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“Hello son?” Diana asked surprised and looked at Jason. “Who is this?”

This time, the shocked expression on his face had disappeared. He appeared angry with the kind of rage in his eyes. “What are you doing here? What do you want?"

“We need to talk son.”

“Don’t ever call me that!”

“Can someone answer my question,” Diana said and turned to look at the man. “Who are you?”

“I am Jason’s father.” Mr. Olabisi said and observed the way she dressed. He extended his hand to her. “You must be my son’s wife.”

“I am not your son!!”

Diana shook his hand and walked closer to Jason. “You need to calm down. You do not know why he is here after he left many years.”

“You do not know what you are saying. I want him to leave now!!”

The loud sound of his voice startled Kemi as she seemed puzzled at what was happening.

Jason gazed at her. “Kemi, please excuse us.” She left to the kitchen.

“We need to talk Jason.”

“There is absolutely nothing to talk about! How can you come into my home and request for my audience after you abandoned me and my mother for another woman!”

He motioned forward with a sad look on his face. “I am sorry for what I did. I made a huge mistake and I am here to ask for forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness just like that? You think it is easy? Let me remind you, I was only eight years old when you abandoned us. Guess what? We survived without you and we are fine with you not by our side!”

“I am sorry!”

He flung his hand at the direction of the door. “Please get out, and not just that from my house but also my life.”

“Calm down Jason, it hasn’t gotten to that.” Diana said when she became fed up with his outburst. She had never seen him so furious. For him not to have respected the old man meant he was extremely pissed. “Hear him out.”

“What does he want to say that can erase what he did, tell me Diana because it looks you are in support of him coming here unannounced!”

“If I had called you that I was coming, you would still refuse.” His father said.

“At least, you will seem like a man with little respect for not barging into my house without my consent.” Jason said angrily.

“Your mother didn’t train you to insult your elders.” 

He sighed heavily and shook his head. He wanted to speak but paused and stared at him. “How did you know how to find me? Who gave you my home address?”

“Is it relevant?”

“Yes and if you do tell me, I will give you twenty minutes to say exactly what I don’t want to hear.”

Mr. Olabisi took a deep breath and munched his lips together. “Don’t get mad at her.”

Jason dimmed his eyes. “Mad at who?”

“Your mom.”

He widened his eyes. “What! You have been in contact with my mother? When? How?”

“For a while now but she couldn’t tell you. She told me to give her sometime but her conscience…”

“Leave for us for now.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“I was talking to my wife.” He stared at Diana. “Please leave, I need to talk with him privately.”

Diana frowned. “If you say so,” As she was walking away, she swerved and spoke to his father. “It’s nice to finally meet you sir.”

“Thank you.”

Jason made sure she had gone before he told his father to sit down. Jason sat far from him. “Fifteen minutes remaining.”

He smiled and nodded. “Thanks for giving me your time….”

“Don’t beat around the bush, just say what you want to say and leave me in peace. When you leave I will contact my mother to verify what you said.”

Kemi who had finished with herchores was scared to leave. She felt Jason won’t be happy with her if she interrupted them in the living room and leave to her apartment. She thought of a way out but had none. She decided to wait until the man left.

“I’m listening.” Jason said.

“I have come to realize what I did was shameful and stupid. I gained nothing abandoning you and your mother. If I could turn back the hands of time, I won’t have left.”

“You left us.” He looked at him with intense disgust. “You were sleeping with the nanny on your matrimonial bed and later left with her after you got her pregnant!!” This time the volume of his rough voice became very loud that Kemi heard. She gasped in shock and stood up.

“Oh my God.” She muttered. No wonder he had made a statement the other day when we kissed, she said silently. She sighed disappointedly at what she had done with him behind his wife's back. Unfair and disrespectful.

“Are you not happy with your family now?” Jason asked.

“You are my family son.”

“What do you want? Ten minutes remaining.”

“A relationship with you.”


“Because you are my child, my flesh and blood. I am deeply sorry for what I did.”

“And what about your other family?”

“I do not have any other family anymore. The nanny lost the pregnancy and we tried to have another child but it didn’t work. She left me some years ago and I have been alone for the past five years. I would have contacted you earlier but I was ashamed to face you. But now, I really needed to see you and beg for your forgiveness.”

“Well forgiveness doesn’t just come easily. I know what you want now but I can’t give you.” He stood up. “It’s time for you to leave. If I am able to forgive you, my mother will let you know.”


“Please stand up and go.” He fixed his angry eyes on him without thinking of saying anything again.

Mr. Olabisi facial appearance changed soberly. He uplifted on his feet, gave him his hand for a handshake which Jason refused. Jason walked to the door, opened it very wide and watched his father leave. He shut the door, bowed down his head and rubbed his face. He let out a sigh and motioned to the kitchen for a glass of water.

“Kemi!” He had forgotten she was there.

“I am sorry.” her voice was low and sad. “I never listened but I overhead about the nanny. I know it will be difficult to forgive him but if you do, let it be from your heart. I am truly sorry. I am sorry."
Jason smiled faintly. “Thanks for the advice but don’t apologize anymore, it’s not your fault.” he became silent but kept his eyes on her face.

She looked away.

“Can you come closer?” Jason asked.

“I want to but you know what will happen if I do.”

“Then I will come closer.” He took a step forward and she remained on her feet.

“Please don’t. Do not….”

It had become too late for her to finish her words. He had taken her mouth into his own. As they kissed vigorously without ease, they clung onto each other battling for breath as their lips stuck together. He released her lips. At that electrifying moment of passion, he gazed into her alluring eyes. He started to kiss her again and then he carried her on the table and fondled her breasts.

“Not here.” She whispered as he went down to lick her neck. “Please don’t.” She was venerable under his arms as she couldn’t push him away from her. Truthfully, she desired more from him.

The phone in his pocket beeped.

“Damn it.” He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought it out to cut the call.

Kemi came down and adjusted her blouse. “It’s wrong.” She said unhappily.

“I am sorry, just go.” He placed his hand on his forehead.

She wanted to touch him but took her hand back and left. He heard the door closed and he burst out crying.

“Jason, are you okay?” Diana asked two minutes later. She stood beside the door and strolled to meet him. He didn’t answer as his eyes remained watery. She tried to console him by giving him a pat on his back even though she was making disrespectful gestures with her mouth behind him. “Stop crying,” she said and eyed him. “Just tell him you forgive him even if you don’t mean it.”

He continued to cry. If only she knew the reason for the tears crumbling down his face.

The equipment’s Hajiza destroyed, Denzel had replaced them. The house was quiet and neat with aroma of food fingering through the atmosphere. Hajiza had finished cooking, she poured herself some wine, drank and waited for her family. Few minutes later, Kalu called her and she answered the call with a smile.

“Hello baby.”

“Hey Hajiza, how are you?”

“Fine but I am missing you.”

“Me too but why haven’t you been able to provoke him to beat you up?”

She heaved a long sigh and rolled her eyes. “Denzel does not want scandal. I have tried my best to provoke him but he doesn’t fall for that.”

“Maybe it’s not enough!”

She got angry. “What do you mean it is not enough? I have tried and it’s not working! Should I kill myself because of that? Do you know the amount of things i have scattered in this house?"

The tone of his voice reduced. “I am sorry for pushing you. Just try other means and see….”

“I can’t Kalu and you know why. I will have to be a good wife for now and you know the reason.”

“I understand.” He said. “Are they back?”

“Not yet.” She heard the sound of a car. She rose and peeked through the window. “Let me call you back, they have arrived.”

“Okay love.”

She deleted her call logs and waited at the entrance. The door opened and her son ran into her arms.

“Mummy I miss you!” Bobby said excitedly as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I miss you too love.” She said and tried to carry him but she could not. “You are a big boy now!”

Denzel walked inside carrying a medium sized bag. He went into his son’s room and removed the clothes from the box to keep in the wardrobe. After he finished, he joined his wife and son at the dining table. Hajiza served all of them and they ate.
“Honey,” she said to Denzel. “How long is the holiday?”

He smiled. “It’s in the report card, you can check after lunch.” 

“I think we have three weeks to stay at home.” Bobby said.

“That’s not long!” Hajiza looked at Denzel. “How was his result?”

“Excellent. I think we should eat without talking. Let’s not get choked with the food inside out throats.” He gave a smile that enraged her. She clung on to the spoon in her grip. If not for Bobby in their midst, she would have hit him hard with it.

Jason’s mother was begging him to forgive her for keeping it a secret that his father had been in contact with her. It was hard for her to ask him for forgiveness after what they went through. She was sitting in her veranda in her house. Jason stood in front of her with his hands positioned on his waist.

“Yes, your father contacted me and I didn’t know how to tell you.” She said in a saddened voice.

“Was that why you fell sick?”

She couldn’t look at him in the eyes. She was embarrassed.

“I can’t believe this.” he started shaking his head. "Mom, you still love him?”

She looked at him. “Of course not, I just want you to have a relationship with him.”

“But I don’t! Is it by force?”

“No. It is your choice to make but I believe you should have….”

“I don’t want a relationship with him.”

She swallowed a lump down her throat and shut her eyes tight as if she wanted to cry. “Whatever you decide, I have no choice but to support you. We have been together without him and we shouldn’t have issues because of him. I still want you to think about it before making the final decision, please.”

“It is my final decision but I will think about it because of you.”

“Thank you Jason.” She opened her arms and Jason embraced her.

Kemi sat between Eniye and Tina as they discussed without her interfering in it. Eniye stopped talking and gazed at Kemi’s direction. She tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

“We have not seen for a while now. You are here now and not talking, what is going on?”

“I thought I was the only one who noticed it?” Tina said. “Children are on holidays, why didn’t you bring Nate to play with Eniye’s children?”

“Jason… Mr. Jason took him to his office.” She said in a calmed voice.

“That’s nice of him. What’s going with you? I thought you have finished your clearance at school.”

“Yes I have. I’m just thinking of how I am going to do it when I go to law school. How will I create the time to spend to Nathaniel? The money I have been saving from my salary is not up to the fees I will pay for the school. I’m confused. How will I do it? Will I also quit my job?”

“If the money is not enough, I can contact Alhaji’s friend. You will meet him in the hotel and….”

The look Kemi’s gave her hushed her up. “Sometimes you talk without reasoning.”

“Thank you Kemi, I was only making a suggestion.”

“Your suggestion is not good enough Tina,” Eniye said and stared at Kemi. “Are you sure that are the only reasons you look unhappy?”

“What do you mean?” Kemi asked her.

“Is there something going on between you and your boss?”

“I thought you didn’t notice when she mentioned his name.” Tina said.

“Can we talk about something else?” Kemi said to them.

“No way!” Tina rose up and faced her. “If it was me, I would open up even when I know insults will come out from you and Eniye's big mouths. You are not happy Kemi and truthfully, I don’t like it.”

Kemi narrated everything to them. They were stunned and began to worry when Kemi started to cry. “I love him but we can’t be together. I am likely to leave. It is hard for me. I just don’t know what to do.”

“Are you sure he feels the same way?”


“What about his wife?” Eniye questioned.

“I feel for her. That is the more reason I want to leave. She has been good to me. She doesn’t cheat on Jason, the only thing is her behavior and how he treats him sometimes even in my presence.”

“How are you sure she is not cheating on him?” Tina asked.

“She is not!” Kemi sniffed her nose and wiped the tears. “I will stay in the hostel when I go to law school. I can’t stay in that house with him, I will break down!”

Eniye and Tina looked at each other with a worried look on their faces.

“What do you want us to do?” Eniye sat down beside her.

“I just don’t know.”
“It’s okay.”

Kemi’s friends became speechless. They had nothing more to say to her.

“Have you talked to your housekeeper?” Mrs. Ojo asked Diana. They were in Rita’s house. She went there to see her grandchildren.

“Not yet but I will very soon.”

“But when?”

“If both of you want to talk about this, it should not be in my house.” Rita said and dropped nonalcoholic drinks on the stool beside them. She was cooking for them in the kitchen.

“Is the food not yet ready?” Her mom asked.

“No but you have to stop this discussion.”


“I don’t support it.”

“Rita,” Diana said. “Try and understand. Our brother needs a son.”

“And his wife can do that if he gives her one more chance.”

“What if she gives birth to a girl again?”

“Are they not in the US? They should go to the hospital and plan. They do it there. It is possible to have a male child. There is a process for that. It can happen."

“That is a long process.” Mrs. Ojo said. “I cannot wait any longer.” She glanced at Diana. “You have to talk to your housekeeper as soon as possible or I will do it myself.”

Diana laughed. “I will mom.”

Rita hissed and walked into the kitchen. Her kids ran from inside and went to hug their grandmother.

Few days later, Kemi visited Meredith in her house. They talked, gossiped and laughed together. 
Meredith entertained her. She promised she would complete the fees for her law school when she was ready. Kemi couldn't believe it. It made her happy but she was not satisfied that Meredith was not doing anything about her husband.

Kemi left the house when Eromosele arrived. She thought when next she visit her, she would do everything to persuade Meredith to inform her friends and family about the domestic violence. Nathaniel was spending the weekend at Tina’s place.

She got home and met Jason drinking whisky in the living room. She raced towards him and grabbed the cup away from him.

“This is wrong!” She told him.

“I’m a bad person?” Jason asked.

“No! Why are you drinking?” She sat close to him.

“My father.” he said. “I spoke to him today and I couldn’t forgive him.”

“It’s not your fault. Give yourself time and perhaps you might find a place in your heart for him.”

Jason shook his head. "You think it's easy? What about Nathaniel’s father? I know you have never mentioned him in this house. Where is he?"

She blinked her eyes. A question she never saw coming. To lie to him was difficult. “I don’t know and I do not want to talk about it.”


She speedily uplifted on her feet. She took the bottle of whiskey and went to the kitchen to keep it. Jason followed her. He waited for to wash the cup before he spoke to her.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

When she turned around to give him an answer, tears had flooded her face, She wrapped her arms around her as if she was catching cold.

“Kemi, I am sorry, if you do not want to tell me it is okay.” He moved to touch her. Both of them shuddered. She peered into his anxious eyes.

“I want to tell you. I was working in a hotel as a cleaner and a man that booked for a room slept with me without my permission.” She took her eyes away.

“You were raped?”

She nodded, fighting back the tears. “I brought the police to him and instead of them to arrest him, I was arrested.”

“I stayed in prison for a week. When no one came for my bail, they let me go. I still managed to find the home address of the rapist after I found out I was carrying his baby but he denied ever knowing me. I was kicked out like a pig and when I returned back, he had travelled and sold the house.”

He cuddled her into his arms. “I am sorry!”

Kemi said, “I know if he ever comes back to ask for my forgiveness, it will be very hard to forgive him but one thing I know, one thing I am certain I will do when I see him again is make sure he pays for what he did to me. He will not go scot free!”

He released her and focused his catchy eyes on her. “And I Jason Olabisi will stand by you!”

To be continued….


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  2. i think it is Diana's brother too.

  3. I also think it's Diana's brother and he's in deep shit. Oga Jason would show him pepper ehn.. Jisox.. No wonder he's been having just girls. Diana's family is filled with people with questionable character except Dr Rita.
    So my darling Carina, when is the next episode out so I can prepare my mind biko? You're surely doing a good job.
    Much love

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  7. Oh what a poor soul. So sad Kemi had to go through such harsh times. Patiently waiting for the story to unfold.

  8. I also think the same thing,...I can't wait for it to be revealed.

  9. I also think the same thing,...I can't wait for it to be revealed.


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