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Diana returned home at 10:15pm. Jason had eaten and kept her portion. She appeared tired and her hair was rough. She used her key to unlock the entrance door. She marched upstairs and saw him on the bed, his eyes directed to his laptop. A cup of tea was placed on his lamp table beside him.
“I have been trying to call you but your numbers were switched off.” Jason said to her. “I called Aunty Rita but she’s not answering me.”

“She is probably busy attending to patients. She will eventually call back later.”

“Your food is on the dining table.”

“I’m not hungry. I ate enough at my sister’s place.”

Diana dropped her bag on the table and went into the bathroom. Jason concentrated on what he was doing. He took a sip from his coffee. It took Diana ten minutes before she came out and dressed into her nightie. She sprayed fragrance on her body.

“My baby wants to entice me tonight.” Jason said and gazed into her eyes.

She smiled and climbed on top the bed and laid on it. “I am very tired. Rita’s kids are troublesome!”

He wasn’t happy. “I see. How are the children?”

“They are doing well.” She raised her head to glimpse at his laptop. “What are you doing?” 

“I am working on a contract. I hope I receive a positive feedback next week. We finished designing a five storey building for a Chinese company here in Abuja. It is worth millions of dollars. I hope they like our design.”

She gestured closer to him. “You are good at what you do. As long as you and your team worked together on this project with all your heart, you would get it.”

Jason grinned. He was grateful for her words of encouragement. “Thanks honey.” he looked back at his system. “Have you called Preye?”

Not again. She said to herself. She totally forgot. “No.”

He turned his neck to face her. “Why?”

“I don’t want to call her. I will see her at home tomorrow after church.”

“I think we should attend her church tomorrow.”

Oh God. She whispered.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Diana said and glanced at another way and frowned. “There’s something we should talk about.”

“Something?” he asked and shut down his laptop, stood up and placed it on the table. “What is it?”

She stared at him. “Join me on the bed.”

He wore a worrisome look and rested his back on the bed. “I hope there’s no problem?”

“No.” Diana replied and sighed. Her voice became low and smoky. “I am no longer comfortable being a housewife.”

He was completely surprised. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Yes but I don’t want to be that anymore.”

“You read accounting. Do you need a job in my company? I could give you a position there and you would help manage some of the accounts.”

It was a brilliant idea. In fact, it was an opportunity to steal his money and get away with it. After all, he was her better half. But she would not be able to carry out her secret affair with Rume. “Thank you but I have another plan.” Diana told him. “I want to venture into cosmetic business. I have a location for the place and Preye owns it. The new mall she built.”

“I know about it but it’s quite far from here! I could get you a secured and large space in a shopping mall close to my office.”

“I have already made up my mind,” she said and her facial appearance changed into a gloomy one. “I just need you to support your wife and be happy for me.”

Jason sighed. Deep in his heart, he was uncomfortable with her idea. If she eventually focus on her new business, there won’t be enough time to plan and have kids. A collar job would have been better. She would go on leave and have time to cater for the kids. He wished he could change her mind without arguments. He stared at her. “I will do anything to make you happy. You have my consent.”

She jumped on his body and kissed his lips. “Thank you thank you! I am so happy. I can order for my goods as soon as possible!”

“Write an estimate on the amount you want me to support you with and send it to my office on Tuesday or anytime you are ready.”

Her eyes were shinning. “You have no idea how you have made me happy tonight! Thanks honey.”

“Anything for you. We should go to bed now.”

Diana gave him a light peck on his chin and wished him a good night. She turned away and the smile that arose on lips was a fulfilled one.

Eromosele and Meredith had finished making love after he came home and begged her for forgiveness. He promised her he would never lay a finger on her again, but she knew it was a mighty lie. When she asked where he went to throughout the day, he said, he was in an old friend’s place. He motioned into the bathroom and came back to lay on the bed.

Meredith told him Hajiza visited her. “Have you heard from Jason, DD and Rume?”

“No but DD called. He said he is out of down to catch some fun and when he comes back, we should hang out.”

Her eyebrows lifted up. “Travelled to catch some fun? I thought he travelled to be on set.”

“That’s false. Another rumor again?”

“No. Hajida told me.”

He gazed at her. “That’s not what he told me. Denzel can’t lie to me. He’s my buddy! Maybe Hajida is trying to cover him up to you. Do they think I am a fool? They act as if they never quarrel or have marital issues, but all na to cover up. Big pretenders!”

“I don’t really think they have issues. They simply understand each other.”

“Oh shut your dirty mouth!” Eromosele shouted at her, knelt on the bed in front of her. “So what are you trying to say? That we don’t understand each other. You see why I always beat you up! You never listen or take correction!”

“That’s not what I am tryi….”

He slapped her twice and one of his sharp fingernails slit a small part of her lower lip. She started to cry as she touched it.

“What have I done this time?”

“Learn to think before talking to me!” he yelled and walked out of the room. 
It was probably to drink, or smoke, or both, she thought. Meredith wept and soaked her pillowcase with tears.

Rume arrived home in the middle of the night. He told Peye he didn’t want to be disturbed and they would talk before leaving for church the following day. They slept in separate rooms. The next morning at 5am, Rume knocked on her door, she was awake and opened for him. They sat on the bed and talked. He informed her he needed time to himself but won’t divorce her. They would continue to sleep in different rooms until the memory of him seeing her with another woman woud fade away. She thanked him and agreed to his request.

“I have another one.” He said.

“What is it my love?” She asked.

He told her about the shop.

“But I have given my assistant pastor’s wife to open her business there this new week. It will officially open on Tuesday.”

“So you want me to look like I cannot control my home. You can’t give me what I ask of after what you have done?”

Her face fell. “Diana knows about the mall. She should have asked me first before talking to you.”

“It was months ago she asked me and I promised to help her because she is my childhood friend’s wife. What is the matter with you? After Jason pleaded on your behalf, you won’t help his wife?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it like? Explain madam preacher.”

“She can have it.”

“Good. She will pay for two years rent first.”

Preye showed in her appearance she was upset, “No problem.” She stated and stood up to walk out of the room.

“I also need the papers of the mall.” He said. “I want the ownership transferred to me.”
She halted and gazed at him stunned.

“Don’t bother to argue or say no. If you do, I will divorce you!”

“This is blackmail!”

Rume rose on his feet and motioned in front of her. “You cheated on me!”

She was moved to tears. “Are you trying to frustrate me in this house?”

“Give me what I want.”

“All for peace in my home, you can have it.” She turned and walked away. Rume smiled mischievously.

The room smelled of alcohol and sex. Hajiza had returned from church and invited Kalu in. Denzel called him to check on his wife and he was doing exactly what he his boss directed him to do. 
They were through with their third rounds. He sipped some vodka and gave her to drink. She drank some and kissed him on his chest.

“I want more.” She muttered and leaned to his curved dick.

“I don’t have strength for that sexy. Allow me rest a little.”

“No baby.” She raised her head to give him a look. “I need you now.”

He winked at her and licked his lips. “A blowjob will definitely turn me on.”

“That’s my boy.” Hajiza face beamed with pleasure as she opened her mouth to take his manhood into it.

Kemi anxiously waited for a call from the doctor but received none. She decided to go and check immediately after church service. After closing, she changed her mind when she answered a call from Tina that she was waiting for her at Eniye’s shop. Kemi took Nate along. They got there and met them eating cake.

“What are both of you celebrating?” Kemi asked and sat beside Tina. Nate hugged her and Eniye. Tina gave him a big size of cake and he went outside to sit and eat.

“Chief ordered for a cake for me yesterday but I couldn’t finish it.” Tina said.

“That’s nice.” Kemi said and smiled. She looked at Eniye. “What’s up! Any customers yet?”

“I just finished making a woman’s hair before you came.”


Tina looked at her with annoyance. “Which one is cool?”

“What do you mean?”

“What is cool in making a woman’s hair? Instead of you to tell her the truth that she is stressing herself! Is she supposed to be here working on a hot Sunday?”

“It is none of your business.” Eniye spat out and stopped eating. The cake remained in her hand.

“It is my business because you are my friend! I know K will not say anything because she has her own predicament but I will not sit and stay quiet! Allow your husband take care of you and the kids. You are a human with blood flowing inside you. You need rest!”

“Did she tell you she is complaining?” Kemi asked her. “Must we remind you about her husband’s unpaid salary of five months?”

“Oh please! Spare me that lazy excuse of not been able to take care of his family!”

Eniye threw the cake at her. She was furious. “Don’t you dare say a word about my husband you this gold digger!”

Instead of Tina to get upset, she burst out laughing. She clapped her hands and dusted the cake crumbs from her clothes. “The three of us knows I married chief because of his money. I hate poverty. I cannot swim in wealth and watch my two best friends rejoice in poverty.”

“You are mad.” Kemi told her.

Tina laughed again. “I still don’t understand why two of you can be comfortable living this way when I have the means to help you.”

“You want me to have an affair with another man because of money?” Eniye asked in a surprised tone.

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“See who is talking.” Kemi said and hissed. “You can never cheat on chief and you are advising someone to do that. You are a bad friend.”

“You think I won’t cheat on chief if I had the chance to? He is a one-minute man. He has spies everywhere and that is my excuse not to do it. I only pleasure myself with sex toys.”

“Are you not ashamed for doing that?” Eniye asked, still angry with her.

Tina jagged a finger at her. “Look at this one o! What about you that have four children! What were you thinking when you had the second one and got pregnant with the third. Instead of you to tie your legs, you still opened them and gave birth to a fourth one. Haba! Are you tired? You love sex and you like to pretend.”

“I think you should leave.” Eniye said strolling towards her door.

Tina quickly said. “Story!”

Kemi stood and moved towards Eniye. “It has not come to that. You should know Tina by now.”

“Tina can’t come into my shop and insult me. I won’t take it anymore.”

“You sef! What were you thinking? When you gave birth to your third child you told me it was your last time.”

“Kemi you want to join her abi?”

“Sorry.” She went closer and hugged her. “You know we love you.”

Eniye managed to smile. She gazed at Tina and eyed her. “Yeye girl. You better allow me make your hair! It’s no longer neat.”

Tina touched her weave with her two hands. She exclaimed. “Ah! Hair you made for me a week ago. You lie! I am not your money making machine!!”

The three of them laughed hard.

Diana followed Preye home after church. Diana advised her never to argue with Rume for the time being. She should be obedient and endure no matter the condition. On Monday, Meredith left her boutique in the afternoon and drove to see her parents. She bought provisions and foodstuffs. They were happy to see her.

Her mom required how she got the injury on her lip. She lied she fell. Her parents asked if Eromosele had changed. She thought of the right answer. She knew there was nothing they would do or say if she revealed the truth.

“Yes.” Meredith answered. “He has changed. He is an amazing husband.”

They were happy.


“Hello.” Kemi said after she answered a call from an unfamiliar number.

“This is Doctor Rita. Your number was given to me.”

“Oh thank God!” She said happily. “Good afternoon ma.”

“Good afternoon. My neighbor described you but she said you were desperate for the job.”

“I really need it. I have a son and my final exams are coming soon. I need to pay my fees."

“You are married?” She asked.

“I am a single mom  but I am capable of working as a housekeeper. You won’t regret it.”

“A son or daughter?”

“Son ma.”

“Can you come over to my house now?”

“Sure! I am already on my way!”

Rita smiled. “I will be expecting you.” Immediately she cut the phone, she placed a call to Diana and told her. “But she is a final year student and a single mother of a boy.”

“That is even better! She won’t have eyes on my husband but on her job and her child. She will stay at the boys quarter.”

“She is a final year student for Christ sake and what makes you think she will accept such. What about her child’s school? It might be far from where you live.”

“See, single mothers have given up on love. I am sure she hates men by now. I don’t mind transferring him to Jason mother’s school close to the estate. Jason or I can take him there in the morning and the school bus would bring him home in the evening. She would have access to my home in the morning to clean up and cook whenever I tell her. I can give her time for her school too except it does not clash with the time I need her to do the house chores.”

“You are searching for a slave. Anyways, I will inform her.”

“Jason will pay her child fees. I will be responsible for her feeding too. I will pay fifty thousand naira a month and if she is very useful, I will increase it later.”

“Whatever we conclude, I will update you.”

“Thank sis.” Diana said. “What about your nanny? Have you found one?”

“Gina is back.” Rita said.

“She shouldn’t have come back. Stupid girl! Just one slap, she ran away.”

“Get off my phone!” Rita barked and ended the call.

Twenty minutes later, Kemi came and Rita didn’t hide the fact that the woman standing before her was a stunning damsel.

Kemi begged for the job. “I have a son to take care of.”

Rita explained what her younger sis told her. It was unbelievable. For her to clean, cook, have a roof over head, earn 50k and without paying her son’s fees was a miracle.

“You won’t regret it, I promise you ma.” She fell on her knees.

“It’s okay.”

“When my sister is ready to take you in, I will call you to take you to her house.”

“May God bless you abundantly!”


Kemi danced on her way to pick her son from school. She got there very early and waited in their canteen. Her airtime was not enough to call. She texted Eniye and Tina and informed them the good news.

Tuesday evening, Jason came home thrilled with a huge smile on his face. The Chinese expatriates choose his design. His money was paid. Diana was enthusiastic and asked for a raise on her monthly allowance. Jason only laughed and told her he would think about it. Diana ordered for Chinese food and they ate. At night, he moved for a kiss but she stopped him.

“We will have a new housekeeper soon.” she mentioned.

He shifted backwards and gave her a look. “What did you just say?”

She told him again and her plans to accommodate them.

“You must be joking!” Jason said and stepped out from the bed.

“I will have to concentrate on my business. I won’t have the time to take care of the house!”

“I will assist you! I have been doing that for the past two years and I have never complained.”

“You and I will be busy.” Diana said. “The house is even big for both of us.”

“Then we should start planning to have a baby. I wanted to tell you. I think we should see a doctor about it.”

“We are fine! Nothing is wrong!!”

“Then why haven’t you gotten pregnant? I am not blaming you for our inability to have a child now.” He motioned towards her but she pushed him lightly. "Let us see a doctor for help."

"We will have a child when God says yes. The housekeeper has a child and that could open way for us.”

“I don’t want any housekeeper in my house, please! See what is happening in the country. I have been hearing about maids running away with their employer’s money, properties and even children!"

“That won’t happen to us. This person will not disturb you. She will always be at the back and when you are around, she won’t enter here. She is a student in the university. She is not an illiterate. ”

“I don’t care!”

“There is more to it for refusing,” Diana said. “Are you still thinking about your dad leaving with….”

“I don’t want to talk about him!” Jason shouted and pointed at her. His eyes red! “I am ready to clean, cook or do anything, just don’t bring anyone here, I am begging you in the name of God!”
“I have employed her already.” Diana said stubbornly.

“Sack her now!” He shouted. “I do not want a housekeeper here. Whether she has a child or not, it is absolutely none of my business!” Jason stormed out of the room.

To be continued…..


  1. Hmmmm! This Diana though.
    Anyway, I can't wait for Kemi to get the job, alot is running through my mind with her presence in that home.
    Please is that name Hajiza or Hadiza? I get a bit confused, by the way my Mum is Hadiza *shines teeth*
    Can't wait for more!

  2. If Kemi moves in, I suspect Jason might fall in love. Hope my prediction comes true.

  3. @PearlyTee... Sweetie its Hajiza. Thanks bae
    @Cakegirl.... Nice
    @Favour... Hello dear
    Jollysaft... Hmmmm


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