Thanks.” She said and scanned through entertainment news. Her brother’s name caught her eyes. After reading through it, she went to her room and called her mother. “I think it’s a rumor.”

“How can your brother keep this away from us? He is expecting a child!”

“I think you read his interview. He said he is not responsible and he spent only a night with her. She wants to be a babymama for an entertainer or she is lying to get publicity.”

“I don’t care! I want a grandchild.”

“So soon?” Tiwa asked astonished.

“You and your brother are not getting any younger. Do you want me to die without carrying my grandchildren? This is so unfair.” She was crying silently.

“You are not going to die and I don’t understand why you are talking like this. What is going on mom?”

“Nothing,” She replied and sniffed her nose. “Please, help your mother find this woman and confirm if she is really pregnant for your brother.”

“We will know about that in five to six months’ time.”

“I can’t wait to find out by that time. I want to know now.”

“Alright, I will try my best and search for her with my torchlight.”

“This is isn’t funny!” Mrs. Bankole said and smiled. “Let me know when you find her.”

“Okay mum. Take care.”

The following day at 10:15am, Chinaza Oke was stepping out from her two-bedroom flat she shared with her colleague, Halima. She was planning to take a public transport to travel to Ibadan to be with her boyfriend. Her housemate was aware, bid her goodbye at the doorstep and closed the door. Chinaza was already going out to search for a taxi when she remembered her phone was not with her. She went back, collected it and strolled outside. She was holding a purse on her left hand and a travelling with her right hand.

She was beginning to get tired in the sun after waiting for more than five minutes. She wanted to go back inside and persuade her friend to follow her to where she would see a taxi on time when a black car stopped in front of her. The driver lowered down the passenger’s window and smiled at her.

“Hello Chinaza.” He said.

She looked closely and tried to see if she knew him. Seconds later, she smiled back. “It’s been a while. The last time we saw each other was at the get together. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Come in and let me drop you.”

“Thank you so much!” She opened the backdoor, dropped her bag there and entered the passenger’s seat.

At 8:35pm, Mr. Poopola turned off the television after listening to the breaking news. He was not happy and also looking very angry. He could hear Tiwa and Adebiyi quarrelling. Their voices were very loud and anyone around could hear what they were arguing about. He ambled to where they were. They could hardly notice him and had no idea he was standing in front of them.

“You have no sense of humor. Your humor is dead, buried in a desert and unable to find!” Tiwa uttered.

“Oh, please! You think you are smarter than I am. No way! I will take you to a psychiatrist hospital because I think there is something psychologically wrong with you. You think with your anus!”

She laughed mockingly. “I am sure you meant a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist! Dumbass!!”

He pointed at her. “You are still not smart. You need the two of them to educate you on certain things! I wonder what you learnt in school before you became an agent. Oh, I remember, your father employed you because he is the only one capable of condoling your insanity!”

“What about you?” She asked in a furious tone. “I won’t be here if it wasn’t your mistake to allow a man kill women! You do not only need prayers but deliverance!!”

“Shut up!!!” Popoola screamed. He was fed up of Tiwa and Adebiyi’s tantrums. “What is the matter with two of you?! Are you not tired of raising your voices at each other?! Grow up!!”

They pointed at each other.

He shook his head. “Both of you are supposed to be in peace but your ego won’t let you. Well, I have bad news and I hope this enmity ends!” 

Tiwa rose on her feet. “What bad news?” 

“I hope its not something serious.” Adebiyi asked in an anxious tone.

Mr. Popoola sighed. “I am sorry to break the sad news. Another woman was found dead in the evening. She was raped and her heart is missing.”

“Oh no.” Tiwa said shocked.

Adebiyi stayed mute for a short moment. He swallowed and asked. “What is the victim’s name?”

“What does her name have to do with this?” Popoola asked.

“Is the victim Igbo?”

Popoola stared at him surprised. “How did you know? Her name was Chinaza Oke ”

“We think the heart-taker is going after the three major tribes in Nigeria.” Tiwa said.

“His next target should be Hausa.” Adebiyi said and touched his forehead. “What have I done to deserve this?”

Tiwa had no choice but glanced at him. She already blamed him and there was no way she could turn back her words. “Did they say how long she was missing?”

“Her friend said she was supposed to travel today but her boyfriend has not seen her.” Popoola answered. "Her body was found around 7pm close to where she lived."

Adebiyi jumped on his feet. “You mean she went missing today and was also killed, raped and disposed the same day?”

“That is what the newscaster said. The news would be repeated in two hours’ time for an update.”

“Why change his memo? Why did he not wait for the seventh day to commit such atrocity?”

“He doesn’t want to keep the girls for six days and murder them on the seventh day.” Tiwa replied. “He does not want to waste time anymore because he is angry. We have to ask the agent if he knows the victim. The heart-taker already knows the police are not only the ones investigating the case. He must have found out you and I are after him.”

“We are in big trouble.” Adebiyi said.

Tiwa said, “The death of the new victim is a message for us to stop investigating the case but we will never do such a thing. We are just getting started.”
To be continued….


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