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Kemi sighted Diana coming at the direction of the kitchen, she quickly stepped backward and turned to focus on cooking. Diana entered with a straight facial expression, said nothing, and went to the fridge to pour water in a glass cup. She left to give it to Jason. He drank and his phone rang. He answered and spoke for few minutes and ended the call.

“I have to go back to the office now.” Jason told Diana in a quick tone.

“Hope no problem?” She asked.

“A new client I was expecting next week has arrived,” he said and grabbed the other toy. “I have to buy another of this. They are for Preye’s kids. I will give their dad when we see in the evening.”

“Is it with Denzel and Eromosele?”

“I don’t know yet. DD is always busy but Rume promised to call him.”

She offered him a smile and a peck on the chin. “See you at night.”

“Don’t bother to serve my food.”

“No problem.”

He headed for the door, halted as if he forgot something. He turned and pointed to Nate. ”I don’t know your name.”

“It's Nathaniel sir.” He said, beaming in joy.

“I might not see you tonight but I hope to see you tomorrow.”

“Okay sir!”

Jason smiled at him and walked out of the house.

Diana eyed him from head to toe before spitting hurtful words at him. “You better stay away from my husband. If he ask after you, tell him you have your books to read. Do not come here and start jumping like a frog in my house. Your mother is my house girl, and that makes you my house boy. You have to listen and obey me! Do I make myself clear?”

The frightened boy shook his head. "Yes ma!"

“Nonsense!” She angrily entered into the kitchen to speak with Kemi. “I don’t know what you gave your son that he has the right to ask for a toy my husband bought for my friend’s children. You did not train him well. I have told you to caution him!”

“I am sorry ma!”

“Sorry for yourself! You have to wake up very early tomorrow morning to clean up before my husband wakes up.”

“Okay ma.”

She hissed before walking out on her.

Kemi waited for her to reach upstairs, then she checked on her son who was rather appearing sober than playing with his new toy. She took him into his arms and hugged him tight. “Whatever she said, do not worry, okay?”

“Yes mummy.”

She grinned. “Do you like your new toy?”

“Yes I do!” he uttered excitedly. "It was what I wanted! You don't need to buy for me again." He began to play with it. 

Kemi pecked him and went back to the kitchen. She relaxed her back on the wall and tried to picture Jason’s face one more time, the minute his face flashed back into her eyes, she took a deep breath. The way she felt was new to her. The sweet sensation was taking control over her body. She hit her head slightly and muttered. “What is wrong with you? Concentrate Kemi.”

In the evening, Rume called Jason to meet him, Eromosele and Denzel at a new bar parlor. They were already drinking and eating barbecued fish. Some of the women with men and single ladies are the bar were staring at the superstar. A young woman walked over to them and begged for an autograph. She gave him a pen and opened her chest for him to sign.

“Look at her,” Eromosele said as she left their presence. “She has no shame at all. That one is someone’s future wife.”

Denzel and Rume laughed. Rume always wore a face cap to avoid people who knew his wife.

“If she was my sister, I would tear that chest of hers.”

“Calm down my friend,” Denzel said, took a sip from his drink and added. “I am a celebrity and she knows it. She is a big fan. Don’t judge her. You should be used to it by now. Don’t you work as a consultant in a media firm?”

“So? It is wrong my guy. You are a stranger to her.”

“Most of my fans do not see it that way. They feel they know me because of the characters I play in movies. Let’s skip the topic, what’s up with you!”

“Nothing much, going to work, spending time with my wife, drinking and smoking.”

“You better cut down on smoking.” Rume chipped in. “Smokers are liable to die young.”

“Cheaters are liable to get caught soon.”

Denzel surprisingly stared at Rume who lips were agape. “Are you cheating on your wife?”

His glared at Eromosele. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“The truth is bitter. You said your own. I have said mine. 1-1.”

“You think this is football? Don’t ever say what you don’t know.”

“Na today. I will just fling that cap of yours here let people see the real you. You go to church and stand on an alter to preach against infidelity when you are doing it. Stop being a hypocrite my friend.”

“Wait…” Denzel said to stop Rume from speaking further. “Is he saying the truth?”

“What truth?” he asked and faced his direction. “You think I am cheating on Preye?”

“That is what Eromosele is saying.”

“Are you cheating on her or not?” Eromosele asked.

Rume hissed aloud and pointed at him. “No. Mind your damn business.”

“Hey guys.” Jason said as he stepped towards them, holding a transparent bag. He shook their hands, sat beside Denzel and handed over the bag to Rume. “That’s for your kids.”
He peeped inside and saw the toys. “Thanks a lot!” He shook his hand again. “John and Mary will definitely be happy. I’m grateful.”

“It’s nothing.” He said and smiled. He ordered for an alcoholic wine from a waiter and spoke. “Why the silence?”

“Is it not….”

“I think we should forget it and talk about something relevant.” Rume cut Eromosele’s answer. He looked at Denzel. “I heard you have a new movie coming up. When is the premiere?”

“I have not fixed a date but I would surely let all of you know.  Bring your wives along.”

The three of them agreed. A female waitress gestured to Jason, greeted him and gave him a piece of paper and a pen.

“I never asked for this.” He told her.

She moved closer to his ear. “The woman in the blue dress asked me to collect your number sir.”

He glimpsed around and saw the her. She was quite beautiful and she winked at him as their eyes met. He stared at the waitress, “I am sorry, I cannot give you.” He showed her his wedding ring.

“Oh okay sir. I will tell her.”  She left.

“What was that all about?” Denzel was the first to ask.

He told the three of them.

“You are always behaving like a saint.” Rume said in a teased tone.

“I’m not a saint but I cannot cheat on my woman.”

“Then you should have become a pastor because you always act as the good guy among us.”

“That’s untrue! How do I act as the good guy?”

“Leave Rume jor.” Eromosele said. “Let’s talk about how more moneny needs to be made.”

Jason’s wine was served. He sent a message to Diana he would arrive home very late and she should not bother to stay awake because of him. As she read it, she was also chatting with Rume and both of them were involved in sex chat. He did that right in the presence of his friends.

Jason woke up very late the next morning. Diana was dressed and prepared to leave the house. After Kemi had done her chores and cooked, she gave her money to go to the market. She told her to take her son along with her. She would call her in the evening, pick her up in the evening and three of them would return home together.

“Good morning love.” Diana said to him as he rubbed his eyes.

He yawned. “What time is it?”

“For real?”

“Yes love. I have to see my mom this morning. We have a family meeting.”

“I hope all is well?”

“Yes, I think so. Your breakfast is in the kitchen. You can make it warm if it has turned cold.”

“No problem.” Jason said and stretched his hands up. She approached the door, when he asked. “Where is Nathaniel?”

She scornfully gazed at him and wore a questionable look. “What do you need him for?”
 “I will be all alone here. I told him we would see today.”

“Are you trying to rub it on my face because I do not have a child for you?”

He seemed shocked with his eyes wildly opened. “Never! Are you not the one that said the housekeeper’s son could be a blessing and a way to have our own children?”

Diana realized she couldn’t fight him anymore. “I know I said that. Anyways, he is not around. He went out with his mother to her school.”

“She should have left him with me instead of carrying him along.”

“How is that your business? Do you know how to look after a child?”

He looked at her for a moment, shook his head and came down from the bed. He pecked her on the forehead. "See you later dear.”

She didn’t say anything but marched out. As she drove, she lit up a cigarette and smoked. She was anxious. Her mom had called the previous night to see her at the family house. Whenever there was a meeting between the family, it was about her not having a child. She had been pregnant two times and she removed it. She believed giving birth could cause her to add weight and make her look shapeless. Her sibling's children were more than enough for their mother. She thought of an excuse to say when the topic would be brought up.

She got there, put bubble gum into her mouth and chewed before she entered the house. She found only her mom and elder sister. It was strange because most times, her uncles and an aunt were around to witness the brouhaha between herself and her mom. She greeted them. Her mom, Mrs. Ojo was already on her third bottle of Origin. She had a gold ring on her nose and the color of her weave was sharp gold.

Diana sat close to her. “Mama enjoyment. Are you celebrating anything?”

“That I am alive today.” She said in a jolly mood. “I am enjoying myself where your father left off but that is not why I called both of you. Your brother wants another wife and I want two of you to put heads together and find a good and fertile single woman that has given birth to a boy before. I don’t want another girl from that witch he took abroad.”

Rita was stunned and couldn’t hide the displeasure look as she gazed at her mom saying nonsense and drinking her life to calamity.

“That is not a problem but I can’t think of any right now.” Diana said gently. “Don’t worry mom, I will ask around….”

“Will you shut your dirty mouth!” Rita screamed at her and stood up. “Why can’t you use your brain? How can you agree to this?” She looked at Mrs. Ojo and took the bottle from her hand. “Is it the alcohol that is making you reason like this?”
She extended her hand to her first child. “Give me my beer!”

Rita turned back and stepped into the kitchen to pour everything into the sink. She placed the empty bottle on the table, went back to meet them and carried her hand bag. “If I knew this is the reason you called me, I won’t have come at all. I have better things to do and talk about with my colleagues at the hospital. If you need any medication, inform me. Good day!”

Their mouths were opened as they watched her leave.

Mrs. Ojo clapped her hands. “Ehen? Look at that monkey I carried for nine months, gave my two breasts to suck and nursed for many years before she received sense. She has the guts to disrespect me because she is one quack nonentity doctor. I do not blame her but your father that pampered her before he died!”

“Mom it’s okay.” Diana said softly. “Just leave her. Give me time to find someone suitable for Marcus.”

“Don’t be in a hurry dear. His wife is still healing. She gave birth through operation. She has to heal, allow the child grow a little before we break the news to her. I don’t want her to die in my son’s house o.”

She laughed. “No problem mom."

“Get me another beer in the fridge.”

She obliged and came with two. She opened for her mother and herself. “It’s looks like you are enjoying yourself in Nigeria. Are you not travelling?”

“Not yet.” Mrs. Ojo said and drank. “Although, I am thinking of travelling to Germany and spend two weeks there. Maybe you and Jason should follow me. You and him need to stop stressing yourself. What you and him need is to fuck each other nonstop and get pregnant.”

Diana exploded into a long laugh and sipped from her own bottle.

“What’s funny?”

“I can’t believe you used the F word. That’s inappropriate!”

“Look at this one. You think I don’t have a boyfriend? Who is a baby here? Come, time waits for no one. Get pregnant and have a heir to everything that Jason has. Immediately you give birth to my grandson, Jason will build a house and open a bank account for him.” She gulped almost all the content of the beer into her stomach.

Diana laughed again. If only her mother knew her plan, she said silently.

“This is not a laughing matter Diana, you need to act fast and secure your throne.”

“Mummy that throne belongs to me. It can never be taken from me. Never!”

“What’s make you think another woman can’t take it?” she asked in a surprised tone. “Are you playing your role as a wife well because I see no reason why you should open a shop when you don’t have any child,” She dragged her right ear slightly. “Listen carefully. If you know Jason is not fertile, find a good candidate to get you pregnant and give the pregnancy to Jason.” She dropped her hand.

“Ah!” Diana exclaimed.

“Which one is Ah! I am trying to save your marriage!”

“It’s just two years. Jason and I will have children when God says yes.”

“Don’t come and cry to me when you don’t do anything about and it backfires into your face. I will push you.”

“Mom just forget it, nothing will happen.”

“Okay oh!” Mrs. Ojo, said, finished the drink and asked Diana to bring another bottle.

“Are you serious?” Eniye asked Kemi in her shop. They were alone inside. Eniye’s four kids were outside with Nate playing.

“That is it my sister. I will remind her of my school fees this evening. I hope to get a positive response.”

“I will only advise you to just ignore whatever she says.”

“Of course but it hurts when it comes to Nathaniel. I can’t do anything but pet him.”

“That is what you will continue to do until you can save enough money and open a business after school.”

“Business?” Kemi asked in a dazed voice. “The moment I leave law school, I will practice what I studied.”

“Who am I to tell you what to do? By the way, you haven't talked about your madam’s husband. Is he like his wife?"

The thought of him sent a burning wramth into her. A sparkling thrill crushed every part of her body. She didn't understand what was happening to her. It was wrong to feel that way for a man she saw once and a married man. She swallowed a huge lump and cleared her dried throat. "I haven’t seen him but he was nice to Nathaniel and he gave him an expensive toy.” She said and smiled brightly.
“Wow. A good man with a bad wife.”

“She is not bad.”

“Do not defend a woman that is hostile to your child.”

“I just don’t want to talk about her. Have you heard from Tina?” She purposely changed the topic. Talking about her overall boss made her  very uncomfortable and at the same ecstatic. She hope not to see him. She would try her best never to come across him. She might melt if he peered into her eyes.

“She called me yesterday. Tina said she was expecting her husband’s second son from London.”

“Really? Is it not the one we saw on their wedding day that plaited his hair?”


“He was unhappy on that day. I hope they won’t fight.”

“That is exactly what I told her. Tina said she was capable of handling him.”

“Madam handler!” Kemi said and laughed with Eniye.

Rume called Diana to meet him in the hotel. She checked her wristwatch. The time was 3:45pm. She agreed and sent a text to Kemi to wait for her at the market.  She made a call to one of her sales girls that she won’t resume work for the day.

When she got there, they slept together, It was after the second round, Rume told her about what Eromosele said at the bar.

She widened her eyes. “How did he know?”

“I have no idea!”

“Did he talk about me?”

“No. He never mentioned any name. Maybe he guessed. Or he might have listened to my conversation with you on the phone but I am certain he does not know it is you.”

She panicked. “You have to find a way to ask him.” Diana said sharply. “I do not care how you do it. He must not know I am having an affair with my husband’s best friend!”

“What if he knows?” he asked. “He won’t say anything if I tell him not to.”  Rume touched her arm. She pushed it away.

“Then his wife will know. Do you know Meredith respect me because of how Jason treats me? I don’t want that to change. I must continue to act as a loyal and good wife in front of them. I can never be seen as a cheater!”

“So what do you want me to do if he knows you are the one?” he questioned and acted frustrated. “Kill him?”

She turned and glanced at his face with fire in her eyes. “If that is what will make him keep quiet, I see nothing wrong in it.”

“Eromosele is my friend and his wife is your friend too!”

“I do not give a damn about it! I will pull any one down if they know my secret. I will not take any risk. I am simply taking my time, be an obedient wife to Jason for a while before I will milk him dry! After that, both of us can leave the country and be together!"

To be continued…..


  1. This Diana character is evil o

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    karma is a bitch

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    This Diana is such a horrible soul, her mum too though.
    My goodness, I just feel really sorry for Jason.

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