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Even as Kemi arrived home, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jason. He had nice eyes and fresh skin. Diana called her, directed her to clean up their bedroom and wash their clothes with the washing machine. It unbothered Kemi. The workload would fill up the space in her mind. She got to their room and saw a white singlet. It was tempting for her to pick it. She raised it up to her nose and she inhaled his sweetened scent.

It was wrong.

She dropped it down immediately, did a sign of the cross on her chest, and asked God for forgiveness. A married man was off her list of a suitable man for her and the best father for Nathaniel. Kemi did her chores, went back to her place and took a short nap before the school bus got to their residence; her son came down and knocked on the gate. She went outside to welcome him home.

Aunty Juliet entered into Jason’s office and helped him arranged his desk and washed his flask. He told her it was not in her position to clean it but she insisted and stated if she could do it for her child, then it meant nothing for her to do it for him. She came back and met him staring at the ceiling, his hands rested at the back of his head and he was smiling to himself. She smiled too and sat opposite him.

“You better tell me what is going on.” She said to Jason.

He looked at her direction and offered an unclear look on his face. “Going on?” He removed his hands and placed them on his desk. The smile disappeared.

“I saw the way you looked at Miss. Kemi today.”

“How did I look at her?”

“Don’t lie.”

Jason chuckled lightly. “I don’t see it as a big deal. I looked at her normal but I cannot hide the truth from you, that was the first time meeting her and I felt….” He paused and thought of how to express his state of mind. “I don’t know what to say because I can’t explain it. I just want to know her, that’s all.”

“You sure?” The expression from her eyes were suspicious.

He heaved a low sigh. “Yes…I think so. You know I can’t cheat on my wife. It is unbiblical.”

“Men like you are rare, hard to find. I hope Diana knows how special you are.”

He simply smiled. “I think so.”

Juliet stood on her feet and touched his hand on the table. “Don’t stop being you.”

“I won’t and thank you for always being there when I need a mother figure to talk to.”

“It’s my pleasure.” She left the office.

Meredith left her boutique to pick up her goods from the airport. She sat and waited to be called to clear her goods. 
As noisy as the place was, she received a call from Eromosele who complained he couldn’t hear her clearly. She tried to explain where she was but he didn’t believe her. He ended the call and switched off his phone.

She could not hide the sad expression on her face. She was very worried. A tall and good-looking man who had been staring at her walked to her.

“Are you okay ma?"

She stared at him and managed to give him a faint smile. “I am fine.”

“I noticed you were not happy after you made a call, it is none of my business but a beautiful woman like you should always be happy. I came here to pick up my mom from the airport,” he said. “Can you give me your phone number?”

She surveyed herself and looked at him surprised. “You want my number?”

“Yes. Can we be friends?”

Beneath the sadness in her heart, she felt pretty again. Her husband had made her think no man would look at her romantically. She shook her head and showed him her hand. “I am married, I can’t.”

“Oh I didn’t see your ring.” He grinned. “Your husband must be a lucky man.”

“Thank you.” She said and watched him strode away.

Diana returned home, ate and applauded Kemi for a job well done.

“Thank you ma.” Kemi said.

“Where is your son?”

“He is sleeping at the moment.” She lied. She wanted to avoid any hateful comments on Nathaniel.

“Better because I do not need any disturbance. You have met my husband and he has not called to complain about you. There is no need to sneak into the house like a thief any more. You can come in here to work anytime. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma.”

“What are you preparing for dinner?”

“Anything you want ma.”

She thought for a while as she admired her new designed nails. “You can prepare plantain pottage with chicken. Do that now.”

Kemi said okay, turned to leave but hesitated and rotated to face her one more time. She bowed down her head as she spoke. “I wanted to remind you about my school fees.”

“Okay, about that, I don’t have the money for now.”

This time around, Kemi gazed at her with shocked eyes. “But my exam is in two days’ time.”

“So? Can’t you plead and tell whoever is in charge to give you some time. You are new here, if I should find that kind of money and give you, you will not allow me rest as long as you work in my house. You would keep on asking me for money before the end of the month!”

“Never! It’s my final exam.”

Diana felt if the money was given to her and she was able to write her exams, pass and graduate, she would leave the job. “I don’t have the money and if you can’t write, it is not a crime to wait and write it the following year. Do not look at me as if I am a bad person. You should be grateful that I helped your son into a quality school. You can’t pay the school fees, not even your three months’ salary can do that!”

“I will always be grateful for what you did for my son but my education means a lot to me.” Kemi said in a frail voice.

“And money means a lot to me too. I don’t have for now. Do you want me to steal?”


“Do you want to quit your job?”

“No ma.” She said in a shaky tone.

“Leave my presence and go do what I asked you to do.”

Kemi sniffed her nose and went into the kitchen to cook.
Diana turned on the television to watch ‘keeping up with the Kardashian’s reality show. She later received a text about the premiere of Denzel’s new movie. She planned to see Meredith about the shoes and purse to buy for the occasion. After a while, she departed to the bedroom to talk with Rume through her mobile.

Few minutes later, Jason arrived. He helped himself into the house, heard a brittle voice speaking in the kitchen. He walked gently and saw Kemi talking on the phone. Her back turned on him. It was obvious she was crying.

“Tina’s number is not going through.” Kemi said. “I have to pay in two days’ time.”

“I can help with nine thousand naira for now.” Eniye spoke in a concerned tone. “I will help you to check up on her on my way home. Don’t worry.”

“If I don’t pay my school fees, I won’t write my exams.”

“It’s ok K. I only hope she has not travelled. If I can’t reach her, I will ask my husband to borrow from any of his friend.”

“Please let me tomorrow morning.” She heard the sound of a phone beep. She turned around to see Jason’s frowning as he turned off his mobile phone. “I will call you back later.” Kemi cut the call and wiped her face quickly. “Good evening sir.”

“Evening. I am sorry for listening to your conversation. I couldn’t help but listen when I heard about your fees. You are writing your school exams?”

“Yes sir!”

“What are you studying and what year are you?”

“Law and I’m in my final year.”

He grinned. “That’s not an easy course. I hope you are reading.”

“Yes sir.”

“How much is the fees?”

“Eighteen thousand naira.”

“Why didn’t you ask my wife?”

“I… I..” Kemi stammered. The truth would surely land her in deep trouble.

“Never mind,” Jason said. He placed his briefcase on the table, removed his checkbook, and wrote on it. “Do you have an ID to collect money from the bank?”

“Yes sir.”

He handed it to her. “That’s twenty five thousand naira. I help people when it comes to their education. I am not borrowing you, I am giving it to you. Pay your fees and use the balance for your transport fare during your exam period. I hope it’s enough.”

Words failed her. She could not take her eyes off him. He was a pure gentleman.

“Kemi?” He called her name.

“Yes sir, its more than enough.” She moved towards him and took it from him. She went backwards. “May God bless you sir. You will never lack and may dreams come true!”

Jason laughed. “Thank God and a big amen to your prayers. Where is my wife?”

“She is upstairs sir.”

“Okay.” he turned and faced her again. “What about Nathaniel?”

“He is at the back.”

“My regards and tell him we will see soon.”

The smile on Kemi was irreversible. No magic that could take it off her lips. Jason noticed how happy she was and it gladdened his large heart. Diana heard footsteps and ended the call, she laid on the bed and pretended to read a motivational book. Jason entered and his face continued to beam. They greeted each other.

“You seem happy.” She told him as she surveyed his glowing appearance.

“I am always happy.” he said and pulled off his clothes. He had his bath and dressed casually. He joined her on the bed and pecked her left cheek. “How was your day?”

“Good. I sold many cosmetics.”

“That’s good.  I enjoyed the food Kemi brought. You are improving every day.”

She moved a bit away from him. “Thanks but as from today, she would be doing the cooking.”

“That’s no problem.” There was seriousness in the tone of his deep voice.

Her eyes were surprised. “Really?”

“Yes. Is that not what you want?”

“I know it’s what I want but are you comfortable with her and the son?"

“Of course and whatever makes you happy is what I want.”

Diana rolled over to his side, caressed his chest and kissed his lips. She smiled widely and thanked him. She came down from the bed and undressed. She had her bath and came out to dress in a short gown. Jason was focused on his phone, he raised his head as Diana walked towards the door.

“I am aware Kemi is unable to pay her fees.” He said.

The size of her eyeballs increased. “She told you?”

He explained how he overheard her talking about it.

“Oh I see.” She decided to smile. “You are always nice and thanks.”

“You are welcome.”

The moment she stepped out from the bedroom, a frown enveloped her entire face. She marched downstairs and saw Kemi coming out from the kitchen.

“Please ma, the food is ready.” Kemi said to her.

“If not that you are a mother, I would have slapped you!”

She stared at her shocked! “What have I done ma?”

“Don’t you ma me!” She stretched her hands with her palm in view. “Give me the cheque and do not ever let my husband know about it.”

Fear and anxiety floated inside Kemi’s body. She had to think of a way to release herself from the invincible grip from her madam. “Your husband told me to show him the receipt of my school fees tomorrow.”

Diana eyed her, dropped her hand and hissed. “Lucky you! Go to the kitchen and get me a plate to serve you and your son!”

“Okay ma and thank you for the fees.”

“Get out of my sight!”

As Kemi turned, a smile jumped out from her lips. The money for her school fees had been sorted out. Nothing could stop her from writing her exams. She couldn’t wait to go to law school and battle in court as a dignified barrister. Diana dished out the food for Kemi. She left to be with her son. Diana placed their dinner on the dining table and called Jason. He came and sat. She joined him. When he noticed it was the two of them, he asked after Kemi and Nathaniel.

“They should be eating at the boys-quarters by now.” His wife told him.

Instead of Meredith to take her goods back to her shop, she took them home for Eromosele to see and believe she was at the airport. She came out from her car and opened the gate. Their former gateman had married and relocated to the village with his spouse. They were currently searching for a new one. She drove inside and locked the gate. Her husband’s car was parked. Meredith dashed into the house as she panicked. She met Eromosele pacing around the living room. He held a leather belt. He glared at her direction and began to walk towards her.

“Where are you coming from!” he screamed at her.

She ran backward and gave him the right answer. She pointed at the window. “The goods are inside my car!”

As he came closer to her with the belt raised above his head, he hit her by the shoulder. Meredith gasped out in pain and fell on the floor.

“God save you! If I do not see anything in your car, I will finish you!”

“It’s the truth.”

Eromosele strolled outside, saw them and went back inside. Meredith was already on her feet, she was massaging her shoulder. “I am sorry.”

“It’s okay." She said. "Let me go to the kitchen and make dinner for you.”

He smiled at her and nodded. He walked to the veranda, brought out a pack of cigarette and began to smoke.

During the night, Preye touched Rume and he pushed her hand away from him. She begged him but he bluffed her off and threatened her he would leave the room if she refused to respect herself.

“It’s unfair.” Preye said and turned to the other side of the bed. She didn’t want him to see the tears already dripping from her eyes.

“You should be grateful that I still managed to sleep with you on the same bed after you defiled it!’

She cleaned her face. “I never slept with her. I regret what I did.”

“Then do not disturb me about sex again. Why can’t you talk to your God to save you from it?”

Preye had to turn to look at him in his eyes. “Save me from sleeping with my husband? It was a huge mistake to allow the devil get inside my head. I should never have believed that girl when she said she was ready to change. I was weak and sad. I didn’t even know what I was doing when I agreed to take her to the room and when we started to kiss was when you walked inside.”

“What if I never came home?”

“I would have stopped her. I told her to back off but she was persistent on it. How many times will I ask for your forgiveness? I know God has forgiven me because I admit what I did was not right and it will never happen again.”

“Your God is enough for you.” Rume said in an angered tone. His eyes were breathing fire. “You do not need my forgiveness! Good night Preye!”

Preye sat on the bed and burst into tears. She didn’t have the courage to stop.
“Leave this room, please.” He said to her.

She rose, took her bible on the lamp table and rushed out from the room.

Jason thought of Kemi before he could close his eyes to sleep. There was something unique about that woman, he just couldn’t explain it. 
He glanced at Diana sleeping and a pang of guilt sneaked into him. He cleaned his face as he shook his head. He had to stop. It was immoral. Jason pulled Diana towards him and wrapped his arms around her. He wished it were Kemi in his arms.

As Kemi closed her eyes on the bed, Jason’s face appeared. She took a deep breath and tightened her eyes. She fought hard for her to stop seeing him but it failed. When Kemi opened her blushing eyes, she knew the moment she saw Jason she loved him. It was definitely love at first sight.

To be continued……


  1. I go love oo. Mumu Meredith

  2. Meredith is so annoying. I think kemi will be set up by Diana to marry her brother

  3. Meredith needs deliverance and I can't wait for Jason and kemi to acknowledge their feelings.

  4. Short but interesting episode.

  5. Phewwww! For a moment I thought Diana would take the school fees away from Kemi ooo! My heart literally skipped a beat. Kemi is sure going to make a smart ass lawyer. The sooner her love story with Jason begins the better for us all jor. As for Meredith, this D.V has to come to an end, enough is enough. For Pastor Preye it's time to move on.


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