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(Season 2): DEEP. Episode 8

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The shock denied Adebiyi from speaking after few minutes. He was still on one bended knee. Both lovers looked into each other’s eyes without spilling words. Donald, Mimi and Samson left to wait in the car. Mr. Popoola moved close to Adebiyi and glanced at Tiwa.
“Do you realize he asked you to be his wife?”

She stared at him with sad eyes. “Yes and I want to be the only woman in his life.”

Adebiyi quickly rose on his feet and gestured nearer to her. “Then what is stopping you from saying yes?”

“Mr. Popoola,” she said to him. “Can you leave us?”

He gave a nod. “Sure.” 

After he had gone, she took Adebiyi’s hands and held them very tight. “I don’t want you to marry me out of pity.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked in a puzzled tone.

“You are asking me because I lost my mother. Don’t do what you don’t want.”

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you and you think asking you to marry has to do with the loss of your mother?” He dragged his hands away from her and her eyes began to water.

“I love you.” Tiwa said in a teary voice.

“I love you too.” he said and pointed at her chest. He was angry. “You should know how I feel about you and denying us to be together is selfish just because you thought I pity you. Of course, I pity you. You lost mother, someone you love…. what do you expect me to do? Laugh at you?”

“That is not what I am saying.”

“I wanted to ask for your hand in marriage in front of your family after you have left the hospital but the death of your mother changed my plans. I was happy you were leaving the hospital and going home to be with your father and brother. Won’t they be happy for you in this time of grieving? I was only trying to put a smile on you and family during this period. Your mother would have wanted this for you, I know that!”

Tiwa looked down, avoiding his eyes. “Please don’t get mad at me.” she said and started to cry.

He sighed heavily and nuzzled her into his arms for a warm hug. “I am sorry.”

“I should be the one to say sorry. I embarrassed you in front of your friend and employees.”

“It’s okay my love. You did not embarrass me. They are my family.” They gazed at each other and smiled. “I will keep the ring and ask you when I think it’s proper.”

“I love you and I am ready to say yes now.”

“No. I will wait when the time is right.”

All of them finally arrived home. Tiwa felt at peace to be able to sleep on her bed again in Adebiyi’s mansion. They prepared to fly to Lagos with his jet in two days’ time.

“I am really happy to be with you.” She told him as they cuddled each other in her room.
“Me too honey.” he only wanted to kiss her soft lips and allow her sleep but she pushed her tongue deep into his full mouth.

Tiwa missed his touch and craved for his body. He found her enticing. He had no alternative than to give in. He decided to be gentle with her. Adebiyi kissed and sucked every part of her and she groaned into boundless pleasure. When he climbed on top of her, he entered into her wetness slowly and kissed her lips hungrily. She was his gold and he was ready to do anything to keep her with him for the rest of his life. No one was ever going to take her away from him. He made a mistake before and he won’t do it again. Their lovemaking was passionate and breathtaking.
The following day, Tiwa woke up without Adebiyi by her side, she was about to leave her bed when she saw him coming through the door with a tray full of heavy breakfast. 
She was smiling widely and feeling excited like never before. She knew Adebiyi was the right man for her. It was a terrible mistake to refuse his proposal but whenever he asked again, the word yes was definitely going to be her number one and only answer. 
Adebiyi was expecting some visitors without informing Tiwa. When they came, he introduced them to her and she was thrilled to see them again. The four of them were in the living room having some drinks with fried chicken.

“You have no idea how happy I am.” Tiwa said to the young couple. “You saved my life!”

“God used us to bring you to the hospital.” The wife, Ufoma said.

“My wife was actually the one that begged me to take you to the hospital.” Tony said. “She made the right choice that day. If I was alone, I doubt I would have the mind to do that. I was scared.”

“I am glad you listened to her.” Tiwa said with a huge smile on her lips. 

The four of them talked and laughed at jokes made by Adebiyi. When it was time to leave, he gave them a cheque and their jaws dropped.

“This is too much for us!” Tony and Ufoma uttered at the same time. Tony asked. “Three million naira?”

“It’s nothing compared to what I would have lost if Tiwa was not taken to the hospital. This money is small.”

They couldn’t hide their delight and joy they felt receiving the money. Tony and Ufoma rejoiced, sang in praises and thanked Adebiyi and Tiwa before they left.
The day they planned to travel, Mimi helped Tiwa arranged her bags and Donald did the same for his boss. Mr. Poopola, Mimi, Donald escorted the couple outside to the car. Mimi was emotional. She was going to miss Tiwa Banks.

“I hope we will see you again.” She said to Tiwa.

Tiwa hugged her. “Of course,” She said and faced the direction of Popoola. “Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. You are a true friend and confidant and your kind is rare. Thank you for everything and how you were always beside Adebiyi during the period I was captured. Thank you.”

He extended his hand. “Thank you too for coming into our lives. I will be happy to see you again.”

Donald smiled at her. He was surprised when she opened her arms for an embrace. They embraced each other and she whispered into his ear that he should look after Mimi and the unborn baby. He should be proud to have a good woman as his future wife.  

Kelvin was waiting inside the car. Adebiyi and Tiwa entered the backseat, and as the driver drove out of the compound, Tiwa looked back and saw the three of them waiving at her. She waived back and tears showered from her eyes. She was absolutely going to miss them. They were like a family to her.

Adebiyi and Tiwa arrived at the airport, they boarded the jet, flew, and arrived Lagos safely. They took a taxi to the house and Mr. Bankole was happy to receive them. Temidayo already employed a woman to look after the house and attend to visitors. 

Temidayo showed Adebiyi his room. Both of them sat down to have a small talk.

“I don’t think I have showed my gratitude to you,” the singer told Adebiyi.


“Yes. If you had not brought me to my family, I would never have seen my mother again.”

“Let’s not talk about that. I did what I thought was right and you never can tell, you might have come home before she died.”

“I don’t think so. The anger I felt for my dad took over my senses. My mother and sister never offended me. I was only self-centered and took my eyes away from them.”

“You did not. You thought about them, if not, you would never have used your mother’s name for your song. They were in your heart.”

He sighed. “I may not be able to offer you money, houses or gold because you have all of them but I owe you one.”

“You don’t have to owe me anything.” Adebiyi said in a sincere tone. “Whatever I did, it was for your mother and Tiwa. I am delighted to have you back with your family.”

“I know but I insist I owe you one.” Temidayo said. “I hope someday I will be able to repay your generosity.”

Chigozie left his sixteen years old daughter, Mabel with Damon in his house. She was on a midterm break in school and he would have taken her to the office but he thought having another male figure was good. He told him to look after her.

After Damon and Mabel had eaten lunch in the dining room, she took the plates and went to the kitchen to wash them. Damon went to his room and slept. He woke up three hours later and decided to check up on her. He knocked on her door, entered when he didn’t hear a word from her and saw Mabel on the bed sleeping. She was wearing a short dress, revealing her legs.

He moved forward to her and was tempted to touch her on the thighs. Suddenly he heard the sound of a car and he rushed outside and ran back to his room. Chigozie was back. He used his key to unlock the door and motioned towards the room of Damon.

“Tiwa is back home.”

Damon’s eyes were surprised. “That’s great news for me!”

“She came with Mr. Gold.”

His eyes transformed into a furious one! “Why is he following her about? As he turned into her bodyguard?!”

“I really don’t know! How do we get her without him or any of her family members by her side?”

“I will think about that when I kill Mr. Gold.”

“Do you really want to kill that man?” Chigozie asked. “Why can’t we kidnap Tiwa and ask for a ransom for her release. You don’t really have to let her go after he pays the money. We split the money and you take Tiwa away.”

“It is not about the money. That man must have slept with Tiwa and the only thing I think of is to kill him!”

“This is not about love but obsession about that woman. What is so special about her?”

Damon angrily shoved him on the wall and grabbed him by the neck. “My woman is special! You should learn to know how to talk or I will teach you a lesson!”

Chigozie pushed him away from him. “What is the matter with you?!”

He pointed at him. “I don’t want you to make me angry or I will do something to you that will make you regret helping me to escape.”

“Do whatever you like with Tiwa or Mr. Gold, I no longer care!”

“Just find out how I can get Mr. Gold first!”

Agent Chigozie adjusted his shirt. “I will keep you updated.” he said and came out from the room to check on his daughter.

Temidayo, Tiwa, and her father, and some relatives and in-laws concluded on the day of the funeral. It was going to be family and few friends on that day. Adebiyi took Tiwa’s car and drove to check on his house. He met the gateman he employed to guard the house. The building was large but it was not as big as his main house in Abuja. He entered inside to survey and thought it won’t be a bad idea if he relocated but most of his businesses were in Abuja. He had a rethink and called Popoola.

“There is something I want you to do for me and it’s urgent.” 

“What do you want?” Popoola asked.

“I need a land in a secured and quiet place. I want you to get an agent to find me a large site as soon as possible.”

“In Abuja?”


“Can I ask what you want to use it for?”

“No.” Adebiyi replied. “Not yet. You might even think it is a bad idea but I want to do it.”

“I hope it is something that would benefit you.”

“Yes. Let me know if you find any. I will need pictures.”

“Okay.” Popoola said. “Send my regards to Tiwa and her family.”

“I will.”

Adebiyi called Tiwa to check on how she was doing. 
Mabel came back from school and found Damon in the living room, wearing only boxers. He was drinking a bottle of alcohol. She was uncomfortable. She quickly greeted him and tried to race to her room and lock her door but before she was able to do that, he rapidly flew from his seat and grabbed her tightly by the arm. 

“Where do you think you are going to?” he asked her. His eyes were very red.

“I want to go to my room!” she said with fear in her voice. “Please, you’re hurting me!”

“Come here!” He pushed her to the floor and hit her on the face. “Stop shouting!”

He punched her on the face severally to stop her from making any more sound. Mabel collapsed and Damon raped her.

In the evening, Chigozie left work and came back home. He found the door unlocked, he entered and saw his daughter badly wounded. He screamed and shouted for help. He ran inside, found out that Damon had taken his belongings, and ran away. He was about to make a phone call when he remembered the implications. If any investigator questioned his daughter and she reveal who had raped her, his boss would surely know he was working with Damon. He no longer cared, Mabel was more important. He took her to the hospital and drove to the home of the Bankole’s.

Adebiyi stopped Tiwa from putting a blow on Chigozie’s face after he narrated what happened. He had a friend working in the prison facility and paid him for Damon to escape. He said he had not forgiven Tiwa for the slap she gave him in front of their colleagues. 

"You disrespected her and you deserve that slap!" Adebiyi told him.

“I gave you a job in my agency and you repay me with evil?” Mr. Bankole asked him in a disappointing tone.

“I am sorry sir.”

“If he didn’t rape your daughter, you would not have come here.” Temidayo said.

“I am asking for your forgiveness. I hope we can catch him.”

Tiwa was angry and the fact that Adebiyi stopped her from giving Chigozie a black eye made her infuriated.

Mr. Bankole looked at his daughter. “We will do everything we can to find Damon. I don’t think we should press charges against Chigozie but he is fired from my agency.”

“Please sir!” He fell on his knees. “My daughter is in the hospital.”

“I don’t think you should worry about that,” Tiwa said in an angered tone. “I am pressing charges against you!”

“Tiwa!” Adebiyi uttered. “His daughter was raped!”

“And you think that is my fault? I am ready to look after her and make sure she receives the necessary medications. I am pressing charges because he was the cause of Damon’s escape and the kidnap of my sick mother!” She stormed out, and went to get her car keys and phone from her room.

“Where are you going to?” Adebiyi asked.

“I am going to get my handcuffs. I want to be the one to arrest this ingrate!”

“I am coming with you.”

“Better! I need you to stay beside me and stop me from doing something I would regret later!” She used her phone to hit Chigozie’s head. She ran towards him but Adebiyi hurriedly wrapped his arms around her body. Tiwa was fighting hard to get out from his grip and pounce on Chigozie but she could not. Adebiyi was strong. The strongest she had ever come across with in her entire life.

Agents of the BIA, and the police were still searching for Damon. Tiwa made sure she checked on Mabel at the hospital and after she was taken home to stay with her mother. Asante and Joyce stood in the courtroom waiting for their verdict. The families of the heart-taker’s victims were still in tears and they waited to hear the judgment. Adebiyi, Tiwa and her family were also there. 
After waiting and getting nervous, Judge Gabriel announced his verdict. Joyce was sentenced to ten years in prison for conspiracy and kidnap. 

“As for you Asante, aka the heart-taker.” he said and looked at him. There was a smirk on his face and no sign of remorse. The Judge spoke. ”You will be electrocuted.”

Asante’s eyes widened. He never expected such verdict. The breath of relief surrounded everyone. 

After they had taken Asante and Joyce away, Adebiyi told Tiwa inside the courtroom. “I am coming. I want to speak with the judge. I won’t waste time.” She nodded and she stayed beside her brother and father and waited for him to come back. 

He followed the path judge Gabriel took. In the midst of the crowd, a man wearing a face cap followed him behind. Adebiyi noticed someone was following him and he diverted to another way, leading into the men’s bathroom. 

He entered into one of the empty toilet, closed the door, climbed on top of the toilet seat, and stayed quiet as possible. Damon who was holding a pistol peeped inside and motioned in. He shut the door and began to look under the door of the toilets. He saw a man in a seated position and he flung the door opened. The person was shocked and scared, Damon told him to leave. He rushed out without cleaning himself. 

Damon turned his back to search the others. He never saw it coming. Adebiyi stood behind him and hit his hand. The gun fell on the floor and the men battled on the ground and fought hard to get the gun. 
Tiwa was already getting impatient and worried. “Dad, I think we should check for Ade.”

“I thought you said he won’t waste time.” Temidayo said to her.

“That is what he told me.”

Before her brother could open his mouth, they heard gunshots. Everyone panicked and bowed down in shock. Tiwa heart skipped as she thought of Adebiyi. They were on the floor to avoid bullets. 

Tiwa stood up. Her brother quickly held her leg. 

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I have to go find Adebiyi,” she said in a panicky tone. “I am scared.”

They heard a woman screamed aloud. “Oh my God! Look at blood!”

Tiwa ran outside. Her father, brother and some people ran after her. They saw Adebiyi with a gun in his hand. There was blood all over him. The people were scared to get close to him. Tiwa ran to meet him and search his body for an injury.

“I am fine.” He told her.

“What happened?”

“I killed Damon. His body is inside the bathroom. I had to defend myself. He was going to kill me.”

She took the gun from Adebiyi, pecked him on his chin and went inside the bathroom. She saw the lifeless body of Damon and a smile flickered on her lips. Tiwa shot him twice on the forehead. “That is for my mother.” She spat on him and shot him again.

They were dressed in black, paying their last respect to Mrs. Sade Bankole. Tiwa and Adebiyi were holding hands and listening to the pastor. Tiwa turned back and smiled at the people she saw. 

She glanced at Adebiyi. “Mr. Popoola, Donald and Mimi didn’t have to come.”

“Of course they had to come. They love you.”

She smiled. “And I love them too.”

Tiwa had to leave Adebiyi to join her family and thanked the well-wishers for coming. 

Adebiyi spoke with Popoola. “I saw the photos of the land. I will buy it.”

“For what?”

“You will find out when I start the foundation. What I want to do is for Tiwa.”

“I heard you were able to convince the Judge to give you the body of Asante.”

“Asante has no family to claim the body. I received his body because I was his employer. I intend to feed his body to wild animals.”

The sympathizers were leaving one after the other. Tiwa, Temidayo and Mr. Bankole were finally alone.

“Have you decided to travel?” he asked her.

“Yes dad but I don’t know when I am coming back.”

“The agency is always opened for you or are you planning to join Mr. Gold in Abuja?”

“I don’t know. Let me go and think about what I want to do next. Right now, all I can think of is travel to where my mother wanted us to go. I hope you understand.”

“Of course I do.” He hugged her. 

“Are you travelling with Mr. Gold?” Temi asked.

“No.” she replied. “He might want to come with me but I don’t want to me a burden. He has tried.”

He touched her by the shoulder. “He loves you and you can never be a burden to him. Don’t take him for granted. Don’t spoil things between both of you. You’re a lucky woman to have such a good man. Do not let him go.”

Tiwatope embraced him, "Thank you bro." she said and went over to meet Adebiyi, and told him she was travelling.

“I am coming with you.” He said.

“No. You have to look after your businesses.”

“Popoola would do that for me. Let’s go to Egypt together. I don’t want you away from me.”
“Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent,” Adebiyi said and kissed Tiwa’s lips. “We are going to have fun!”

Tiwa giggled and the sound of her voice electrified his heart.
The End.
I hope you enjoyed this story.

Tiwa Banks and Genevieve Cole’s stories have not ended. You will definitely read more about them in future. Just keep your fingers crossed. Both of them are coming back! Thanks.


  1. Beautiful story,i enjoyed reading this story and i must commend you. Tiwa and Adebiyi love story rocks!

    I am so happy Asante was electrocuted. wicked somebody.

    As for zDonald, i liked how he died. Tiwa na hard woman. she shot him three times! She no dey fear at all.

    I can;t wait to read more about her in future.

  2. I didn't realise I have been holding my breath till I read the last sentence.

    Nice work ck
    Keep them coming

  3. I really enjoyed it, so happy Damon was killed

  4. Are you for real, finished already,..seriously I was holding myself to read it fast, desperate to see the end,...anyway nice one babe, ckj am so happy damon is dead..thanks babe.

  5. Are you for real, finished already,..seriously I was holding myself to read it fast, desperate to see the end,...anyway nice one babe, ckj am so happy damon is dead..thanks babe.

  6. Beautiful...

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  9. This story was lit!!!!
    From the first episode to the last.
    You did a great job dearie!
    More grace my #1 entertainer.
    Can't believe it has come to an end sha!
    Well done, really can't wait to dig into the next story.
    CKJ, you Rock!!!!

    1. Its not the end of their story.
      Thanks Pea dearie.


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