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She stood in front of him in his office and he didn’t realize she was there. His elbows down on his desk, he used his hands to cover his mouth as he faced down. He was seriously thinking of the next step to take. He felt he should have called his mother but it would only bring back her worst memory.
Juliet called him again. “Sir?” No response. She had to tap his table before he could return his thoughts into reality. He looked up.

“Oh Aunty Juliet!” Jason exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were here!”

There was a worried look on her face. She sat down and rested her right hand on the table. “I have been here for the past two minutes, Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, sure.” He replied and scratched his forehead lightly.

She heaved a sigh and shook her head. “I can’t go back without you telling me what is bothering you but first, the reason I came here is that the head of account gave me the amount your wife has sent for her new cosmetic business. It’s quite large but you can afford it.”

“How much is she asking?” He asked her in a calmed and low voice.

“She said she has ordered for her goods. She needs five million naira.”

Unsurprised mien. He smiled. “She is aware about my contract that was awarded to me.”

“I understand, she is your wife and has every right to know about it. It’s good news for your family, establishment and your employees. You win, we win too.”

“Thank you. Anyways, I will give her the money but I will not increase her monthly allowance. That is cancelled.”

“Whatever decision you make is fine by the company. I will inform the accountant to bring the document for you to sign and approve the money. I won’t leave until you tell me what is disturbing the peace of your mind.”

He stood up and rubbed his chin. “Is it obvious?”

Juliet answered. “Yes sir.”

He told her about the housekeeper.

She gave him a smile. “Not all housekeepers are bad. There are good ones too.”

Jason’s face changed. “Are you supporting her instead of condemning what she wants to do?”

“You are not your father.”

“God forbid!” He rested his both hands on his desk. His eyes, face had turned red. “I will never stoop very low to sleep with my housekeeper and even abandon my wife, child and take her along with me to marry. I can never do such a thing! I have a heart.”

“You always try to be nice and a good person but your deeds are blinding you of doing what’s best for you.”

“What’s best for me? What does that even mean?!” He stepped away from the tabletop furiously.

“You sacrificed your happiness for your mom. If she finds out you never loved your wife before you married her, she would be sad and angry at you. Your mom never remarried because she still loves your dad. Yes, he betrayed her but she would love you to feel what it means to love somebody.”

“I think I did the right thing.” The tone of Jason’s voice lowered and teary, “I cannot cheat on Diana. I made a promise to her in church on our wedding day.”

“I am not telling you to cheat on her. I want you to open your heart, let people in, you never can tell, you might fall in love with Diana later. The feeling might come sooner than you expect.”

“My mother must not know I married Diana because of her. She wished me nothing but real love, a woman that would love, cherish and build a home with me. She told me if I was irreplaceable to her, then she wished I would find someone irreplaceable, a woman worthy of my heart. She thought Diana was the one. I can’t blame her, my mom felt she was doing the right thing.”

The next thing that popped out from his eyes was tears. He quickly wiped them away. Juliet stood up but he ordered her to sit. “I will be fine Aunty Juliet. Right now, I only need children. If I get one today, it would be the happiest day of my life.”

“Did you discuss about it to Diana?”

“Yes…” He hesitated to talk further. “I really don’t know what she wants. She is busy preparing to unveil her new business. “if we had a child, I would probably agree to a nanny or housekeeper but we don’t need one at all. It’s just the two of us. I can assist in the chores and cooking.”

“What if you and Diana are tired at the same time?”

Jason gave her a face, sat and relaxed his back on his chair. “Are you saying I should employ the help?”

“I can’t tell you what to do sir but the only advice I would give you right now, is open that large heart of yours. I think it’s closed because you think Diana is your wife and you might never experience the wonderful feeling about loving a woman.” Juliet said and rose on her feet. “I should leave you for now. I will be going for lunch later, do you need anything?”

“Diana has stopped bringing my lunch. Just get me anything.”

She smiled brightly. “Yes sir.”

“It’s been three days now and I haven’t heard from the medical doctor.” Kemi said anxiously to Eniye in her shop. She was making a young lady’s hair. “My mistake is not searching for another job.”

She paused plaiting the hair and turned to face her. “You ought to be calling her to tell you if the job is still open to you.”

“I did and even before coming here! She said her sis has not given her a feedback when she would take me to her place.”

“Then why are you sweating like a Christmas goat?” Eniye asked. “The job is still yours, just relax.”

“Madam, concentrate on my hair! I have an appointment in one hour time.” The customer said with annoyance written all over her.

Eniye looked at her through the mirror. “Please don’t be offended. I am almost through.” 

She continued with the hair. Kemi apologized to her too. After the hair, two other customers arrived. Kemi assisted Eniye to wash and set. Deep in her heart, she prayed for a call. A call that would announce she has a new job.

3:35pm, Kemi went to Nathaniel’s school to pick him up. On their way home, she noticed he didn’t talk and whenever she asked him a question, he gave her a direct answer without requesting for a reason for the question as usual. Her curious son had become mute and quite sad. She got home and sat him down.

“I don’t like the appearance on your face,” she told him. “Did any of your classmates insult you?”

He shook his head.

She asked him others questions and his reply was the same. “I will not be happy if you are going through something and you do not want to share it with me. Remember, a problem shared, is a problem half solved.”

He peered at her with sad eyes. “You will feel bad if I tell you.”

“Did you fight?”

“No mom.”

“Then I will not feel bad, I promise. What is it my love?”

“My classmates talked about the latest toys they had. I was the only one left out.”

She drew Nathaniel closer and patted his head. “I will do everything I can to buy a new toy for you.”

“That’s not it. There is a Ben-Ten cartoon collection that they have. It’s the new one and I heard it’s expensive.”

“How much?”

“I am not sure mom but I think it’s more than eight thousand naira.”

Kemi widened her eyes. “That’s on the high side! If I am able to get some money soon, I would surely buy it for you.”

He threw his arms around her. The joy all on him made her beam. Whenever she received her first salary, it was going to be the first the thing she must buy. Her son’s happiness meant everything to her.

At night around 10:15pm, Hajiza heard the sound of the bedroom door unlock. She quickly opened her eyes and found Denzel entering. She rubbed her eyes and stared at him. He was removing his clothes.
“You’re back.” She said.


“I wasn’t expecting you today.” She lied. Kalu had called to inform her he won’t be able to caress her body because her husband was returning home.

“Am I not welcomed back into my own house I built with my money?”

“Oh please, don’t remind me. I know that already!” She got down from the bed to switch the florescent light. She did and her eyes ran directly to his back. He was questioned in a surprised tone. “You got a bigger tattoo?”

The head of his favorite musician Wizkid’s face was on it. He had two tattoos on his legs and one on his left shoulder. “Yes.” Denzel replied with a scorn on his face. He glanced at her. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“No. What’s my business. Is it my body?” Hajiza walked into the bathroom and came out to see him naked on the bed. “After a long day, will you not bath?”

“I want you tonight.”

She hissed out very loud and went to lay on the side of her bed. She demarcated the middle with a pillow. He angrily threw it away.

“What is the matter with you!!” He barked at her.

She pointed a finger at him and fired back. “You came back from sleeping with different women and you are back to sleep with me. Not possible.” She jagged the same finger at the door. “Go back to your prostitute and do not pollute my body with your filthy self!”

Denzel with rage in his eyes raised his right hand in the air.

“Hit me!” Hajiza yelled. “Hit me and I will hit you back!”

He dropped his hand. He was breathing audibly. “You will not turn me into a violent man!”

“Then shame on you! I thought you had the mind to touch me. Shame! All you ever do is sleep with different women. I know you are having an affair with an older woman. Shame on you! Useless actor. Your fans have no clue you are useless. If only they knew, your career would be over!”

Denzel never said a word. He got up from the bed, wore another clothes, picked up his car keys and left the house. He had several women to grace his bed whenever he needed them. His sugar mummy was probably the best candidate to have fun with; after all, he would be leaving the next morning with a fat check. He called her on his way there and she was ready for him with opened arms.

Meredith decided not to report to her boutique the following morning. Eromosele ordered her not to leave otherwise there would be war. She stayed cool and obedient. Some of her customers called they wanted her but she rather lose money or their patronage just to have peace in her home.

Having a son or daughter would have been her greatest achievement and endless happiness. She wished her prayers could be answered as soon as possible. She believed a child might bring her and Eromosele closer and he might never slap or beat her again.

She had finished preparing some vegetable and boiled yam. She called him when she set his food on the table. He came over, ate everything without complaining. Meredith felt comforted without hearing him complain.

After washing the dishes, she moved to him and spoke. “Is there anything you need?”

His eyes were concentrated on the television. He bluffed her off without taking a quick glimpse at her. She turned and headed to the stairs.

“Have I answered you?” He asked and stood. “So you have the guts to disrespect me you this shapeless woman!” 

Her face was filled with confusion. There was a big gap between her lips.

“Are you deaf?” He asked, marching towards her. “Am I not talking to a human being?”

“But you never answered me. I thought my question wasn’t relevant.”

“If you knew your question was not relevant then why did you ask me?”

This time there was intense fear all around her. Before she could make a statement, Eromosele pushed Meredith on the ground and pounced on her. He gave her the beating of her life.

Jason’s young secretary, a young guy, always wearing big glasses knocked on his door and informed him his mother was around to see him. Jason was surprised. He welcomed her in and gave her a long hug.

“You always look good!” He told her and pecked her left cheek.

“Thank you son.” Deborah Muyiwa said. She was dressed in an expensive lace. The jewelries on her wrist, neck and fingers were made of gold. Despite she was in her sixties, she appeared good with her ravishing skin. Jason took her beauty and dashing smile.

They sat down together on the only longest leather sofa in the office.

“What can I give you to drink?” He asked.

“I am okay for now.” She said, smiling. It was rare to see a frown on her face. She once told Jason that life was too short to be cheerless. Live freely, enjoy life as it comes, no one knows what tomorrow would bring. She surveyed his office and noticed her photo on his wall. Deborah Muyiwa looked back at him. “I am proud of you.”

“Thanks mom. I appreciate.”

“I didn’t come here to talk about your marriage but I hope all is well.”

“Yes mom.”

“I do not want you to pressurize your wife to get pregnant. It is God that answers such prayers.”

His eyebrows heaved up. “Did she call that I am pressuring her? I thought she doesn’t call you like before.”

“I was surprised to see her call and yes she told me. I know I will have grandchildren from you that was why I never thought of having another child. You are more than enough for me.”

“And you are best mom in the world.”

“Don’t flatter me J.”

“I have heard your advice. I won’t pressurize her.”

“One more thing,” She said. “Hiring a housekeeper or maid is no big deal….”

He could not allow her finish her sentence. “Diana told you about that too? She had no right!”

“Calm down.” she said in a serene tone. “I know you. Don’t look at the past to live your life. I know you will never do what your father did. There are good men who treat their wives with love, care and respect without having anything intimate with their maids! I believe you are one of them. You’re a good man but what I will never take is when a woman try to take advantage of your hospitality. I hope Diana is taking good care of you.”

He shrugged. “Yes mom.” He felt bad immediately he told her. She loved Diana like her own daughter and if he told her some of the things she had done, then the hidden wrath of his mother would tear Diana apart.

“So allow her hire who she wants.”

“I will think about it.”

“That’s fine by me.” She said smiled widely.

“By the way, where are you coming from?” Jason asked her.

“Your mother in law took me out. The place we went to is not far from here.”

“Mrs. Ojo is back? I thought she travelled!”

“I thought so too until she called me this morning. She was in the mood to spoil someone and she thought of me!”

“Diana’s mom love enjoyment. I couldn’t believe she finished six bottles of Harp on my wedding day. She wanted more if not for Aunty Rita that cautioned her.”

“I have advised her several times but she wouldn’t listen.” Deborah Muyiwa said.

“It is only God that can save that woman.”

“Yes oh!”

“Are you serious?” Kemi asked over the phone to a male voice. Her course rep called to break the news their final exams was shifted backwards and he was concerned he has not been seeing her in class.


“Please send me the timetable when it comes out. I am searching for a job.”

“So sorry. Have you paid school fees because if you have not, you will not be allowed to write your exams.”

“I have not but I would. Even if I don’t get the money, I will borrow from my friend.”

“Okay. When are you coming to school? You have missed classes but you can get your handouts and read. You know you are the brightest student we have.”

Kemi laughed. “See who is talking! Why did they make you class captain. Don’t yab me jor.”

“You know it’s true. Class captain or not, you are very intelligent. Just come to the school and inform me so that I can give you what to read.”

“Thank you very much Mike.”

“You are welcome.”

A day later, Preye, and the twins were in the living room. She was reading her bible while her kids were begging her to buy something for them. Jason arrived and she welcomed him. He told her Rume called him to wait for him. He noticed how sad the children looked and he was forced to ask the reason.

“Don’t mind them,” Preye said. “They want me to buy the latest toy for them. I think its Ben-Ten collection.”

“Buy it for them.”

“They have many toys and they don’t even play with them. There’s no need Jason. If they don’t abandon it, they would destroy it.”

“That’s children for you. I am sure you did the same thing when you were a little girl.”

“I don’t think so.” She laughed. “I will not buy the toys for them. They should tell their father.”

The twins went closed to Jason and grumbled. He told them not to worry that he would persuade their mom to buy the dolls for them.

A day later, Kemi sent her address to Doctor Rita after she received a call from her. She had packed her belongings. Her rent had not expired but she planned not to renew it. When Rita arrived and helped her park her things into the boot of her car, she drove both of them to Nate’s school to pick him and they drove to their destination.

The moment they arrived there, when Diana saw Kemi, she felt a bit jealous at her beauty. She wondered what could make such a woman become a maid when they were rich men out there ready to sleep with her and offer her huge amount of money. She welcomed her and took her to where she would live. Kemi and Nate thought they were in paradise. A mini furnished sitting room, big bathroom and toilet with a small kitchen with all kitchen utensils.

Diana noticed Kemi staring at the utensils. “I hope you don’t steal.”

“No ma. Never!”

“Good. Arrange your things and come over to the main house with your son.”

“Okay ma.”

Diana left to her living room and met Rita preparing to leave. “You are leaving so soon?”

“I have a patient to see in thirty minutes. I hope I can make it on time.”

“I can't tell you to stay. Have you heard from out so called brother?”

“Last night. He said his wife gave birth to another child, the third girl.”

She burst out laughing. “He said he is tired and might come back to Nigeria to take a second wife. Well, as a caring sister, I told him I would support him.”

“Diana! if you were in his wife’s shoes and your husband take another wife, will you be happy?”

“I can never be in his wife’s shoes.” She said proudly.

“See, whatever. I am on my own. Nobody should call me when things get out of hand. I will only advise him not to do it. Are girls not children?” She hissed and walked away. Diana escorted her outside and waived at her as she drove out.

Few minutes later, Diana was seated while Kemi and Nathaniel stood on their feet.
Diana spoke. “Your work here is to make the house clean and you will cook whenever I tell you. I will enroll your child first thing tomorrow morning. That’s a done deal. My husband’s mother has given me the permission to do that. Sometimes, you will follow me to my new cosmestic shop. I have gotten two sales girls for now. I hope you know how much I will be giving you every month.”

“Yes.” Kemi said and knelt down. Nate did the same thing. She told her she needed money for her fees. 

“You have never started work and you want eighteen thousand deducted from your salary? You must be greedy!”

“No ma. My exams are close and…”

“Oh shut up!” Diana said and crossed her legs. “I will give you after I notice how good you are in three days from now.”

Kemi and Nate thanked her continuously until Diana told them to stand and seal their lips. They did as they were told.

She added, “My husband does not abhor or like noise. I know you have a son, caution him. He must not run around the compound. He should always be indoor. You can bring him when you are working here weekends. My husband must not see both of you. Is not that he doesn’t like children, they piss him off once in a while, I just want two of you to stay in the boys quarters when he is around.”

“That’s not a problem ma.”

“Good.” She pointed at the direction of the kitchen. “There is ingredients to cook tomatoes sauce with chicken and rice. Be fast about it.”

“Yes ma.”

“Hey you.” Diana said to Nate. “Sit on the floor. I don’t want my chair stained.”

Kemi smiled at her son who understood. The food was ready before Jason arrived. Diana had served Kemi and Nate and they went to their place to eat. Diana gave her a key to enter as early as 5am in the morning to clean up the kitchen before Jason would wake up.

  • “This is different and delicious.” Jason said to her as he ate.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I hope your goods are complete?”

“Yes and I opened it yesterday. My sales girls sold many items.”

He smiled. “That’s good.”

At the back, Nathaniel told his mom he was scared. She asked him why.

“I don’t think the boss will like us. I think he is mean.”

“Do not be scared my love. I will guide you. We will simply stay away from him.”

He nodded innocently. “Okay mummy.”

Kemi thought about the husband of her madam. The way she visualized him in her head was a man with no heart. He was probably not good looking, short, fat and had a bad breath. No matter what, she would do everything possible never to cross his path.

Meredith could still not go to her workplace. There were visible scars on her body. Eromosele had begged her to forgive him and she did. Hajiza and Diana called they wanted to visit her, but she lied to them she had travelled. She was ashamed of her body and beginning to feel inferior.

For the past two days, Jason never suspected anything. On a Friday, Nathaniel returned from school at 2:30pm. He joined his mother at the main building, ate and read his book as he sat on the ground. Diana went up in her personal room to talk with Rume on the phone, Kemi was in the kitchen getting ready to prepare Banga soup with catfish. 
Jason drove home and parked his car outside. He left the office, went to a supermarket and decided to keep the things he bought at home, rest a little and return to his workplace and hang out with his friends in the evening. He thought Diana won’t be at home but was surprised to see her two cars in the garage. 

Nate went to the visitor’s toilet and Jason used his key and entered. He kept the items on the sofa to check the bedroom for Diana. He didn’t see her there and decided to check the kitchen. He was coming out from the room when Diana came out and was shocked to see him.

“You came home early!” She said to him.

“Yes. I came to rest. I need water. I am thirsty!”

“I will get water for you.” She hiked ahead of him as he followed her behind.

Nate entered the living room and noticed the toys on the sofa. “Wow! Mummy has bought them for me!” he said excitedly.

“Who is that?” Jason asked as they reached the sitting room. Kemi heard and fear gushed into her. She raced to the kitchen door.

Nate froze as if he saw a ghost. “I am sorry sir. I never knew you were the owner sir.”

Jason moved towards him and extended his hand. “Who is cute little boy!”

“That’s the housekeeper son. I have employed her.”

He looked at her, shook his head and stared back at him. He squatted, his hand hanging. “Won’t you shake me?”

He shook his hand.

“Good boy! Do you like the toys?”

He nodded. “Yes sir.”

“It’s two of them but I can only give you one.”

He jumped up. “Thank you sir! I like it! I prayed to have this toy!” The smile he showed could tear his lips. A massive frown burned Diana’s face.

Jason smiled, gave him one and stood. “I am glad you like it.”

Kate thought she was in a dream. Was it not the same man her employee talked badly about, she wondered. The man she thought might not have a heart treated her son with love. His voice sounded fruity. She decided to peep and glimpse at the man talking. Kemi gasped and swallowed. A chilled sensation gripped her hard. Jason was the most handsome man she had ever laid her eyes on.

To be continued


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  9. Love has finally find Jason, don't be suprise he might even be the father of the and pain in the air.


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