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Jason knew Diana was enraged with the way she barged out of the room. He grabbed his car keys and followed her behind to hold her. She pushed his hand away from her and came down to see Kemi setting food on the dining table.

“We are not eating.” Diana told her. “My mom has been in an accident.”

The glass up in her hand slipped on the table but it didn’t break. She gasped and moved towards her in shock. “I am sorry. Is she okay?”

“We don’t know yet.”

“Can I come along?”

“I don’t think it is necessary.” Jason quickly said. Diana turned to look at him. Her eyes were still mad. “Why? She will be the only one in the house except you want to stay with her so that she can babysit you.”

He shifted his head backward and shrugged. “I assumed it wasn’t necessary because our friends are already here.”

“They are there for that idiot called Denzel!”

Kemi was shocked.

"Please, calm down." Jason begged.

The extent of her eyes bloated that Jason felt she was going to jump on him. He stepped backwards.

“Denzel Diobi was also involved in an accident?” Kemi asked.

“Yes and I wish he doesn’t survive it!” Diana spat out looking into Kemi stunned eyes.

“Don’t say words you don’t mean just because you are angry at him!” Jason shouted at her.

“I mean every word I said. How can you support him? Denzel is sleeping with my mother!”

Kemi’s mouth opened wide.

“Maybe there might be a reason she was in his car. He might have seen her somewhere and picked her up!”

“Nonsense! Jason you are speaking nonsense. You are defending him!”

He started walking towards the door and when he reached there and opened the door, he swerved and asked them, “Are both of you not going again?”

Diana walked majestically out of the door without looking back. She was eager to see Denzel and exhibited the rage into him. Kemi took a quick look at Jason and nodded. She got into the backseat of the car with Diana already seated at the passenger seat waiting for Jason. They drove there quietly. No one said a word to each other even when they arrived the hospital. 

Diana ran into the emergency ward and met her elder sister, husband and close friends except Eromosele waiting at the reception. The expression on Rita’s face sent fear into her. She was crying uncontrollably. She worked in the same hospital but her area of specialization was different. Diana ran towards her, hugged and asked after their mother.

“I don’t know!” Rita said with tears dropping on her face. “The doctors are not saying anything. I heard it’s fatal, the car ran into a tree and it’s beyond repair, I don’t really know.”

Diana started to cry and Jason moved to touch her but she shifted back. He let her be and went to meet Rume, Preye and Meredith. Kemi was already with her. Meredith appeared sad.
“I know you and Denzel are becoming close.” Kemi said to her quietly. “I am sorry.”

She didn’t want to cry, not in front of everyone. She had become fond of Denzel and she prayed deep inside her heart, he survived it. “Thank you. Although, Preye has been praying, she just finished. Please pray for him and Diana’s mother.”

“I did inside the car on our way here.”

"I'm glad you are here."

"Me too."

Jason stayed quiet. He wasn't a happy man. If truly Denzel was having an affair with Diana's mother, he was highly disappointed in both of them. They were adults and capable of dating anyone but Denzel was a married man. Infidelity was immoral.
“I saw how Diana treated you.” Preye said to him. “She is under stress at the moment.”

“I understand.”

“Let’s give her time,” Rume said. “I will talk to her.”

Jason told him, “You don’t need to do that.”

“I insist.”

“If you say so,” He walked to stand by the other side of Meredith. “Where is Eromosele?”

“He is not around.” She rubbed her nose and sniffed. “He called me to check up on Denzel.”

Jason flew out a frustrating sigh and rested his back on the wall. Kemi stared at him with pity. She wanted to talk to him, pet him and whisper into his ear that everything would be fine. She took her eyes off him the moment she detected Rume’s lusting eyes on her. She excused herself to ask a nurse for the restroom. 

Hajiza sat down with a blank stare. No one could understand what she was thinking or feeling. To hear your husband was involved in an accident with his older girlfriend who happened to be her friend’s mother was unexplainable. 
Her husband’s cousin, Jim stood beside her. Kalu entered and sauntered to meet them. He asked after the welfare of his boss. She gave him a silent answer. Jim told him nothing yet and he should take care of the reporters waiting for answers. He went there and saw four of them.

“What is the outcome of Denzel Diobi?” A female asked.

“He is dead?” Another one requested from him.

“Is it true he is cheating on his wife?” The third, a man brought out a pad and biro from his jacket.

Jim appeared tired. “Denzel Diobi is not dead. His life is safe in the hands of the doctors. We are waiting for the latest about his condition soon. I will advise all of you to go home and sleep. Whatever the outcome is, I will inform the media tomorrow morning.”

They grumbled and still stayed. The last reporter, who had been quiet, stood from where he was sitting from and he strolled with confidence as he approached Jim. “Can you clarify if it is true?”

“Clarify what?”

“The woman in the car with Denzel Diobi,” he said and smiled lightly. “We know she is dating him but is she the mother of the actor's friend?"

Murmuring ensued among the other reporters.

“That’s a rumor!” His voice became loud and angry. He pointed at him. “If I ever see or hear it in the news or blogs without proof, I will sue you and who you work for! I know you! Get lost!” He marched into the building to join Jim consoling Hajiza. Black thick tears from her eyeliner had filled her face. The money in her bank account was small. If only she knew this would happened, she would have requested for a large amount of cash.

Kemi had finished using the restroom but she passed another way outside to catch some air. She prayed again for the patients and called Tina. She wasn’t picking up her phones. She didn’t want to disturb Eniye because of the kids. She thought again and dialed her number. She answered and Kemi narrated what happened. She was shocked and sorry.

“How is your madam doing?”

“Not good."

“Why would he date a woman old enough to be his mother, I thought he loved his wife and wasn’t cheating on her. He has no scandal and this will be his first.”

“I don’t think they will allow such to come out. I am telling you this because I trust you.”

“You know me. I don’t even discuss such issues with my husband when he has other things to think about. I was planning to call you tomorrow and tell you the good and bad news.”

The quick smile that arose on her lips ran off. “The bad news first.”

She cleared her throat. “My husband has been sacked from work.”

“What! After waiting for close to a year for his unpaid salaries. No way! He has to sue!”

“Calm down my upcoming barrister. You haven’t heard the good news.”

“What is it?” Kemi asked curiously.

“He has been paid!"


“Everything my friend.”

She jumped on feet, feeling ecstatic, “I can’t hide my joy under this circumstances we find ourselves. I am happy for you my friend, at last!”

“He will be starting a business soon but he will still search for a job. He has given me money to buy goods in my shop.”

She smiled widely. So wide, she felt her lips could tear. “You married a good man.”

Eniye spoke with happiness through her glossy voice. “I know. I will be taking the kids out for ice cream and snacks on Sunday after church service.”

“You alone with the kids? Nate can be handful at times.”

She laughed. “If I can handle four of my children, I can handle another one with them.”

“Please don’t get pregnant now that money has come.”

“Shut up Kemi and check what’s happening.”

She turned back to glimpse, “I don’t think the doctors are out. Any latest from Tina?”

“Tina told Chief she was coming to my place to spend the night. She left with her step son to meet up with their third partner for whatever they call it. The children are here with me, I can’t say it.”

“I understand. I can’t believe she is still doing it. I will call you tomorrow to give you an update. Kiss Nathaniel for me.”

“I will! Take care." Call ended.

Rume left his wife, Jason and Meredith to talk to Diana. He took her aside for Jason to think he wanted to console her. He took her hand and they took another turn that led them outside. They approached a large space where people parked their cars.

“I need a cigarette.” Diana said. The tears had dried off.

“Not here. I know you are nervous but you can’t smoke.”

“Try and get me one with a sweet or bubble gum. They won’t see me when I smoke.”

Kemi was about to take a turn towards the ward but halted when she heard smoke. She recognized the voice and hid behind a van. The tone of their voices reduced but she took another silence step and paused to listen.

“Even if you lick up to ten ‘tom tom’ it will be obvious.” Rume said.

“I want to smoke.”

Kemi did a double look. Smoke? She was sure Jason was unaware of it. Why does Rume know and not her husband? Why is she so comfortable with him? A noise erupted from inside, she had to wait for Diana and Rume to enter before she did.
Jason, Rita and the rest were with a doctor. Diana and Rume joined them except Kemi who stayed a bit behind.

“Please who is the family of the woman?” The doc asked. “I have news for the two patients.”

Diana and Rita came forward.

“I hope my mom is all right?” Diana asked.

“Is she alive?” Rita asked, about to cry.

“No doctor Rita but she lost a lot of blood but we managed to stop the bleeding,” He said. “She has a broken leg and she would use crutches for a while.”

Rita appeared relieved. “Ah! Thank God.”

They were stunned to hear such from her especially Diana.

“What? At least she won’t be gallivanting about and going to parties for some time. Can we see her?”

“Not now, tomorrow.” He turned his gaze to another way. “The other patient is Denzel Diobi, right?”

“Yes, yes!” Jim said rapidly. They paid attention to what he wanted to say.

“He is lucky to be alive. We don’t know how he never had a scratch on his body except few cuts on the back of his head.” Eyes widened, mouths unlocked. “We had to check on him to see if he was bleeding internally but nothing like that. We will keep him here for few days just to monitor him. He would need enough rest. You can see him now. I will send a nurse to take you to him but only his family and one friend is enough for today. He also needs provisions and personal items. It’s late but the things ought to be with him tomorrow morning."

“Ok. I am his cousin,” Jim said and pointed at Hajiza. “This is his wife.”

“That’s good. Denzel should be the one to tell you which of his friend he wants to see for now. Please, don’t ask many questions, he really needs to rest.”

“Thank you doc.”

He nodded and told them to wait for a nurse. He left them.

Diana swerved to another direction looking angry. She was walking without looking at where she was moving into. How could Denzel not die or be in the same condition of her mother. She needed to do something for him to bleed and wished he didn’t have an affair with her mother. She wanted to take his neck into her hands and squeeze it tight. She stared at her hands and dropped them down. She felt a firm hand on her shoulder and she glanced at her back.

“What do you want?”

“I think we should go home,” Jason said and moved to stand in front of her. “You heard what the doctor said. We can’t see her today.”

“What makes you think I want to go home? Leave me alone J. I will not stop you if you want to see Denzel, he is your friend.”

“I will see him tomorrow.”


“Back off!” Her voice was harsh and her eyes ignited.

Rume came behind and tapped Jason on his back. “You know she is going through a lot now, just let her be. I will talk to her.”

“I wonder what I have done to deserve this treatment. Her mom is alive, it should be a thing of joy.”

“Nothing happened to Denzel!” She raised her voice on him. She didn’t care who heard or about to listen to what she had to say. “He was sleeping with my mother! He caused an accident and nothing happened to him, not even a scratch on his body!”

Jason peeped at Hajiza waiting for the nurse, She was looking at their direction with an unreadable expression on her face, He didn’t know if she was angry or unbothered. He stared at Rume trying to shut his wife from saying more. He watched as he took her away from him. Kemi felt sorry him. She was tempted to follow Diana and Rume but she stopped and went to meet Jason.
“I think you should sit down and relax until she is ready to go home.” She said to him.

Her voice melted the apprehension in him. He smiled, thanked her and united with Preye on the bench she sat on. Hajiza and Tom had followed a nurse. Kemi went to sit beside Meredith.

Denzel shut his eyes and opened them when he saw his wife and cousin. Jim shook his hand and congratulated him for escaping death. Hajiza only stared at him without making a single noise.

“Who would you like to see?” Jim asked Denzel. He explained what the doctor told them.

“Who is here?”

“Jason, Rume, Preye, Kalu, Meredith…”

“Meredith is here?”


Hajiza gave me a look but didn’t talk.

“What about Eromosele?”

“He couldn’t make it.”

“I will see Meredith instead. I have a message for her husband. Jason and I will talk tomorrow.”

He didn't know how he was going to face Jason and Diana.

Hajiza remained quiet until Jim left them. “You were sleeping with Mrs. Ojo! Take an ugly look at yourself! I thought you were going to die! Cow!" 

Whatever she uttered didn't surprise him. He didn't care.

She continued, "Stupid fellow! How can God do this? You should have been paralzyed! Shameless goat! Imbecile!!”

“How is Bobby? Where is he?”

“Is that what you are supposed to ask me? Useless man! Shame on you!"

Denzel took a deep breath as Hajiza rained heavy curses at him. He shut his eyes and thought of the accident and how it happened. He had gone to see Mrs. Ojo for one thing. To end the affair. He refused to sleep with her and choose to take her home. 

They got into another argument as he drove. She pushed him and touched the wheel steering. She was screaming 'they rather die together'. She said he had to right to end their relationship. He tried to stop her but failed. Nothing could stop the car from hitting the tree he sighted in a flash. There were three things he thought about before he blacked out. He asked God for forgiveness. The second, he thought about his son. If he died he knew Hajiza won't shower their child with the love he deserved. And the third, Meredith. If he gave up the ghost, he won't’ see her beautiful face anymore. He was thrilled to be alive. He was going to live a good life and throw away his bad habits. Denzel opened his eyes and looked at Hajiza and said with no emotion in his voice.

“I want a divorce.”

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  1. Ghen ghen... This movie (ehn sorry I meant story.. Lol) is getting more interesting.
    Denzel is better off with a divorce though.. But his latest obsession for Meredith might lead Eromosele to kill Meredith if he ever finds out.
    Lovely episode as always.
    Thanks Carina and Happy Easter.
    We await the next episode next Wednesday (wink wink)

  2. Wow! Beautiful episode. Thank goodness nothing happened to Denzel! Jason should do and follow suit in the divorce dishing abeg, getting really tired of Diana jor!


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