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Episode 5
Episode 6 Title: Complicated.
Genevieve leaned forward and placed her right elbow on the table. “In as much as I want you to win this case, sometimes I wish…”

“Hey, pause it there.” He said, still smiling. “Don’t wish me bad in this case. Some fucking wishes do come true.”

“Are you scared you might turn out to be a scam?” Tiwa asked him.
This time, he laughed hard. “Ask about me, I know how to handle my job. I didn’t become a lawyer to always wear a fucking suit to my chambers.”

“Why did you become a lawyer?”

The cheerfulness in his face vanished totally. “My father was murdered. I was fifteen. In court, the person presumed to have killed him walked away with a fucking smile on his fucking ugly face. His lawyer won the case for him. Luckily for the son of a fucking ass-shit, my uncle, the owner of Harold’s Company shot the asshole dead.”

Their eyes pooped out and their mouths opened.

“Luckily for him?” Genevieve asked in a confused tone.

“Oh yes. My uncle simply called him for dinner only for him to come after him with a knife and my uncle defended himself. My uncle’s lawyer won the case. I was in court beside my mother. That day, I was inspired. I wanted to be like that lawyer. He is currently a fucking judge." He smiled brightly.

“Did you believe your uncle called him for dinner in his home?” Tiwa questioned him.

“I believed what he told me.”

“What did you truly believe?” Genevieve asked.

“I believed justice was served.” Peter Harold smiled widely. “Can we talk about Clement’s murder?”

The three of them drank and talked about the case. Tiwa glanced again at the address on the paper and wore a questionable look on her face.

“I have never heard of such area here in Abuja.” She looked at Genevieve and extended the paper to her. “Have you?”

“You are asking the wrong person.” She took it and read it. “I know few places, but I have never heard of such place.”

Tiwa and Genevieve looked at him at the same time.

“Am I in trouble?” He asked.

“Can you describe the place for us?”

“It’s not in Abuja. Both of you have to go to Kano.”

They acted stunned.         

“You want us to go to Kano?” Tiwa asked in annoyance. “You never said anything about it until we asked a question about the place.”

“But it’s not far from Abuja.”

“Then go yourself!” Genevieve threw the paper on the table.

“This is not about me. I know if I was in Brown Smith’s shoes, you won’t help because you do not give a fuck about me. Do this for him and his wife. Both of you are the best candidates to find this woman and question her about her fucking son.”

“Why can’t Whiskey find and question her herself?”

“She is a not a fucking detective. Why do you guys hate me so much?”

“We don’t hate you,” Tiwa said. “We only want you to be straight forward with us. Do not keep things away from us and don’t…”

“What the fuck!” Peter’s eyes were on the entrance. He rose and before he could race to the door, she staggered as she approached the table. “What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

Whiskey wasn’t looking presentable at all. When he met her in the afternoon to get the address, she looked neat and pretty, but now, she looked frowzy and dirty. She was oozing of weed and the size of her eyeballs was smaller. Genevieve and Tiwa focused their astounded faces on her.

“How can you ask me how did I find you?” She asked him. “Is this not where you like to hangout on Sunday?”

“What gave you the fucking right to barge in here without informing me at first? I am in a meeting.”

Whiskey looked at the detectives and stretched her right hand towards them. “Hello. I am Whiskey and…”

“Come here!” He gripped her hand and whisked her outside. He released her hand. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I came to ask you for money.”

Genevieve and Tiwa watched them from the window. They were unable to hear their conversation.

“Why didn’t you ask me when we met in the fucking afternoon?!” He barked at her.

“You are raising your voice at me!”

“I fuck I will. You are fucking annoying, I need to take you home.”

“I can find my way home. I just need some money.”

Peter shook his head. “I will take you home. Wait here.” He was walking away, then halted and turned to look at her face. “You look messy. You better get your shit together before I stop giving a fuck about you.”

“Fuck you, Peter, I don’t need you to care about me anymore.”

He neglected her, walked into the bar, and informed the partners he was leaving. “I am sorry; we have to end this now. We will talk tomorrow in court.”
They noticed he was unhappy and the reason was obviously the woman named Whiskey.

“Will both of you still check on Solomon’s mom?”

Genevieve scratched the back of her neck and Tiwa responded.

“We will check on her.”

“Thanks.” He managed to smile. “See you tomorrow.”

Peter picked up his things on the table, took a few steps away and stared at them. “I hope some someday you would see me as a fucking friend. I am not a bad person.” He walked over to a waiter, paid the bills and marched out.

“I can’t believe that is the Whiskey we are eager to know about.” Genevieve said to Tiwa.

“Me too,” She glanced at her wristwatch. “We should finish the drink and go home.”


The next day, everyone expected to be at the court arrived at 10am. Adebiyi drove Tiwa there and Genevieve and Quincy came together. When Peter came out from his car, people took note of him. He wore a dashing suit with designer glasses that covered his eyes. The partners and their husbands met Peter outside the courtroom and acknowledged them.

When it got to 11am, the couples followed Peter inside. Genevieve and Tiwa sat together and their husbands were at their back. Idara came in with plain sheet of papers and a pen. She greeted Peter and went to sit down two seats behind him. The police brought Brown Smith in his green jumpsuit. His wrists were free from handcuffs. Rebecca called his name and he smiled at her. Brown sat beside Peter and they shook hands. The father of Clement scornfully looked at Brown. Two men in black suit and a woman sat in the same seat with him.


Everyone rose as the judge walked inside and assembled on her respective chair. The jury sat down, including everybody inside the courtroom.

Judge Abigail Osunde looked at Peter Harold and Chidi Eze. “Let us proceed.”

Barrister Chidi stood up. His junior colleague, Benita, sat closer to him and glanced at Peter. He looked back at her and the moment Chidi rose, she gave him a paper, which he collected and read through before he placed it on the table.

“I will like to call on the victim’s friend, Chucks to the stand."

Chucks came forward and sat there. The registrar read him the oath of affirmation. Peter turned back and gazed at Idara. She gave him a nod.

“Can you tell the court the relationship between you and Clement?” Chidi questioned Chucks.

“Yes. Clement and I were close friends and we never had issues.”

“Can you briefly tell the court what happened on the day the victim was murdered?”

“Yes. Clement invited me and my other friends for drinks at his house. On that day, I came with Josiah and Alabi.”

“You drove?”

“Yes. I drove my car.”

“Who came to the house on his own?”

Chucks pointed at Brown. “Brown Smith,” he dropped his hand on his lap and gazed at the lawyer. “And another of our friend named Solomon.”

“Where is this Solomon?”

“I have not seen him after he left the house on the day Clement was killed.”

“Solomon left before you and your friends?”


Peter turned to look at Idara and saw her writing. He glanced back at his opponent.

“Do you think Brown Smith is capable of murdering Clement Nzeribe?” Chidi continued with his questions.


Peter stayed quiet. Barrister Chidi Eze took a quick glimpse at him and back at Chucks. Genevieve and Tiwa looked at each other surprised.

“Can you tell the court why you think Brown Smith is capable of murder?”

Brown gestured closer to Peter and whispered. “Are you really going to allow him answer that question?”

“Yes.” He replied without making eye contact.

“Brown Smith has a hot temper,” Chucks said. “He can say anything whenever he is angry. In the heat of a quarrel, he told Clement he was going to beat him up and he won’t be able to lift himself up. I am sure you know what that means. For someone not to be able to lift himself up means he is no more.”

“I can’t believe this.” Brown said to himself and shook his head. Peter heard him and remained quiet. “This is wrong. I can’t believe Chucks can say this in front of me.”

”That will be all, your honor.” Chidi said to the Judge and returned to his seat.
“Any questions for him?” The judge asked Peter.

“No, your honor.”

Brown Smith opened his mouth wide. The partners and their spouses stared at him shocked. Chidi looked at Peter in amazement.

“What.” Rebecca muttered. “What is this man doing?”

Chucks left to his seat and Chidi called Josiah to the stand.

“Mr. Josiah, please, kindly tell the jury your relationship between you and Clement Nzeribe.”

“Clement and I were close friends. We never quarreled.”

“Can you briefly tell the court what happened on the day the victim was murdered?”

“Yes, I can. Clement invited my friends and me to his house for drinks. I came with Chucks and Alabi on that day.”

“To clarify what Mr. Chucks told the court, who drove alone to the house?”

“Brown and another friend of ours named Solomon.” Josiah replied.

“Do you have any idea where Solomon is right now?”

“No. I have not seen him after he left the house on the day Brown killed Clement.”

“That means you think Brown Smith is capable of murdering Clement Nzeribe?”


“Can you tell the court why you think Brown Smith is capable of murder?”

“I was there the day Brown told Clement he was going to beat him and he won’t be able to lift himself up.”

“That will be all, your honor.” Chidi informed the judge.

The judge looked over at Peter who was already staring at her.

“No questions for him, your honor.” He told her.

Josiah went back to sit with his friends.

“What do you think you are doing?” Brown asked Peter in an angered tone.

“Barrister Harold and barrister Chidi,” The judge said. “Please, come forward."

Rebecca looked at Brown and she could see the sadness and fear in his eyes. What has she done? Was Peter Harold the wrong attorney for the case? She questioned herself.

“Do you think Peter Harold is doing the right thing?” Genevieve asked Tiwa.

“I have no idea. Maybe we should wait and see how today ends, then we will know if he is a charge and bail lawyer or not. I don’t see why he didn’t object when the other barrister asked them if they knew Brown was capable of murder. He wasn’t supposed to allow Chucks or Josiah answer such a ridiculous question.”

They approached the Judge and she leaned closer to Peter’s side. “What do you think you are doing? Are you here to act as a lawyer or behave like a statue?”

“I am here to act as a lawyer, your honor.” He answered.

“This is intolerable. You are not an actor for us to watch you sit on your chair and do nothing to defend your client. I thought you said he was innocent of the crime.”

“He is innocent, your honor.”

“So tell me what you are doing.”

“I am doing my job. I simply don’t have questions for them.”

Judge Osunde glared at Chidi. “Barrister, are you secretly working alongside with Peter Harold because I do not understand why he shouldn’t object to some of your questions.”

“I am surprised at him too. Maybe he has no solid proof that Brown Smith didn’t kill his friend.”

Peter frowned at him. “He did not kill Clement Nzeribe.”

“Then prove it to me and the jury.” The Judge said. “You may go.”

They nodded, left and Peter sat on his chair. Chidi called Alabi. The registrar read the oath of affirmation to Alabi before the lawyer proceeded with his questions.

“I understand that you are also a friend to the victim. Is that correct?”

Alabi cleared his throat before he answered. “Yes.”

“Mr. Chucks and Mr. Josiah believed Brown Smith is capable of murder, do you also believe that?”


“That means you were there when the murder suspect threatened to beat up Clement Nzeribe?”

“I was there and there were other times Brown got angry with Clement and insulted him. Mere looking at the eyes of Brown, you can tell he is capable of doing anything, including murder.”

Brown covered his face the moment he knew his lawyer wasn’t going to oppose to such accusations. Peter wrote down on his notepad, relaxed his left hand under his jaw and continued to listen.

“Do you know where your friend, Solomon is?”


Barrister Chidi looked at the judge. “That will be all, your honor.” He returned to his armchair.

The judge glanced over at Peter Harold. “Do you have questions for him?”
“Yes, your honor.”

Finally.” She murmured, rolled her eyeballs before focusing her gaze on the attorney.

Idara quickly rose, walked to the entrance and Tiwa and Genevieve watched her walk outside the door. They exchanged glances and stared at Peter. Peter Harold stood, turned back, and smiled before he proceeded to stand in front of Alabi. He glanced over at the other lawyer and saw Benita shove a piece of paper into his hands again. He glared at Alabi.

“How long have you known your friends, Mr. Chucks and Mr. Josiah?”
“Since when I was a little kid,” he replied. “We were childhood friends.”
“What about Clement Nzeribe?”

“I knew him through Chucks. I think it was eight years ago and the five of us became inseparable.”

Peter lifted his left eyebrow and touched his tie stylishly. “Five? Can you reveal the five names?”

Alabi shrugged, looked at the side where his friends sat and back at Peter. “Yes, I can. That is myself, Chucks, Josiah, Solomon and Clement.”
Peter pointed at Brown. “Are you saying Brown Smith is not among?” He dropped his hand.

“We knew him through Clement.”

“I didn’t ask you how you got to know him. Didn’t you consider Brown Smith a friend?”

“He was the friend of my friend, so I guess I could call him a friend, but we were not close before the death of Clement.”

“If you never really considered him as a close friend, why did you visit Brown twice? You are the only one that did that among your other friends.”


“Objection your honor,” Chidi said while seated. “Mr. Alabi has everything right not to respond to that question. His answer cannot guarantee the mystery behind the murder of the deceased.”

“I quite agree, but I will like Mr. Alabi to answer.” Judge Abigail Osunde said.

Alabi saw all eyes on him. He sniffed his nose and cleared his throat. “I visited him twice to look at him in the eyes and know if he was truly the killer.”

“And what was your conclusion?” Peter questioned Alabi.

“I am certain he killed Clement.”

“Just by looking into his eyes?”

“The expression in his eyes he normally used to look at Clement when he was angry at him was what I saw. I stopped going there after the second visit.”

“You are a manager of a bank, right?”


“Do you have a degree in Psychology?”

Alabi gave a double look. “Not at all.”

“Do you even know what it means?"

“I think it is to study human behavior. I don’t really know anything about it.”

“What about Criminology?”

“No. I read accounting.”

“That is only what you read?”


“So how come you were able to detect what Brown could do by looking into his eyes.”

He appeared muddled with the appearance on his face. “I…”

“Do you have any idea how you can look at somebody and be able to tell he or she can commit murder?”

“Objection, your honor!” Chidi stated. “I oppose to such question. My client has every right not to answer that question.”

“Objection overruled.” The judge said and spoke to Alabi. “We are waiting for your answer.”

“I didn’t say I can,” Alabi said. “I just felt Brown was capable of murder because of the way he normally look at Clement when he was angry at him.”

“Can you describe the look?”

“Yes, I can.” Alabi gave a scornful look at Peter and pointed at his own face. “That is the kind of look.”

“If you are able to look at me with those scary eyes of yours, that means you are capable of killing me, is that correct?”

“Objection your honor!” Chidi yelled.

“Objection overruled barrister Chidi.” Judge Abigail said to him.  “You didn’t object it when your clients mentioned Mr. Smith was capable of killing Clement Nzeribe by looking into his eyes.” She gazed at Alabi. “Answer the question.”

Idara came through the door, marched towards Peter and handled some sheets to him. He gave her a nod and she went to sit down. Tiwa and Genevieve were curious to know the contents on the papers.

“With that look,” Alabi said to Peter. “I am not capable of killing you, barrister Harold.”

“That is the response I expected. So tell the jury, can you justify the claim yourself and your friends made concerning why you think Brown killed Clement?”

Alabi avoided looking at him. “No.”

“Good,” Peter stared at the judge. “And that is why I am going to share with you documents of the questions and answers between barrister Chidi and his clients.”

Chidi and Benita raised their eyebrows. Peter proceeded to give the Judge, barrister Chidi and his junior colleague copies of the photocopies Idara made. He handed over three copies each. Peter gave copies to a jury who looked through and passed around the others.

Peter stood in front of the Judge going through them. “I am sure you noticed the questions barrister Chidi asked Chucks, Alabi and Josiah. They are the same and their answers are alike. Isn’t it obvious it is a conspiracy against my client. Why ask the same questions and give the same answers? Brown Smith is a victim of a strategy to damage his image and punish him for a crime he never committed. I am not only going to make him a free man, but also make sure the real culprit is found and put to justice. Clement Nzeribe will not die in vain. I, barrister Peter Harold, will ask the court to discredit the false testimonies made by Chucks, Josiah and Alabi.”

“Objection, your honor!” Chidi barked.

“Objection overruled, barrister.” Judge Osunde said and stared at Peter. She removed her glasses and held onto it tightly with the tip of two fingers. “Granted, I will discredit the testimonies because I find their answers baseless with no facts and proof. Their testimonies won’t be added. They were mere assumptions and there was no prove to validate their claims.”

“Thank you, your honor.”

Chidi and Benita looked at each other with a shocked expression on their faces.
Judge Abigail added, “I will like to know why you didn’t object when barrister Chidi questioned his first witness.”

“I really had a solid reason, your honor. If I had objected to the questions of the first witness, I am certain my opponent would have changed his questions for his other witnesses. I had to wait for the third one before I could carry on with mine. I hope you understand.”

“How did you know he was going to ask them similar questions?”

“I didn’t know. I only took a risk, your honor.”

She gave a nod.

Quincy and Adebiyi became fascinated about how Peter Harold handled the case. Rebecca smiled. She never made a mistake to appoint him as her husband’s attorney. Genevieve and Tiwa were obviously pleased with Peter.

“Is there anything else before I adjourn the case?” The judge asked. “Do you have any new witness?”

Chidi shook his head. “No, your honor.”

“And you barrister Harold.”

“No more for today. I will present a witness the day we meet in court.”

“Very well then.” she said. “The case is adjourned on Thursday by 12pm.” Judge Osunde hit the gravel.

Everyone rose. Peter went over to Brown and shook hands with him. Two police officers walked forward to them and one of the officers slammed handcuffs on his wrists before pushing him away. Adebiyi and Quincy went outside. Rebecca could not get to Brown. She went over to Tiwa and Genevieve outside the courtroom. The detectives hugged her before Peter came and informed her he would do anything to set Brown free. She smiled at him and left to her car. Tiwa and Genevieve turned to him.

Peter offered a broad and bright smile. “I know you thought I was fucking going to fuck the fucking case. I know I surprised both of you. I will be meeting with Amos Kanayo and I will speak with my client before Thursday. Talk to the witness opposite the victim’s house, I want her to appear in court on Thursday.” He started to walk away from them. “See you on Wednesday evening to talk about the fucking case.”

All Tiwa and Genevieve did was smile.

The following day, Tiwa and Genevieve took a public transport to Kano. When they arrived, they boarded a taxi and gave the address to the driver. It took the cabman twenty minutes to arrive there. Genevieve took his phone number and promised to call him whenever they were through.

They approached a small house without fence or protector. It had only a small door and two wide windows in front of it. Tiwa knocked several times and received no answer. They heard a noise.

“I heard something.” Genevieve said to Tiwa. “I think the noise came from a door. Let’s check the back.”

The two of them quickly walked to the left side and as the partners stepped towards the backward, they saw an old woman running towards the bush. They raced and caught her. She began to beg them not to kill her.Genevieve covered her mouth while Tiwa whispered to her.

“We are not here to kill you. We need your help.”

With the look in the old woman’s eyes, she still appeared scared. He took Tiwa minutes before she could convince her they were detectives willing to help her, she kept quiet and took them inside her house. They asked after Solomon and she revealed she doesn’t know his whereabouts. He only called her sometimes with a private number.

“Are you saying you have no idea why he wants you to stay here and not let anyone know.” Tiwa said.

“I have no idea. Although, this is where I come from, but I was born in Lagos and brought to Abuja when I was a teenager.”

“Why didn’t you ask him why he needed you to relocate here urgently?” Genevieve asked.

“My daughter, I did. He told me he wanted me to be safe, but after I moved, four or five days later, he called and told me his life was in danger. He promised me he would be safe. He mentioned he did something terrible and he regretted it. He didn’t need the money anymore. He was crying on the phone, I did not hear everything,”

“What money?”

“I am sorry, I don’t know.” She stayed silent for few seconds and looked at their faces. “How did you find me?”

“We found you on our own.” Tiwa replied.

“Two men are looking for me. I think they are eager to know where Solomon is.”

“How did you know about the men?”

“A friend of mine told me. She said they looked dangerous. If you can find me, don’t you think they will be able to locate me?”

“I doubt, but you should tell Solomon we were here. If he is truly sorry for the awful thing he claimed he did, we need him to come out and testify in court. Clement’s killer and master minder of the assassination must be caught.”

“Clement Nzeribe?”

“Yes ma.”

“He is dead?”

Tiwa and Genevieve looked surprised.

“Yes.” Tiwa answered.“Solomon didn’t tell you?”

“No. It is unbelievable. Clement was very nice. He used to come to my house occasionally to see Solomon. I can’t believe he was killed. Is that why my son ran away?”

“We are still investigating the case.”

The woman sighed.

Tiwa and Genevieve looked at each other and stood. They advised her to always lock her doors and windows. Tiwa collected her number and gave their card to her.

“Tell your son to call us.”

“I will.”

On Wednesday evening, Tiwa and Genevieve sat close to the window side of the bar and waited for Peter Harold. A waiter was serving them wine when he walked in and sat opposite them. In his casual wear, he brought his briefcase and took out his jotter.

Genevieve handover some documents to him. “Doctor Omoni finally gave us the result of the test. Brown was definitely drugged.”

“That is fucking good news.” Peter said, turned to his right and signaled a waiter to come forward. He came and he ordered for another wine and three plates of peppered snail. He took them from her and read through. He kept the documents inside the briefcase. “I know how to go about it in that fucking court tomorrow. Your Idara sent me a text this evening that she has something to give me concerning Josiah.”

“What do you mean by your Idara?”

“Isn’t she yours? Is she mine? Let’s talk about Brown and Amos Kanayo.”

“Before you do, I will tell you about our trip to Kaduna. ” Tiwa said.

He nodded in agreement. Tiwa narrated everything.

“It seems we were right. Fucking Solomon must have killed Clement and framed Brown. Maybe he was paid and he refused the fucking money. I really do not know. This is fucking complicated because someone must have told him to do such and the woman mentioning money means a lot of money could come from a very rich and influential person to implicate Brown.”

“What about Whiskey?” Genevieve chipped in. “Any news from her concerning Solomon.”

“We spoke before I came here. She has nothing for now.”

“You told us two men dressed in a suit were also asking for the whereabouts of Solomon’s mother.” Tiwa said to Peter.

“Yes, I fucking did.” He replied.

“I saw two men with the father of Clement in court on Monday. Could they be the same men?”

Genevieve gazed at her puzzled. “Sammie Nzeribe could be looking for Solomon? Wait, is that even possible? He already believed Brown Smith killed his son."

“That is why we need to talk about Sammie’s opponent, Amos Kanayo. There is a fucking connection between him and Smith.”

The partners appeared stunned. The male waiter dropped their orders, and Peter paid before he left them. Peter poured himself some wine and ate part of his snails.

“Do they know each other?” Tiwa asked.

Peter digested what he ate and replied. “Yes. I visited Brown yesterday and when I mentioned I would be talking with the politician, he was very surprised. Because he is in cell, he never knew the police were investigating him concerning the murder. He told me he met Kanayo a year ago through the politician’s former personal assistant. I asked him if anyone threatened Clement and he said no. The fucking main thing was that Clement was never a fan of politics and when his father made his intention to join politics some years ago, Clement told him to back out, but his other children and wife gave their support. When money started to flow, Clement extorted money from his father, but still complained about his fucking politics business.”

“Why collect or drag money from your father if he could not work or support what he was doing.” Genevieve said.

“No wonder Brown called him lazy. He was not ready to work and earn his own money.” Tiwa said.

Peter said. “Now listen carefully, will Kanayo do such a thing and forfeit his senatorial position he is contesting with Sammie Nzeribe. I think this is to implicate him. Kanayo has the upper hand to win. He has more support. He couldn’t have bribed Solomon, Chucks and the others.”

“When money is involved, anyone can do anything.”

“He wouldn’t risk such a thing. I believe the police are trying to tarnish his image, a rival or an enemy of his could be behind it.”

“The only rival we know is Sammie Nzeribe. He couldn’t have killed his own son.”

“Politics is a dirty game and he has other sons. I will not rule him out of the fucking suspects. Brown said that two months ago he took Clement to his father’s house. He was fucking drunk like a fucking drunkard.” Peter said. “Clement in his fucking unstable state of mind told his dad he supported Amos Kanayo and before Brown could do anything to stop him from spilling more, Clement said he met Kanayo through Brown and they plan to give Kanayo their vote. He said the politician had good intentions more than his own father.”


“This is serious.” Genevieve said.

“I think fucking serious.”

“That money Solomon’s mother mentioned has to with the murder.” Tiwa said. “Payment was paid to Solomon and the others. We have to find proof of that.”

Peter’s phone interrupted the conversation. He picked it up to check the caller. It was Whiskey calling. He refused to pick. Tiwa and Genevieve ate some snails and drank more wine. Peter became frustrated when she kept calling him. He pressed the silent button and shoved the handset into his pocket. Peter looked through the window as usual to watch the cars and people parading around. His eyes caught a black car going slowly, when he wanted to return his gaze back to the detectives, he noticed two men in black outfits wearing black masks and pointing guns at their direction.

“Get down!” He barked.

Tiwa and Genevieve could only duck before they spread their body on the floor. The men got down from the car and started to fire. Windows smashed to pieces. People inside the bar screamed, cars drove in speed and bystanders ran for their lives.

The detectives tried to get their weapons, but it would be risky if they fired back. They came unprepared and never expected such to happen.

“Oh my God.” Genevieve said when the noise subsided. “Is any of you okay.”

“Yes, I am fine.” Tiwa panted. “We were shot at.” She raised her head a little higher and glanced at Peter who wasn’t moving. Fear flowed inside her. She pushed her right hand at him and shook his shoulder, but he didn’t respond. Out of fear, Tiwa and Genevieve remained on the floor.

“It’s anyone hurt?!” Genevieve shouted and rolled over to Peter's side.

One of the bar men carefully stood up to peep outside and he spoke out. “Those men are gone.”

Men and women in the bar started to get up. Most of them uttered that they were okay. Genevieve and Tiwa continued to tap Peter’s body. They speedily rose on their feet and turned him over.

To their surprise, he was laughing. They felt relieved when he wasn't shot. 

Peter looked into their eyes and said. “We have been fucked!"

Tiwa and Genevieve couldn’t help it, they burst out laughing.

To be continued….


  1. Waoooh thanks ckj I got the num, I appreciate , OMG, this is becoming more interesting, Solomon is an accomplice, or maybe he was a witness and they bribed him and the Waiter also must have informed those bad guys, how did they no they were there...ckj please episode 7..i no is not easy but we appreciate your good work if epsd6 will take 2months am scared episode 7 will take 4months, next babe God bless your hustle.

  2. Thanks Carina. This is really an interesting episode. We ve really missed you. I know its not easy dear. We will appreciate at least an episode weekly. God bless you and grant your heart desires.

  3. An action filled episode this was.
    It just keeps getting better!
    Well done dearest CKJ, and thank you for this.


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