Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I Think Ladies Should Not Wear To A Wedding....

1. The first is a White dress! There are other beautiful colors to beautify yourself on that day. The bride should be the only one with a white dress. It’s her special day and both of you should not be competing who looked better. Your time will surely come. Keep your white dress for an occasion like graduation, birthday or matriculation day. A day to remember!

2. The second one is wearing a blouse or dress with a revealing and provocative cleavage. Wetin happen? You are not going for a photo shoot or a fashion show. Eyes are not supposed to be only on you and it will cause distraction among the ‘ojukokoro’ open-eye men looking for new babes to take home after the party!

3. Do not wear jewelries that jingle. It will bring attention to you. I don’t see any reason why you should be comfortable wearing necklaces, earrings that whenever you turn your neck to your left or right or even smile it makes ridiculous noises! Stick to the simple but glamorous ones and everyone is happy!
4. Wearing new high-heels to impress. If you cannot walk properly or dance well, kindly keep your heels in your bedroom and wear what makes you at ease and you can do whatever you like! You can dance , walk and even jump without falling. It’s a wedding and not a disco hall or a fashion runway! Don't injure yourself, it's not worth it!
5. Do not wear loud makeup that will make you look like a clown or a masquerade. Simplicity is the best!


  1. Ladies, una don hear?no five is their no one priority.

  2. Lol...y ou need to see some ladies in wedding wearing ladder they call high heels.smh

  3. no 5 made me laugh!hahahahahaha


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