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Loud Hip hop music blasted the ears of Denzel as he entered into the living room. He met Hajiza dancing. She never noticed if anyone was staring or in the same atmosphere with her. He shook his head and stepped towards the sound system. He turned it off, she jumped in fear, and when she realized it was her husband and not an intruder; a scornful expression did a makeover on her oval face.

“What the hell are you celebrating that you did not know when I entered!” Denzel screamed.

“And who gave you the right to turn the music off!”

He moved forward. “This is my house for Christ sake!”

“And mine too!”

He gazed a poking finger at her face. “If you think you can tempt me to touch you, I won’t!”

She started to laugh as he was walking away. “Look at this one trying to portray a good man. You are trash and worthless!”

He turned back at her. “If you know I am worthless, what are you still doing here? You don’t work yet you travel anywhere you want, eat the kind of food that you love, dress lavishly and buy whatever you desire! With what actually? With my hard earned money!!”

“Oh shut up! Yes, I agree but you do not make money only from your movies. You have a female sponsor that you are having an affair with and don’t push me to find her!”

“Do your worst Hajiza! If you are tired of this marriage, simply walk away but I know you won’t because you are a greedy bastard!”

Hajiza swiftly motioned nearer to Denzel and pounded her fists on his chest. He gripped her hand and shoved her aside. He never saw his father hit his mother and he would never do the opposite. He had his bad sides but hitting women was never a part of him. He hated scandal and if he beat her up, she was capable of using that to destroy his career. She tried to stand up, he carried her and dumped her on the longest settee and ran from her. He went into the bedroom and locked himself. Hajiza did not give up. She managed to get back on her feet, raced and pounced on the door, daring him to open up.

Denzel never thought after few years in his marriage, things would be like this. Although her hourglass shape was the first thing that enticed him to marry her but he believed it would work out. After their second year anniversary, after coming home late, Hajiza never bothered to question him about his whereabouts, all she cared was the things he brought to make up for his absence. 

He concluded his wife was more concerned about materials things than where he was or who he was with and that gave DD the opportunity to explore and now her eyes were opened she was pouring her frustration on him. Well, it wasn’t going to work. He loved his present life. He might not love her but he loved his son.
Hajiza became bushed after no response. She sat on the floor and began to cry silently.

At 4:35pm, Diana rushed out from the bed to wear her clothes. Rume still on the bed, examined her.

“I don’t know why you are in a hurry. Jason won’t complain if there is no food at home.”

“The housekeeper has been in the market with her son waiting for me. I have to go and pick them up.”

“They should find their way home,” he said and extended his hand towards her. “Undress and join me. I want you.”

She buttoned her shirt and pushed a quick peck on his lips. “I have to go my love. We will see soon.”

He sighed and peeped at his phone. “I will stay here for a while before I go home.”

“That’s fine by me.” Diana said and carried her handbag and wore a face cap. As she reached the doorpost, she turned to him. “Don’t forget what we discussed about.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry, we do not need to shed any blood. I doubt Eromosele knows it’s you.”

“Just find out and let me know.” She said, opened the door and walked out before slamming the door loud out of annoyance. 

Rume took a deep breath. The mention of killing his friend shocked him but he dared not show it in her presence otherwise she would label him a weakling. For her to think that way, then she was capable of doing the same if she found out he was also sleeping with another woman.

Pastor Preye had received some visitors from her church and they were on their way home. She thanked them for the visit and hoped to see them the next day at church. After they left, she prepared dinner and called Rume who refused to answer her calls.
She served her children and decided to call her friends. There was no response from Diana, Hajiza’s phone numbers was switched off. Meredith picked after the second ring.

“It’s so good to hear your voice,” Preye said as they spoke. “What have you been up to?”

“It’s good to hear your voice too. I am sorry for not keeping in touch.”

“I understand when I know how busy you are with your business.”

“But that is not enough reason not to call you at least twice a week.” Meredith said and smiled. “How are the children?”

“They are doing fine. And how are you? I hope you have not lost faith?”

She had. “No.”

“No woman is barren and I believe you will have kids at the appropriate time. Continue to pray and believe in him. He will answer when you least expect it.”

“Thank you Preye. Your words mean so much to me.”

“You’re welcome. Create time for us to see.”

“Okay. I’m grateful for the call and my regards to Rume.”

“He will hear. Take care.”

The tears she forced not to come out, rushed out. She quickly cut the call and covered her face.
“Mummy, are we not going home?” Nate said as they waited under the shade of a woman Kemi bought tomatoes and pepper. The sun had dried up and rain fell.

“She will soon be here.”

A woman dressed richly was passing through as she used her umbrella to cover herself. She never knew there was a stone under a black cellophane. She hit her left toe with it; her bag and the umbrella stumble from her hands as she winced in pain. Few items littered from the bag and were dripping away. Passerby’s told her sorry, while Kemi entered the rain, picked the items and the umbrella and raised it for the woman. She was surprised at her gesture. Kemi handed them to her and the woman was grateful. She brought out one housand naira as she thanked her but she refused it.

“It’s nothing ma.” Kemi said, smiling. “Just be careful, the roads are bad.”

“Thank you dear.” The woman said and stepped carefully as she sauntered away.

She went back and saw Nathaniel shivering. She pulled her shirt and used it to wrap him. A tan top was underneath the shirt. Diana called and told her to meet her at the filling station. It was outside the market. She had no choice. She carried the things with both hands and told Nate to walk in front of her. Rain tramped on them as they maneuvered their way through the mud. They sighted her car and when she saw them, the boot of her car opened and Kemi put them inside, closed it and unlocked the back door for her son and herself to enter.

“Good evening ma.” Kemi said to her.

She turned her back and gazed at Nate. “Don’t wet my chair and can’t you greet?”

“Sorry ma. It’s because he is catching cold.” Kemi said.

“Is it his mouth he is using to catch cold?” She asked and eyed her.

Nathaniel greeted her. She hissed, turned on her ignition and drove away. Diana switched on her air-condition, Kemi had to beg her to turn it off. No words were spoken until they got home.

“Take your kid and clean him up.” Diana said. “Bring the food stuffs to the kitchen after you are through. I will be waiting for you but in case I am not there, do not wait for me. Start cooking.”

“Okay ma. Can I bring Nathaniel along with me?”

“If I say no, you would call me a bad woman. You can bring your load along!”

She was short of words. Despite he had weight she carried him on her arms and took him inside their place to bathe him with warm water. She wore him trousers and cardigan.
“Mummy can I stay here?” he asked.

“You want me to leave you here alone?”

He nodded.

“I can’t. You will be bored without me.”

“I will play with my toy.”

She heaved a long sigh and touched his chin. “You are a wonderful boy and no one should make you feel sad. I will bring your food when I am through.”

Nathaniel dazzled a smile. “Okay mummy!” He hugged her.

Diana met Jason sleeping. She woke him up and asked if he never went out.

“Yes I did but it was to buy something to eat this evening. I didn’t know when you will return. How was the meeting?”

Diana glanced at some takeaway packs on the table. She sat on the bed and pulled off her shoes. She told him about what her mom said.

“And you are in support of it?”

“Of course.” she replied and rose up. “My brother needs an heir.”

“Does he know if his wife would give birth to a son later?”

She gave him a stare. “So you expect him to impregnate her again. No way! See, don’t push this because I will help him get a woman that can give him a boy.”

“Are you God?” he asked in an irritated tone. Listening to her made him mad. He was highly disappointed.

“You can say whatever you like. I have made up my mind.”

“Is Aunty Rita in support of this?”

“No!” Diana blurted out, stood and removed her clothes. “Please say no more because I am tired! I have been in the market buying foodstuffs to cook for you, so do not start and preach. Do you even care if rain fell on me?”

“Your clothes are dried.”

She glared at me, hissed and entered the bathroom. Few minutes later, she came out naked and saw Jason wearing his slippers.

“Where to?” She asked.

“To the kitchen.”

She wasn’t ready to reveal she was not the one in charge of cooking. She gesticulated in front of him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I know you are not happy with me and I am sorry.” She kissed his lips and looked into his eyes. “Let me get you what you want and I will come back for us to spend some together. It’s been a while. You know.” She winked.

“You do not have to do this Diana. I am still not happy with the arrangements for your brother. I know I don’t have a sibling but I know how I would feel if your sister in law was my sister. Do not do what you don’t want others to do to you.”

She frowned and removed her hands from him. “And I am a bad person, right?”

“That’s not what I am saying.”

“So what are you saying?” she asked in a high volume. She increased her voice. “I am a demon for supporting my brother!”

He stared at her perplexed and rested his hands on his waist. “Don’t shout at me.” 

"I am a demon for respecting my mother and agreeing to what she wants. Is it now a crime?""

Jason said calmly. “I never called you a demon.”

“So what am I?”

He sighed and sat down back on the bed. “I am not in the mood for this. It’s your family business, I should never have interfered. I apologize.”
She made a disrespectful sound with her tongue. She moved to the wardrobe and collected a gown to wear. “What do you need from the kitchen?”

“Get me a bottle of coke.”

“You want to eat now?”

“Yes. There’s no need to cook. You can do that tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about that dear.” she smiled and moved to caress his face. “We shouldn’t be fighting but making love.”

He glimpsed at her face and smiled faintly. “Tonight?”

“Yes my love.”

He nodded and she left. Jason was tempted to ask after Nathaniel but he didn’t want any trouble or arguments. He would see the boy whenever they unintentionally meet. His wife’s outburst felt like a sickness on him.

Kemi was already preparing two different soups as Diana entered the kitchen. No single word came out from her mouth. She got the coke and peeped inside the pots. She asked after her son and Kemi told her he was reading his books in the house.

“That’s his problem.” Diana said. “Anyways, I will be back to check if you are through.”

“Okay ma but there is something I want to remind you.”

“What is it?”

“My school fees ma.”

She hissed. A long one. “Remind me on Monday afternoon.”

“Yes ma!” She said in an excited tone.

After hours of crying, swearing on himself and on his knees begging, Meredith finally forgave Eromosele. They slept together and after the makeup sex, he read a text message from Denzel.

“DD has finally fix a date for the premiere of his movie.”

She appeared happy and eager to hear more. “Is it not the one he acted as a pastor?”

“Yes. You have seen the advert.”

“Yes darling. I can’t wait to watch it. How is he? I didn’t know he was back and I even sent a message through Hajiza that he doesn’t patronize me.”

He looked at her direction with a stunned appearance. “You have started begging. You are begging him to buy from you when you have enough customers?”

“I wasn't begging. I said patronize and I understand because he is a busy person.”

“Why won’t you defend him. You think I don’t know you are a diehard fan?”

“Of course I am a fan and there is nothing wrong in that. He is your friend. I am not even close to him unlike Jason and Rume. They buy shoes from me especially Jason and you have never complained.”

“I don’t complain because I know what my friends are capable of doing! Why can’t you open your chest for Denzel to sign on them then he might buy from you!”

“That is an insult!” Meredith said angrily and came down from the bed. “Even if I was not your wife, I will never do that! What do you even take me for?! Denzel is someone I don’t even call. He doesn’t call me. Even when Jason calls my phone when he cannot get through you, Denzel has never done that. We see and talk when all of us hang out together and you know it!”

“Do not raise that voice of yours at me or do you want to receive another beating? If you want more, I will give you full dose!”

She stepped back. There was only one way to avoid it at that moment. “I am sorry. It will never happen again.”

“Better, now over and let’s have sex again!!” Eromosele yelled. Shock gripped Meredith but she obeyed her husband.

After Diana and Jason ate, she took the empty packs to the kitchen to dispose. She waited for the food to finish cooking. She dished out soup for Kemi and her son and stored the rest in the refrigerator.

She returned to the room, and fell into Jason’s arms.

Diana made sure she left the house with Nathaniel and his mom before Jason got ready to go to work. She took Nate to school and she gave Kemi one thousand for her transport fare and she dropped her at a bus stop where she took a taxi to her school.

Mike handed over the timetable for their exams and handouts. He also made some photocopy of his books, gave her and she promised to pay him the money he used when next they see. She called her madam and reported she was through.

“I want you to go home and dish some food for my husband.”

Kemi widened her eyes.

Diana continued speaking. “I will send you the address of his office. He will prefer rice and the turkey stew you made.”

“Ye….yes ma!”

“But I don’t think the money will be enough for me to return home from his office.”

“That’s nonsense! Ask my husband!” She ended the call. Kemi received a text message and read the address. She returned back home and boiled rice.

12:45pm, at the office, Jason called his secretary into his office. He was arranging the files on the table when the young man entered.

“I don’t think I am feeling too well,” Jason said. “I might go home soon but I want you to do me a favor and go to a nearby pharmacy to buy me some drugs.”

“But you haven’t eaten lunch sir!” he said in a concerned tone.

“I ate cornflakes and drank tea. Is that not enough?”

“No sir!”

He sighed and touched his forehead. It was getting hot. He sat down. “Let me finish with a proposal I am working on and I will drive home.”

“Will you come back?”

“Don’t know yet. You can go.”

“Yes sir!” The secretary said, left and went to his desk. He met a lady holding a food flask. She introduced herself as the housekeeper of his boss. She kept the flask on the desk.

“Hold on please, let me confirm.” He pressed the telephone and spoke to Jason.

“My wife has informed me. You can bring the food.”

“Yes sir.” he dropped it and looked at her. “I will give him.”

“Please tell him I don’t have enough money for me to go back home.”

“Okay, just wait. Please sit.” The secretary took the flask and went away. Kemi remained standing. She was eager to leave and never set her eyes on her overall boss. She was not ready to face him.

Aunty Juliet was walking down when she saw Kemi’s face. Her eyes brightened. “Hello dear! What are you doing here?!”

She turned to look at her. She recognized her instantly. It was the woman from the market. “Good afternoon ma!”

Juliet hugged her. “Thank you for the other day. It was nice of you to enter the rain to help me. What a small world.”

Kemi smiled and felt shy. “It’s nothing ma.”

“So what are you doing here?”

She introduced herself.

“Oh I see! I can’t believe you are my boss housekeeper. Let’s go to his office.”

“No ma… there’s no need, I am in a hurry!” As she turned, the secretary came out with Jason. They were facing each other with their sparkling eyes glued together. Kemi wanted the ground to swallow her. His cute face got her jumbled.

“Good afternoon sir!” She said in a quick tone.

He thought she was Juliet's guest. "Good afternoon." He glanced at his secretary. "Where is the housekeeper?" 

"That's her." He said and motioned to sit on his chair.

Jason's left eyebrow lifted up and he glanced back at her. "Wait, are you Nathaniel’s mum?”

“Yes sir, I am his mother. Thank you sir for the toy."

An unusual surge that gripped him as he listened to her voice left him speechless. It was unexplainable. He had no idea why he was speaking further. He had nothing to say. He preferred to continue stare into her glittering eyeballs. 
Juliet looked puzzled as she noticed the silence from them. She cleared her throat, came forward and told Jason how she met her.

He acted surprised. “You were at the market yesterday?”

“Yes sir.” Kemi said softly.

“To do what?”

“To buy foodstuffs sir."

"What’s your name?”

“Kemi sir.”

"Cut the sir crap and do not lie to me. Who cooked the food Kemi?”

She became confused. She never knew what his wife has been telling him. “It’s me sir.”

He sighed. “Since when?”

“The day I started to work.”

Diana has been lying to him. No wonder the food tasted different and even more delicious. He looked down at his wallet, brought some money he didn’t count and gave it to her. “You can go. See you at home.”

“Thank you sir.” Kemi said, smiled at Juliet and marched out of the building.

Jason opened his door, walked in and shut it. He went back to sit, opened the flask and began to eat. He ate to his satisfaction. He enjoyed it and wanted more. But one thing that kept sneaking into his mind was the strong effect Kemi had on him the moment he saw her. Why? What was it? What is so special about her? He shuddered as he flashed back to think of her ravishing face. All Jason thought of was Kemi. 

To be continued…..


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