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Episode 8 title: Unexpected.
“See, I don't understand what both of you are saying,” The fourth victim, Engr. Dickson Omere said to Tiwa and Genevieve. “How can someone cause my accident? I don’t believe it’s possible.”

When they arrived Benin, the partners informed him to write the names of those he suspected that might be against his life.

“Don’t underestimate what the contractor can do,” Genevieve tried to explain to him. “We believe close friends and even family members are capable of being suspects. An accident could mean anything.”

“Like I may die in a car crash?”

“We don’t know what he has planned with the person that wants you dead. We need names sir. Have you offended anyone?”

“Absolutely no!”

“You can be so sure of that.” Tiwa said.

He looked at her in the eyes and frowned. “I know what I am saying. If anyone have grudge against me, I would know.”

“Even friends?”

“Yes.” he said with the tone of assurance in his stabled voice. “I rarely keep friends.”

“What about family?” Genevieve questioned.

Dickson was a man in his late fifties; very tall man with long legs. He turned his face to her. “Don’t you dare bring my family into this.”

“How can we help you if you don’t want to help us with the answers we need from you?”

“That’s because I don’t have answers to the questions you asked me.”

She sighed, glanced at Tiwa and back at him. “How many people live with you in this house?”

“It’s just my wife and I.” He replied.

“What about your children?”

The frown in his face disappeared. He answered in a very sad voice. “I don’t have children with my wife.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Do you have kids with another woman?” Tiwa asked him bluntly.

“What does that have to do with the investigation?”

“Everything that has to do with your life sir. Just answer my question.”

“Yes I have. I have a son but I never married his mom.”

“And your wife is okay with it?”

“She wasn’t at first and I understood. She forgave me and accepted him a year later. He comes here occasionally to see us. He is currently schooling in London.”

Genevieve moved closer to Tiwa and whispered. “What if his wife lied and now she wants her revenge after she saw the contractor’s mail. Some women kill their husband because of this.”

“She could be a suspect.”


Tiwa cleared her throat and glimpsed at the Engr. who was staring at them with a questionable look. “Does your wife have access to internet connection in this house?”

“If you mean if she browses with her phone and laptop, then yes.”

The partners looked at each other and right back at him.

“It seems your wife is not at home.” Genevieve said.

“She went out.”

“Can we have access to your wife’s laptop?”

Engr. Dickson became angry and stood on his feet. He walked to the entrance door and opened it. “I think this is the right time to leave. Both of you are incompetent! When my wife comes back she has to know that two women who calls themselves agents of the law are accusing her of trying to kill me!”

They rose up.

“Don’t tell her.” Tiwa uttered.

“Do not ever try to control me!” He yelled.

They walked towards him.

“We are not trying to control you,” she said. “We just want you to do the right thing!”

“I will get a male detective for myself. I don’t need any of you!”

The wife of Hector, Renee had left the house to check up to monitor the daily activities in her restaurant. Hector had advised her to stay at home throughout the day, while he pick up the kids from school and return home with them to be with her but she was having none of that, staying indoor without doing anything wasn’t her thing. She needed to do something with her time. She asked one of the waiters to dish some food for her. She was taking it to Hector.

When she got to his office, his secretary, Mrs. Blessing speedily jumped on her feet and ran to give Renee a hug! “It’s so good to see you! You rarely come to the office and I guess’ She glimpsed at her stomach. “It’s because you are having twins again!”

“Twins?” Renee asked with her eyes opened. “Don’t you dare. My mom said the same thing and I told her if I give birth to twins again, she would have to take them.”

She laughed and hugged her again. “I am happy you came to check up on my boss.” Her face fell. “He really needs you this period. He has not come but I am sure he would be back soon. I believe the culprit and the contractor will be caught.”

“What are you talking about?” She asked in a puzzled tone. “What does my husband have to do with the contractor’s case?”

“Oh oh. I thought you knew.”

“Knew what?”

She said shifting backwards to her chair. “Nothing.”

Renee moved forward. “I will not take no for an answer. Tell me what I do not know.”

“Mr. Hector will kill me!”

She took a deep breath and swallowed. “Hector won’t do anything. I know what the contractor is doing. Don’t tell me Hector’s name is on the list.”

Mrs. Blessing turned her face away from Renee’s inquisitive eyes. “Yes. He’s on the list.”

She froze and the food flask dropped from her hand. A male employee strolling towards them, picked it up and kept it on the desk. He greeted Renee who was not able to answer. The sectary told him their boss’s wife needed her privacy. He understood and walked away.

Renee covered her mouth with her hand and closed her eyes. As she opened them to look at the secretary, salty water rained down her face. “Why didn’t he tell me?”

“I don’t know.”

“But he has been behaving normal. Are you sure?”

“Yes, he told me about it.”

“I have to go back home. I need to check our room and see if I can find anything. I have to go.”

“Will you be able to drive?”

“Yes!” her voice expressed self-confidence.

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Genevieve and Tiwa arrived back to Abuja safely. Immediately two of them came down from the plane, Genevieve called the Inspector and narrated what happened. He told her he would call the Engr. to advise him not to reveal anything to his wife. Anyone could be a suspect.

He told her the seventh target visited him.

“Really? That’s good news.”

“He doesn’t want you and agent Tiwa to see him at home. I will send you his phone number, call him.”

“I will.”

She ended the call and informed Tiwa about it.

Renee got home and went directly to the master's bedroom. With her heartbeat racing fast, she prayed silently that everything was going to be all right. As long as she has been praying for the other targets, her husband was also part of it. She believed he would be saved. She searched his separate wardrobe where is stored his clothes and saw nothing. She thought of another place and checked the lower drawer. He usually kept some office files there and he knew she never open it because it was work related. Apart from that, they shared everything together.

She motioned towards the drawer, opened it and brought the files out. She opened them and took out some sheets. She read them and when it got to the last one, she saw a copy of the list and Hector’s name appeared. She bit her lower lip and sat on the bed. She wanted tears to fall but at that time, it seemed difficult. She no longer felt scared but disappointed. Hector would have told her and both of them would seek a solution together. She picked her phone and called him.

“Sweetheart.” He said as he drove close to his office. Genevieve had called him and they arranged to meet at his work of place before going to pick his kids at their closing time at four thirty.

“I have seen the list.” She said in a composed tone. She wasn’t going to shout or cry.

His heart skipped. “What list?”

“Don’t lie to me. I saw it. You should have told me, why did you keep it away from me?”

“I can explain. Where are you?”


“I’m coming.” He ended the call and diverted to another direction.

With his private jet, Adebiyi arrived at Delta state to see the father of Tiwa. He didn’t tell Tiwa what he intended to do. Mr. Bankole was aware he was coming to visit him. He was happy to see Ade and offered him a drink in his office.

“I will like to thank you for taking good care of my daughter.” He told him.

“It is my duty to do that sir.” He took a sip from his wine. “I will be going back later because Tiwa does not know I came here. I am here to discuss something very important and I will need your blessings.”

“As long as it will benefit my daughter I will surely give you my blessings but first, let’s talk about this case she is handling with detective Genevieve. I hope it won’t put them in trouble.”

“I would lie if I tell you it won’t put them in trouble but I believe they are careful not to get themselves into trouble.”

“I hope they can do that. I wonder why people kill each other. They behave as if they don’t have hearts.”

“That’s why people like us are different from them.”

He sighed and relaxed his hands on his desk. “I hope they solve it as fast as possible. I miss Tiwa here. I can’t wait for her to come back.”

Adebiyi shrugged. “I think we should really talk about why I came here.”

“I’m listening.”

Engr. Dickson assured inspector Danjuma that he was never going to tell his wife but when he heard the sound of her car, he changed his mind. Mrs. Omere came down from her vehicle, entered the house and saw how gloomy her husband was. She decided to ask if there was a problem. He narrated it to her.

She looked at him shocked. “Does that mean I am a suspect?”

“Yes! That’s what does women are saying! I am thinking of getting another detective on the case.

She sighed and had a scorn look on her face. “I don’t blame them. Are you not going out again?”

“I wanted to rest after they left. I will soon leave. Let me have my bath and change.”

The moment he went to his bedroom, she brought out her phone from her bag and turned on her data connection to send an email. What her husband had told her sent fright into her body. If he had agreed to show them her laptop, that would have been the end for her. Dickson was a nonentity, she told herself. After years of humiliation from him for getting another woman pregnant, he sent his bastard of a son abroad for his education. She let it go until she saw a copy of his will. He had given her half of his property and the other was for his son. She rather allow him suffer and die than talk with him about it.

She sent a mail. The detectives are getting close to finding out I want to kill my husband. I don’t think I can wait anymore. I will do what we planned. I will be expecting your reply.’

Mrs. Omere could not wait, she tiptoed to peep into their room and check what he was doing. Dickson was still in the bathroom. She went outside and gave money to the gateman to buy recharge card for her. After she watched him leave, she opened the door of her husband’s car.

Her phone beeped. She glanced through her phone and read the replied mail sent by the contractor.

‘Do it’

Hector called detective Genevieve and explained his wife had found out and he would not be at the office. He sent her his home address. He got home and saw Renee waiting for him in the living home. He sauntered to her and sat beside her. He took her right hand and rubbed her chin.

“I thought I was protecting you and the kids by keeping it away from you. Forgive me.”

She smiled. “I forgive you my love. But you should have told me. We are family and we are going to fight together. You fought for me once and I should do the same for you now.”

“You’re still the same Renee. God bless the day I met you.”

“And God bless the day you made me your wife. You give me joy and there is no one that can take you away from me. As long as I serve a living God, no human can take your life.”

His face beamed and he kissed her soft lips gently. He released her hand, dipped his hand into his pocket, and brought out the list. “I don’t understand what the contractor meant by I would die by a ransom. It’s confusing. What does it mean?”

“I really don’t know.” She said with concern. “Have you talked to the investigators?”

“Yes. They are coming to see us by 3pm.” He glanced at his wristwatch. “I am sure they are close to the house.”

“Have you told Hillary and Aunty Hope?”

“Not yet. Hope is far away and if I tell her something like this, she would take the available fight to Nigeria. I don’t want to distract her. And as for Hillary, remember she is nursing her new born baby and mom is with her.”

“And if Hillary knows about what is happening, mom would surely know.”


Renee sighed. “Do you think it’s Melissa that wants you dead?”

“I have thought about it but I doubt it is her. I called Weyinmi the day I got the mail and I asked he should find information about her. She is doing well in Canada. She married a white man. She and her father can’t do anything to hurt me. They know that.”

“You were named the former playboy.” She smiled lightly. “You repented because of me. I’m honored.”

Hector chuckled. “I have never for once regretted it. You’re my treasure.” He kissed her forehead. They heard a knock on the door. Hector stood and asked who was knocking.

“It’s detective Genevieve and I am with my partner Agent Tiwa.”

He opened the door and Renee rose up.

“Welcome.” Renee said happily. “I am glad both of you came.”

“Thank you.”

Hector introduced her to them. Three of them sat down while Renee went into the kitchen to get two glasses of chilled water.

“We are aware you are number seven on the list,” Tiwa said as she took a glass of water from Renee. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Renee said and gave the other one to Genevieve. She thanked her. Renee joined her husband on the same sofa.

“Yes.” Hector said.

“Do you have any suspects? You were a former playboy so we expect female names.”

He stared at his wife and looked back at them. “I know but I changed and my past lovers knew I fell in love. Most of them must have married by now.”

“What about now?” Genevieve asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I know it is wrong to say this in front of your wife but after you married, is there anyone that wanted a relationship with you or...?"

“If you think I have cheated on this woman beside me, then you are wrong. I don’t joke with her. Renee is the love of my life and there can never be another woman.” The partners noticed the sincerity in his eyes. The way he talked was from the matters of his heart. He added. “I think someone wants to pay me back for what I did.”

“Do you know the person?”

“I have a cousin… or would I say a step brother…”

Renee widened her eyes and placed her hand on his left lap. “Michael? That’s impossible. He is in prison and there is no way he would have received a mail there.”

“No, it’s not Michael. What I mean is an ex-girlfriend of him threatened me because I told her to leave Michael. Ndidi swore to pay me back.”

“You never told me.” She said softly.

“I thought it was not relevant. It was a long time ago.”

“How do we locate this person?” Genevieve questioned.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know.”

“What about this Michael?” Tiwa asked. “Does he know how we can locate her?”

“He might but I don’t think he will be ready to give me the answer I want if he knows her whereabouts or where she might be.”


He couldn’t answer.

“That’s because he has never visited him in prison.” Renee answered.

“Didn’t you say he was your step brother?”

“Yes.” Hector replied.

“Why not hear him out first, he might help you. If you want us to see him, we would.”

“Don’t bother about that,” he said. “I would see him tomorrow and get back to you.”

“Is that the only person you suspect?”


Tiwa and Genevieve stood up.

“Thank you for coming.” Renee told them.

They smiled at her and thanked her too.

“If there is anything you want to tell us,” Tiwa said to Hector. “Call us anytime.”

“Even if it’s in the middle of the night.” Genevieve said.

“I’m grateful.” Hector said and escorted them outside. He waived at them as they drove off.

“I love that couple,” Tiwa said to Genevieve.

“Me too,” she said and smiled. “They look madly in love with each other. I would have loved to hear their story.”

Quincy called Genevieve to check up on her. As they arrived at the office of the inspector, they met him coming out from the building and heading towards them. There was a worried expression on his face.

“Something just happened.” He told them.

“What is it?” They asked curiously.

“Engr. Dickson has been involved in an accident. He didn’t make it.”

“He’s dead?” Genevieve asked surprised.


“Why now?” Tiwa said in a shocked tone. “he is not supposed to die now. Did he tell his wife?”

“He told me he won’t!”

“Maybe he lied to you and when he did tell her, she panicked and decided to do it now.”

“Who told you about it?” Genevieve asked me.

“His wife call me few minutes ago and when I tried calling her back, it’s switched off.”

“That woman wants to run away.” Tiwa quickly said. “She has done what she wanted.” She brought out her phone and dialed her dad’s number.

He picked. “Hello my daughter.”

“Dad I need a favor.”
“Go on.”

“I am calling you to help me get an agent to travel right now to Benin.” Mr. Bankole pressed the loudspeaker button. She continued. “If you also know a competent detective there, let the person go to the house of Engr. Dickson. I will send you the address.” She briefly told him what happened. “I am sure you would meet the gateman there. He should show who ever you are sending a picture of his madam and do everything he or she can to find her. The airport and the nearest transportation outlets close to the house should be searched. We must find her!”

“I know someone that can reach there in few minutes.”


“Adebiyi Gold.”

“He’s with you?”

“Yes and he is listening. Do not ask why he is here. He will take his jet there now.”

“Okay.” She cut the call and saw Genevieve having a conversation on her cell. After she was done, she asked, “Who were you talking to?”

“Ayodele Okoya.” She replied. “I told him to stay indoors and never to open for anyone except his family.”

“Who could be next?”

“I don’t know.” Genevieve replied.

“It’s no longer going according to what’s on the list anymore.” She paused. “Wait, we visited the Engr. and he died today.”

“We also visited Mr. Hector and his wife. We have to call them!”

“But we have no idea what the ransom means.”

“I don’t know and don’t care, we have to call them now!”

Genevieve called him on the phone but he was picking. Hector was in his children’s school to take them home. He found only his daughter and both of them were searching around the environment for his son.

“Are you sure you didn’t see him after you closed?” He asked.

“No dad,” the pretty daughter Daniela said in a tendered voice. “I waited for him in my class as usual but he didn’t come. I went to check on him in his class and didn’t find him there.”

He heard his phone ring severally but he wasn’t in the mood to pick. He wanted his son. He prayed silently to see him. They went to the playground and found children playing and waiting for their parents. He looked around and his son Daniel was nowhere in sight. He gazed at a swing and saw something that caught his eyes. He ran and noticed it was Daniel’s bag. He opened it and found a paper inside. He read the note and he felt a crack inside his chest. His world had finally crashed before his eyes. How would he break the news to Renee? How would she take it? He was ready to give his life for the safety of his son.

“Daddy why are you crying?” Daniela asked as she sighted tears in his eyes.

He sniffed his nose and cleaned the tears. He touched her face. “Daddy is fine.” he dipped his hand in his right pocket to bring out his phone and check who was calling. He answered instantly. “Detective!” His voice crushed into two. “You have to help me. My son has been kidnapped!"

“Oh my God! Do they want a ransom?”

“Yes. I am the ransom!”


“I have to present myself before my son can be released!” Hector said and broke into endless sob.

To be continued….


  1. Carina why did you end it like that?
    This episode is so short, pls when will u post the next episode!

    I think since the contractor has Chang his moves, the detectives should do so too.
    There should be a way to track that contractor and bring him down, before he will even murder the detectives or their love ones himself.

    Thank you Carina! See you in the episode on Saturday evening!

  2. This was unexpected! Genny and Tiwa should act fast and think of a way to find the contractor.d engr fucked up

  3. Oh Hector, so sad for you. But seriously all these serial playboys and former playboys have to be very careful. You seriously think you can go around banging the heads of several ladies together and go scot free? Well I doubt but I hope he is saved.

  4. Great work Carina. Pls I need a link to d complete series of Eternal Love. U r truly gifted

  5. Great work Carina. Pls I need a link to d complete series of Eternal Love. U r truly gifted

  6. Welldone,carina j,omg why hector,i pray they should be able to catch the contractor, and hector and the son should be save, the question is, who is this contractor that is tormenting everyone's life.even the detectives need to be very careful and nothing should happen to them or there loved ones.thanks are so good.


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