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Episode 4

Title of Episode 5: Twist and Turn
Peter walked to the counter of the male secretary and asked for Idara Effiong. He pointed at her desk and Peter moved towards her. She was pressing her laptop and noticed eyes were on her. She raised her head up and flashed a smile.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“You must be the lady with the voice I complained of. Detective Tiwa and Genevieve sent me to you.” He was noticeably in an unhappy mood.

Idara gave him a look and stood on her feet. “Barrister Peter Harold?” 


“What about my voice?”

“It’s irrelevant. I was told you can write fast.”

“I type and write fast.”

“I need your fucking assistant in court on Monday.” 

Her eyebrows heaved upward and a surprised look covered her face.  He took note of her expression.

“What?” Peter asked.


“Now listen carefully what I am about to fucking tell you.”

“Yes sir.” Idara said. 

Tiwa looked at Genevieve. “I don’t think he wants us to know who this Whiskey is. We don’t even know her real names.”

“We might get answers from the Company.”

“The Company?”

“The Company owned by Peter’s uncle.”

“That is true.”

Adebiyi heaved a sigh, motioned towards his wing-chair and sat. “I think you shouldn’t bother to find out about her.” They turned to his direction and he focused his eyes on Tiwa. “Barrister Peter wants you to back off.”

“I would have backed off if he told us who she was to him. How can someone bear Whiskey and he involved her in our investigation. I think me and my partner has every right to know her. We deserve to know. He can’t keep us in the dark because he is a barrister.”

“That is true.” Genevieve said. “Mrs. Rebecca involved only three of us. Why should he add a fourth person without her permission.”

“He has every right to involve anyone that can find Solomon.” Adebiyi said.

“I agree, but someone that works for him officially. If she was working for him, he would willingly tell us who exactly she is and she won’t be bearing Whiskey, but her real names.” 

Adebiyi relaxed his back on the chair and rubbed his chin gently. “I am not going to force both of you not to do it. Please, be careful.”

“We will.” Tiwa smiled and her phone rang. She took it from the pocket of her trousers and answered the unfamiliar number. “Hello.” She listened. “Yes, this is detective Tiwa.” After listening for a minute, she smiled again. “I will appreciate that. I will be expecting the name of your home address, thanks.” 
Genevieve gave her an interested look. 
“See you soon.” Tiwa ended the call and looked at her partner. “That was Josiah’s ex fiancé. The woman he pushed out of his house. She is ready to see us and answer the questions we have for her.”

“I hope her answers will be of help.”

“I hope so too.” Her phone beeped, she glanced at it and read the message. “I have the address. Let us go.” She stared at Adebiyi. “I will see you at home.”

“Be careful.”

“I will.”

As they approached their vehicle, Omoni called their names. They halted and turned back to face her. She walked faster to meet them. 

“I went to your offices to check to look for the two of you. Idara told me I would see both of you here. None of you came to ask of me.”

“We have been busy, doc.” Genevieve said. “The victim in the case has been buried, that is why you have no body to examine.”

“I felt left out before, now I understand. But isn’t it strange the victim has been buried?”

Tiwa had a thoughtful appearance on her face as Genevieve spoke to Omoni.

“He was a Muslim.” 

She gave an understanding nod. “Okay.”

“The friend of the victim, Brown Smith was arrested for his murder. We believe he is innocent and some people framed him up for it.” Genevieve explained to the doctor.

“I only hope the truth comes out before it is too late.”

Tiwa focused her gaze on Omoni. “We understand that the victim was drugged before he slept off, same goes for Mr. Brown Smith. The result of the autopsy revealed Clement Nzeribe had a sedative in his system. We have no idea of the result of Mr. Brown.”

“What do you want me to do?” Omoni questioned her. 

“I will send officer Lanre tomorrow to the officer that was in charge to get the name of the hospital that carried out the test. You can help us get the result of Brown Smith. I don’t know if you have contacts with people in your area of specialization.”

“Yes, I do. It depends on the hospital, but as long as I know the hospital, I will have contacts there. Just get the name and get back to me. I hope I will be of help.”

“I will let you know. We should be leaving now.”

“That’s okay.” 

Tiwa drove the moment they hopped into the car. It took them thirty minutes to get to the abode of the woman. It was a small apartment. The woman was already waiting for them at her doorstep. The time they saw her, she had a weave on. This time, she was on low cut. Tiwa and Genevieve followed her inside. Her small living room was neat, but it smelled of booze. Her eyes were red and her cheeks had turned puffy. It was noticeable because she was light in skin.

“Please, sit down.” She told the detectives.

They thanked her and sat. She remained on her feet and introduced herself as Brenda. She started to pace and scratch her head. 

“Are you okay?” Tiwa asked. “You called me.”

“I know.” Brenda answered without looking at her. “Clement was a good man. I was shocked when I heard he died. I met Brown twice. I doubt it, he couldn’t have killed Clement.”

“Why vouch for him?”

“The period I was in their midst, Brown was always advising Clement to stop depending on his father and his mother too. Brown was more concerned about Clement welfare.”

“We never met his mom when we went to see his father.”

“I attended Clément’s burial. I overheard her telling her personal assistant to book a flight for her to join her other sons abroad. I think Clement was her favorite. He was her last born too. She was really devastated about his demise.”

“Clement’s brothers did not attend his funeral?”

“No. Maybe they were busy, but I am sure they will appear in court. Clement was the only child of Nzeribe that never wanted to live outside Nigeria.”  

“How many brothers does he have?” Genevieve asked.
“I have no idea. Ask Brown, maybe he knows.”

“Who do you think killed Clement?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think Josiah might be involved in the death of Clement?” Tiwa enquired.

Brenda gazed at her. “I prefer you call him ‘my ex fiancé’. I don’t want to hear his name.”


The detectives waited for an answer, but she kept quiet.

“We don’t want you to answer the question based on your ill-fated relationship with your ex fiancé.” Genevieve spoke up. “Do you think he is capable of murder?”
She sat down opposite them. “For what he did to me, he is capable of anything! I trusted him and thought we were going to be together forever. My ex proposed to me last year and we planned to get married two months ago. Clement was happy for us, he promised to assist us with money when the time comes. Few weeks to our wedding, things started to get bad. My ex lost his money to Ponzi scheme. He said he didn’t have money for the wedding anymore and that I should endure until he got back on his feet. Before I knew what was happening, he started to avoid me. Clement spoke to him on my behalf, but it didn’t work. I decided to give him time to focus on his business. Nothing changed. On the 22nd of this month, he broke up with me in the presence of his new girlfriend. He came with a brand new car!”
“A new car?”


“How did he get the money for the car, I thought he was broke.”

“Not anymore. I have no idea how he got the money.”

“I didn’t notice a new car in his compound.” Tiwa said.

“You might not have taken note because he covered it.” Brenda said to her.

"When exactly was Clement buried?"

"On 20th."

They acted stunned.

"Your fiancé bought a car after Clement was buried?"

"I think so."

"His girlfriend went for shopping too. That means he has money.”

"Yes!" She burst into tears and covered her face. “I loved him, I still do, but I am not a fool for love.” She wiped the tears with the back of her hands. She looked at Tiwa and Genevieve. “I heard the case in court will be starting on Monday. I am ready to do anything you want.”

“We will get back to you if we need you.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Before Clement died, did he ever had any misunderstanding with your ex?”

The gaze she had on her face did not change.  Brenda swallowed, cleared her throat and looked down on the floor. She was sniffing her nose as if she wanted to cry. She was playing with her fingers.

“Brenda.” Tiwa called her name.

She stared at her. “My ex once accused Clement of sleeping with me. Yes, its true. It happened a long time ago, before he proposed. Although, Clement denied it, but I don’t know if my ex believed him.”

“Thank you for telling us.” Tiwa rose and Genevieve did too.

“We appreciate it.” Genevieve told her.

“I hope you catch the real killer that shot Clement. Despite he was from a wealthy home, he was down to earth.” Brenda said as she walked with them to the car. “Please, don’t forget to call me if you need anything.”

“We won’t forget. Thanks.” 

“You are welcome.” 

Genevieve entered into the passenger’s seat and Tiwa being the driver drove away in speed.

In the evening, Peter left his house after Whiskey called him to meet her somewhere. He got there and parked in front of a building she described for him. He had never been there before. As he was about to call her phone to tell her he was outside, he saw her coming out from the place. She was holding a file.

She was dressed in a jean jumpsuit. Her hair was in a mess and the moment she entered into his car, he held his nose mildly. He lowered the four windows of his vehicle.
“Fuck you, Whiskey, fuck you!” 

She looked at him surprised and erupted into a long laugh. “Fuck you too. You better get used to it as long as you are coming to see me.”

He freed his nose and glared into her eyes. “What the fuck happened? Can you change and be the woman I used to know? What did I do wrong? Was it a crime to…”

“Oh, please! Peter, this is not about you. My way of life is my choice, the better for you to accept it now or leave me in peace.”

“You are not in peace! You are in a fucking crisis! By the way…” He pointed at the building. “Who is the owner of this fucking house?”

“None of your business.” She replied him in a calm voice. 

“It is my fucking business, Anita, it is my damn fucking business. I care!”

“I don’t need you to care, Peter. I am tired of you judging me.”

“I have never judged you, I only want to fucking help you!”

“The only way you can help me is this.” She raised the file in her hand and extended it to him.

“What the heavenly fuck is this?” Peter asked Whiskey with an irritated expression on his handsome face.

“You do not need to pretend,” she said with the file still hanging in her hand. “You know what it is. Take it and sign it.”

He frowned at her.  “I can’t sign it. The detectives in charge of the case I am working on might start digging to find out about you. How would they feel if they know my relationship with you? Don’t you think they would lose the respect they have for me?”

“I don’t care.” She put the file on her laps. “You are ashamed because I am a drug addict. It is my life and not yours. Peter, you have tried for me. I love my life.”

“You don’t love your life because if you do, your life won’t be fucked up. You won’t hangout with drug dealers and change your name to fucking Whiskey! And I am not ashamed because you have become a fucking messed-up drug addict; I am concerned because I wasn’t strong enough to stop you when you started taking hard drugs!”

She touched his hand. “You are a strong man, Peter Harold. I know those detectives might not like your person, but with time, they will realize you are a good man and a friend they can rely on at any time.” She smiled and took her hand off him.

“Then why can’t you listen to me?”

Whiskey said softly. “I don’t know and I want you to forgive me.”

Peter sighed and shook his head sadly. “I do not have the fucking time to talk about you. What do you have for me concerning the whereabouts of the fucked up asshole called Solomon?”

“You mentioned the victim was killed on the 17th. I found out that Solomon’s mom parked out of her house two days before. Skeleton was helpful. He knew the woman’s son I spoke with. They smoke together once in a while.”

“How does that help my fucking case?”

"They guy said his mom is still in contact with Solomon’s mom. He will help us find her new location, but he will have to do it carefully so that his mother will not suspect he is finding such information for me. When I have the address, I will give you and still check up on her.”

“Don’t check up on her, I or the detectives will speak with her. Skeleton’s fucking friend should be fast about it.”

“Whatever you say,” She said. I am still searching for Solomon, don’t worry, I will find him.”

"I hope you do."

"It seems we are not the only one looking for Solomon."

"Why did you say so?"

"Two men has been snooping around the area too, asking people if they had seen Solomon."

He was confused. "Did Solomon rum away from the people or someone that killed Clement?"

"Are you asking me because I have no idea?"

He heaved a sigh loudly and looked at his wheel steering. 

“Is any of the detectives single?”
He gave her a look. “No. Why the fucking fuck did you ask?”

“I thought one of them is single. I think you should start dating, Peter. You need a woman in your life.”

Peter was silent for a moment, closed his eyes and opened them. “Get the fuck out of my car.”

Whiskey hissed. “I think you didn’t take your meds before you came.”

His eyes turned red. “I said get your fucking ass out of my fucking car!”

She rushed out and hiked towards his side. She dropped the file on his laps. Peter quickly carried it and threw it out. Whiskey wasn’t happy. She carefully arranged the sheets that flew from the file back inside. She walked into the building.
Rebecca was leaving the hospital when she received an international call.

“Hello.” Rebecca said.

“It’s me.”

She recognized the voice and smiled. “How are you, Quinn?”
“I should be the one asking you that. How is Brown doing?”
“He still in prison.”

“Oh my God! I am very sorry! If only I told you not to come to South Africa with your children, I am sure Brown won’t have left you at home.”

“It’s doesn’t change anything my friend. I can never blame you. His case in court is starting on Monday.”

“If I can’t make it on Monday, I will be there before weekend. I have to be there for you.”

“Quinn, please, don’t risk it. Don’t forget you are a known face and your sexuality…”

“Forget about that. It does not work that way. Bisi Alimi has been to Nigeria twice or more and no one has arrested him. You think I have not heard about Bobrisky? Nothing has been done about him. I will come to Nigeria and stay by your side.”

“Dabota will be with me.”

“I totally forgot! How is your dad?”

“He is doing better.”

“And Dabota?”

“She is a good stepmother.”

Quinn laughed over the phone. “I really miss her loud mouth. See you soon, Rebecca.”

“My regards to your wife.”


Rebecca ended the call and marched towards her car. 


The next day, Lanre got the name of the hospital and sent it to Tiwa. She spoke with Omoni about it. She had a friend working as a doctor there and she promised to get back to Tiwa as soon as she got a feedback.
On Sunday, in a bar, Peter sat beside the window side. He stared outside to watch people and cars pass along the road.  
Tiwa and Genevieve arrived together. They met Peter and sat opposite him. It was the first time seeing him without a suit. He was looking younger and friendly. He had this glow in his eyes and he called a waiter to serve them a bottle of champagne. 

“Peter, do you need anything else?” Peter asked them.

They shook their heads. The waiter left and Peter placed a jotter and a pen on the table.

“Let’s begin.” He said with a smile on his face. “What do you have for me?”

Genevieve narrated their interaction with Brenda.  Tiwa told him they were waiting for a feedback from Omoni.

“That is fucking good. At least we are getting to somewhere. I don’t know where Solomon is for now, but today, I got the new address of where his mother lives. After we leave the court tomorrow, both of you should see her.” He extended a paper to Tiwa and she took it. The waiter came with the champagne and three glasses. He wanted to open it.

“You can leave it.” Peter told him. He opened the wine himyself and poured some into the glass cups.

“If Josiah was broke before the death of Clement, how come he had money to buy a new car after the death of Clement?” Peter asked and drank from his wine.

“I find it strange.” Tiwa said.

“Maybe he was bribed.”

“Exactly,” Peter said. “If he was bribed, Chucks, Alabi and even Solomon were bribed too. The question is, who bribed them to kill Clement and frame my client?”

The ringing tone of Tiwa’s phone erupt their conversation. She glanced at her phone.
She looked at Genevieve. “It’s doctor Omoni. Maybe she has good news for us.”

“I think you should put it on loud speaker.” Genevieve said.

She answered the call,  did exactly what her partner told her and dropped the phone on the table. “Doctor Omoni, good evening.”

“Good evening Tiwa. I gave the name of Brown Smith to my friend. There is good and bad news.”

The three of them gazed at each other before Tiwa questioned her. “What is it?”

"Which one do you want first?”

Peter quickly whispered to Tiwa. “The good news.”

Tiwa looked at her phone. “I want the bad news first.”

He smiled at her and shook his head.

“Doctor Daniel checked the lab and did not find the result of the blood test of Brown Smith. He found only the result of the victim. He will give me a copy. When he asked for the lab specialist that did the test, he was told she resigned.”

“She resigned?”


“To where?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can you confirm what her name is?”

“I will do that tomorrow morning.”

“What is the good news?” Peter quickly asked.

“Who is that?” Omoni asked in a surprised voice.

“I am Peter Harold. I am the fucking attorney in charge of the case.”

“Did you say fucking?”

“Yes, I did darling."

Genevieve and Tiwa exchanged glance and returned their eyes on him.

“What is the fucking good news?” He questioned her again.

“Oh! The good news is there is a sample of Brown Smith’s blood. I don’t think the laboratory specialist knew one of the nurses stored his blood into two vessels. I will be getting his blood tomorrow and I can do my test and confirm if Brown was truly drugged.”

“That is fucking good!” Peter said excitedly. “I owe you a fucking hug! If it is true the same sedative found in the victim was seen in Brown’s Smith blood, then I have a good question to ask in court. How was it possible for someone that was drugged shoot the victim? Can a drugged person commit a murder? That is totally impossible.”

Tiwa and Genevieve nodded in agreement with a smile on their lips.

“How early can I get the result?” Peter asked Omoni.

“I am sorry,” she said. “It won’t be possible tomorrow.”

He heaved a sigh. “I think I will keep my hug.”

Omoni laughed. “I think I like you, Peter Harold.”

“Thanks doc. I don’t have to make use of the result tomorrow. I am glad we have a sample of his blood. Take care.”

“Please, don’t forget to get the name of the lab tech.” Genevieve said.

“I won’t.”

"See you tomorrow." Tiwa ended the call. 

Tiwa and Genevieve watched how Peter emptied the bottle of Champagne and requested for another bottle. 

Peter grinned at them and spoke. "Now, let us talk more about the fucking case. I can't wait to show both of you my talent in court."

To be continued…..


  1. This is getting interesting.Was thinking you will post two episode back to back to compensate for the break. Great job ma.

  2. Well done dear! The story just keeps getting better. I really can't wait for more.


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