Saturday, November 12, 2016

CELEBRITY STYLE: 11 Times Genevieve Nnaji Proved Simplicity is Sexy!

Genevieve Nnaji is an ageless beauty and a fantastic actress, producer and a mother of one. She might be scarce on the red carpet or hardly seen in an event or shows but whenever she graces any occasion, her style is simple but classic and sexy.
Her confidence is on a higher level. Her slim figure and curvy waist suits her. Her clothes, shoes, accessories and her makeup are simple and far-fetched. There is absolutely no way you won’t be mesmerized by her splendid looks. I have selected eleven of her stunning photos. Check them out and I am sure you would agree with me!
 Simple & Lovely!
 She's the lady in Red!
 She's adorable!
Simplicity is sexy!


  1. Very classy woman... There is this pic of her that where she was walking to an event from either her hotel lobby or the venue of the event, she looked so classy there... Was expeting to see it as one the of the pics..

  2. I like her style. She is simple n classic

  3. Beautiful woman...

  4. Genevieve is my best actress.

    I like her style

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