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Episode 10 Title: Heartbeat.
Everyone left the office of Wole except Lola. He told her to wait. The moment they stepped out of the office, he spoke to her.
“You look worried.”
“Not really sir.” she said in a softened tone. “I only hope Dr. Duke is not angry with me.”
“No, he is not. He just doesn’t agree to your opinion. The boy will be scheduled for the surgery tomorrow.”
“Can I see the boy?”
“Of course. You can inform Dr. Wendy and she will direct you to where he is.”
“Thank you sir.” Lola stood up to leave.
Wole Bello asked. “How is your family?”
“My family is fine sir. Thank you for asking.”
“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.”
Lola smiled faintly. Thank you sir.” She stepped out of the office and brooded over why the CEO was being nice to her.
Before going home, Duke had plans to check on the old man that needed a kidney transplant. Yvonne had informed him his surgery was postponed without giving him any reason. On his way out of his office, Yvonne opened the door and entered. She closed the door.
“What are you doing here?” He asked her. “I was about to leave.”
“I know you are angry with Dr. Lola,” she said. “Dr. Wole Bello is not considerate.”
“He was not the only one that agreed to her decision and I am not angry with her. I don’t like her verdict, that’s all.”
“Yours was better. There is nothing special about Dr. Lola.”
“Dr. Yvonne, if you have any issues with her, you have to talk to her about it.”
“The only issue I have with her concerns you.”
Duke gazed at her surprised. “What is that supposed to mean?”
“She has been all over you for the past few days. She has taken my place.”
“I am confused about what you are saying. No one took anybody’s place.”
“We no longer sit and chat like before. You avoid me.”
“It has always been like that before Dr. Lola came to this hospital. I don’t avoid you. I respect the union called marriage. You are a married woman.”
“But it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”
“Dr. Yvonne….
“Call me Yvonne. Call me by my name.” She motions to hold him but he held her hands.
“This is an office. I can’t be with you or anyone right now.”
Yvonne appeared puzzled. “Have you and Daniela broken up?”
“Yes and I am single and not searching.” Duke opened his door and left Yvonne in his office.
Lola saw the frail looking boy. He was with his parents. They stood up and gestured towards her.
“We heard you fought for our son.” The father said to her. His wife was crying quietly.
“I believe he deserves to have the surgery as soon as possible.” Lola said.
“Thank you doc.” the mother said.
“You’re welcome.” Lola stared at the boy. He was sleeping. There were medical devices inserted on his body. “I will check on him when he is awake by tomorrow.
“Will you be among the surgeons to operate on my son?” The father asked.
“No. The surgeon in charge, Dr. Wendy is the best. She will do everything she can to save your son.” She placed her hand on the mother’s shoulder. “Be strong.”
“Thank you.”
Lola rapidly walked out of the room. The appearance of the boy almost made her want to cry in front of his parents.
Duke went to the man that needed a kidney transplant. He moved closer to the bed to talk with him. He picked the patient’s file to read.
“How are you feeling sir?” Duke asked him.
“I’m trying to be strong but I feel weak.”
“I know. You will be strong after you get the transplant.”
Lola entered the room, Duke turned to her and back at the man.
“But I wasn’t told why I won’t get the transplant tomorrow.”
Duke cleared his throat and Lola looked at him. He spoke to the patient. “There was a mixed up about the finance of the transplant but in three weeks’ time, you will have your surgery.”
“I am looking forward to it.”
“Best of luck.” Duke dropped the file and walked out of the room without staring at Lola.
Lola forced herself to smile at the man to cheer him up. She assured him, she would be there during his surgery. The old man liked her and told her if she could stay with him for a little while. He told her he was a widower, lost his wife many years ago.
“What about your children?” She asked him.
“I have only one daughter but she has abandoned me.”
“That’s very sad to hear. I am sorry.”
“Thank you.”
“Does she know you want a get transplant?”
He shook his head, almost in tears as he shut his eyes tightly. When he opened his eyes, tears surrounded them. “No. She doesn’t pick my calls. The last time I called her, her number was switched. I am sure she has changed her number.”
“That means you have no idea how I can reach her.”
Lola felt pity for him. She was beginning to feel bad she didn’t request for him to have the surgery.
“I don’t want to know what really transpired between both of you but she deserves to know.”
“I was not a good father after her mother died. I pushed her away.”
“Do you know where she works?”
His eyes were visibly surprised. “I do.”
“I will need the address and her name.”
“But it’s against your profession.”
“I know but I want to help. You are not meant to be alone. I will send a nurse to get a pen and a paper for you to tell him what to write.”
For the first time, the old man smiled and Lola smiled back at him.
“You are very kind.”
“I am only doing what I think is right.” Lola said.
Zara and Melvin were at the doctor’s lodge, chatting. It was a small room where surgeons go to when they don’t have a patient.
“I don’t think what we planned worked.” Zara told him.
“It didn’t work for Dr. Jidenna. We haven’t tried Dr. Duke.”
“It won’t work. I think Dr. Jidenna really likes her.”
“So what do you want to do?”
“I want to be among the top two and I don’t want Lola among.”
“That is why I wanted us to corporate. I want Lola and Ahmed out of here.”
“What makes you think I want you here? I prefer Ahmed.”
Melvin appeared surprised. “But you don’t respect him. You don’t like him.”
“I don’t like the three of you.”
“Why are you so bitter?”
“I am not bitter.” Zara replied. “I am real and true to myself. If Lola has gotten herself Dr. Jidenna, I will get Dr. Duke. He will be mine.”
Melvin chuckled as if he was mocking her. “I hope you can get him.”
“He is human and blood flows through him. I will get him.” Zara stood and walked out on him.
Dr. Duke was on his way out of the hospital when Jidenna ran to meet him.
“Are you already going home?” Jidenna asked.
“Yes. I don’t really have anything to do until tomorrow.”
“I never asked you how you sorted things with Daniela.”
“We are no longer together.”
“I am sorry about it.” Jidenna said. “That means you are free to mingle.”
Duke chuckled lightly. “I am not ready for that.”
“But I hope I can come for relationship advice anytime you are free.”
Duke gave him a curious look. “I thought you are not in a relationship.”
“Well, very soon I will have a girlfriend in this hospital.”
“Do you think it is a bad idea?” Jidenna asked in a worried tone.
“Oh no. I’m just surprised you want to date someone working in the same hospital. You know how the other one ended.”
“This one is different. I really love her.”
“Who is she?”
“Dr. Lola Bello.”
Duke blinked his eyes. He never saw it coming even though he used to see them together. Jidenna was waiting for him to say something with the kind of look in his eyes.
“Dr. Duke…” he called his name.
“Oh, I never knew you liked her.”
“I love her and I want her to be my girlfriend.”
“Have you told her?”
“Yes. I took her to dinner on Saturday.”
It felt like a shock to him but he acted as if he was cool with it.
Duke didn’t like the way his heartbeat pounded. It was beating fast. He didn’t want them to be lovers. “I hope you had a nice time.”
“Yes I did. I am expecting her to give me a reply soon.”
“I hope she will give you the response you want.”
“I know she will. I will see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah. I am not a relationship expert but if you need my advice, my door is always open for you.”
Duke shook his hand and turned towards the direction of his car. 
Jidenna walked back inside the hospital with a bright smile on his lips.
On her way going home, Lola checked the time. She knew it would be impossible to find the old man’s daughter at her place of work at 7:35pm. Her name was Patricia Oni. Lola planned to go to her office, a bank very early in the morning.
She arrived home and didn’t meet her mother. She called her on the phone and Bidemi informed Lola she still had customers at her restaurant. Lola prepared dinner, ate and showered. She went to her room and thought about Mr. Oni.
Lola hoped if only her father accepted her before he died. If she were to be in Patricia’s shoes, she would be there for her father. She would never leave him alone in a hospital. Lola felt sad.
 Bidemi returned home and used her key to enter. She was going to her room when she heard Lola crying. She rushed to open the door without knocking. Lola quickly wiped the tears off her face.
“Lola, what is it?”
“Nothing.” She turned her face away. Bidemi went closer to look at her.
“You can’t tell me nothing,” she said and sat beside Lola on the bed. “Why have you been crying?”
She looked at her. There was no need hiding her face anymore. “Mom, I said nothing. I am fine.”
“You are not fine. Did something bad happen at the hospital?”
“Are you crying because of Dr. Duke?”
Lola gave her mother a look and shook her head. “No.”
“So, what is it?”
Lola knew her mother would never give up until she would open up. She told Bidemi about the old man.
“Is that why you are crying?”
“No.” Lola started to cry again. “It makes me think about my father.”
Bidemi eyebrows flew up. She appeared apprehensive.
Lola added. “Even though he rejected me, I find it hard to hate him.” She turned to her mother and held her hands. “Mom, is there a way you can get his picture?”
Bidemi opened her eyes. “Why do you need his picture?”
“I just want to know how he looks like. Mom, please help me.” Tears started to flow down her face.
Bidemi had never seen her cry like that. She was beginning to feel bad.
“I don’t have his picture.”
“What about his family? Is there a way I can locate them? I don’t need anything from them. I just want to know what he looks like.”
Bidemi wiped the tears from Lola’s face. Tears started to float around her eyes. “I hate to see you like this. I can’t keep it away from you anymore. I can’t continue to lie. Your father is not dead.”
Lola widened her eyes. She was stunned. She left the bed instantly and faced at her mom. “What did you just say?”
“Your father and I had a complicated relationship. It didn’t work out between us and I had to take care of you all by myself.”
“You told me my father never accepted me and he died.”
“I lied and I am sorry.”
“You are sorry? Just like that? For many years, I thought he was dead.”
“He is dead to me.” Bidemi said with no emotion in her voice. She rose on her feet to face Lola. “Your father and I did not work.”
“Even if your relationship did not work, did he really reject me?”
She turned her face away and heaved a sigh. She sniffed her nose and looked at Lola.
“Answer me, mom.”
Bidemi quickly thought for an answer. “Yes.”
“I will like to ask him why?”
“I have told you our relationship didn’t work out. He pushed me away when I was pregnant. He didn’t want to be a part of your life.”
Lola was heartbroken. “Where is he now?”
“I don’t know where he is.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“I swear I don’t know where he is.”
“What about where he lived and worked when both of were dating?” Lola asked.
“It was a long time ago. I heard he relocated abroad and sold the house. I don’t think he is in the country.”
“You have been lying to me ever since I was born. Why should I believe you now?”
“Lola, you have to believe me now because it is the truth. I am sorry.”
Lola pointed at the door. “Leave my room.”
“I said leave my room!”
Bidemi walked out in tears. Lola locked the door and erupted into a bowl of tears.
“Don’t you think you are in love with her?” Duke’s brother asked him over the phone.
Duke told him about Lola. “I am not in love.” He was in the bedroom, preparing to sleep.
“So why call me to tell me about her. Admit it you have fallen in love with her.”
“That’s not true. I like her. She is a good surgeon.”
“But you don’t want her to date Jidenna.”
“Jidenna is my colleague and a friend. He is a good man but I feel Lola deserves better.”
“Duke, she doesn’t deserve better. You think she deserves you.”
“But I am not ready for another relationship. I just came out from a toxic one.”
“Thank God you broke up with that girl you called Daniela. The day you sent me her picture and told me who her father was, I knew both of you won’t last. Thank God you didn’t introduce her to the family.”
“I tried to tolerate her but she and her father messed everything up.”
“To hell with her father.” he said to Duke. “Let’s talk about this Lola. I think I like her.”
Duke beamed. “Mike, you haven’t seen her.”
“It doesn’t matter. You have never called me to talk about a woman like this. My brother, if you have feelings for this woman, tell her. She will either reject you or accept you. You need to act fast.”
“I don’t want to come between Jidenna and her.”
“Bullshit. She hasn’t said yes to him. You still have a chance with her.”
“It doesn’t matter. I don’t know what I feel for her yet.”
“You better know what you feel before it is too late.” Mike said. “I have to go now. I have to check on the kids in their room. My wife travelled.”
“That’s okay. Hug your kids for me.”
“I will. Goodnight little bro.”
“How many times will I warn you not to call me that?”
Mike laughed hard. “Goodnight Duke.”
Lola made sure she left very early in the morning so that she won’t see her mother. What her mother said about her father was not going to stop her from working or achieving her aim. She had plans to eat breakfast at the cafeteria. Lola took a cab to the bank where Patricia worked. She got there around 8:05am. She walked towards the counter and approached a woman. The woman smiled and greeted her. Lola told her she was looking for Patricia Oni and the banker pointed at the customer service desk.
Lola thanked her and motioned towards the desk. There was a good-looking woman sitting there. “Good morning.”
“Good morning.” She responded with a smile.
“You are Miss. Patricia Oni, right?”
“Yes but I no longer bear Oni anymore. I am married now.”
“I am sorry. I never knew.”
“That’s okay. Customers still call me by my maiden name. Please sit. What can I do for you?”
Lola sat down. “I am Dr. Lola and I came here to see you because of your father.”
Her expression changed. “If he sent you to me, tell him you didn’t see me.”
“He didn’t send me to you. I came here on my own. Your father is in the hospital and he will be having a kidney transplant in three weeks’ time.”
“That is his business.” She said with no compassion.
“I don’t really know how he treated you but he is your father. No matter the pain he caused you, he is sorry. He needs you.”
“Please, if you are only here to talk about him, I will advise you to leave. I have work to do.”
Lola brought out a pen and paper from her bag and wrote on it. She extended the paper to Patricia. “That’s the name of the hospital and my phone number in case you want to reach me and see your father.”
Patricia refused to take it.
Lola decided to drop it on her desk. She rose up. “I will be expecting your call.”
Patricia said nothing and Lola walked out of the bank and boarded another cab to the hospital.
Lola went to the dressing room to change and checked on the boy. He was name was Timothy. He was awake and two nurses were there to monitor his condition. His mother was beside him. He appeared very weak to talk. Lola moved closer to them.
“This is the surgeon I told you about.” His mother told him.
He smiled weakly at Lola.
With a smile on Lola’s face, she touched his hand. “I wish you good luck.”
“Thank you.” The mother said.
Dr. Wendy entered with the case file of the boy. Lola and the woman greeted her and she answered courteously. She checked on her patient and faced the mother.
“Your son will be taken to the OR by 12:30pm. The surgery is going to take hours and I need you to be around.”
“I am not going anywhere. My husband is already on his way.”
“That’s nice. I want to assure you that I am going to do all my best to save your son’s life.”
“Will he survive?”
“I am sorry, I cannot promise you anything but I will do my best.” Wendy smiled at the boy and left the room.
Bidemi entered into the ward and gestured towards a nurse. Her phone beeped, she took her phone from her bag to check the message. She began to walk and unknowingly hit a surgeon.
“I’m so sorry.” She quickly said and gripped her phone hard. It almost fell from her hand.
“I’m sorry too. I hope you are okay?” Duke asked her.
“Yes. Please, I am looking for Dr. Wole Bello. I urgently want to see him.”
“Do you have an appointment with him?”
Bidemi quickly surveyed around, trying to avoid seeing Lola. “No but if you mention my name, he will agree to see me.”
“It’s not proper for me to do that.” He said calmly.
“I know but you have to help me. Please.”
He looked at her sympathetically. “I will take you to him but I hope he will be happy to see you.”
“Yes.” She looked at his identity card handing around his neck. She wanted to know his name. She was surprised. “You are Dr. Duke?”
“Yes. You sound as if you know me.”
She smiled graciously. “My daughter is a surgeon here. She talks about you.”
“I hope she talks good things about me.”
“Mom?” Lola said as she sighted her mom from the left side and motioned to her.
Duke gazed at Lola. “Is this your mom?”
“Yes.” Lola said without looking at him. Her eyes were on Bidemi. “What are you doing here?”
“I… I came to see you.”
Duke gazed at her puzzled. “But I thought…”
“Never mind, Dr. Duke,” she quickly said. “I have seen my daughter. Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too.” Duke walked away with an uncertain look on his face.
Lola grabbed her mother’s hand gently and whisked her away from the ward. “What are you doing here?”
“I came to see you. I was worried. I could not sleep last night. I know you are not happy with me.”
“You didn’t have to come here. We are going to talk about it when I am ready.”
“Lola, you have to forgive me.”
“Mom, this is where I work. I can’t forgive you now. I have to think of my life before I can forgive you for lying to me for twenty eight years.”
“I know.”
“Go home and rest or you can go to the restaurant.”
“Will you come home today?”
“I don’t know.” Lola said. “It depends.”
“Okay my daughter, I will call you later.”
“Alright.” Lola turned to the direction of the ward without saying goodbye.
Bidemi had no choice but to leave. Thank God, Lola did not catch her. If she knew the reason she came, Lola might hate her forever.
In his office, Duke sat down to think. He wondered what the reason might be for Lola to talk about him with her mother.
Did she like him?
The way the mother smiled at him could mean Lola might actually like him.
What am I going to do? If she likes me, why did she agree to have dinner with Jidenna? He questioned himself.
Duke felt he might be infatuated with Lola. He wasn’t sure if the feelings he felt were real. He also thought there must a reason her mother came to see Wole Bello and didn’t want Lola to know.
Is Lola Bello related to Wole Bello? I will look for a way to find out.
Lola went to eat lunch at the cafeteria. After that, they left and met Jidenna. He informed her that Timothy has been taken to the OR. She went to the lodge to wait with Ahmed. In the operating room, Wendy had other intellectual surgeons to assist her. Yvonne was also there.
The parents of the boy were panicking at the waiting room. Lola didn’t want to go there. She felt the same way. During that time, Zara, Melvin and Jidenna had patients to treat. Duke came out of his office to check on Wendy and left. It didn’t take up to the hours they expected the surgery to last when Wendy and the others came out. On her way to see the parents of the boy, she bumped into Lola.
Lola didn’t like the expression on her face. “How did the surgery go? How is Timothy?”
Jidenna sauntered towards them.
Wendy spoke sympathetically. “His heart couldn’t take it. Before I was able to finish the surgery, his heartbeat stopped. I tried to revive him. I’m sorry we lost him.”
“No.” Lola lips shuddered.
Wendy walked away and Duke came out from one of the rooms. Wendy looked at Duke and shook her head. Duke sighed heavily and put his hands on his waist. He shook his head. He saw Jidenna trying to hold Lola but she moved away from him and marched out of the place. Jidenna followed her.
Wendy went to break the sad news to the parents. They broke down in tears.
Lola came out from the hospital and went to a spot at the right side of the building. It was the only quiet place there. There were flowers around the place. Lola started to cry.
“Why? He did not have to die!”
Jidenna moved near her. He touched her shoulders. “It’s okay.”
“It’s not okay. He was just a little boy.”
“I know. Wipe your tears.”
She gently cleaned her face with her hands. She inhaled in and out. “I wish I could have done something to save him.”
Duke decided to check on Lola. He didn’t care if Jidenna was with her. As he wanted to step where they were, he halted to listen to what Jidenna was about to say to her.
“God knows best.” Jidenna said. “May his soul rest in peace.”
She faced him. “Amen.”
“It hurts me to see you cry. I love you Lola. I really want us to be together.”
When he mentioned those words, that moment, she knew she couldn’t tell him those words. She didn’t love him. She wanted someone else to tell her that. She wanted that person to be Duke. She craved for him.  She feared Duke might hate her for what had happened. If only she had agreed for the old man to have the surgery. Lola was going to take her mother’s advice. She probably lost Duke and she didn’t want to lose Jidenna too even though she had no love for him. She only liked him as a friend.
Lola looked into Jidenna’s eyes. “I will be your girlfriend.”
Duke bit his lower lip hard. A huge spasm of jealousy hit him hard.
Jidenna smiled cheerfully at Lola. He was happy. Duke peeped and saw Jidenna kissing Lola. It hurt Duke to his bones. Lola felt nothing as she kissed him back.
Duke turned back. His brother was right. He had fallen in love with Lola. He loved her.
Was it already late for him to get her? Has he lost Lola for forever? He questioned himself as he gestured back inside the building.
Lola Bello had become Gerald Duke’s Heartbeat.
The End of season 1.
The season 2 will commence after Partners in crime Season4. (8 episodes)
Thanks for reading. God bless!


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