Thursday, April 06, 2017

Big Brother Nigeria: Bisola!

I have never voted but I will now. Bisola, Efe, Tboss,Debbi-rise &Marvis are in the finals. Una don vote? I know Efe is a strong contender, if he wins, fine! If Bisola wins, fine!! Vote Bisola!!
I know Efe has fans and it will be a thing of joy if he wins but as a huge fan of Bisola I am voting for her even if she wins or not! I like her so much. She's talented, A fantastic actress and an amazing singer. She has being labelled a BULLY but I do not see her like that. I see a CONFIDENT woman. Make una start to vote oh! There will be tension on Sunday! I hope the winner won't leave us speechless. There must not be any wayo or magomago oh! I hope Dbanj will perform on that day. I wanna watch him

Big Brother Nigeria should surprise us with two winners. It is possible, they have made millions from votes. Bisola and Efe deserve the money. Bisola entertained us and she will do well when she comes out. She can even make more than the 25 million in three months with endorsements, adverts, movies and music too.

Bally's eviction was a surprise to me. I really liked him. I thought it was either Tboss or Marvis. Why do people hate Tboss sef? Though she is manipulative with all her cry cry but they should free her! Some poeple called her a witch. Can you imagine? Kemen did wrong. He sexually assaulted her, and that's the truth. I only hope he is not a rapist with his ponmo mouth.

I am beginning to love Uriel with her posts on Instagram. That babe is real jor. Back to the matter, make una vote for Bisola....hmmmmnn or Efe oh!

To vote for send 'Vote Bisola to 32052'


  1. Vote Efe for the money o

    no need of wasting your airtime na

    ck start voting for Efe

    1. Lol
      With the people supporting him, he could win . Maybe Bisola except wayo dey.


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