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The clatter from downstairs awakened Diana. She left the room and climbed down the stairs. She found the living room neat. She went into the kitchen and saw Jason preparing breakfast.  She wasn’t surprised to see what he was doing. His mom taught him how to cook and it was one of his hobbies but the nature of his job denied him of exploiting his cooking skills. She relaxed her body on the wall beside the door and watched him. She cleared her throat and he turned to the direction.

“Late riser,” he said smiling at her. “How was your night?”

“Good. Good morning love.”

He abandoned stirring the food and walked to give her a light peck on the forehead. “I didn’t want to wake you up. You were sleeping like a baby.”

She grinned and gave him a light blow on the chest. “Thank God you didn’t.” She overextended her neck over at the pot. “What are you cooking?”

“I’m preparing something nice for you and myself before I go out.” Jason answered and moved to check the food. “I saw the flask you kept the remaining stew. Why didn’t you put it in a container and store in the fridge?”

Her eyes opened and she quickly thought of what to say. “I totally forgot. The call I received from my sister made me to forget. Where is it?” She asked moving towards the cabinet.

“Don’t worry. I have made it hot and kept in the fridge.”

“Thanks love.” Diana said and motioned to hold him through the back. He turned to face her and held her cheek. He felt nothing but she was his wife. He was willing to make his marriage work and never be like his father. “I will do anything to put a smile on your lips. I know for a week now we have not been intimate because of the excess work at the office, which makes me tired, but let us do something tonight. I want to take you to any restaurant of your choice to have a romantic dinner, come home and let me eat you up.”

She smiled broadly and blinked her eyes. “I have to see Rita this evening and I might play with the kids for a while before coming home.”

“Does that mean you will be coming late today?” He asked in a disappointed tone.

“I think so.” She quickly dressed her face in a worried expression. 

“It’s okay.” he said and touched her by the right arm. “Maybe I should come over to her place after work and we will go home together.”

“You should not bother to stress yourself. I will always call to check up on you. I will also make it up to you.”

Jason smiled. “No problem. Let me serve.”

“Okay.” Diana said calmly and continued to watch him.
Jason was a master of sex. He was a good husband and fantastic when he comes to satisfying a woman sexually. She liked his person, loved him but her heart also belonged to another man. Her number two purposes of getting married to him were his gentleness and generosity. The money he had enticed her and when his mother finally kick the bucket, everything she owned would surely be transferred to her husband. Automatically it belonged to her too. Life with Jason was incredible. If there was no perfect human being, Jason broke the record. To her, he was perfect and an easy target to use and get anything she craved for as long as the things were deposited on planet earth.

Breakfast was served and eaten by the kids of Preye and Rume. The food Preye kept for her husband remained untouched. She had gone to knock on his door thrice but he refused to answer.

A year ago, church activities swallowed his wife’s time and the love he had for her drained. He loved sex, oral and foreplay but Preye would not allow him. He started to see other women that could satisfy his sexual fantasies. Because of that whenever she wanted to make love, he declined. His eyes were already on his best friend’s wife. He saw the way she dressed and displayed love to Jason in his presence. God answered his prayers nine months ago when he met her alone in a nightclub.

Preye had no appetite to eat. She took the kids to their room and played a cartoon film for them. She went to her matrimonial bedroom and knocked. This time, Rume opened the door with a gigantic scorn of his face.

“Good morning sweetheart.” She said. Regret were written all over her face.  

He came out, locked the door with the key, and looked at her. “What do you want?”

“Your food will get cold if you don’t eat on time.”

He made fun of her with a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t bother to act as my wife. We are separated. I am still here because of my children.”

She was about to go down on her knees.

“Don’t bother. It won’t work. Jason is already on his way here. If you like, fool yourself and roll on the floor in front of him, I will not take you back.” She still fell on her knees. He hissed and walked to the living room to wait for his friend.

Meredith had slept in the guest room the previous night to avoid another quarrel. Before she woke up, Eromosele had gone out, probably to eat, smoke and drink himself to stupor. That should not bother her, it was normal. Whatever he did, she loved him and would never sleep with another man. She was proud he married her as a virgin. She went downstairs and did her morning chores, ate, bathed and prepared to go to her boutique. She was stepping into her car when her phone rang.

“Hello our celebrity wife.” Meredith said beaming. “How are you?”

“I’m cool.” Hajiza said. “DD is not around. He went to shoot a movie and I will be bored at home today, I will be coming to see you in the afternoon.”

“That would be nice. I will be expecting you.”

“I hope you have new shoes and bags. I will patronize you today. I’m in the mood for shopping!”

“Yes I do. Thanks my friend and see you later.”

Jason had arrived at Rume’s place. The three of them were in the living room and Preye chose to be on her knees in front of her husband.

“Is it really true?” Jason asked Preye in a concerned voice. He has always liked Preye for her dedication to God and simplicity. He wished that if he had the power to choose a sister, she would be the one.

Tears were already crawling down her free makeup face. She could not look at him in the eyes. “Yes.”

His face fell. He bowed down his head for few seconds, gazed at her and spoke. “I won’t deceive or lie to you, you have disappointed me. How did it happen? I don’t want the details but what went wrong?”

She was crying. “I’m sorry Jason. I understand how you feel about what I did but it was my first time. We didn’t really do anything. We only kissed before Rume walked in.”

“It’s a lie!!” Rume shouted. “Ashawo! Useless mother!!”

“It’s okay!” Jason said to him. “You don’t call your wife such!”

“But it is okay to sleep with another woman. Is that what you are saying?”

“I am not saying what she did is right. What she did was wrong and I will never support her. All I want is peace. I know it will be difficult for you to forget it in a hurry but please, for the sake of old time sake and the love of God, forgive her and don’t request for a divorce.”

Rume stood shaking his head. “No way! I want out!!”

“Please!!” Preye said weeping.

“She will give you space, time to think but don’t divorce her. Think about your children. You know the bible says to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

“You are talking as if it is easy.”

“I know it is not easy. If I was in your shoes, I will feel the same way. You know how I feel about deception. I will not do things to people that I do not want them to do to me. I will think about my children, their happiness. That is a sacrifice. I know how I felt many years ago about my father, you know about it. Sometimes the memory still comes back but I remain grateful to God for my life. Please Rume, forgive her.”

“I can’t.”

“Oh!” Preye placed her hands on her head. “I am finished. My life is over! God where are you? Forgive me!!”

“It’s okay Preye.” Jason said and stared at Rume. “I know you are stubborn but I want you to think about your children, their happiness. Do not make people laugh at your family. It’s not worth it.” he glanced at Preye and felt huge pity for her. He moved towards her and raised her up. “You will be fine. Believe in God.”

“Her fake God!” Rume exclaimed.

Jason didn’t say anything to him. He spoke to Preye. “I want you to relax and cheer up. I know you are remorseful and believe me God has not abandoned you. He will answer your prayers.”


“Uncle Jason!!” the twins said in excitement as they came into the living room and saw him. They ran and hugged him.

“Look at my children!!” He said in a thrilled tone. “Both of you are getting bigger every day!”

“I want to be like you when I grow up!” the boy said.

“Awesome! On the other hand, you have to read your books and pass your exams with good grades and obey your parents. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” 

He rubbed his head and smiled at the girl. He gave them one thousand naira note to buy chocolate. They thanked him and asked their mom for water. They followed her to the kitchen. Jason looked at Rume. “Please my friend, don’t hurt those kids, they are innocent and fragile to see their parents apart. Don’t you love Preye anymore?”

Rume grumbled and said quietly. “Yes I do.”

“Then it shouldn’t be difficult to forgive her. Is it true they were kissing when you caught them?”


“So it’s true.”

“Does it matter? She cheated on me!”

Jason made a face. “And you have never cheated on her before?”

“Don’t give me that look, okay? I know I am guilty….hmmm… I will think about it. I need some time to meditate.”

“Take the time you need.” Jason said. “I think Preye won’t have a problem with that.”

At 11am, Kemi and her son left the house. Her plans for the day were to search for a job anywhere. Anything available for to her to do would be more than enough. She hoped to find one either a restaurant or a family house. Kemi decided to take Nathaniel to her friend’s house to stay until she returned at any time. Her son was safe there. A taxi dropped them in front of Tina’s place. The gateman opened for them and they walked into a beautiful mansion with exotic cars in the compound. A woman dressed as a maid led them inside. A lady dressed in a tight dress with loud makeup, long hairdo, big breasts and buttocks moved to give Kemi a hug. She touched Nate’s chin. Her artificial nails were long.

“You came to play with me today!” She said excitedly.

“My love, go and sit down.” Kemi told her son. He obeyed. She took Tina to a corner and explained.

“You want to leave him here and go outside to hawk tomatoes?”

“Who is talking about hawking tomatoes?”

“What is the difference?” Tina asked. “I don’t see any reason why you should always behave like a poor woman who has no alternative to live large.” She turned around. “Just look at me. Don’t you love my life?”

“No but I love you.” Kemi said.

“Give Chief Osunde a chance. My husband said his friend is ready to marry you and give your son the best education.”

“I am not interested. I can’t be a second wife.”

“Do you want him to send his first wife away because I know you won’t allow that?”

“God forbid.”

“Then marry him and live a fabulous life.” Tina said. “You and I will always go for vacation to any country of yours.”

“No but thanks. I will marry for love.”

“And you think you will get a single man to marry you with a baggage?”

“Don’t insult me.” Kemi said in an angered tone.

“My love, I am not insulting you. This is not the first time I have told you this. I wish you nothing but everlasting love. You have a good heart and despite the fact that I ended up with an old man with money, I wish you what you wish for yourself but this is life. Nothing good comes easy.”

“I know.” She took her hand and they walked towards the entrance door. “You are a wonderful friend and I know if I ask you to borrow me money you won’t.”

“I am not stupid. I know why I married Chief Usifo. If only God gave me your face. You are wasting your beauty and for your information I am not your money making machine.”

Kemi laughed. “Anyways, take care of my boy.”

“Don’t worry, before you get back, little Nathaniel will be fat.”


Tina laughed teasingly. “Of course I am. My ass is my greatest asset!”

“What are you doing here?” Rita asked Diana as she entered inside her house. “Why didn’t you knock before you barged into my home unannounced?”

“Hian! Has it gotten to this?”

“Get me another nanny.”

She dropped her handbag on the centered table and moved near her sister. “You know I don’t have a nanny.”

She placed her right hand on her waist. “Then why did you slap Gina?”

“How many times will I have to explain to you? You will find a better nanny.”

“You can never apologize. You have a dirty ego. My kids are already used to Gina and she is a good girl. You know how busy I am because of the nature of my job. I have to keep them in my neighbors’ house today until their dad comes back.”

“My in-law is back from his trip?”

“He came back early this morning and went out to see his uncle. He will be travelling again soon and I do not know how I am going to handle the kids. I can’t take them to the hospital.”

“You knew you were always going to be a medical doctor. Why did you marry a pilot?”

“Something is wrong with you. By the way, what are you doing here?”

Diana went behind Rita and grabbed her gently. She rested her head on her back. “When you employ a nanny, I want you to get me a housekeeper.”

She removed her hand and turned to face Diana. “You don’t have kids yet and you have no job, what do you need a housekeeper for? I thought Jason helps you around the house.”

“Yes but I still need one to look around the house. I am also tired of you threatening me about cooking for me. I need the housekeeper to cook for me too.”

The glare on Rita’s face was massive. “Jason deserves better!”

She gave an irritated facial expression. “Meaning?”

“You are my sister but I will tell you the truth. You are a bad wife!”

“Oh, please!”

“What is wrong with you? Why do you keep treating Jason as if you did him a favor by getting married to him? That man deserves better. Don’t take him for granted because if you do, you will lose him to a better woman.”

“Jason can never leave me.” She beat her chest.

“That’s because you know he does not want to be like his father. Treat Jason right.”

“He is not complaining. Are you still helping me to find the housekeeper?”

“That’s if I hear it from Jason himself. I know he won’t say no to you.”

She smiled. “So it’s better you start finding one for me.”

“I will try and do something before I leave. I am still trying to get Gina back but I will have to promise her you will never raise a finger on her.”

She winked. “No problem.”

At Jason's Company, few of his employees he called to look into his project arrived. His manager, a woman in her late fifties entered into Jason’s office after a short meeting. She was the first person he employed when he opened his establishment. She was widow with two children. She never remarried but was in a relationship with a divorcee. The way she talked about her children and late husband made Jason love her like a mother. Aunty Juliet as he fondly called her was the only one Jason told he never loved his wife. She had advised him never to tell any of his secret to his friends because they might betray him.

He beamed as he saw her. “I told you not to come today but you won’t listen.”
She walked towards his table. “Good afternoon sir.” Despite she was far older she respected him.

“Good afternoon Aunty Juliet. Please sit down.” She sat opposite him. “You should have rested today.”

“My last born has gone back to school. There is no one to gist with at home. How are you and the family?”


“Fine? You look stressed up. Have you talked to your wife about what you discussed with me last week?”

He sighed. “No but I will tonight.”

“You shouldn’t prolong the discussion. If you really want children, then speak with her about it.”

“I will. I can’t wait to have mine. Before we got married, we checked ourselves. Diana and I don’t have medical issues. We are fine but I don’t know why it is difficult for her to get pregnant. God’s time is the best.”

“Of course but discuss it with her. Maybe you should see a doctor again.”

“I will Aunty Juliet. Thanks for the advice.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Kemi job hunting was fruitless. She went to two eateries and a firm to ask if there was employment, they turned her down. She was passing through in a serene environment when she noticed a signboard. Written on it was ‘A housekeeper needed’. 
She knocked on the gate but no answer. A neighbor came out from her building and asked whom she was searching for.

Kemi greeted her. “I came here for the job ma.”

The woman looked at her from head to toe and back at her. “You as a housekeeper?”

“Yes ma. I can do the job.”

“Well, the person you came to see is not around. I think you should come back another time.”

“When ma?” Kemi asked.

“I really don’t know. She’s a doctor and might not return tonight.”

“Can you give me her number? I don’t want this job to pass me by, please.”

“She never permitted me to do that but I assure I will let her know about you. Give me your number.”

She smiled and happily called out her number to the woman. She stored the digits in her phone. “Thank you ma. I’m grateful!”

“You’re welcome.”

Kemi decided to return to Tina’s house with hope she would get the job.

Hadiza and Meredith were happy to see each other. Hadiza purchased two designer handbags and three quality shoes worth two hundred thousand naira. One of the sales girls packaged the items for her into some fancy bags.

“Won’t you buy for your husband?” She asked. “I have men shoes.”

“Denzel prefers to buy himself.”

“I wonder when he will patronize me. Jason and Eromosele come here to buy from me once in a while.”

“I know but you know Denzel is always busy. I will give him your message.”

“Please do and it’s been long I saw him. All of us need to hang out.”

“I will inform Diana to arrange that when Denzel comes back from shooting his movie.”

“That would be nice.” Meredith said and smiled cheerfully.

In the evening, Rume had driven out of the house without telling Preye. He left a note he would return late at night and follow her to church the next day. He drove far away to his hideout, a hotel. One of the receptionists gave him his room key. He ordered for champagne and waited for his lover.

Diana with a face cap on her head knocked on the door. Rume opened, carried her and kissed her lips.

“How are you baby?” he asked and put her down. He shut the door.

“I’m good and you?”


They climbed the bed and held each other. Rume narrated how Jason begged him.

She shook her head. “I never expected you to ask for a divorce, I thought you wanted to stop sleeping with her.”

“I changed my mind. I want us to be together.”

“Not now. I want to take everything that belongs to Jason first. We should not rush. I want you to listen to Jason.”

“But why?” he asked surprised.

“I need a favor from your wife and you are the only one that can get it for me.”


“I am aware that she has finished her building project. We know the people she would allocate the shops at the mall to the church staffs. I need the first store on the right.”

Rume looked at her. “That is the biggest and she has planned to give her assistant pastor’s wife. What do you need it for?”

“I want to go into cosmetic business. I am tired of staying at home and I will have the chance to see you anytime instead of me lying to Jason I am going to see my sister. Rita can change anytime.”

“But how do I present it to Preye?”

“You would tell her I asked after it from you many months ago and you promised me the place because of your friendship with Jason. She would willingly give you anything you ask of, even the ownership of the place. Right now, Preye will be desperate to get you back.”

He laughed. “Smart woman. I will see what I can do about it and as for not divorcing her, I won’t anymore.” There was a knock on their door. He raised his eyebrows and asked Diana. “Did you order for anything before coming here?”

“No but I am expecting someone.” She replied and walked to the door. “I told our client to come here.” She opened the door and a woman dressed as a tomboy strolled in. Diana opened her bag and brought out a brown envelope to give the lady. “The money is complete.”

“Thanks.” the lady said and smiled at Rume. “It was difficult convincing your wife for three weeks. I lied I wanted to give my life to Christ and she invited me to your home. She tried to stop me when you walked in.”

“I know.” He said. “You did well.” After she left, he stared at Diana. “You shouldn’t have invited her here.”

“Don’t be scared boo. She does not know any of our families. We met her in a club.”

“It doesn’t matter, we have to be careful.” Rume said and opened his arms. “Come here, I have missed your body.”

“Okay baby.” She entered into his arms and they kissed.

Nine months ago, Diana had gone to a club to celebrate. She was happy the burden she felt had disappeared. She met Rume in the nightclub. They talked, danced and started to kiss. She slept with him that night. Jason had traveled to see his mother. Diana never told Jason she was pregnant. She successfully aborted the pregnancy.

To be continued….. Saturday


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