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When Bruno Met Dakore.... Episode 2

 Episode 1

“Have you seen my brother?” Dakore spoke over the phone to Silas’s friend. She was driving to the hospital.

“No. I heard from him last week.”

“That’s a lie! I don’t believe you. Please, where is he?”

“I have no idea. Is he alright?”

“Never mind.” She cut the call, scrolled down to another number. She called the number and when the person picked after the second ring, she began to cry. “Please, Victor, I am begging you to tell me where my brother is.”

“Who is this?”

“Is this not Victor? Silas’s best friend?”


“It’s me Dakore.”

“Oh, good afternoon.”

“There is nothing good about the afternoon. Your friend has finished me. I have no idea where is he right now and I don’t want to believe he has left the country.”

“He left two hours ago. I took him to the airport. What is going on? I thought you knew he was traveling to Malaysia.”

“Malay What!” Dakore exclaimed. “I didn’t know. Silas sold the house! How could you support him when you are aware about his mother’s predicament?”

“Which house?” Victor asked in a surprised tone. “I don’t know what you are talking about. He told me you gave him the money to travel.”

“It’s a lie! He sold the house!”

“Jesus Christ! This is unbelievable. No wonder he was in a hurry and when I asked we should call you before he took off, he said there was no need. Dakore, I swear, he didn’t tell me anything about selling the house. If he did, I would have called you. I’m supposed to have your number, maybe he deleted it when he took my phone and told me he wanted to send a text to his girlfriend.”

“I didn’t know he has a girlfriend.”

“Me neither, which means he lied to me too. I am sorry.”

“Silas sold the house! Even if he did, he should have brought the money for our mother’s operation. I have been trying to come up with the exact amount, but I have lost everything! What am I going to do?”

Is Silas mad? Why didn’t he use the money for your mom’s upcoming operation instead of travelling? What was he thinking that he could do such a wicked thing?!”

“I am in deep trouble!”

Dakore had to find a spot beside the road to park, if not she might hit another car or cause traffic. 

“You have to calm down.” Victor said. “I will call you immediately I hear from him. I am very disappointed in him. At 26, he is supposed to have common sense. Please, for the sake of your mother, take it easy.”

She closed her eyes and tears gushed out from them.

“Hello?” He said.

“I have to go now.” She sniffed her nose. “I will be expecting your call.”


Dakore opened her eyes, wiped her face with under of her blouse, and put her hands on the driving wheel.
“What is the meaning of this nonsense?” Bruno asked the moment Ejike dropped the scotch and cup on his desk.


“Don’t sir me!” He hit his right fist on the table. His eyes ignited with fire. “Maybe you are partially blind and deaf. Don’t you know something is missing here? Didn’t you go to school?”

His body and lips were shaking. “That is what I was told to bring sir, a bottle of scotch and a glass cup.”

A female cleaner was already cleaning and arranging the office.

Bruno questioned. “Don’t you know you are meant to bring ice cubes? Are you so daft?”

“I didn’t know sir,” Ejike said. Tears were almost leaking out from the young man’s eyes. “Miss Uchenna never told me.”

“She didn’t have to tell you! Why didn’t you go and ask Gabby? Are you happy he is not here? Are you happy he is dead?!”

“No sir. I never wished him death. He was my friend, sir.”
There was no way the tears didn’t fall from his eyes. Bruno saw how teary he had become. It made him boil.

“Just get out… get out!” He pointed to the door.

Ejike bowed down his head. “Yes sir.” He walked away quickly and closed the door.

Bruno looked at the elderly woman and jagged a finger at her.

“Have you not finished or are you here to monitor me? Are you happy Gabby is dead?”

“God forbid sir. No sir. I am almost through.”

“You better be fast or leave!”

She speedily stored the dirt into a waste bin, took it and opened the door, she was about closing it when a fair complexioned lady motioned inside and shut the door herself. When she started working for the company, she mentioned Bruno and her shared the same date and month, but he was older than her with only a year. When it was their birthday, he always bought her a chocolate cake, and any designer handbag of her choice. She has been working as a supervisor for the Company for the past four years and after Bayomi left, she was appointed the manager.

Caroline Obaze was very beautiful with long and curly hair. She stated that her father was Nigerian, but her mother, partly Mexican and Ghanaian. People walking into the Company for the first time and saw her and Bruno together, would think they were siblings.

Bruno always complimented her beauty and fashion style, but never thought of her sexually. Her attractive body never enticed him. He wondered up on all her nice features, he never had the urge to sleep with her. Whenever she came to his office and met him drinking, she drank with him. She came with a glass and sat opposite him.

She pointed at the scotch. “I saw Ejike coming here with that lovely bottle.”

Bruno still had a frown on his entire face. He lifted the bottle up to pour some amount of scotch into her cup. She sipped a little and held unto it.

“I heard about Gabriel,” she continued. “I am deeply sorry sir.”

“Thank you.”

“He was a good guy and he served you with all his heart. It will be hard to find someone like him. Please, stay strong.”

“I will manage.”

She sipped from her drink and smiled at Bruno. “Please sir, Uchenna said she needs to be at the hospital to see the son of her aunty. She wants to give him some money his mother sent through her. Kindly give her permission to leave.”

“Why are you the one telling me this? Did I cut off her tongue?”

Caroline chuckled faintly. “No. She wanted to tell you, but you told her she should leave your office.”

“Whatever. Tell her to see me.”

“I will.” She rose on her feet. “May Gabriel’s soul rest in perfect peace.”
Bruno sighed heavily and peered into her eyes. “Amen.”

The car dealer was already waiting for Dakore in front of the hospital. She was entering inside when she noticed him. She waived at him, he went to her, entered and she drove to the parking lot.

“I am very sorry for coming late,” she said to him as they came out from the car. ”I had to go to a motel first before coming here.”

“A motel?”

“I don’t have a home anymore. I am homeless. The motel is not far from here, I can trek from there to this place and it’s cheap.”

“I don’t understand.” Pascal has been their car dealer even before her father died.
She explained to him and it left him speechless.

“You don’t have to say anything Oga Pascal. I am glad you didn’t send one of your boys. I happy you are here to hear what my brother has done to me and my mother.”
“Will you tell your mom?”

“I have no idea. She will surely ask of Silas when she doesn’t see him.” She gently threw the key at him and he caught it. “Please, sell it for the right amount and get back to me.”

“Why not keep the car and I will borrow you some money before you can get back on your feet.”

“I don’t think I can ever get back on my feet. You have no idea what I have lost. Just sell the car. I have hospital bills to pay.”

“Are you ready for Lagos wahala? It’s not going to be easy for you.”

“I was not born with a silver spoon. Yes, it might not be easy at first, but I will get used to it.”

He shrugged. “If you say so. Should I follow you to see your mother?”

“No need. She might suspect I want to sell my car if she sees you. I need the money. The papers of the car are inside the pigeonhole.”

Pascal nodded and drove away with the car. Dakore motioned towards the entrance of the hospital.
Uchenna sauntered into Bruno’s office and stood opposite him. “You sent for me, sir.”

“I want you to go to Gabby’s house and find details about the accident. I will give you a cheque to give his wife and I will check on her when I am ready.”

“I don’t know his home address, sir.”


“I have no idea where he stays. Don’t you know sir?”

It occurred to him he has never visited Gabriel in his abode. He scratched his head and shook it miserably. He dialed Gabriel’s number, but it was unreachable. He scrolled through his phones to see if he had his wife’s cell number, he did not.

“Damn it.” He mumbled and gazed at Uchenna. “Check his file to find out the address he wrote on his job application.”

“Yes sir.” Uchenna left and came back. “I am sorry sir, it is his old address in his application and I remember he has moved twice.”

“Why didn’t you ask for his recent address when he got married?”

“I didn’t know something like this would happen and we were only colleagues and not friends.”

“Think before you talk! I never knew your fish brain has not been upgraded. Get out of my office.”

She didn’t want to defend herself, she turned and walked to the door.

“Hey, come back here.” Bruno said.

Uchenna rotated to face him.

“How did you hear about the news?”

“Ern… sir… his wife came to the office.”

He rose with a shocked expression on his face. “His wife was here?”

“Yes sir, but she was in a hurry. She promised to come back and see you, sir.”

Bruno gave her a look. “Are you sure?”

“Yea… Yes sir.”

He took a deep breath, bowed down his head and faced his desk. “I still can’t believe he is gone.” His voice was sad and low.

“I am very sorry for your loss, sir.”

Bruno looked at her and the sadness in him drained from his face and voice. “I heard you want to visit your relative at the hospital.”

“Yes sir.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious.”

“No sir. He is getting better.”

“You can go to the hospital.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Whenever Gabby’s wife comes here, even if I am very busy, bring her to me.”

“I will sir.”

“Inform my secretary too.”

“Okay sir.”

Bruno shrugged and sat down. “You have an assignment.” He glanced at his wristwatch. 3:10pm. “You have eighteen hours to find me another personal assistant.”

“I will try my best to get someone sir.”

“This time around, I need a female and I want her to resume in the morning. At least by 9am.”

She widened her eyes. “I thought you needed a male. I think I know someone for the job. You have never had a female assistant before.”

“Buhari promised us change, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“I deserve change too.”

“But sir…”

Bruno scornfully gazed at her. “Don’t but me. Get someone that is ready to work tirelessly. If I get a male, I will always compare him with Gabby. You can go now.”

He picked up his tablet and punched it. Uchenna frowned at Bruno. As long as he has concentrated on playing a game, nothing could make him listen to her or change his mind. She strolled out of the office, feeling frustrated.

Caroline left her fully air-conditioned office to meet the head of account. She didn’t knock on the accountant’s office before she walked majestically to meet him. Austin Egbe, a man in his early forties, good looking for his age, smiled widely at her and stood. He was a married man with four children.

“Did you hear about his toy?” Carolina spoke to him.

“Toy?” He asked in a surprised tone. “Whose toy?”

“Gabriel of course.”

“Oh. No. What happened to Bruno’s toy?”

“He died in an accident. Uchenna told me.”

“Oh my God. Gabriel is dead?”

“Is that a question or are you repeating the same thing I told you?”

“I am just shocked. I feel sorry for him. Gabriel was a hardworking and respectful guy. I liked him.”

“I agree about the kind of man he was, but I think this is an opportunity to act on what we discussed about.” Caroline put her hands on his tie and loosened it. She dropped it on the table, placed his family’s photo downward and wrapped her arms around his neck. He positioned his hands on her waist.

“How is our royal majesty taking the news?” Austin asked.

“Not very well, but he will live. He will probably forget about it in few days, maybe tomorrow.”

“Because he is one selfish egomaniac that loves only himself. Arrogant prick.”

She laughed.

He added. “We know Gabriel was not ready to allow any harm fall on his boss. Well, Bruno will be alone now. He won’t have a puppet to follow him around. I don’t think he can ever trust anyone like Gabriel even if he employs another P.A. Are you aware that whenever we have meeting, if he was not the one that provided water, the glass of water meant for Bruno, Gabriel taste from it to be sure it isn’t poisoned.”


“True. I have caught him few times. Bruno doesn’t even know. That guy took Bruno as his second god.”

“Well, he is no longer here to do that. We will do everything we can to get into the new P.A’s head. I want this Company to go down the drain. I want Kingston Petroleum Enterprise to drown and I want the Kingston family to weep especially their good for nothing son, Bruno.”

“I have a reason.” Austin said. “I have a reason why I want this corporation to go bankrupt. I hate Bruno Ayomide Kingston. He thinks he is better than everyone around him. Can you believe he told me if not for his father and him I won’t be able to give my children three square meals and afford their school fees just because I told him I wanted to go on vacation and take two weeks off. I hate him with passion.”

Caroline laughed again and it made him unhappy. The happy expression disappeared from her face and she pecked him on his left cheek.

“I am sorry baby.”

He managed to smile. “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Yes. What is your reason?”

She smiled cockily. “You have no idea why I want to do this. When it’s time, I will reveal how angry he makes me feel whenever I look at him.”

Caroline took her hands off him, moved to his door, locked it and went back to him. She went on one bended knee, unzipped his trousers, fingered out his cock, spat on it and rammed her mouth into it. Austin pushed his head up and groaned. He stoked her hair gently, looked at her and whispered.

“I am ready to do anything for you baby.”
To be continued...


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