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Episode 7 Title: Complex scenario reloaded.
“The Akanju’s trusted this pastor,” Genevieve said. “How could he betray a family that loved and respected him?”

“His generosity and church deceived them.”

“Una never finish?” The woman selling corn asked. She moved towards them. “Abeg make una start to go.”

“We will but is there any way you can identify the man if you see him?” Tiwa asked.

“Wetin identify mean?”

“It means if you will be able to know him if you see him?”

She shook her head continuously. “Maybe, no, I no really know. I no fit talk wetin I no fit do. E dey dark when I see am.”

“Okay. Thank you very much for your time and information. We appreciate it.”

She flashed her nice looking teeth at them. “Una dey welcome.” She suddenly stopped smiling. “I hope sey I no go enter trouble when una leave me.”

“Not at all!” She dipped her hand inside her jacket and brought out her card and some naira notes and handed it to her. She appeared surprised as she counted the money. “In case you suspect anything or see anyone suspicious, use the money to buy recharge card and call me.”

“And me too.” Genevieve extended her complimentary card to her.

“Aunty this money plenty ooo,” She said to Tiwa. “To buy recharge card?”  

“Yes but you can buy something nice for your kids.” She responded with a smile.

“Thank you! Na God go bless you!”


The seller escorted them to the car and waived as the car zoomed out of her sight. 

Tiwa dropped Genevieve at her house. Quincy already called her he was at home with Freddie. Their son was running temperature.

“Send my regards to Quincy and Freddie.” Tiwa said to Genevieve as she hopped out of the car.

“I will or you could come in for a drink.”

“Thanks but maybe next time.”

“Or we could really do what Miss. Effiong suggested.”

Her eyebrows flew up. “Which is?”

Genevieve laughed as she saw the expression on Tiwa’s face. “All of us should get together after we are through with the case.”

“We will think about it.”

“We? I think I am okay with it. “

“Well, we will see about that. Take care dear and go be with your family.”

“And you too.”

“Okay Emem…”

 “Emem is calling you?” Mrs. Akanju asked in a surprised tone as she interrupted her husband’s conversation on the phone. He didn’t know she had entered into their matrimonial bedroom. It was the first time she walked inside ever since their daughter’s death.

Mr. Akanju ended the call and turned to her. “… not really. Yes, she was just checking in on us.”

“She should have called me. I didn’t even know she had your number.” She said walking towards the wardrobe. “How is she?”

“She is doing well. She is still searching for a new job.”

 “I hope she is not blaming me for letting her go. I employed her because of Sade and now that she is dead and forgotten…”

“Beatrice!” He called her name and quickly moved towards her. He placed his hands on her shoulder and turned her to face him. She was crying silently. “Why are you doing this to yourself? How can you say Sade has been forgotten?”

“Because it seems her death doesn’t affect you the way it does to me!” She pushed his hands away. “She was our only child and I loved her dearly.”

“I loved her too! I may not cry like you do but I grief every day. You have no idea what I have been going through. You may not see it on the outside but my heart bleeds whenever I think of her.”

She sniffed her nose and sighed loudly. “Are you still going to see Pastor Simon today?”

“It’s late already. I will check up on him tomorrow before I go to work.”

She gave a nod and turned to the wardrobe. She opened it to collect some clothes. Mr. 

Akanju took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “I was thinking of calling the detectives to tell them something but I want you to know of it first.”

“What is it?” She asked without turning around.

“I want them to release Sade’s body for burial.”

“What!” She bellowed in shock. She had to look his way. “Why?”

“Sade needs to rest.”

“I thought you wanted them to keep her body until they find her killer and rapist.”

He shook his head and moved backwards. “I don’t want to think the rape is true but if she was truly killed, they will find who did it without her body.”

“You are not making sense at all.” She threw her clothes on the floor and marched forward. “Are you saying you don’t believe she was raped?”

“I don’t want to believe it. Maybe their medical examiner made a mistake.”

“Mistake that she was raped? You must be out of your mind! Finding out that our former housekeeper calls you and now this, something is definitely wrong. Leave Sade’s body with them and that is final!”

“I am the man of this house and I gave that order. I will collect her body.”

“Then be prepared for war in this house!” She screamed and stormed out of the room. 

Mr. Akanju could hear the audible sound of his wife’s cry.

“Why are you calling me by this time of the night?” Jordan asked his younger sister the moment he answered the phone. Her call woke him up in the middle of the night. He looked at the wall clock in his room and it was 1:20pm.

“I can’t sleep!”


“I don’t know!”

He sat on his bed and turned the phone over to his other ear. “Then stop disturbing me! How can you wake me up without any reason? Go back to bed.”

“I said I can’t sleep!”

“And how does that affect me, Justine?”

“Did you have anything to do with the death of Sade?”

His eyes pushed out from his face. “What kind of a question is that? Are you mad?”

“I heard Sade was raped!”


“Are you the one that killed and raped her?”

This time, he threw the duvet covering his legs and rose on his feet. “I am not a killer!”

“I don’t know what to think anymore,” she said in a panicked tone. “I care about you and I don’t want them to arrest you. Those detectives are everywhere. I even saw one of them with Zach at the church.”

“One of the detective with Zach?”


“Do you know what she asked him?”

“I have no idea.”

“Why didn’t you ask him in school today?” His voice became very angry. “Are you crazy!”

“Stop shouting at me!”

He was breathing hard. “I want you to find out why they were talking to him.”

“I will try but are you sure you don’t know anything…”

“Shut up your mouth! Go back to bed,” Jordan said and sat back on his bed. “You have nothing to worry about.”

“Are you sure?” Justine sounded worried.

“I said go back to bed. Sleep and leave me alone. I will call you tomorrow evening to find out what Zach and the detective talked about.”

She had no other option than to rest her body on her bed, and shut her eyes to sleep.

“Of course it’s enough to get a warrant!” Tiwa argued with Adebiyi in his office the next day. Adebiyi returned very late the previous day. He didn’t want to wake her up when he saw her sleeping. When they work up in the morning, they had a discussion that infuriated Tiwa. She carried the conversation back to his office with Genevieve present. She was standing beside Tiwa as she screamed at Adebiyi.

“Being a customer of Customtiles Limited is not a crime.” He told her.

“You think I don’t know.” She calmed down her high voice. “Okay, I know it is not a crime but we have a witness that described a Hilux Pickup. This is not a coincidence, Ade!”

“How are you so sure he is the owner of the Hilux? The Akanju’s had other sympathizers with them that day.”

“He is the owner!”

“Inform Idara to confirm that then I might talk to a judge for a warrant if I thoroughly think about it.”

Tiwa’s eyes widened. She moved a step forward. “This is unbelievable. Pastor Johnbull killed Sade.."

“And he will face the law when there is evidence for the crime.”

“Crimes!” She spat out. “He raped and killed her.”

“I know.” Adebiyi said. He maintained a calm composure. He knew she was extremely angry at him but he was right about his decision. “Find evidence or you get his son to confess.”

“How are we going to do that?”

He stayed quiet and stuck his eyes on her. She looked away from him.

“Can I say something?” Genevieve finally spoke after watching the little drama in her boss office. It was the first time she was seeing him and her partner in an argument.

“Of course!” Tiwa said. “That was why I called you into his office.” She gazed at him.

“But you didn’t give room for her to talk.” Adebiyi said, smiling.
“You kept pissing me off.”

She lifted an eyebrow and folded her hands. “Really?”

Adebiyi glanced at Genevieve. “Please, what do you have in mind?”

Tiwa sighed and bit her lower lip.

Genevieve said, “I know it will be difficult to find evidence and persuade Abraham to talk. Can’t we invite him here and question him?”

“He will definitely bring a lawyer with him and he won’t say a word.”

“I know but if he finds out we have gotten some facts about him, he could panic and make a mistake.”

“What kind of mistake?”

“What if we told him we are aware he drove his Hilux to the crime scene and repaired the tiles in his home? He may not act scared in front of us but he could do something to cover his act like checking out where he dropped her shoes which could be somewhere public. We will get someone to follow him for days. We already know he dumped Sade’s body on his own. He didn’t have an accomplice.”

“That is a good idea.” Tiwa said.

“Idara have to confirm if he has such vehicle in his residence.” Adebiyi said.

Tiwa grunted.

“I will tell her myself and before today ends, she would give us an answer.” Genevieve stated.

“Good and let me know. I want both of you to talk to Abraham again but not now. I am certain he is still upset and he wouldn’t want to talk to any of you.”

She checked her wristwatch. “I have a place to be now. I will speak with Miss. Effiong before I leave.”

“Please do.”

Genevieve nodded and faced Tiwa. “I will be driving, I will call you later.”

She smiled. “No problem.”

“I still don’t know why you don’t want to try and get a warrant.” Tiwa said the moment her partner stepped out of the office.

“If he refused, I won’t like it and if I get a warrant and don’t find anything to link pastor with Sade’s murder and rape, getting a warrant on another case will be difficult. Do you understand?”

“I am not daft, I do understand.”

Adebiyi motioned closer to her and wrapped his hand on her waist. He pushed her gently to his body. “You are very stubborn and that makes me go crazy, well, in a good way.” He winked at her.

Tiwa giggled and placed her right hand on his chest. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He put a quick peck on her lips.

“You haven’t told me what you and my dad discussed about.”

“Arrangements for our wedding,” he answered. “The next time I travel, you are coming with me.”

“Just you and I?”

“Popoola is likely to follow us.”

“It still bothers me, what about your family? I know you are an orphan without siblings but your parents didn’t fall from heaven. They must have families. What about your uncles and aunties?”

He released her and went back to sit. “I don’t have.”

She walked to his desk and put her hands on it. “You have to talk to me about them.”

“There is nothing to talk about, Tiwa.” he said slowly. “This is upsetting whenever I think about it. My mom was an only child. She lost her parents when I was a baby.”

“And your dad?”

“He didn’t talk about his family. He never took us to his village.”

“And his parents?”

“I never met them because they died a very long time ago. Satisfied?”

“I am sorry. I know you are unhappy with me for reminding you about your parents. It wasn’t intentional. I love you.”

His face brightened and he extended his hand towards her. “Come here.” Tiwa took his hand and sauntered to stay beside him. “You know I love you too.”

“I know.”

“My parent’s death is a tragic one but you in my life have changed my life. I would never have thought I would be a happy with you. I thought successful women would behave like my mom. You make me very happy and sometimes I think I don’t deserve you. I called you names before you came to live with Popoola and me. If someone had told me we would end up together as a couple, I would call it a huge lie. I hated you, Tiwa. I can’t believe I fell for you.”

She chuckled. “And you think I didn’t hate you too? I did. I once called you a commanding monkey.”

He burst out laughing! “For real?”

“I even changed your name from Adebiyi Gold to Adebiyi Goat whenever I talked about you.”

He erupted into a long laugh. He had to stand up on his feet and plant a kiss on her lips. “You are remarkable.”

“For calling you a goat?” She asked in a confused tone.

“No.” Adebiyi replied. “For making me fall in love with you.”

“And you are remarkable too.” Tiwa said.

“I know.” He kissed her again.

Oma sat inside Genevieve’s car beside the university. Earlier in the day, she called the detective to see her.

“Have you been able to talk to the girls Zach told you about?” Oma asked her.

“Not yet but I will tomorrow. I have contacted them on the phone and they are to meet me at my place of work.”

“Do you think they will talk if he ever tried to rape them?”

“I have to take that chance. I wouldn’t want them to lie but say the truth. The friend you visited at her house, did she say anything?”

“Yes.” Oma replied. “She said one of her friends went to his place and slept off after she took a drink. She woke up on his bed and didn’t remember anything that happened between them.”

“Did he drug her and rape her?”

“That is what the girl thought. She confronted him at the church and he denied it. He told her she was crazy and that she agreed to have sex with him.”

“This Jordan of a guy is delusional.” Genevieve said. “Why didn’t she confront him immediately she woke up and noticed something wasn’t right?”

“I don’t really know until you talk to her personally.” She gave her a piece of paper. “That is her number and name. She might get upset that my friend told me. Please, don’t mention my name.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry Oma, I will do everything I can to make Jordan pay for what he has been doing to women.”

“He might still be doing it.”

“That is possible. I will call you if I need you.”

Oma smiled. “Thanks.” She opened the door, shut it and Genevieve drove away.

During lunch break at the school, Justine sat beside Zach at the cafeteria. He was eating and he smiled widely at her when he gazed at her direction.

“I saw you with Abraham.” Zach said to her. “Are you still toasting him?”

She frowned. “No. I told him I wanted us to be close but he didn’t say anything.”

“Did you tell him you are sorry about Sade’s death?”

“And how is that my business, was I the one that killed her?”

He shook his head sorrowfully and stopped eating. “If you really want to get close to Abraham, you need to start acting nice and pretend to be sorry about the death of his best friend.”

“I don’t want to be his close friend,” Justine said. “I want to be his girlfriend.”

Zach laughed. “At your age, you should be thinking of reading your books for exam.”

She hissed. “Why were you talking with a detective at the church?”

He looked at her stunned. “You saw us?”


“Well, you know how these detectives behave; they want to know everything that happens in someone’s life.”

“What did she want to know?” Justine asked.

Zach cleared his throat, thinking of a lie. “You should know she is investigating the death of Sade.”

“Why will she be asking you about Sade?”

“I don’t know! She thought I was her secret boyfriend.”

“Sade had a secret boyfriend?” She asked shocked.

“I really don’t know.”

“But I saw you writing something on a piece of paper and you handed over it to her.”

Zach coughed. “I gave her the phone numbers of my parents.”

 “Oh. That’s okay.” Justine smiled.

Genevieve came back to the office and saw Leroy coming out from his office. He was looking cheerful. They shook hands and smiled at each other.

“You look happy today.” Genevieve said to him.

He dipped his hands into his pockets of his trousers. “Yes I am. I have been able to locate the boy. He was two streets away from his home and he is alive.”

“That is cool! What really happened?”

“After searching everywhere, I decided to check the streets close to his house. I asked some area boys around the vicinity and one of them said he saw him. I checked the particular street and he was there sitting on the floor looking hungry and dirty. He ran away from home because his parents wouldn’t agree to buy a dog for him on his next birthday.”

“Can you imagine what he put his parents through because of that? How old is he?”

“He will be eleven years old next week.”

“I’m glad he is okay.”

“Me too.”

Leroy sighed. “Is there any new details about Sade’s murderer?”

“We are close to getting evidence to arrest her killer and rapist but that is what I can tell you for now."

"No problem."

She went over to Idara’s desk. The computer literate looked up and smiled.

“Welcome back detective Genevieve,” she said with a cheerful smile. “I was waiting for you.”

“Is Pastor Johnbull the owner of the Hilux?”



“You are welcome.”

As she made a move to leave, she saw some photos on the left side of the table. She looked at Idara before picking them up. “Why are you with these photos?”

“I asked Mr. Gold for permission to print out the photos of the people involved in Sade’s life including the suspects.”

“How did you get them?”

“I went to their social accounts. I spoke with detective Tiwa about it and what I intend to do with them. She said I have to talk to you about it too.”

“And what is it?”

“Detective Tiwa already gave me details about the investigation so far. I planned to take the pictures to the neighborhood of the pastor in case someone recognized anyone driving the Hilux on the day Sade died.”

“But the pastor owns it. He should be the one driving it.”

“When I told your partner about it, she took the pastor’s picture and came back.”

“Where did she take it to?”

“Detective Genevieve!” Tiwa said and grandly walked to stand in front of her. “When did you get back?”

“Few minutes ago.”

She looked at Idara. “Have you told her?”

“Not yet ma. I was about to tell her when you called her name.”

“What is going on?” Genevieve asked Tiwa.

“I went to meet the corn seller and showed her pastor Johnbull’s picture in case she could identify him. She wasn’t but she said the person that drove the Hilux looks taller than the pastor.”

She searched for the photo to look at it one more time. The pastor was standing outside his church. It was a full photograph of him. 

 “You mean she thinks he wasn’t the one that dumped the body?”

“Yes but I still believe the pastor is the rapist and killer.”

“I didn’t see a gateman when I waited outside his house except those men that worked for Customtiles Limited. It’s certainly not Abraham because his father is taller than him.”

“The pastor has many employees that are willing to do anything for him.”

“What about the handsome assistant pastor you told me about?” Idara asked Tiwa.

“On the day Sade died, Abraham said he went over to the assistant pastor’s house but didn’t find him there.”

“We haven’t questioned him about his whereabouts the day Sade was raped and killed." Genevieve said.

Tiwa glanced at Idara. “As from tomorrow, take the photographs around and ask questions.”

“Yes ma.”

“That is a good idea.” Genevieve said.

Tiwa took her by her left arm and whisked her away from the desk. “I want us to carry out your idea too. I want the pastor to know we are investigating him. I know you just came back and probably tired and hungry…”

“I have eaten.”

She looked at the wall clock and said. “It’s close to four. I wanted us to see Pastor Simon. I called him on the phone and he is expecting us at his office in his church anytime from now.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I will brief you in the car.”

Tiwa drove to the church and a man led them into his office. The man left and the detectives greeted the pastor. He answered and remained seated. Genevieve and Tiwa decided to stay on their feet.

“What can I do for you?” He asked.

Tiwa spoke. “I know you said you and your son was at home during the time Sade died but you never mentioned you molested her whenever she visited you.”

“What!” He rose. “What is the meaning of this?”

“We are not here for questions and we know you won’t give us answers. Sade was raped and killed by you, we might not have evidence now but we will get it and people will know you are a fraud and molester.”

He stared at them dumbfounded.

“How could you?” Genevieve asked.

He swallowed. “I am innocent of your accusations. Get out!”

“You repaired the tiles you damaged at your house. You have a white Hilux. I know you kept Sade there before you dumped her body."

He was fuming in anger. “I said get out!”

Tiwa and Genevieve left his office without saying a word.

“So what’s next?” Genevieve asked Tiwa after they came out of the church.

Tiwa answered. “I have sent the home address of the pastor to detectiv He will stay there and watch the pastor when he arrives. We will wait in the car and follow him anywhere he goes to, let us see where he goes from here.”

Few minutes later, Genevieve and Tiwa sighted Pastor Simon Johnbull rushing towards his car. He appeared to be in a hurry.

To be continued… Wednesday or Thursday


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