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When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 4

Episode three

“What were you thinking breaking such news to your mother in that condition?” The female doctor asked Dakore inside the office after she had revived Mrs. Roberts. 

“I am very sorry doctor. I thought I had it under control, I didn’t know she would act that way. I am very sorry.”

“Well, she is responding to treatment. How far have you gone with the money for the surgery?”

“Doctor, I won’t lie to you. I am currently facing financial issues.”

“I know your mother’s case hasn’t gotten worse. Don’t wait when it will generate for her to start using oxygen to breathe.”

“God forbid.”

“This is not a matter of God forbid. Just be fast about getting the money. I know the economic is bad. Her operation can be done in Nigeria, but when it gets to that point of using oxygen, it will be India and that cost more money.”

“I will do everything I can to find the money.”

“No problem.” The doc said and took out a biro and sheet of paper from her drawer. She wrote on the sheet and gave it to Dakore. “Buy these drugs and give them to the nurse.”

“Is it Nurse Abigail or nurse Titi?”

“Nurse Abigail.”

She rose on her feet and shook her hands. “Thank you very much doc.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dakore left to the pharmacy and bought the drugs. Thank God she had up to six thousand naira in her wallet. She bought them for four thousand. She met the nurse and gave her the medicine.

Dakore spoke. “I also want to ask how long with the money I have paid before cover the days my mother will stay.”

“The last payment you made was for two months.”

“How long is remaining?” 

“I think twenty four days.”

“Okay. I will make payment for a month soon.”

Nurse Abigail sighed and wore a concerned expression on her oval face. “I will advise you to take your mother home immediately after the twenty four days is over if you haven’t come up with the payment for the surgery. I can be coming to your house for checkup because of the drip and drugs prescribed to her. You can discuss that with the doctor and I am sure she will accept it. I think your mom can take the drugs herself with your assistance too. I just don’t want you to waste money.”

“My sister, there is no money to waste. I am currently financially down. It is only God that can help me right now. I will find a way to get money for the surgery. I want her here at the hospital. Anything can happen and she might need emergency medication.”

“If you say so.” Nurse Abigail said. 

Dakore left to see her mother. She was awake.

“I am very sorry Dakore.”

Dakore moved near the bed and stared into her mother’s sad eyes. “Mom, it’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have told you.”

“You did the right thing. I am still imagining how your brother could do such a thing to us. Does he know you lost your money and goods?”


“Maybe he thought you were capable of getting the money for my surgery.”

“Mom,” Dakore said in a disappointment tone. "Don’t cover up for him. Yes, I told him he shouldn’t worry and I was going to come up with the money soon but that shouldn’t give him the right or guts to do what he did. He sold the roof over our heads. I am lucky to find a cheap motel close to the hospital considering the fact that we are on the highland. You know it is expensive to live here. I don’t even know how I am going to survive after the money with me is finished. I managed to pay for your drugs. I don’t know when oga Pascal will sell the car.”

“What about the job?” Mrs. Roberts questioned her daughter. “Will you be able to work under somebody? I know you, Dakore. You like to be your own boss and you have never worked under anyone.”

“But I don’t have a choice anymore. I am ready to take anything from anybody as long as my employer pays me my salary at the end of the month. I need money for us, especially you. I only hope I will get a job close by. Transportation is on the high side. I called Nneka to ask around in case she has a job I can do.”

“Don’t do what I won’t like. I will lay a curse on you, I swear.”

“I will never prostitute or take what does not belong to me. Trust me mom.”

Mrs. Roberts smiled at her. “What about that useless man that wants you to have a child for him?”

“I have told him my final answer.” Dakore smiled at her. “I love you.”

She smiled back. “I love you too. Have you eaten?”


“Please, go and find something to eat.”

“Is your provisions remaining?”

“Yes. They are inside the drawer.”

“Nneka gave me some for you, but I kept them at the motel.”

“Help me thank her.”

“I will.”

Dakore walked to the door. “Let me get food to eat. I won’t stay long.”

“No problem.” 

She came out from the entrance and began to cry. She had no appetite to eat. How was going to come up with seven million and two hundred thousand naira in a short period? Dakore went to a place where she sighted a bench, sat down and cried.
Uchenna was coming out from the hospital when her phone rang. She quickly answered the call and walked to the right side of the building.

“I have called you several times, you did not pick!” She uttered.

“I was busy and I never knew it was ringing.” A male voice said. “What is going on?”

“I don’t really have good news.”

“What is the meaning of that statement?” His voice was very angry.

“Your brother changed his mind. I told him about Gabriel and he said I should get him a female assistant.”

“Don’t call him my brother! Why can’t you change his mind?”

“Who can change Bruno Kingston’s mind? I am sure you can’t, not to talk of me.”

“Don’t insult or provoke me! I told you about Henry, he is the right person to act as his Bruno’s P.A, and he will do whatever I ask him to do. Do something about it so that you can introduce him to Bruno.”

“Bayomi,” Uchenna said. “I can’t do anything about that. I will try to get a female that we can manipulate and use for whatever you want to do. Someone that is desperate for a job. I only hope she won’t seduce him.”

“Bruno will not fall for such, but that isn’t the issue. Henry would have been perfect for the job. Just one important thing I told you to do for me, you can’t! Make sure Bruno must not know the truth about what really happened to Gabriel otherwise you won’t like what I will do to you.”

“I thought you loved me.”

“This is not about love, Uchenna!”

“You can’t blame me for this. How is it my fault?” 

Bayomi hissed and cut the phone. Uchenna called him thrice and he refused to answer. She became down. She loved Bayomi and was ready to do anything for him. Shame on Bruno for thinking he deserted her. Although when he left, she lost contact with him until he returned a month ago and professed his undying love for her and she believed him.

She didn’t have the strength to drive anymore, she looked around and saw someone sitting on a bench. There was enough space for her to sit and think. She went there and sat. The weeping sound coming from the person beside her caught her attention.

“Hello.” Uchenna said gently. “Are you okay?”

She wiped her eyes and forged a smile at her. “I am okay.”

“With your eyes red like that? I’m Uchenna. Tell me why you are crying?”

“I’m Dakore.” They shook hands. “My mom is admitted in this hospital. I need a huge amount of money for her surgery.”

“I am very sorry about that.” Uchenna stared at her from head to toe and noticed she had beautiful skin and her outfit was not cheap. “What about your family to help you?”

“Right now, my mom is my only family. I don’t even know where to start from. I have no one apart from her.”

“What do you do?”

She shook her head miserably. “I am currently unemployed. I am searching for a job.”


“Yes. These days, it is not easy to get a job without the help of connection. I only hope I will get employment. I have never worked in an office before. I wonder what I will write in my résumé.”

Uchenna looked at her for a few seconds and thought before speaking. “What if I can get you a job where I work?”

“You can help me get a job?” 

“I can if you do as I say. I want your respect.”

Despite her smaller stature, Dakore knew either she would be older than Uchenna or they might be the same age. “I will do whatever you want. If it is respect, I will act as a proper Yoruba girl.”

She laughed. “My boss needs a personal assistant. He is the owner of an oil company.”

“Oil company, are you sure he will employ me?”

“Are you not a graduate?”


“I will give you the address of the company. I will collect your phone number too. Get your school and NYSC certificate. I will make sure you get the job. He will pay you well if you act according to what he wants.”

“I will work for him as long as he pays me. I really need money.”

“It’s not about the money. My boss is a pain in the ass. He can call you in the middle of the night to do something for him or even go to his house and search for a particular file.”

“His house?” Dakore asked in a surprised tone.

“Yes. If you think he will get into your pants, that will be in your wildest dream. He is not like that, but an arrogant man. He is very proud. His former P.A used to clean his shoes. Can you do such a thing?”

“I am ready to help him brush his teeth. I need this job badly. What happened to his former P.A?”

“He died in an accident yesterday. I have been crying since I heard the news.”

“I am very sorry.”

“The death did not affect my boss when I broke the news to him, he didn’t even act like he cared about him. That’s his problem by the way.”            

Dakore shook her head sorrowfully. “Where is the location of the company?”

“Not quite far from here. The last time my car broke down, I took a taxi and it cost me one thousand two hundred naira.”

“I can’t afford to take a taxi, I will board a bus.”

“Just call me by 7am tomorrow.” Uchenna gave her number and collected hers. 

“Does the company give accommodation to those who does not have?”

“You don’t have where to stay?”

“I do, but it won’t be for long.”

“The company has but there is no vacant place except my boss is willing to accommodate you. It will even be better. The problem is, will he accept it? Don’t worry, I will see what I can do.” She and Dakore rose.

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank me when you get it. Take care.”

Uchenna left and entered her car. She called Bayomi one more time and he answered.

“What is it?”

“I think I have gotten the right person for the job. She doesn’t even have a place to stay. I will try to persuade your bro… to persuade Mr. Bruno to allow her live with him.”

“I am not satisfied but it’s still a bit okay. Come to my hotel room by 8pm. I want to fuck you tonight.”

“Me too darling.”

“I don’t care if the job permits you not to see me every day.” Mrs. Roberts said to Dakore after she explained.                                              

Dakore has already eaten one meat-pie and drank a bottle of Pepsi. “But it will be unfair.”

“No, it will not. You have Nurse Abigail’s number. You can always call her to ask how I am doing. I have a phone you can call too.”

“Will Nurse Abigail be able to take good care of you?”

“Yes. She is my late friend’s daughter. Her mother and I worked at the same hospital. I will be fine. Get the job, it is very important.”

“Okay mom.” Dakore hugged her mother. “Thank you.”
Bruno got home in an unhappy mood. He had no gateman. He normally use a remote control to open the gate. The chef and housekeeper were in shock to hear the demise of Gabriel. Bruno went to his room, showered, and wore grey shorts and black singlet. He drank little scotch and sat alone in his second living room. 

He notified his housekeeper he was expecting his girlfriend. She was the former Miss Tourism and they have been dating each other for the past two months. Few minutes later, she arrived in a red sport car. She was dressed in a skimpy white gown and red heels. She carried a multi-colored handbag. He hugged and pecked her cheeks when he saw her.

He whispered into her right ear. “Get into the bathtub, I will join you.” 

Tracy smiled at him and stepped away. Bruno had plans for her. He was going to bang the shit out of her. Bruno in his nakedness, he took two glasses of champagne to the bathroom and gave one to Tracy. He told her to drink everything immediately, she did and he finished his own as well. He had a condom with him. Tracy spread her arms apart, he gently climbed on top of her, and they began to kiss each other. He became hard, wore the condom and without thinking, he penetrated her with force and fucked her, took her out and she relaxed her hands on the top of the tub and Bruno drove his cock in. 

He took her to the bedroom after two rounds. He allowed her to rest for a short while before he carried her on top of the dressing table and banged her. She panted and cried she loved him. She wanted more and he gave it to her the way she liked it. While he fucked her, he didn’t say a word despite Tracy told him she loved him five times. In the middle of the night, he fucked her again. 

Bruno woke up by 6:12 in the morning. He took his bath, dressed in one of his best suit and woke Tracy up. She yawned and stretched her hands. She heaved a sigh as she remained on the bed. 

“No morning sex?” She asked.

“I have some work to do at the office.”

“Is it not too early for me to wake up,” Tracy said. “I was thinking of staying till weekend.” 

He didn’t expect her to say such. The least she had stayed with him was three days, Friday and weekend and it was in a hotel. 

“I won’t be coming home tonight.” He looked at her.

“I can wait for you to come tomorrow.”

“I am likely to stay at my parent’s house for some days. We have a new project we are working on.”

She got up tiredly with a gloomy expression on her face. “I wanted to spend more time with you. Not even morning kiss from you.”

“I have to go to work. Are you not working with that charity organization again?”

“I still work with them. I am free for this week.”

“I will find time for you.” He went to his wardrobe, grabbed his cheque and wrote an amount on it. He gave it to her.

Tracy’s eyes opened widely. “One hundred thousand naira is small!”

It was a strategy to piss her off and end the affair. Two months as her boyfriend has been exhausting. His eyes were already on another woman, the previous year most beautiful girl in Nigeria. 

“I just got you a car worth three million naira as a birthday gift. I already told you I have a project I am working on. Bear with me for some time.”

“But for how long?”

“I won’t deceive you. I don’t know.” He looked over at his dressing table for his Michael Kors Wristwatch. It wasn’t there. 

Tracy dropped the cheque on the lamp table beside the side of the bed she slept on and motioned closer to Bruno.

“I will manage the money. I just want to spend more time with you.”

Oh no. It didn’t work. Bruno thought to himself.

“I will try to create time for that,” he said and stepped away to search for the watch. When he couldn’t find it, he became frustrated. Tracy noticed him pacing around the room and thoroughly searching his wardrobe.

“What are you looking for?” She asked him.

“My Michael Kors wristwatch!” He hissed.

Tracy glanced on the dressing table and checked the left side where he kept his laptop. She saw it on top of it, picked it up and gestured the watch to Bruno.

“Here it is. You are always in a hurry.”

Bruno took it from her, wore it and carried his briefcase. “The chef will serve you something nice. Inform the housekeeper when you are leaving so that he can arrange and clean the room.”

“I can do it.”

“No! I don’t want you to stress yourself. I pay Alfred good money to make the place sparking clean. I will call you.” He pecked her right cheek and she quickly held his left hand.

“I am aware the governor’s first son is organizing a cocktail party soon.”

“The date has not been fixed.”

“I know. I heard you are invited and I want us to go as a couple. My friends will be there too and I want them to see us together.”

What the fuck! He silently said. He knew the former MBGN would be attending and he planned to attend, meet her and get to know her before asking her out. Tracy was going to destroy his plan.

“No problem. When the date is fixed inform me.”

She smiled at him and gave his hand a light peck. He flashed a smile and strode out of the room. Tim, the chef heard him heading downstairs; he quickly made his coffee and gave it to Bruno. It took him two minutes to finish it. Alfred collected the food flask from Tim, and followed his boss to the car. Bruno entered and asked Alfred where he kept his food.

“At the backseat seat sir.”

Bruno turned back and didn’t see it. “Where is it?”

“At the back of your seat sir.”

“How can you keep it there? Gabby normally put it in the center so that whenever I turn back, I will easily reach it. Must I tell you what to do?”

“No sir.”


“Sorry sir.” He opened the door and kept the flask at the exact place. “Goodbye sir.”

“Call me when she leaves.”

“Who sir?”

“My grandmother. Dumbass, how many women are inside my house?”

“Sorry sir. It’s just one sir.”

“I wonder how your brain works.” He switched on his ignition.

“I’m very sorry sir.” Alfred used the remote to open the gate and waived at Bruno who wasn’t looking at his direction. He smiled. He never cared what came out from his employee’s mouth. Even though he earned money working for him, Bruno still paid the school fees of his younger sister.

At 8:55am, Uchenna reached the company and waited for Dakore outside. Five minutes later, she arrived with her job application and the certificates in a file. Dakore greeted her and they walked inside the building. As Uchenna spoke with her in a gentle tone, she exchanged pleasantries with some of the staff she met as she motioned to her own office to keep her bag on her desk. 

Dakore followed Uchenna towards the way leading to the reception of the CEO. They were shocked especially Uchenna who saw some tall and slim ladies entering into the office of Bruno Kingston. 

“What’s going on?” Dakore asked in a nervous tone. “I thought I was the only one.”

“Just relax,” she said and quickly walked to the desk of the secretary. Dakore followed her. Uchenna gazed at Jimoh. “Good morning. Who are those girls?”

“Good morning Miss Uchenna. They are applicants for Mr. Kingston to choose from as his personal assistant.”

“I am unaware about them. He told me to get one for him.”

“I thought so too,” he said. “Miss Caroline sent them.”

“Miss Caroline Obaze?”

“Yes. I am sure she told him about it when she escorted the boss to his car yesterday. Anyways, they are inside with him. He wants to interview them by himself.”

“Let me check on him.”

“Don’t. I am the only one allowed to go inside between these periods he is questioning them because he is expecting some documents this morning and I am to present them to him.”

“I really need this job.” Dakore said, trying everything possible not to cry.

Uchenna could not hide the worried expression on her face. She thought of the insults Bayomi would rained on her. Caroline was standing in front of her office watching them. She wondered who the other lady with them was. Jimoh noticed she wasn’t happy. He pointed at Dakore.

“I think she can go in. After all, she is one of the applicants. She should just pray he employs her.”

“I can go in?” Dakore asked surprised.


“Are you sure?” Uchenna questioned.

“Yes.” Jimoh replied. “Isn’t the boss the one that asked you to bring someone?”


He looked at Dakore. “Go in. Just open the door and walk inside.”

“Thank you.” Dakore said, opened the door gently and entered. 

Eight girls were standing in front of the CEO and she could not see his face, but hear his nice voice. She stayed behind them, trying to peep above their shoulders.

Bruno stopped talking to the ladies. “There is a short person behind you girls, kindly leave some space for her. 

The girls turned back to glimpse at her. They began to create pace for Dakore to stand at the center. Dakore and Bruno’s eyes met.

“Good morning sir.” She said softly.

“Morning,” Bruno said with an annoying look on his face. He raised his upper lip and asked. “Who are you?”

Fear surged through her. She could not believe such a charming voice coming from someone like him. With the expression on his face, she thought he did not like her and would not offer her employment.

She gestured the file at him. “I am one of the applicants for the job sir. Miss Uchenna brought me here.”

He pointed a finger at the file. “I didn’t ask for that, neither did I ask who brought you here. Nigerians are funny people. You ask them a simple question, they reply with needless answers.”

The girls chuckled lightly and his eyes went to them. 

“All of you are included.” He stared at Dakore with sharp eyes. “Who exactly are you?”

Dakore was embarrassed. On a normal day, if she was still rich, she would have defended herself, maybe insult him and eventually walk out of the office. Who was he to talk to her that way? She had no choice but come down to a lower level.

“I am Dakore Roberts.”

Bruno extended his hand and she gave him the file. He opened it and glanced through. He stared at her. “You have never worked in a company before. Why do you want to be my personal assistant? Don’t give me a senseless reason. I just need one.” He pointed at the applicant standing beside Dakore. “Leave my office.”

The applicant acted shocked. “Why sir?”

“I asked you the same question you told me you want to take good care of me. You are dumb. Leave without asking any more questions or I will tell the security to throw you out like a piece of paper.”

She took her file and walked out. Bruno looked at Dakore without a hint of liking with the tone of his voice. “Answer me.”

Dakore wanted to be truthful. She was desperate to have the job. She peered into his hard eyes. “I want to be your personal assistant because I want to use the money you will pay me to take good care of my sick mother and because of her condition, I will serve you diligently. I will not steal from you and disrespect you. I will always obey you.”

Bruno felt cold and he couldn’t help but smile. He sighed loudly and wore a straight face. “If it is my sympathy you want all for yourself, you won’t get it. You are not the only one with a sick relative or problems.” He stared and pointed at one of the girls, a fair lady with huge buttocks. 

He added. “She wants the job because she needs morning to pay hospital bills. She is unable to discharge her sister and the bills increases every day. If I am to choose because of sympathy, it will be between you and her. Please, the rest should leave without asking me baseless questions.”

He returned their résumés and the ladies left without uttering a word. Bruno put his right hand on his chin and thought of what to do. Jimoh knocked and entered. He walked to his boss and gave him some documents.

“I have received them sir.” Jimoh said. “You can sign.”

Bruno picked his pen and was about to write on it. Dakore stared at him stunned. She couldn’t stay quiet even if he wasn’t going to employ her. Her father had taught her a lot before he left the surface of the earth.

“Sir, won’t you read what you are about to sign?”

He raised his head and gazed at her. He looked at Jimoh. “You have gone through the documents, right?”

He widened his eyes and scratched his head. “No sir.”

“What! I gave you instructions and you did something else?”

“You asked me to bring the files to you, sir. You never told me to read the documents before presenting them to you.”

“You must be daft! Don’t you know if there are mistakes, it will cost me some money? This is a deal between my company and the bank.”

“Please sir, it will never happen again.” 

“Just pray there isn’t an error. If there is you have lost your job and the other lady has yours.” He looked at Dakore. “Go to Uchenna and tell her to write an employment letter for you. You are my new personal assistant.”

Jimoh fell on his knees. Dakore couldn’t believe it. She was supposed to be jubilant, but felt quite sad. If he found errors in the documents, Jimoh would lose his job because of the good she had done. 

“Thank you sir. Please sir, don’t sack Jimoh.” 

“You better leave and do what I ask you to do. Tell Uchenna to see me after she prepares your employment letter.” 

“Okay sir, but…”

Bruno raised his hand up to hush her. He read the documents and stared at Jimoh. “Thank the God you serve, you remain my secretary.”

“Thank you Jesus.” Dakore muttered. 

The other girl eyed her and hissed. Jimoh thanked his boss continuously until he told him to leave and he signed the documents. He looked over at the ladies. 

“Why are both of you looking at me like an owl?” He glanced at the fair lady. “I am sorry, Miss Roberts was more observant than you.”

She hissed audibly, took her file from the table and stormed out of the office.
Bruno glared at Dakore without saying a word. It made her feel nervous and she decided to turn her back to leave. As she got close to the door, Bruno spoke.

“Hey Bingo, come here.”

Dakore opened her mouth and closed it when she faced him. “Sir, is it me you are calling?”

“I don’t see any other person here apart from you. When I send you a message, you have to be fast about it. Be fast on your feet and do not act like a snail or a tortoise. Don’t make me regret employing you.”

Bingo? Dakore asked herself silently. If not for the condition of her mother, she would sack herself and told him to go to hell!

“Bingo, what are you thinking about?” Bruno asked after the silence from her.

“Nothing sir.”

“When Uchenna is coming to the office, follow her.”

“Yes sir.”

Bruno grabbed one of his phones to make a call. Dakore came out from his office with anger. How would someone call her a bingo and she still answered him with respect? She was a Christian and hating him was a sin. It didn’t stop her from disliking him with passion! Dakore hoped she won’t regret working for him. She prayed it should be a blessing in disguise despite he turned out to be a pompous animal.

Bruno purposely chose her to be his P.A to teach her a lesson that he was superior and could use her as he pleased. Calling her a bingo was one of them. He would frustrate her until she would get tired of the job and run far away from him. Dakore was proving smart but to him, she humiliated him. How could she stop him from signing the documents? He intentionally put the blame on Jimoh. She was bold and that was an advantage offering her the former role of Gabby. Bruno Kingston thought. Meeting Dakore Roberts was going to be a cat and mouse play.

To be continued....


  1. always suprise us babe, I pray dakore should be strong, because too much frustration every where, but this bruno guy is rude sha..thanks ckj God bless you my dear.

  2. Beautiful story, Carina. Looking forward to the next episode. Thank you dear. God bless you.


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