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Short Story: Death warrant.

It was 7:35 on a frigid Friday evening. Michelle, a police officer was expecting her husband from the village. Mofe traveled to visit his sick mother and spent a week with her. A year ago, Mofe received a call from a relative that his mother was down with stroke and ever since then, he has been traveling once in a month to see her.

Michelle checked her wristwatch for the third time. She knew today was special. She remembered Mofe’s promise two years ago when their doctor informed them that the only abortion she did many years ago affected her womb and it was damaged. It would take a miracle for her to get pregnant. She believed he knew it was his fault. He was her first and only lover and he deflowered her. In her second year at the university, she got pregnant for him, he told her he wasn’t ready for marriage despite he was working in an oil company and receiving fat salary. He eventually convinced her to remove the baby which was badly done. They wedded after her graduation. Both of them have been married for the past five years without a child.

After the unfortunate news, Mofe was supportive. He showered her with love. Michelle suggested they adopt and God might answer their prayers. Mofe agreed without arguments. He promised they would visit an orphanage home on her thirtieth birthday. Michelle became close to God, always paid her tithe and read her bible every night. 
She jumped on her feet when she heard the horn of his car. He was back on the night of her 30th birthday andand she was ready to satisfy him sexually. She ran to the room and dressed into a lovely white satin nightie. After dinner, she would take him into her hungry arms and make sweet love to him. She would use the moment to remind him of his promise and he would fulfilled it. They would go to an orphanage home the next day and get a baby. It was going to be the best birthday gift ever!

Michelle heard a knock on the door, went back to the living room and opened it. She didn’t even allow Mofe step inside before she threw her arms for a hug. She held him tightly and pecked him on his left chin. She released herself and looked into his eyes. He had a cheerful facial expression.

“How are you?” He asked her. The tone of his voice was firm.


“Happy birthday.” Mofe said and motioned inside. 

She was about to close the door but had to pause as she sighted a young lady with a protruding stomach. Her physical appearance revealed she was heavily pregnant and likely to be an illiterate with the way she dressed.

“’Guff’ even-ing ma.” She greeted Michelle.

“Who is this?” She asked him without answering her.

Mofe turned to their direction. “Oh! That’s Ejiro. I remember my promise and I think this is the best way to give you.”

“I don’t understand you my love.”

“A year ago when I went to the village and discussed about adopting a child to my mother, she suggested I impregnate someone else in the village.” Mofe pointed at the lady. “She is due next week. After giving birth, she would leave the baby with you and return to the village. If you need another child next time, I will simply get her pregnant.” He grinned. “A surprise birthday gift for you baby!”

Michelle could hardly understand what he meant. It was hard to believe. She needed the ground to swallow not only her but the man she called her husband. Michelle managed to smile and gave way for the lady to enter. The news made her weak. There was no strenght to fight or argue. She heaved a sigh and asked two of them what they would like to eat.

“Me lik tu ate beans and garri.” Ejiro gave a reply.

“Just get us anything you have in the house.” Mofe quickly said, sat down and began to remove his shoes.

“Anything?” Michelle questioned.


She smiled at them. “Excuse me. I will like to change first.”

“Okay baby!” He whistled as he watched her leave.

Michelle was boiling inside. The amount of rage inside her was impossible to reduce. She entered her room, moved towards her drawer, and opened it. A smile flickered on her lips as she sighted her pistol. Michelle inserted two bullets and walked back to the living room.

The End.


  1. A concise and an interesting piece. Decisions taken with anger are ain't usually the best. She would certainly regret killing her hubby.

  2. Hmmmm,killing is not the Best option.

  3. Are shuld marry his corpse... Shez waiting on the Lord and she killed a pregnant lady. Wen he asked her to go for an abortion she shuld ve refused so I'll say he cnt tk the blame entirely.

  4. killing is not the best thing to do

  5. He signed his death warrant!

  6. Bae, when are we gonna get the last episode of Queen omotola, i keep on refreshing this page.cant wait desperate to read.#addictedtockjblog#

  7. really cool story... try rewriting it

  8. Interesting and shocking.


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