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(Season 1): DEEP. Episode 9

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Adebiyi saw fear in her eyes. He gripped hard and told her she should calm down and spoke clearly so he could understand who took her mother.

“I can’t calm down!!” she exclaimed, crying into his body. She could feel his strong arms. “My ex-boyfriend, Damon took my mother!” Popoola, Mimi and Donald came out of their rooms and saw them. When Adebiyi saw they were out and asking if everything was alright, he told them what happened and led Tiwa to the living room so they could talk. The three occupants followed behind, looking shocked.

“How is it possible?” Popoola asked puzzled. “You said he was in prison and it was life sentence.”

“Yes,” Tiwa said and stopped shedding tears. “I still don’t understand. He said he would slit her throat. Damon is a psychopath, I am so scared.”

“What does he want?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me but he said he would call back later. He must have been the one that gave me the chocolate and card yesterday. I didn’t even read it. If I had known, I would have done that and warned my mother about him.”

“But you would not have known he would kidnap your mother.” Adebiyi said, sat beside her and patted her back as if she was a little girl. “Don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault. You have to think where he must have taken her to.”

“I don’t know. I dated Damon a long time ago!” She burst out crying and covered her watery face. “I have to make a call.”

Mimi was shaking, Donald appeared unhappy about the whole situation. Popoola paced around the living looking very bothered. Tiwa wanted to get up and go collect her phone in her room but Adebiyi stopped her and sent Mimi. She left, came back in a jiffy and handed the handset to her. The phone could barely stay in her hand. Tiwa’s body was shivering and sweat sipped out of her neck, hands and forehead. Adebiyi grabbed it from her and asked whom she wanted to call.

“Call Mr. Yemi. He is a warden at the prison facility. The last time we spoke was five years ago when Damon asked him to call me. He wanted to speak with me but I refused.”

Adebiyi dialed the number but it wasn’t going through. “Five years is a long time, maybe he changed his number.”

“Try Agent Chigozie. He works in my father’s agency. He knows someone there.”

It rang thrice before he answered the phone. “Tiwa?”

He gave her the phone and spoke with him. “Agent Chigozie, you have to help me right now!” She said in a panicked voice.

“What happened?”

Tiwa explained, he seemed stunned and told her he would send the number of the new director of the prison facility. She received a text a minute later and called the director. She answered when a male voice requested who was calling him at the late hour. “I am Agent Tiwatope Bankole. I…”

“Tiwa Banks of the BIA?”

“Yes! There’s a prisoner in your facility and I want to know what happened. He is supposed to be serving a life sentence but he is out. He kidnapped my mother. Why is Damon Waheeda not in prison?”

“Oh my God! We didn’t know he would do such a thing that’s why we kept it discreet. We didn’t report the incident to the public because we thought we might catch him on time. I am sorry.”

“What incident?” She asked confused.

“He escaped.” 

The disturbed facial appearance flew far away. An exceptional anger consumed her entire face. She speedily got up on her feet. “He escaped and you could not report it so that people like me and family should be at alert. Don’t you know what he did? How could you do such a thing! When did he escape?”

“Last week.”

“How could you hide something like this? What were you thinking?!”

“I apologize for my mistake and I will correct it.”

“It is when I find my mother alive, that is when you have corrected this whole brouhaha. I am pissed at you for not doing your job. Find my mother alive or I will sue you and the borehole you call a facility!” She ended the call.

“What next?” Popoola asked. 

She heaved a sigh and shook her head. “I don’t know. I just want to hit someone’s face! Damon escaped last week.”

“That should be the period you came to Abuja.” Adebiyi said.


“That means he must have followed you here. He might even know you live in this house. How could he have known you were in that place alone if he was not following us that day? That man has been stalking you.”

“I have a stalker now? It is not a good thing.”
“If he absconded during that period, it tells us that he had nothing to do with those victims. He is not the heart-attacker.”

“No.” Tiwa replied and quickly caught the sight of Donald. He suddenly frowned and looked at Mimi. “They are not the same person.”

“If the heart-taker promised me he would not kill, why start now after some years later.”

“Something triggered him and that’s what we don’t know for now.”

“Do you think Damon would truly kill your mother?”

“He is capable of anything. I just hope there a little sympathy felt inside him.”

“What about your father? Does he not have the right to know what’s going on with his wife?”

Tiwa spoke no further and called her dad. She informed him of the bad news. He was truly shocked, told her, he would alert the agents for them to investigate immediately, and he would take the available flight back to Nigeria. Her voice became low. “I am scared.”

“Don’t be my love. I and my team will do everything we can to find her.”

“I want to be part of the team. I want to help.”

“I know you want to help but travelling back to Lagos won’t solve anything.”

“What if Damon wants me and he is willing to let mother go?”

“A switch?” Mr. Bankole asked in a dazed tone. “I can never allow that to happen. Your mother will never ever forgive me if I agree to that. I will make sure I bring her safe and throw that scumbag back to where he belongs. All I want you to do is to wait for his next call.”

She shut her eyes and began to shake her head miserably. “He might kill her.”

“He won’t if you play with him.”

Tiwa opened her eyes instantly. “Huh?”

“Tell him you still love him and would do anything to have him in your arms once again. Use what you have to get what you want.”

“I’ve heard. Call me when you arrive.”

“I will.” 

Adebiyi told Mimi and Donald they could go back and sleep but they insisted they wanted to stay behind and made sure Tiwa stopped worrying.

“Thank you.” She said and managed to smile. She told Adebiyi and Popoola what her father suggested.

“I can’t stop you.” Adebiyi said. “Do what you can to save your mother.”

“Your daughter is mine!!” Damon spat out at Mrs. Bankole who appeared weak. They were inside a small room with only a bed, table, chair and with a bathroom. He refused to allow her sleep, instead he accused her of supporting Tiwa for leaving him. He had reduced some weight, his hair was very rough and his eyes were very sharp. He was no longer a fine man with his rough face filled with pimples and eczema all over his neck. He used a thick rope to tie her hands and legs. She had no clue where he brought her. When he grabbed her at her house, he used a cloth to cover her eyes.

“Tiwa made the right choice.” She said in a feeble tone. Her back and legs ached but she pretended to be doing okay but she knew if he kept her longer without taking her drugs, something terrible might happen to her. “How could she stay with a murderer?”

“You still have the strength to talk trash?”

“I am saying the truth Damon. You shouldn’t have killed her friend. Nothing was going on between them but your insecurity and negativity took over your head.”

“And you expect me to believe they were not sleeping with each other? I am not daft! I loved Tiwa and I still do. I will make sure we come back together and if anyone tries to stop me, I will kill that person with my bare hands.”

She sighed tiredly and began to close her eyes. She was exhausted to exchange words with him.

He saw her falling asleep, brought out a sharp knife and pointed it at her. “Wake up!”

Mrs. Bankole was startled at the loud sound of his voice. She didn’t look scared when she sighted the knife. “Do you think I am afraid to die?”

“Everybody is afraid of death!” She started to laugh and it surprised him. “You think this is funny? Do you know I can kill you right now?”

“What is stopping you from doing it now?”

He stared at her perplexed. “Why are you not afraid?”

“That’s because I am already dying.” She burst out laughing.

Tiwa woke up on the longest sofa in the living room. She had no idea when she slept off. When she turned to the right side, she saw Adebiyi sitting on a chair, watching her. He held Tiwa's right hand and raised her up. He was neatly dressed.

“Good morning.” She said.

“Good morning sunshine.”

Tiwa smiled. “Did he call?”

“No but your father did. He’s on his way to Nigeria.”

“Where’s everyone? I hope they slept.”

“They did after I forced you to close your eyes and sleep.” 

“And what about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I want you to shower and dress up. You have to eat breakfast.”

“I don’t have appetite.”

“I will feed you.” Adebiyi said.

Tiwa giggled. “You are treating me like a baby.” 

He gazed into her eyes without saying a single word. She looked around the living room. She could smell the aroma of food. She looked back at him. “Is the chef back?”

“Yes.” he replied and whisked her by the hand and they walked towards her room. They reached her doorstep. "See you in few minutes.” Adebiyi said and went away.

Ten minutes later, Tiwa joined Adebiyi and Popoola at the dining table. Donald and Mimi came forward and asked how she was doing. She assured them she was fine and begged them to pray for the wellbeing of her mother. Asante came over to offer his sympathy. They left the three of them at the dining.

“I called agent Chigozie.” Adebiyi spoke. “He said they have searched his house and he wasn’t there.”

“His family abandoned him and his home after what he did. They were ashamed.”

“Do you still have their contacts?”

“No. They never wanted anything to do with me after the murder. They accused me of brain washing him.”

“That family must be crazy to blame you for Damon’s evil and selfish act." Popoola said.
"I don’t think he would contact them. I think….” She paused and stood up. “I think I remember something.”

“What is it?” Adebiyi asked curiously and rose on his feet. He stood beside her while Popoola listened. 

“Damon was building a house around Isolo in Lagos, I went there with him once and he told me it was the house we were going to stay after I finish my education. He might take her there."

“Did he ever propose marriage to you?”

“He always told me we were going to be husband and wife.”

“Can you recall the exact location of the house?”

“No. I was twenty-one when he took me there and it was the same year he was arrested. It was a long time ago.”

“That’s over nine years ago.” Popoola said. “This Damon is psychologically disturbed to kidnap your mother, and threaten you because he wants you back.”

“He is deranged!” Her phone rang. It was with Adebiyi, he checked the caller and gave it to Tiwa. “Hello Joyce.”

“Good morning agent Tiwa. I have found the list.”

“That’s good news. Do you have their contacts, maybe phone numbers.”

“Not at all.” she said in a disappointed tone. “The register is at the office.”

“No problem. I will send you my address for you to bring the list. Is that okay by you?”

“Of course,” Joyce replied. “I am willing to help you in any way I can. I will bring it in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Tiwa said and ended the call. She sent the address through a text and narrated what Joyce said.

“How do we find these girls?” Adebiyi asked.

She gave a side smile. “That’s why we have Kelvin to do the job for us. You have to call him. We need his attention now but before you do that, I want to ask you something.”


“When I said something triggered the heart-taker to start killing, I thought of your past. The heart-taker is going after models and I believe his ex-girlfriend that left him for another man must have been into modeling or a former beauty queen. You were twenty nine when he called.”


“How many years ago?”

Nine years.”

“With the way he is taking these girls and murdering them, he should be a man between thirty-three to forty years old, and probably living alone. I don't see him as someone that will have close relatives or friends. Before Kelvin comes here, tell him to find out if there was any scandal about any beauty queen or successful model that broke up with her boyfriend and married a rich man and relocated abroad nine or ten years ago. The sister might have blogged about the story if it ever happened. He should contact any of his media friends or acquaintances. We never can tell, something related might come up.” 

“That’s a wonderful idea." Adebiyi smiled and was impressed. Despite what she was going through, she still thought of finding out the killer of the innocent young women.” He called Kelvin and instructed him. They sat down and Tiwa's phone rang again.

Tiwa gripped her phone hard and placed it by her ear. “Mom!”

“Your mom is doing fine,” Damon said.

“Please, let me speak with her. Don’t hurt her.”

“Hurt her? I have changed my mind.”

She put it on loudspeaker for Adebiyi and Popoolato hear. “What made you change your mind?”

“Your mother is back home.”

“Let me speak with her to be sure.”

Damon gave Mrs. Banks the phone. “Tiwa! I am fine. Don’t listen to a word he says.”

"Shut up!!” He shouted at her. KPA!!

Tiwa heard him hit her. She was angry and could not control it. “If you ever touch my mother again, I will kill you!!”

He roared into a wicked laugh. “I want your hands all over my body. I miss you."

"I hate you!" 

Adebiyi tried to calm her down but she bluffed him.

"What are you wearing?" Damon asked.

"A gun that I will use to blast off your soaked brain!"

"I can't wait to kiss those lips." 

She thought he was having fun and decided not to reply him again.“I don’t have anything more to say to you. Leave her alone!”

“Of course I have done that. I don’t need to kill your mother anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know?”

Tiwa could hear her mom screaming over the phone that she should not believe a word he was about to say. “Know what?”

“Your mother is dying Tiwa. I will be wasting my time to do the job when I know she has cancer.”

“It’s a lie!!” She bellowed in shock. Adebiyi concealed his face with his hands. 
He was distraught and felt terrible. Popoola’s eyes gushed out tears. He remembered his late wife. Cancer was truly deadly and took the lives of beautiful people.

“Ask her the truth when you see her. I will see you soon Tiwa and now that I know I can’t kill your dying mother, the man I saw you with, the arrogant Mr. Gold you are living with is next. I will beat him to death in front of you."

Adebiyi grabbed the phone to his mouth. “And I will be waiting for you. Coward!” He cut the call and peered at Tiwa. Tears already took hold of her face and it was raining down to her shoulders. She felt as if the world hated her and desired sadness into her life. She fell into his arms and could not stop crying.  

To be continued.


  1. eeeyaaa... Tiwa don't mind the psychopath

    see his yeye mouth...

    Mr Gold will be waiting for you na

  2. This is getting more interesting. Cancer is a deadly disease.

  3. This is getting more and more intriguing.

  4. Damon should face Adebiyi if he can

  5. Tiwatope, my love for this lady though. Now is the time to be very careful nd smarter than u used to be. Dnt provoke Damon, mk him feel wanted nd missed. Lure him to yourself, I knw you hate him but u ve to be smart nd dnt let ur emotions tk over a better part of you. Now that you knw Mrs Bankole has cancer, please try locating your brother so u cn bring him bck to ur mother nd also investigate the lady claiming to be carrying his child.

    Mrs Bankole, strong and submissive woman. Please continue to be strong for your children, I knw you will reunite with ur son before u finally rest in peace. Dnt let that ur selfish husband get to you at all, u ve bn a good wife for over 30yrs,its time for Mr Bankole to pay his dues.

    Adebiyi Gold, I'm loving this man already. You ve to do everything to protect tiwa and the heart thief lives right under your roof. Jes be more observant nd you shall see. I know you nd tiwa will mk a great couple but u ve to be ready for this fight nd determined to win cos this ain't no child's play.

    Damon, u be pikin where Adebiyi dey. He will crush you like an ant. U berra respect cos he dey run the town. Ur obsession will lead you to your doom. Tiwa of that year ain't Tiwa of now.

    Please y do I feel the cook is the heart thief... Jes thinking out loud.

    Carina I wished you a happy birthday on Facebook. Happy belated birthday. May you be blessed beyond your imaginations.

    1. Hmmnnn....I hail!
      Thanks for your birthday wishes. I love you!

  6. Hbd....babe am so sorry it's coming late.wullnpa.nice one babe.

  7. Wow!!!
    That silly demon sha!
    It's getting more intriguing.
    Keep it up CJ dearest.


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