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When Bruno Met Dakore... Episode 5

Happy New Year. If you are angry with me for not posting soon, please, cool your temper. lol I apologize.
Episode Four
“Wow!” Uchenna exclaimed in excitement, rose from the chair, and walked to stand in front of Dakore. “You got the job! I am very happy for you.” 

The junior assistant wasn’t in the office.

“Yes! I couldn’t believe it, although it almost cost the secretary his job!”

She put her hand on Dakore’s left shoulder. “What happened?”
Dakore explained.

“Well, I am glad he wasn’t sacked.” Uchenna said. “Everyone here is already used to Jimoh.” She put down her hand. “This calls for celebration. We could go out and have dinner after work. What do you think?”

“It’s a good idea but I have to see my mom. I have to share the good news and spend time with her. Don’t forget I will have to resume work very early in the morning.”

“No problem, maybe another time.” Dakore told her Bruno’s message. “Sit down and allow me prepare your letter.”

Uchenna went through her desktop and typed. When she was done, Dakore followed her to a small room where they kept their photocopying machine, printer and other valuable items. She printed out the letter, put it into an envelope and went towards Bruno’s office. Dakore followed her behind and quickly motioned to Jimoh and apologized for what happened earlier.

“I understand Miss Dakore,” he said and uplifted on his feet. “You simply wanted to help.”

“Does that mean you are not angry with me?”

He shook his head. “Not at all. I was at first, but I have my job, there is nothing to worry about and it is a relief the boss choose you. When I saw those girls the manager brought, I was scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Their eyebrows.” He moved nearer and whispered. “Their eyebrows made them look like witches.”

Dakore couldn’t help herself, she laughed and tapped him lightly on his arm. “You are very funny. See you later.”

He nodded and sat down. Dakore marched into the office with Uchenna. Bruno was on the phone speaking. 

They stood in front of him and Uchenna placed the envelope on the desk.

“Concerning that,” Bruno said. “I will still think about it. I have not made up my mind and besides, I have other things I am currently focusing on.” He paused and listened to the caller before talking. “No problem. My regards to mom.” He gave a questionable look. “She is there with you? Didn’t she go to work?”

“She decided to stay at home with me.” Mr. Kingston said. “She wants to talk to you.”

“No need dad!”


“Yes mom.”

“So you have decided not to talk to me because you don’t want to move in with us.”

“I am busy at the office, I will call you later.”

“When are you coming home?”

A huge frown creased his face and his hard eyes fell on Dakore. She quickly looked down. 

He continued to stare.

His mom added. “Won’t you say anything?”

Bruno’s eyes moved to his desk. “I will come home but I have not decided the date.”

“Date or no date, I need you here!”

“Mom, I am capable of taking care of myself. Gabby is no more does not mean my life is in danger. Ever since Bayomi left the house, did you bother to look for him? Do you even care about his safety?”

“He left us! We didn’t!” Her voice echoed in anger. “He is a prodigal son!”

“I know what he did was unpredictable! I didn’t expect he would behave in such a way. He changed towards me before he made his intentions to dad. I didn’t tell you or dad about it because I felt it was uncalled for. Do everything you can to find Bayomi!”

“I will not allow Bayomi issues stop me from telling you you must come back home and live with us! Don’t make me come to your office and embarrass you!” She ended the call.

Bruno looked at the phone, hissed loudly and dropped it on the desk. He said gently. “Instead of them to focus on finding Bayomi, they are saying I should leave my house and move in with them again.” He hissed and gazed at Uchenna. “What do you want?”

“Miss Dakore said I should see you after I am through with the appointment letter.”

He extended his hand and she gave him the letter to read. After he did, he stared at her.

“Introduce her to everyone in the office.” He peered at Dakore. “Hey bingo, if you have a short memory, get a pen and paper and write down their names. Your job begins now. I can send you to anyone and anywhere. I hope you know Lagos very well.”

“Yes sir.” Dakore said.

Uchenna still appeared surprise to hear him call his new personal assistant a bingo.

He continued. “Don’t forget travelling is part of your job.”

“I know sir.”

“Always look smart. I don’t want to see you dress in rags. At the end of the month, apart from your salary, you will receive some clothes from the man that supplies Gabby.” He pointed at Uchenna. “Did she tell you about what happened to the man that had your job?”

“Yes sir. I am very sorry for your loss.”

“When Uchenna is through introducing you to the other employees, meet the secretary, he will inform you the rules and regulations and after that, return to me.”

“Okay sir.”

Uchenna raised her hand. “Can I ask a question?”

“What is it?” Bruno asked immediately with a smirk on his face.

“Sir, is it possible for Miss Dakore to live in your house?”

He lifted his eyes in surprise and jagged a finger at Dakore’s direction. ”Did you bring me a homeless person? Is she homeless?”

“Not at sir!” Dakore quickly said.

“I didn’t ask you that question.” He said harshly. “I asked the senior office assistant.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Your apology means nothing to me. You answer when you are being asked a question. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

He faced Uchenna. “Introduce her to everyone including the drivers. Let her know all the employees and she must memorize all their names today. I can send her to any of them anytime.” He glanced at Dakore watching him with bright eyes. “I hope you have a good memory.”

“I do sir.”

“Good. You have to be useful to me anytime we are together or not.”

Uchenna who had been staring at Bruno with a huge scowl on her face had to change the expression immediately he looked over at her.

“I hope you have notified everyone about the meeting tomorrow morning.”

“I have done that already.”

Bruno opened his lower drawer of his desk and brought out an expensive android phone with the charger. He turned the phone on and extended it over to Dakore. She took it, looking surprised.

“My former assistant normally makes use of the phone. I took it from him before he travelled. If anyone cannot reach me, they call that line and you have to answer and pass whatever message me."

“Okay sir.”

“Do not ‘Okay sir’ me. My parents might call if I don’t pick their calls and you have to tell them what you think will make them not to call me even if you have to lie on my behalf. Always get my schedule from the secretary.”

“Okay sir.”

“You keep saying okay sir; do you know how to lie?”

Dakore quickly glimpsed at Uchenna with a nervous look. Uchenna stylishly nodded her head and Dakore glanced back at her boss. “Not really sir, but I will try.”

“You better try and don’t mess things up for me.”'

“I won’t sir.”

“Uchenna, you can go with her.” He pointed at Dakore. “And you bingo, return to the office immediately you are through.”

“Yes sir.”

The moment they stepped out of the office and moved away from Jimoh, Uchenna halted and touched Dakore lightly on the left shoulder.

“Did our boss just referred to you as a bingo?”

Dakore shook her head sadly. “You heard him clearly. He has been calling me bingo.”

“That is one of the names some people call their dogs! This is unbelievable.”

“It is really unbelievable. Please, I don’t ever want to talk about it. Kindly do what the boss says.”

“Okay, let’s go.” 

Uchenna introduced Dakore to everyone. Dakore had to write some of their names down on a piece of paper. The employees were many and she wondered why Bruno would tell her to memorize all their names in a day. She would do everything possible not to lose her job.

Dakore knocked on Bruno’s door and entered. He was standing on his feet and picking his phones from the desk. Without staring at her direction, he spoke. 

“We are going out. I have to meet with the managing director of Boss-me multimedia firm. I won’t be driving. Inform Mr. Akpan to get the car warmed up."

After keeping his gadgets inside his briefcase, he grabbed the key to the car and threw it at Dakore. She caught it and he smiled at her. The smile on his lips was indeed charming and she had to force herself not to smile back. She quickly unlocked the door, shut it and took a deep breathe. Dakore blew out a low sigh and hiked to Uchenna’s office. She couldn’t remember which among the two drivers were Mr. Akpan. 

“Is it the slim man or the short man?” She asked.

“The slim man is Mr. Akpan and he is the one that normally drives Mr. Bruno around when he doesn’t want to drive himself. The other driver drives the employees on official assignment.”

Dakore gave an understanding nod, thanked her and left to pass the message. She waited by the car and as she saw Bruno approaching, she walked up to him to collect his bag, and he refused.

“I’m not a lazy man and if I require you to collect something from me, it wouldn’t be my bag, it will be something heavier.” He smiled again, walked passed her and hopped into the backseat. Dakore shook her head and went to open the passenger’s door.

“You have to come to the back Bingo.”

Mr. Akpan widened his eyes and he dared not turn his back to look at his boss. Dakore’s lips were sealed, she shut the door and joined Bruno. Deep inside her, she was boiling. She was getting tired of the job but remembering her mother's condition made her to have a rethink that she was enjoying the job. If given the chance, she would get a padlock, dip a hole in the middle of Bruno's mouth, lock it, and eventually throw the key into the deepest ocean. Bruno didn’t speak with her until they got to their destination. 

“I will be spending one hour in this company.” He said to her. Bruno brought out his wallet, counted some amount of money, and gave it to her. “There is an eatery close by. Get something to eat. Fill your stomach with food. When I am through, we will go back to the office before going to my place.”

“Okay sir. Thanks for the money.”

He stared at Mr. Akpan. “Have you eaten lunch?”

“Yes sir.” 

Bruno extended one thousand naira to him. 

“Thank you sir!” He said excitedly. “With you oga, I can never go hungry.”
Bruno smiled faintly and stepped out of the car. Dakore counted the money and it was three thousand naira. 

“Aunty,” Mr. Akpan said to Dakore. “Mr. Bruno dey very nice. You no fit dey broke because he dey pay salary without delay and if you need his assistance whenever, he will be of help. I dey lucky to get this job. I no go school and that time when I need this job, oga need graduate to drive am, but na God do am for me. I just dey pray make he marry better wife way no go change am. Aunty, you lucky o. His former assistance enjoy and may his soul rest in peace.”

“Amen. I heard he died in an accident.”

“Yes oh. The thing pain oga. As he dey there so, he no happy at all. He just dey manage himself.”

Dakore acted puzzled. “The death affected him?”

“Yes oh. He affect am well o. Mr. Gabriel fit do anything for Mr. Bruno."

"I didn't know it affected him?”

“Yes oh. He affect am well o. Mr. Gabriel fit do anything for oga. Our boss no dey happy. He no fit see Gabriel family because he no know he house.”

Dakore didn’t say anything but thought. If Bruno was such a nice person, why has he been acting as an asshole since she stepped into his office? Why did Uchenna lie to her or could she be saying the truth and the driver could be covering up for him. And if really Uchenna lied that Bruno wasn’t affected, she ought to be careful with her and perhaps find out why.

Forty minutes later, Dakore called the nurse to ask after her mom and went to eat lunch. On her way to the company, she called Mr. Pascal to require if he had sold the car. He hasn’t but promised to get a buyer soon. The phone Bruno handed over to her rang, and the caller id displayed on the screen: Mom.

“Good afternoon ma.” Dakore said gently.

“Oh, he has finally gotten a personal assistant. Where is my son?”

“He is currently unavailable. He is very busy ma.”

“Very busy to pick his mother’s call? He has started and you have joined him. Is he in the office?”

“No ma.”

“Tell him to call me otherwise you will be in hot soup!” Mrs. Kingston ended the call.

“Hot soup?” Dakore questioned herself. “What have I done?” She went back inside the car and waited patiently. 

The driver was already sleeping when Dakore saw Bruno coming their way. She woke him up and Mr. Akpan turned the car on. Bruno entered and they drove off. She passed his mother’s message, told him exactly what she said.
Image result for photo of a woman in the back seat of car
Bruno grinned and peered into her eyes. “What kind of hot soup does she want to put you?”

Her eyebrows rose.

“Don’t look surprise. Whatever my mom says to you whenever I am around or not, don’t take her serious. I know how to deal with her when it concerns me, myself and I. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

They arrived at the company, Bruno went into his office and Dakore stayed behind with the secretary and asked for Bruno’s schedule. She checked Uchenna’s office and didn’t find her there. She wanted to call her mom directly but found out her credit had finished. She informed the secretary she was going to get recharge card outside in case the boss asked after her. 

“Just be fast about it.” Jimoh told her and described where she could get it.

Dakore left and headed at the right direction. She walked past three buildings and spotted a lady sitting under a plastic chair, a table in front of her with a large umbrella used as a shade. Dakore got the card and moved towards the company. As she got nearer, she sighted Uchenna shouting at a young woman who was crying and cleaning the tears with her blouse. She walked quickly to meet them and Uchenna looked at her way.

“Madam, please, leave now or I will call the security!” Uchenna barked at the woman.
“I hope all is well?” Dakore asked.

Uchenna quickly took her by the hand and whisked her inside the company. The woman turned back with her hands on the head. She was wailing.

Dakore released herself from Uchenna’s grip when they got to the entrance. “Who is that woman and why is she crying?”

“It is none of your business! You haven’t spent a whole day and you are already asking questions that does not concern you!”

“I am sorry for intruding but I asked because it involves you. I thought you heard a bad news that was why the woman was crying.”

She heaved an audible sigh. “It’s okay, That was my cousin and we will sort our issues when I get home.”

"You should have invited her inside.”

“Do you want me to lose my job? Family members are not allowed inside. If you do that the boss will get angry and start calling you names. Can’t you see he has started calling you a bingo?”

“I didn’t bring any of my family before he started calling me a bingo.”

“Are you defending him?” She asked in a shocked tone.

“I’m not defending him, Uchenna. I need to go inside.”

Uchenna watched Dakore in anger as she strolled out of her sight. Dakore met Caroline talking to Jimoh when she got there. Caroline looked at her.

“I was asking after you.” Caroline said firmly. “Where did you go to?”

“I went to get recharge card.”

“I want you to be in my office in thirty minutes time. I know Mr. Bruno won’t leave now.” She didn’t wait for Dakore to speak before she cat-walked away.

“You better don’t listen to her.” Jimoh say. “The moment you give her one mile, she is ready to use twenty miles. Very soon, she will start sending you several messages when you are less busy or Mr. Bruno is not around.”

“I don’t work for her. I work for Bruno Kingston.”

“She is the manager here and no one disrespects higher colleagues and elders. Mr. Bruno won’t condone such.”

“I won’t disrespect anyone but no one should believe they can send me on an errand as they like.” She paused and something occurred to her. She looked around to see if anyone was close by. She faced Jimoh. “My brother might come here and see me next week. I hope I won’t be in trouble if the boss finds out.”

“Trouble? Why should you be in trouble? As long as it doesn’t stop you from doing your job, Mr. Bruno won’t mind. He doesn’t have that time.”

“Oh I see. Thanks.”

Despite Bruno was annoying, Uchenna had been trying to paint him bad. But why? Dakore wondered. Uchenna could also be lying about that woman crying.

Bruno came out from the office and gave the food flask to Dakore. “Let’s go home. I have closed for the day.”

“Yes sir.” She checked her wristwatch, it was 3;40pm.

Jimoh rose. “Any information I should pass across sir?”

“No. Whatever appointments I have tomorrow, cancel it.”

“Yes sir.”

Bruno walked away and Dakore followed him behind. They entered into the vehicle and drove away to his house. Dakore was introduced to the chef and housekeeper and they welcomed her. Alfred took the flask from her to wash. Dakore sat down and admired his beautiful home. Bruno went to his room, showered, dressed in a polo and grey shorts. He joined Dakore and her eyes went to his legs. They were clean. He had nice skin. The thought of it made her angry. What was wrong with her? She didn’t like him at all. Alfred entered into the living room.

“Why didn’t you call me when Tracy left?” Bruno asked him.

“Your girlfriend sir?”

“No, it is the witch in your village that is affecting your brain.”

“Sorry sir.”

“Sorry for your empty head. Answer me.”

“I was about to call you when I heard the horn of your car.”


“She left three minutes ago. I am sure you…”

Bruno uplifted with a scowl on his face. “What is the matter with you? What if she saw me? You would have called me since to inform me she was still here and I would have returned late in the evening!”

“I am sorry sir. I didn’t know you would arrive now.”

“I can arrive anytime I like! Please, just leave my presence before I do something I will regret later.”

“Sorry sir.”

Bruno hissed and stared at Dakore. “Follow me to my room.” He started to walk away.

Dakore appeared confused and obeyed. She believed she was safe and there was a reason he wanted her in his bedroom. His bedroom was beautifully designed. If only she could lay on the bed and feel the sheets.

Bruno sat on his bed and pointed at a medium sized box on a table. “Those are pictures. They are mixed up, old and new ones. I want you to separate them.”

She motioned to check inside. “But sir…”

“Don’t but me… The old ones are my childhood pictures. And the news ones were taken recently.”

“Okay sir.”
She sat down on the chair and started to separate them. Bruno looked inside and one picture caught his eyes. 

“Pass me that photo on the right.” He said.

Dakore looked at it and noticed it was a wedding photo. She recognized the face of the bride. She gave him the pic and she saw how Bruno’s face drained out sadness.

“The couple looks very happy.” Dakore said.

Bruno sighed heavily. “That’s the way it should be. You have to marry someone you love. The groom was my personal assistant and I am not yet over his death. I don’t know the whereabouts of his wife so that I can help her. I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless.”

Dakore became speechless. The bride was the weepy woman she saw with Uchenna. 

To be continued...


  1. Dakore seems smart but she really has to be careful. But the gal dey try ooo, I cnt work for someone like Bruno.... Y in the world will you call ur worker a 'Bingo'!!

    Bruno has serious Skushi on his head. I'm sure there is a reason to his behavior, we will know as the story goes. He knows he has lots of enemies though but he doesn't knw Caroline is one of them. God help him.

    Uchenna ain't smart at all... well the wicked ones can't always cover their tracks without committing more atrocities. Dakore is here to reveal everything. Watch Out!!!

    Kudos Carina even though we are expecting a compensation. Happy New Year on the 14th of Jan, Issokay

    1. Temilove.. Welcome back boo
      I don post compensation episode o. Lol

  2. Waoooh my dear we are not angry just take your time to post, OMG, lovely episode uchenna is so wicked gosh,I can't believe she can actually do that, I don't no why bruno like calling dakore bingo, before you no other staff will start calling her that, it is well dakore need to be very careful of uchenna, Walla I love this story, babe am introducing your site to some of my friends to read, ..thanks ckj, God. Lead you#addictedtocarinajacob'sblog#

  3. Happy new year CK and thanks for the update after a long long break.. Pls can u update soon... Plsss chop kisses 😘😘😘😘 may ur brain never break down.


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