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(Season 2): DEEP. Episode 7

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For the past three days, Tiwa had been crying uncontrollably. Adebiyi pleaded but she refused to stop. He told the doctor to prescribe a drug that would make her sleep for long. He was worried that the trauma would cause more damage to her health but the health practitioner informed him there was no need and that Tiwa was getting better and he would discharged  her in few days’ time. The loss of her mother still felt like a huge shock and it weakened the matters of her heart.

Temidayo cried and wished he had gone back home earlier. He would have spent enough time with his mother but now, it was impossible. He fell sick and chose not to take his drugs.

“I am begging you in the name of Almighty God,” his fiancée told him. “Take your drugs.”

He was listening to music and refused to give her a reply. 
He stood up, walked to his fridge and brought out a bottle of beer but she quickly dragged it from him.

“Leave me alone!” He spat at her.

“I will not allow you injure yourself. This is not what your mother would have wanted.”

Temidayo glared at her. “You don’t know what my mother wanted!"

“I might not have known her very well but the short time I spent with her, I know it would break her heart to see you sink yourself in sorrow. I am sorry she is gone but she was a happy woman when she left us. If you continue to act this way, how would you feel if you die and leave your son without a father, the grand child your mother always wanted. Don’t do this. I know it hurts and I am very sorry for your loss. Please take your drugs and remember your father is expecting us soon.”

What she said penetrated into him. She was right. He requested for his medication and took them before going to have his bath and prepare to go out.

Mr. Bankole was still around, unable to travel back. Heaven knew he missed his wife massively and no woman would be able to replace her. He was never going to remarry but focus more on his children and work. Mr. Popoola was always beside him, consoling him of his loss. He had experienced the same thing.

“I know how you feel,” Popoola said to him. “When I lost my wife, I thought my life had ended and I was of no use on earth. I nearly killed myself, thinking I had no hope. My longtime friend came at the right time and stopped me. He gave me two reasons to live, my children and to be a better person so that I can leave an effect on people when I die.”                          
“I have seen the way you attend to Adebiyi. I respect you for not betraying him despite giving you the freedom in his home and most especially his life.”

“God will punish me if I payback good with evil. That man is my hero and I am ready to give anything for him to be happy.”

Mr. Bankole sighed. “I respect you for that.”

“Thank you sir.” he said. “I know this is a difficult time for you and your family. Don’t think too much.”

“Thanks, I appreciate.”

“I still don’t know why you won’t listen to me.” Adebiyi said to Tiwa as tears plunged down from her eyes down to her soaked pillow. He was standing beside her and holding her left hand. “Tears won’t bring her back.”

She didn’t say anything but cried more.

He continued, “I know it’s painful to loss someone you love and its heartbreaking to know you will never see her again. I am not telling you not to mourn her but try and stop crying and thinking. She will always be with you.”

“I have no one!” she said.

“You have me my love.” 

Tiwa looked at him with her watery eyes. Her lips were shaking. “I am sorry for making such statement. It was silly of me.” She sniffed her nose and closed her eyes.

Adebiyi smiled faintly. “I understand.”

“We were supposed to travel to Egypt for her upcoming birthday. It was going to be only both of us.”

“I never knew.” He helped her wipe the tears on her face and pulled her from the bed. “I think we should go for a walk." 

She felt blessed to have him. He was patient with her and she was very grateful.

“I have been trying to reach you on the phone!” Damon yelled over the phone.

Chigozie spoke in a calm tone. “I am sorry, my boss lost his wife.”

“Tiwa’s mother is dead?” he asked surprised.


“I knew she was going to die,” Damon said in an unemotional tone. “But I never knew she would die soon. I wanted her to be alive when I take Tiwa away.”

“I think you should lay low for now. I don’t know the hospital she was taken to.”

His eyes sparkled in anger. “I will not accept that!”

“I will be suspected if I keep asking questions.”

“I don’t care about that! There are people looking for me. I have to get to Tiwa as soon as possible. Mr. Gold must die too. I want to kill him!”

Agent Chigozie sighed miserably. “That was not part of our plan. I only wanted you to take Tiwa away from the BIA and do whatever you want with her.”

“You are a selfish prick. You didn’t do anything for my gain but yours. I think I know your motive for helping me escape. I am sure you are planning to eliminate her father.”

“What!” he exclaimed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You want to control the BIA!”

He could no longer hold his emotion anymore. “Screw you!!” 

Damon laughed and paused. “I want to know where Tiwa is.”

“I don’t know but I will find a way but if I am unable to, I can’t help you anymore. You just have to wait for her to return home. We can plan together and capture her.”

“I will need more money.”

“I don’t have!!”

“I will leak your secret, don’t push me to do that.”

“Then I will send you back to prison.”

“Fine! We shall meet there if that’s what you want!”

“Hold on!” Chigozie said quickly. “I will send you some money but it will only be for the last time. No more asking me of money.”

“No more.” Damon lied.

Temidayo took his fiancée and son over to Adebiyi’s home to see his father. They spoke about taking back Mrs. Banks body back to Lagos and prepare for her funeral. Her relatives were notified of the bad news. 

“What about Tiwa.” Temi said to him. “Will she be ready to go back to work?”

“I know that is what she wants but I won’t approve it. She has to go on a leave for some months. She has passed through a lot and she needs all the time to get back to her normal self.”

Temidayo informed his father he wanted to speak with him alone. Both of them went outside. “Do you think their relationship will work?” 

“You mean Tiwa and Mr. Gold.”

“Yes,” he said. “My sister is in love but distance relationship is challenging. I know Mr. Gold is a good person but I don’t want him to break her heart.”

“I think he really cares a lot about her and Tiwa is no longer a baby. She knows what she wants. Short or long distance relationship should not come between them. Their kind of love is amazing and I support them.”

“What if she decides to stay back here?”

“Are you saying Tiwa might leave her job at the BIA and come here because of Mr. Gold?”

“Yes. He has the money to open an investigation agency if he wants and offer her a better deal.”

There was a questionable look on his confused face. “In few years’ time, I will retire. Tiwa is supposed to manage it. I have not told her but she should know BIA is for her.”

“The BIA is for her?”

“Yes. I would have given it to you if you were in her shoes but you decided to choose music and I respect you for that. Don’t get me wrong.”

Temidayo smiled. “Thank you dad, I really want Tiwa to be happy. I thought I should tell you this in case she wants to come back here and be with her man.”

“But she loves her job. She loves what she is doing. Would she be willing to leave her career over a man?”

“I am not saying she would leave her career. Mr. Gold can help her open an agency of her own here. She gets what she wants, Mr. Gold and her job.” 

Mr. Bankole heaved a heavy sigh. “You’re right. I will speak with her about it but that should be after the burial.”

“Okay dad.”

Later in the day, the director of the prison facility Mr. Yemi placed a call to Mr. Bankole to inform him of what he knew. After they spoke on the phone, Mr. Bankole went to the hospital to see Tiwa and Adebiyi. He met them sitting on a bench close to a tree at the hospital.

“I received a call from Mr. Yemi and he believes someone you know is working with Damon.” Mr. Banks said to Tiwa.

She looked at Adebiyi shocked and glanced back at her father. “I don’t understand. I don’t know anyone that would be willing to work with Damon to kidnap my mother and threaten my life.”

“He said the prisoners are entitled to two calls in a month. They record their conversations but they don’t listen to it. He said he listened to one of Damon’s calls before he escaped and him and the caller mentioned your name.”

Her weary eyes widened. “Did he tell you what they discussed about?”

“It’s about Damon taking you away. The thing is that we do not know the caller. I was thinking maybe when we go back home, we should listen to it and you never can tell, you might recognized his voice.”

“The caller is a man?”


Adebiyi chipped in. “Do you have any misunderstanding with any man in your past?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure you have never quarreled with anyone that has power or money.”

“What do you mean?” Mr. Bankole asked him.

He stared at him and replied. “If this man planned with Damon to capture her, he might have the power to help him escape too. This person might even have an insider in that facility.”

Tiwa shrugged and gazed at Adebiyi. “Whoever he is, we are looking for a male, could likely be older than Damon and has an influence. If he has an insider at the prison facility, he…” 

“Wait.” Adebiyi said. “Do you have any issues with a police officer or a politician?”

She shook her head. “I can’t think of any.”

“This person knows you have a past with Damon. The caller might be close to you in a way.”

“I am not close to anyone apart from my family and you now!”

Mr. Banks focused his wary expression on her without saying a word.

She rolled her eyes and gave him a sarcastic look. “What is it again?”

“Agent Chigozie.” he answered.

“Oh my! I totally forgot about him but I never thought he could do such a thing!”

“I warned you about him but you wouldn’t listen! See what you have caused!”

Adebiyi stared at both of them questionably. He had no idea what they were arguing about. “Can someone tell me who Chigozie is?” He looked at Tiwa. “What happened between two of you.”

“Nothing!” She said innocently.

Her answer startled her father. He folded his arms. “You didn’t do anything?”

“He might not be the one. We can’t conclude just like that.”

“Is it the same agent that asked you for the address of the hospital?” Adebiyi asked Mr. Bankole.


“Don’t you think he might actually be the one?” he questioned her.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think what I did to him was wrong.”

“You haven’t told me what you did.”

Mr. Bankole had to tell Adebiyi what she did. Adebiyi looked at Tiwa and a wide smile jumped on his lips. The woman he cherished was a no nonsense woman and he loved her for that.

“Are you not going to say anything?” Mr. Bankole asked him.

“We should have evidence before we can conclude he is the one.”

“Exactly!” Tiwa said and rose up. “I am getting tired. I want to be alone for now.” They watched her leave them.

Two days later, Mr. Bankole, and Temidayo took the body of Mrs. Banks back to Lagos. Tiwa and Adebiyi planned to join them immediately the doctor discharge Tiwa from the hospital. Adebiyi called Samson and Mr. Popoola to follow him to a jewelry shop. He wanted to surprise Tiwa.

Adebiyi knew he was madly in love with her and their love was a match ordained in heaven. He needed to spend the rest of his life with her and be the mother of his children. All his life, he never wanted kids but with Tiwa it was a done deal. Their unborn children would be adorable.

Chigozie and Damon and concluded to wait for Tiwa to return home. Damon travelled back to Lagos and Chigozie accommodated him. He lived with his teenage daughter. 

Mr. Bankole was busy with the burial arrangements. He told a female agent to keep an eye on agent Chigozie. When he requested for the recording of the conversation, the prison director found out someone had erased it. 

Tiwa was finally ready to leave the hospital and go home with Adebiyi. He was smiling ear-to-ear and ready to pop out the question. Samson, Mimi, Donald and Popoola helped her to pack her belongings. They were about leaving the room, when Adebiyi went on his bended knees and showed her an expensive diamond ring.

She gasped and touched her chest.

“You are the woman that gave me hope and brought back love into my life. I want it to continue that way. Be my wife Tiwatope Bankole. Will you marry me?”

Tiwa lips stumbled. She swallowed hard and started to cry. “I… I… I love you very much but I cannot accept the ring. I can’t marry you.”

Her answer left all of them lips frozen, eyes in astonishment and their legs motionless.

To be continued.


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