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Episode 3 Title: The victim.
Tiwa jumped on her feet and moved away from the bed. “Is she okay?”

“Injured but yes, she is. She wanted us to know what was going on. I promised to see her tomorrow.”

“Do you know the name of the hospital?”

“I didn’t ask.”

“I will call her to ask. Don’t worry, I will go and see her.”

“Now?” Genevieve asked in a shocked voice.

“Yes! I will call you in the morning. Take care of your son, goodnight.” Conversation ended.

“Where do you think you are going to by this time of the night?” Adebiyi asked as she started to dress up.

“To ask questions.”

“Questions that you can’t ask tomorrow morning?”

“Both of them must have settled by then but for now, they are still going to be mad at each other.”

He shrugged and moved to collect his trousers.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m coming with you.” He replied.

She knew trying to talk him out of it was of no use. They dressed up and ready to hit the road. Tiwa called Modupe on her way. Two of them reached the hospital and the nurse they approached led them to meet the patient. 

Modupe looked surprised when she saw Tiwa and Adebiyi. Her forehead was covered with bandage and a bruise crested her jaw. “I didn’t know you would still come. I’m grateful.”

Adebiyi remained by the doorstep and Tiwa stepped forward to stand close to her. “It’s nothing. How’s your head?”

She touched it gently. “It hurts but the doctor said I would be okay.”

“How did it happen?”

“He came home, we got into an argument and he slapped me. I hit him back and we fought. End of story.”

“Where is he now?”

Just as she was about to answer, Tunde walked in, in rage. Tiwa’s presence startled him. There were bumps on his face and he motioned towards his sister, pointing a finger at her. Tiwa blocked his way, while Adebiyi looked on. His girl was capable of handling him without him interfering. 

“After what I did for you!” Tunde barked at her. “You had the guts to tell the detectives that I want to kill you! After what I did for you! I did everything to make sure you destroyed Jude. Ingrate!”

Tiwa and Adebiyi acted stunned. 

Morenike kept quiet. 

“I want you to leave!” Tiwa told him. 

“I will but I am innocent!”

A matron came in to take him away. Tiwa followed them behind and allowed Tunde rest on the bed before she walked nearer.

“How did you help her destroy her husband?” She asked.

He looked at her with a huge frown on his face. “Ask her. She should look elsewhere for her killer. I had nothing to do with anything about the list. I should have given you what you wanted in the first place.” He dipped his hand inside his pocket and gave her his phone.

“You can come to my office later and meet with my secretary, she would give you access to my computer.”

Tiwa scrolled through his call logs and messages and found nothing discriminating. She handed it back to him. “Fighting your sister was meaningless. You should help her find who wants her dead.”

“I don’t know! I would have said Jude but he is mad. I am sure she told you.”

“Yes. We are still going to question your elder brother.”

Tunde looked at her with a scorn. 

She neglected the look on his face. “Did you discuss Mrs. Lawson’s trip to anyone?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“That will be all for now.” She turned to leave the room.

“I apologize for my behavior. I was not supposed to talk to you and your partner is such a way. I should have known you and her were detectives. I am very sorry.”

She rotated to face him. “Even if we were not detectives, you had no right. Women are not toys or sex objects.” She winked back at him without a giving him a smile. “Apology accepted.”

Tunde smiled at her. “Thanks.”

Tiwa left and went to meet Modupe. She met her laughing with Adebiyi. 

“He has won you over.” Tiwa said.

Moduped grinned hard. “He has a huge sense of humor. I’m sure his charms attracted you to him. You better put a ring on him if he’s taking time to do that.”

Tiwa laughed and smiled at him. “Thanks.” Adebiyi pecked her on the chin and left to allow them speak in private.

“I think your brother is innocent but that should not stop us from speaking with your other brother.”

She sighed.

“I am a homicide detective and it is none of my business to interfere on how you manipulated Jude Lawson’s to hand over a huge amount of money to you but Mr. Tunde mentioned he helped you destroy him. What did you do?”

“I don’t think it is important.”

“Because you think your husband is not capable of conniving with the contractor to kill you?”


“But whatever you do,” She said. “Think about the welfare of others. Create time and see him.”

Modupe face was filled with concern. “I will. Thank you.”

Tiwa and Adebiyi got home very tired. The third round of sex they planned had to be cancelled. They needed enough sleep.

Genevieve had woken up to bath Freddie, while Quincy cooked breakfast, had his bath. He looked after the baby when Genny went to bath and dressed up for work. She joined her husband at the dinner table and met him eating and feeding their son.

“I will have to follow you to his school.” She told him.

“But you have places to go to today. We can take care of ourselves dear.”

“I know but I want to and besides the teacher as to know me.”

“How do you reach detective Tiwa?”

“I will send the location of the school. She can come over there and we go out together.”

“What about transportation. You can take my car.”

“I don’t really know anywhere in Abuja but don’t worry, we are capable of taking care of ourselves.” They smiled at each other.

“How I wish it was you and I working on the case. It would have been fun.”

“I know but we won’t have enough time for Freddie. He is very important.”

Quincy thought of something and spoke. “Freddie will be one soon. Are we still going to plan a birthday party?”

Her eyes shined brightly. “Of course! Our work should not be an excuse not to give him a belated birthday party. Even if it is a small one, it must be celebrated.”

Tiwa woke up to find Adebiyi caressing her body. She beamed and bit her lower lip. “Good morning my love.”

Adebiyi moved to her face. “Morning sugar.” He started to kiss her deeply. She groaned, closed her eyes and raised her right leg. As she helped him stroke his penis, he inserted her when it became hard as a rock. They made love.

An hour later, they were ready to leave the house. They drank some tea. Adebiyi ordered his driver Kelvin to take Tiwa anywhere she wanted. He was going to drive himself in his other vehicle.

“You haven’t told me what you are up to.” Tiwa said to him.

“I am only going to see Popoola.”

“By this time?”

“I will be bored!”

She stood in front of him and put her arms across his neck. “I know you are planning something and you will eventually tell me.”

“Then why the rush to find out about it from me.”

“It’s because I want to know now.” She said in a softened tone.

“Don’t be in a hurry love. Everything I do, I do it for you.” He pushed a quick kiss on her lips. “You better start going, detective Genevieve should be waiting for you.”

“Yeah, she sent me a text of where to meet her already. See you in the evening.”

“Don’t look for trouble.”

“Maybe!” she smiled widely and entered into the backseat and Kelvin zoomed off. 

Tiwa told Genevieve about Tunde's apology. Some minutes later they reached the residence of the first victim, Mrs. Susan Ike. The house was very big and the compound had enough space for more buildings. There were different kinds of jeeps in the car park. A lady that appeared to be in her early twenties, short and lean with broad shoulders led them inside. She was dressed in black and she introduced herself as the daughter. Her name was Sandra.

There were relatives around the house discussing about the burial preparations. 

“We are sorry for your loss.” Tiwa said to her when they sat down.

Sandra didn’t smile but inhaled deeply. “Thank you.” She used the tip of her finger to clean off the tears trying to fall from her right eye.

“We were told your mother was poisoned on her birthday.”

“Yes. It was her 50th birthday.”

“How many of you live in this house?”

“It was just me and my mother.

“In this house?” Genevieve asked with her eyes wide opened. Tiwa thought if Genevieve saw Adebiyi’s home, then her jaw would fall off.

“Yes.” she managed to smile. “My father died five years ago and left the house and everything for me and her. But now it’s just me alone.” She began to cry.

They let her be and gave her few minutes to herself. When she was done, she wiped her face. 

“I’m sorry.” Sandra apologized.

“It’s okay.” Tiwa said. “Do you know how many people were invited to the party?”

“It was strictly by invitation. We had thirty guests.”

“And who served the drinks and food?”

“My mom hired them from an agency."

“How many?”
“Six of them and they were all girls.” Sandra replied. “Three served the food and the others served the drinks.”

“And your mother was served too?”

“Yes. It was her birthday. She was happy and in good spirit. She loved to drink and dance.”

“Did she eat some food?”


“We were told she said the threat she received was a prank.”

“Yeah, she told me about it and didn’t think it was real.”

“And what about you?” Genevieve asked. “What did you think?”

“I… I didn’t know what to think. We agreed to discuss about it after the party. She didn’t want any distraction.”

“Did she tell anyone about the list?” Tiwa questioned.

“No, she didn’t plan to tell anyone after her birthday.” Sandra answered.

“Do you know anyone that you think she had problem with?” 

“No, I don’t know. I remember she had an argument over the phone with a lady. I think she accused my mom of sleeping with her boyfriend.”


“Yes, and I suspected it was a younger guy. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to get myself involve.”

“Was she romantically involved with someone?”

A frown tightened her face. “I have no idea.”

“What about close friends?” Genevieve inquired.

Sandra shrugged. “I think the people she invited are her close friends.”

“We will need the list of names and how to contact the servers.”

“That will take time to question thirty people.” Tiwa said. “You can give us the names but you have to pick at one or two people your mother was very close to, at least someone that she hanged out with and always visited her here.”

“That would be Mrs. Kosoko.”

“Good. Can you get us her phone number and home address?”

“Yes.” Sandra said. “Let me go inside and get my phone and write them down. I have the phone numbers of the guests but not their addresses.”

“No problem.

She stood and walked away. Genevieve and Tiwa eyes surveyed the living room. Tiwa tapped her and pointed at a photograph of the victim. She was dressed elegantly and grinning. Her makeup was loud and she had a bottle of champagne in her hand.

“She was full of life.” Tiwa said.

“Yes.” she said with a smile.

“I wonder who she offended and wanted her dead.”

“I think we should talk to her close friend, meet with the servers and see if we can look for few of the guests today.”

“That is a good idea.” She flew out a sigh and Sandra came forward with a long sheet of paper and gave it to her. She sat down and the entrance door opened. A young man with a handsome face and muscular body hiked towards her and flew his arms around her shoulders.

“I am sorry my love,” he said. She only smiled faintly and he looked at her. “Why didn’t you tell me what happened when I called yesterday. You told me all was well. I am sorry.”

She reduced the tone of her voice. “Let’s talk later.” 

“I will be sitting outside.”

“Okay.” He walked out.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Genevieve asked.

“Yes. What else do you need?”

“That will be all for now. If we have more questions, we will contact you.”

“No problem.”

She watched as the two partners rose and marched out of the living room. They entered into the back seat and Tiwa told Kelvin the address of Mrs. Kosoko. She called her on the phone to inform her they were coming. 

“If the guests of the victim were the people she knew, then how was she poisoned?” Tiwa asked.

“It could be an insider job. Someone she trusted might have given her the poisoned drink.”

“Maybe the contractor does not have to do the job himself but give the person that poisoned her how to do the job. The victim was careless to think it was a prank.”

“And it was from an agency she hired the servers. It should be from an insider. It could be anyone among her guests.”

They finally arrived at their destination. Mrs. Kosoko was a petite woman. Despite no makeup on her face, she appeared pretty. Her eyes were red, her skin a bit pale. She was dressed in a simple Ankara gown. Tiwa and Genevieve sat down on a longer sofa while she moved to sit opposite them.

“We are sorry for your loss.” Genevieve spoke this time. 

“Thank you.”

“Is there anything you can tell us about your late friend that can help us catch who poisoned her?"

“No.” she said painfully. “I would have suspected her hair stylist but she wasn’t invited to the party.”

“Why her hair stylist?”

“After my friend’s husband died, she started living a life I didn’t like. She started drinking alcohol, going to clubs and dating younger men. Few months back, her stylist threatened to beat her up if she doesn’t stay away from her man.”

“Did she stay away?”

“No. They dated for a short time and broke up.”

“And she was still visiting the saloon of the stylist?” Tiwa asked.

She looked at her. “Yes. I warned her but she wouldn’t listen. I think she offered her money and she kept quiet about it.”

“Did you notice anyone suspicious in the party?”

“No, I didn’t know she was going to be poisoned there.”

“You knew about the threat note?”

“Yes.” She said zealously. “Any problem?"

Genevieve and Tiwa stared at each other and glanced back at her.

“We thought she told only her daughter about it.” Tiwa said.

“Yes, she asked for an advice and told me Sandra didn’t want her to tell anyone because they were not sure who could be the person that sent it.”

“Your late friend was scared about it?”


“But we were told she thought it was a prank.”

She answered. “That was her daughter’s idea.” Genevieve gazed at Tiwa surprised. “I told her to cancel the birthday and involve the police. She agreed but she changed her mind and called me the next day telling me it could be a prank.”

The partners whispered to themselves and decided to leave and see the servers’ girls.

“Thank you for your time.” They told her.

Tiwa was hungry and bought a takeaway from an eatery. She ate in the car while they talked about the case. Kelvin was driving to the company.

“It seems Sandra didn’t know her mother told her friend.” Genevieve said.

“Yes but why will she advise her mom wrongly?”

“I really don’t know.”

“It was a lie when she said her mother was the one that thought it was a prank. She didn’t know she discussed it with her friend."

“You must have heard what the boyfriend said. She lost her mother and she couldn’t tell him.”

“Except she didn’t want him to know.”

“But why?”

“Her mother was into younger men; maybe her eyes were on him.” Tiwa said.

“And if they really got involved with each other and Sandra found out about it, she would feel angry and betrayed.”

“And that is a motive for murder.”

“For lying,” Genevieve said. “Then she is hiding something. She might be the one that wanted her mother dead.”

Tiwa sighed unhappily and stopped eating. She had lost appetite. She glimpsed at her. “If she really killed her mother all we need right now is evidence to prove she is guilty.”

To be continued……


  1. I just keep wondering how all the names will connect .
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  5. I think the girl killed her mother,

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