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Episode 4 Title: Finding the killer.

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“Did I say anything wrong?” Mercy asked as the dumbfounded faces only stared back at her for a period.

“Oh no, you did not.” Genevieve managed to reply considering the amount of shock that absorbed her. “But are you sure of what you just told us?”

“Yes. I don’t know how true about him being a cultist but I am sure he almost raped that girl. Justine covered up for him. Mr. Jordan Nze is not innocent of attempted rape. The younger brother said he believed his sister and he was bold enough to announce it in school to his friends who discussed about it during lunch break at the cafeteria.”

“Where is she now?”

“The girl or Justine?”

“The girl.”

“Oma Obina is her name. She no longer comes to our church anymore. She stopped after she apologized.”

“Do you know how I can reach her?”

“No except I ask the brother but I don’t know if it’s possible. I don’t know him personally and most times, the junior students have no right to go to our senior classes except a teacher sends us there. I might look for him after closing but he might find it awkward if I start to ask for his sister’s contact. What if he asks me why do I need it?”

“Don’t worry, what class is he?”

“SS3, I think SS3 B.”

“And you?”

“SS1A.” She replied with a smile.

“What’s his name?”

“Oke Obina.”

“Thanks.” Genevieve returned the smile and patted her hand. “You did well and we are grateful.”

“I will be grateful if you catch the person that killed my friend.”

Tiwa spoke up. “We will do everything we can to catch her killer. Do you know the parents of…?”

Mr. Mezie burst into the room without knocking. “I think that’s enough!” He reached for his daughter’s hand, raised her up and whisked her towards the door. “No more questions detectives, good day!”

The partners stared at each other with their mouths wide opened. After they chatted and concluded on the next step to take before going home, Genevieve went over to see Leroy to ask if he had the choirmaster’s phone number. He had only the assistant choirmaster’s number. He gave it to her and she made a call to him immediately. After she introduced herself, she ordered him to send her the number of Mr. Jordan.
When she got the digits, she called him to send her his home address, and he did. 

Tiwa and Genevieve arrived at the residence at 4:30pm. They came out from their vehicle and met him waiting in front of his doorstep. Jordan, a man in his late twenties was average in height and had a strong body built. He had dark lips and nice eyes. He crossed his legs together as he rested his back on the door when they approached him.

“I don’t really know why you want to see me because of Sade. I know her parents but I was never close to her.” He said. “My sis told me she was missing only for my assistant to call me and reveal the unfortunate news, very sad story.”

“You didn’t go to the church on the day she was murdered, right?” Tiwa said.

“Yes, I was sick. I stayed at home.”

“Was anyone with you?”

“No but my sis and mom called me in the evening to ask after my health.”

“So you don’t have an alibi.”


Genevieve didn’t know if he was telling the truth but his sight disgusted her. She believed he really tried to rape the girl. Tiwa knew he smoked weed considering the kind of odor ripping out from his body.

“Are you trying to tell us you never spoke to Sade before she was killed?” Tiwa asked him.

“Only the few times she greeted me in church and the period she came to inform me she would be joining the choir. I told her to sing for me and I was impressed. The forms I had finished and I told her to get one from the assistant pastor and get back to me this week but she never did, she died.” He chuckled faintly.

“You think this is funny?” He irritated Tiwa.

“I wonder.” Genevieve said in annoyance.

He didn’t say anything but kept on smiling.

“What about the girl you tried to rape.”

The smile on his lips wiped out and a scowl crested his face. “What rape?”

“Sade was also raped before an animal killed her. You tried to rape a former member of your church but you were not persecuted.”

“I didn’t try to rape anyone!” This time he spread his legs apart and removed his back from the door. “That girl lied against me and the case was cleared. She apologized to me! I am not a rapist and I am innocent!”

“I don’t think so! I am sure you must have done it to other girls, even succeeded to have your way with them forcefully and got away with it!”

Tiwa looked at her surprised. “This is not a case detective Genevieve. You can’t conclude on the verdict based on what we heard about from our source. You have no evidence to call him a rapist!”

Her eyes turned red at her. “I don’t care! He is a rapist!”

Jordan pointed at Genevieve. “Don’t provoke me!”

“And what will you do?” She gestured closer to him.

Tiwa quickly pulled her gently away from him. “That’s enough both of you!” she glanced at Genevieve and said. “We didn’t come here to talk mainly about a rape case but discuss if he had a hand in Sade’s murder!”

“I didn’t kill her!” Jordan yelled.

“But you raped that girl!” Genevieve uttered.

“How dare you!” He moved at her direction in anger but Tiwa speedily slide in front of her partner, raised her hand up and turned it into a fist.

“If you move an inch closer to her, I will disfigure your face!”

He moved backwards. He was boiled in rage and breathing loudly. “I have said enough, both of you should leave!”

She put down her hand and sighed. “Can we check the floor in your house?”

“Floor for what? Anyways, you can’t, get a warrant first!”

Genevieve shook her head and walked towards the car. Tiwa looked at her and back at Jordan.

“You are advised not to leave town until the murder investigation is over.”

“I have nothing to hide, I didn’t kill Sade!”

Tiwa left him to her car. She unlocked the doors, she entered and Genevieve did the same. Tiwa drove all the way to Quincy’s office to drop her off. She and her partner did not say a word to each other. When she got there, she parked her car without turning off the ignition.

“Thanks for the ride.” Genevieve said and she quickly unlocked the door and came out. Tiwa wasn’t able to respond, there was no need for that, Genevieve was already far away from her. Tiwa drove all the way home, alone.

“That was harsh and uncalled for.” Quincy said to Genevieve as she cradled Freddie in her arms on the passenger’s seat. They planned to have dinner at an eatery close to their house. She had narrated about the argument she had with Tiwa.

“I feel terrible.” Genevieve closed her eyes for seconds and opened them.

“You should be. I hate to say this but she was right. You made a judgment based on hearsay. Even if he really tried to rape her, get your facts right, find evidence and then you can be able to persecute him.”

She heaved a sigh. “I didn’t know what got into me. I thought about myself.”

He stared at her and back at the road. “Please don’t, it’s all in the past.”

“What if I wasn’t able to stop my father from raping me on that day,” She said sadly, forcing her eyes not to spill out tears. She sniffed her nose. “Would I have met you or even be Tiwa’s partner?”

“Genny, if you want me to park the car for us to talk, I will.”

“There is no need for that.”

“Then stop talking about your father and what he did. You are free from him.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have shot him and allowed him rot in prison but how would I have been able to do that if I did not pull the trigger?” She started to cry. “I killed him.”

“Christ!” Quincy quickly found a spot to park his vehicle and he took Freddie away from her. He put his right arm across her shoulder. “Don’t do this. You are a strong woman and I love you so much. You are not a killer, you defended yourself.”

“I am sorry.” Genevieve wiped her face and stopped to cry.

Quincy kissed the left side of her head. “You don’t have to apologize; you did the right thing on that day. You stopped him from hurting you.”

She nodded and smiled at him. “I know.” She opened her arms. “Come here Freddie.” She took him and patted his hair.

“Can I drive now?”

 “Yes my love.” Genevieve replied.

He drove away. When he arrived at the eatery, Genevieve said to him.

“I think if the choirmaster tried to rape that girl, he must have tried it on other church members. He might even have raped them but they were ashamed to talk.”

“Anything is possible. What do you intend to do about the attempted rape case?”
“I will sleep over it tonight.”

“Good but I hope you know what to do when you see detective Tiwa tomorrow.”

“I know.”

Tiwa got home before Adebiyi. She put a call across to the parents of Justine, requesting their permission to question their daughter. She spoke with the father who expressed sympathy for the death of their church member’s daughter. He assured her his wife and he would bring their daughter to the bureau the following day, Friday.
She showered, made dinner and waited for Adebiyi. When she could no longer hold the hunger, she called him and he told her he was close to the house. She dished her food and began to eat. Tiwa ate half of her food when she heard the sound of his car.

She walked to the door, opened it, offered him a peck on his lips, and returned to the dinning. “It seems you went out after you left the office.”

He pulled off his blazers and threw it on a sofa. “Yes, I did. I bought the equipment’s the new employee wants. I went back to the office to drop them. When she comes tomorrow, she would arrange them herself. Have you been able to find out more about Abraham?”


"Send the name of his school and class to my phone. I will transfer the details to our new employee to find out about him before she resumes tomorrow."

“Okay, join me.”

“What did you cook?” He rose up and moved to the dining table.


He smiled broadly. “You couldn’t even wait for me Mrs. Glutton.”

“And you came home late Mr. Ibu.”

He laughed and sat. “I don’t have a big stomach! I would prefer you call me Idris Elba.”

“You wish.”

“People tell me I look like him. They even stop me on the way to ask for my autograph thinking I am the Hollywood actor.”

Tiwa abandoned her food, gave him a sarcastic stare and laughed hard. “You must be dreaming! Which autograph?”

“But it’s the truth!”

“Please, just stop. I want to finish my food in peace.”

“You can say that again and how is the investigation going?”

She narrated everything including the argument between her and Genevieve.

He acted surprised and thought for a while, he asked. “Why would she act that way?”

“I really don’t know. I don’t want to think she was a rape victim.”

“She could have been one that was why she acted that way. I could secretly look into her past and find out if there was a rape case connected to her.”

“Don’t, please. Let her be.”

“If that is what you want senorita no problem.”

Tiwa smiled and leaned forward to kiss him. “That is what I want, thanks.”

The next morning, Adebiyi and Tiwa came out from their vehicle at the bureau. They saw Genevieve standing at the entrance. Adebiyi purposely walked passed Tiwa, exchanged pleasantries with Genevieve and went inside.

“Good morning Tiwa.”

“Morning detective Genevieve. Attem…”

Genevieve didn’t allow her conclude her sentence. “Before you say anything I want to tell you I am deeply sorry for reacting that way yesterday. I overreacted and I was wrong. I apologize.”

A bright smile flashed on her lips. “I accept your apology and I understand. Attempted rape is a crime and if you want justice for the girl, I can never oppose to that. I think it is nice of you to think of her even if you have never met her. You have a beautiful heart.”

“Your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you. Can I get a hug?”

“Of course!”

They went inside together and met Leroy coming their way. They greeted him.

“Any new update about Sade’s killer?” Leroy asked them.

“Right now, we have only suspects.” Genevieve answered.

“And the choirmaster is among?”


“If you want me to help, let me know.”


 “How about your case about the missing boy?” Tiwa asked him.

“We are still searching for the boy.”

“I hope you find him.”  

“I hope so too.”

After a long meeting with his homicide detectives in the boardroom, Quincy came out and saw an expensive wine and a card beside it on his secretary desk. His new female office assistant who had different layers of make up on her face, stood up and she presented it to him.

“I received this, this morning from a delivery man while you were at the meeting.” She said smiling.

He took it from her. “Did he say who it came from?”

“No sir.”

 “Thanks.” He took it from her, went into his office and dropped the wine on the table. He opened the card and grinned at the words written on it.

‘Whenever I look at your face, I fall in love with you all over again. Your smile brightens my day’

He put it down and kept the wine inside his fridge. He felt he should be the one telling his wife these words and not the other way around. He was a lucky man to be the husband of Genevieve. He intended to buy her new gifts.

In the afternoon at 12:05, Kevin informed Tiwa and Genevieve that Dr. Omoni wanted to see them. They met her pressing her phone. She turned it off and focused her eyes on them.

“She was never pregnant.” Omoni said.

“So why would she need a drug as strong as postinor2?” Tiwa asked.

“It’s to prevent pregnancy of course.”

“That tells us she was having unprotected sex. People say she was nice and calm and her mom even thought she died a virgin. Was she living a lie or was someone taking advantage of her? I have investigated several cases but this particular one makes me confuse.”

“Not only you,” Genevieve said. “She died at the age of fifteen and I wonder how old she was when she lost her virginity.”

Dr. Omoni said, “I lost mine when I married my ex-husband…” Genevieve and Tiwa speedily glimpsed at each other. “I had a beautiful honeymoon and I can never…”

“Dr. Omoni,” Genevieve said. “We will be leaving now.”

“But I haven’t finished my beautiful story yet.”

“Maybe next time,” Tiwa took Genevieve’s left hand and they walked to the door. “See you later!”

The moment they stepped out of the lab, Genevieve checked her wristwatch and spoke to her. “I have a place to go now, I would take long.”

“What if Justine and her parents arrive before you return.”

“Go ahead and question her, we will talk about it when I get back.”

“Do you need the key to my car?”

She smiled. “Don’t bother, I will take a taxi.”

Genevieve boarded a car and arrived at the school immediately the end of the students lunch break. She called the number of the teacher she had. The woman met her, she requested to see a student and she was taken to ss3B class. Oke Obina came out and Genevieve asked after his sister. He told her she was currently in the university. He also gave her the phone number. She called the number of his sister and she picked up. 

“Hello, who is this?”

“I am detective Genevieve Cole Arinze, your brother gave me your number.”


“I really want to talk to you about something very important and it concerns you. Please, we need to talk. I can meet you wherever you are even if it’s an open place.”

Oma gave her the address of her school and they arranged to meet in one of the school canteens. They met and Genevieve ordered food for her but she politely declined.

“Thank you for meeting me.”

“You are welcome but what exactly do you want?”

Genevieve told her she knew about the rape incident.

“Why are you bringing up my past?” Oma asked in an unhappy tone.

“I want you to tell me the truth because I want to help you get justice.”

“After a year?”

“It doesn’t matter. What really happened on that day?”

She sighed and kept quiet.

Genevieve said calmly, “Please, talk to me. I really want to help.”

“Why? You don’t really know me.”

“I know but it doesn’t matter. Did Mr. Jordan really try to rape you?”

Oma wore a scornful expression. “Yes.” Her voice was angry. “I trusted him that was why I went to visit him in his place. I saw him as a friend. Although he was asking me out and I thought he was actually a nice person but I was wrong.” She heaved a sigh and shook her head. “When I went there, he offered me an alcoholic drink but I refused. I didn’t know how to drink it. Then he told me he wanted to show me some pictures he pasted on his wall in his room. I never thought he had another plan in mind. When we got there, he told me I should lay on his bed but I told him no. He got angry, pushed me on the floor, slapped me and unbuckled his belt. I beg, cried as he tried to force his way into me, we didn’t even know his sister had entered into the house. I guess she heard my voice, ran to meet us and she told him to stop.”

“Did he stop immediately?”

“Yes. He looked at me and told me God saved me.”

“What happened next?”

“I got up. I was crying, and feeling humiliated. Justine told me to leave, never to come back otherwise she won’t be there to save me again.”

“She really said that.”

Oma sneered. “Oh yes. As young as that girl is she is cold hearted.”

“Does that mean he has done it to someone and he got away with it?”

“You mean if he actually raped someone?”


“I really don’t know but on my way out, I heard Justine tell him ‘you need to stop doing this’.

“Did he respond?”

“I didn’t wait to hear his response.” Oma replied. “I just wanted to get out of his house.”

 “I am sorry.”

She smiled faintly. “Thank you.”

Genevieve relaxed her hands on the table. “I heard you no longer attend the church anymore.”

“The pastors and most of the members of Christ Forever Ministry felt I was lying. I had to stay away. My parents didn’t have a choice but allow me change my church, I am old enough to do what I want. I wonder what I would gain for framing him, I really liked him.”

“Do you know if he asked any of your female friends or other church members out?”

“I really do not know. I can ask my friends that still attend the church.” She paused and swallowed. “There is a boy in my brother’s school, he attends the same church too. I don’t know if he has left the choir but he is very good at snooping around. He is a gossip. You could ask him about Jordan.”

“What’s his name?”

“Zach. I don’t know his surname.”

“Genevieve shrugged. “Zach?”

“You know him?”

“No but someone mentioned he is close to Justine.”

“I don’t know about that but there is a possibility they are in the same class. I didn’t attend that school.”

 “Did you hear about the death of Sade Akanju?”

“My bro told me, the news is everywhere in his school. I didn’t know her but it’s painful.”

Genevieve rose up and Oma followed suit. “I will see what I can do to talk to Zach but in your free time contact your friends and find out what I ask you to do.”

“I will.”

She smiled at her. “I will keep in touch.”

As she turned her back, she called her. “Detective Genevieve.”

She rotated to look at Oma. “Yes?”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me just yet. I will call you soon.”

Genevieve ate lunch, bought some snacks for Tiwa and presented them to her when she arrived at the bureau.

“I have never seen such a spoilt brat in my life!” Tiwa told Genevieve in her office as she took a big bite from her chicken burger.


“That girl called Justine didn’t show any sign of grief when I mentioned Sade. She said she went home after school hours on the day Sade went missing. Her mom was her alibi. You won’t believe she was chewing gum loudly and her parents didn’t say anything.”

“Did you ask about her brother?”

“I asked her if Sade and her brother were friends, guess what she said.”


“I said guess.” Tiwa took another large bite that made Genevieve increase the size of her eyeballs.

“I thought you said you ate lunch before I came.”

“Of course I did but I don’t know where this appetite is coming from.”

She gave her a side eye. “Are you sure you are not…?”



She laughed, dropped her burger on the pack and dusted her hands. “I am not pregnant.”

Genevieve rolled her eyes. “If you say so. Can you tell me what Justine said? I can’t guess.”

“She said Sade is an ant and that her brother was too posh to be friends with her. And that Sade deserved what she got.”

“What! Her parents couldn’t caution her?”


“And they call themselves Christians.”

“Christians my freaking ass. When I mentioned the closeness between Sade and Abraham, she hissed. I even lied that they were in a secret relationship.”

“What did she say?”

“You need to have seen her red face. She told her parents she wanted to leave and I agreed. I let her go because I don’t think she knows anything about Sade’s murder.”

“You know we haven’t questioned the woman selling corn.”

“I know.”

A tap on the door got their attention and Leroy opened the door wide. A fair complexion and a handsome man dressed in a corporate outfit stood beside him. His eyes were grey and he had curly hair. Tiwa and Genevieve were curious to know why he was holding a big bible.

“He is here to see both of you.” Leroy said, and left.

“And who are you sir?” Tiwa asked him.

“I am Pastor Roger Olarenwaju.”

“A pastor?” Genevieve asked surprised.

He smiled at her. “Yes I am. The parents of Sade told me you were investigating the death of their daughter.”


“Please, sit down.” Tiwa said.

After he sat, he put his bible on the table. “I am the assistant pastor of Christ Forever Ministry. I don’t know if what I want to say will help your investigation. Sade came to me in my office last Sunday after service. She was looking very upset. She said she needed to speak with me and ask for my advice. I was very busy at that moment so I told her if she needed an advice urgently, she should see the overseer. He is very close to her family.”

“The pastor never mentioned anything about an advice when we saw him in the Akanju’s place.”

“I don’t think she saw him because he sent for me after she left my office. With the little I knew about Sade, despite she was the quiet type and she was always smiling. If only I created the chance to talk to her that day, maybe she would still be alive.”

“Was it the first time she approached you in your office for an advice?”


“Do you think she sounded nervous or apprehensive?” Genevieve asked.

“Not really but I saw anger in her face. I wonder now if she was in trouble.”

“If she was close to the main pastor in your church, why didn’t she go and see him.”

“Maybe she was scared he might tell her parents because of their closeness. I would have suggested the pastor’s wife but she travelled.”

“Oh okay, thanks.”

“Are you not the one that gave Sade the form?”

“Yes, I was the one.”

“And in that process, she never mentioned anything?”

“No.” Pastor Roger stood and picked up his bible. “I pray you find out who killed Sade.”

“We will.”

He extended his hand, shook their hands and left.

“Do you believe he is saying the truth?” Tiwa questioned Genevieve.

“I don’t really know.”

“The new employee is on her way now, I think it’s time we collect Sade’s phone.” Tiwa called Mrs. Akanju. She greeted her and asked for the handset.

“Okay, let me check her table.”

Tiwa could hear footsteps and suddenly a gasp. “Any problem ma?”

“I can’t find her phone!”


“Let me ask daddy Sade. Maybe he is with it.”

“Okay. Stay on the line.”

Tiwa could hear her asking him but he said he didn’t take the phone and that it should be on Sade’s table. She had to ask, “When last did you see the phone?”

“I can’t really recall but it was here this morning.” There was panic in her voice. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I should have kept it.”

“It’s not your fault. Can you ask your maid if she took it?”

“I discharged her this morning but I am sure it was there after she left. I have been in Sade’s room all day. My visitors came here to see me.”

“In the room?”


“What part of the room did you stay?”

“On her bed.”

“I want all the names of the people that came into that room to see you. I need the male names.”

“But why?”

“Just get me the names ma, please.”

“Our pastor came to pray for us in the afternoon. Should I include his name too?”

“Yes but it doesn’t matter. Just send me everyone that visited you including the female names. Is that better?”

“Yes. I will send the names through a text message.”


“Okay detective.”

“I will be waiting.” Tiwa ended the call and explained to Genevieve. “I want her to include the female names because the killer could have sent someone to get Sade’s phone.”

“That’s true.” Genevieve said. “There is a possibility the killer visited them today, saw the phone in Sade’s room and grabbed it without anyone noticing.”

“If that is it, the killer’s name will definitely be on that list.”

To be continued…


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  2. Oh my! The suspense is gathering momentum, lol!
    You sure know how to keep us on the edge.
    Beautiful piece as usual, can't wait for more.
    Thank you and a big hug dearie!

  3. tensed right now who is,the killer.


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