Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why I have not posted .....

Where I live no light for the past three weeks. Managing until the Generator was faulty. For two days sef my numbers were unreachable. I will start posting later today. The next episode of Irreplaceable will be posted too. Thank you for checking the blog when I couldn't blog. Stay blesed. Catch you guys later!


  1. Woooow thank God you are fine. I was really worried that you might be sick. Or another case of armed robbers

    PHCN should mind themselves o

  2. @Vivian....PHNC has been frustrating us.. Seriously. They blame it on the rain. They brought it yesterday after a long time of blackout. No light since morning, we hope they bring it later at night.

  3. Same here o my sister.thank God for generators saving Nigerian since 1901


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