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Episode 1 Title: Missing.
Leroy came out from his office and moved directly to Tiwa’s office. He wasn’t looking happy at all. He was holding two files. He knocked on the door and entered. Genevieve was sitting opposite her partner. Tiwa had added a little weight. The women were looking beautiful with their hair nicely done.
“Good morning detective Leroy,” Tiwa said. “You said you wanted to see the two of us. I hope there’s no problem.”
“I have a murder case for both of you.”
He extended the files individually and they opened it. The picture of a pretty and young girl was inside, with crime photos of her lifeless body on the ground in a bush and a report on the case.
“I thought this was a missing case.” Genevieve said to Leroy.
“Yes but she was found dead.” he said. “Her mother reported her missing five days ago when she didn’t return home that day. Her number was unreachable. A married couple found her body.”
“The husband said he stopped for his wife to pee. She went into the bush and found the body. They called the bureau.”
“What about the father of the victim?”
“He is deceased. The victim’s name was Lucy. She was nineteen years old.”
She gave a nod. Tiwa looked at the crime photos one after the other. The girl was lying on her back in a sleeveless gown. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and she had bruises on her body.”
“What was the cause of her death?” Tiwa asked.
“Don’t know yet but Dr. Omoni is presently doing the autopsy.”
“Did her mother tell you where she went on that day?”
“Yes. She went to visit a female friend. I spoke to the friend and she said Lucy left her house around 4pm. I asked if she had a boyfriend but she said no.”
Tiwa gazed at Genevieve. “I think we should talk to her again.”
Genevieve looked at Leroy. “Yes, we should.”
“The victim mother and friend’s number and address are in the files. You can contact them.”
“We will.”
Leroy walked to the door and hesitated. He turned to them. “Please, find the killer. Her mother is devastated. She was an only child.”
“We will try our best.” Tiwa stated.
Leroy left and Genevieve rose. She glanced at her wristwatch.
“It’s 12:20pm. You need to eat lunch before we go and see the mother of the victim.”
“That’s means you won’t be able to pick Freddie from school.”
“No. I will call Quincy to help me pick him. He has a meeting at 3pm.”
“When is Freddie closing today?” Tiwa asked.
Genevieve replied. “By”
“We could pick him up.”
“But we are investigating a case. He can’t be following us around.”
“Don’t worry, immediately we get Freddie, you will go home.”
“I can’t leave you all by yourself and you know that. You will also go home.”
Tiwa heaved a sigh and stood. Under her jacket, she had a protruding stomach. She appeared to be five months pregnant. “I don’t know why everyone in this bureau is treating me as if I am sick. I am not sick, I am only pregnant.”
Genevieve chuckled. “It’s not easy to carry a human inside your body.”
“I know but I am a strong woman. Adebiyi travelled and he can’t stop calling me to check how I am doing. It’s even worse when it’s at night, he prefers to video call me.”
“He is missing you.”
“I am missing him too but I am okay. Even in this pregnancy, nothing changed.”
“Even if nothing changed, you and I will go home after we pick Freddie from school.”
“That’s fine but you have to start driving. The car Quincy bought for you on your birthday is not a statue. You need to start driving.”
Genevieve gave her a look. “Are you tired of driving me? I thought you said you are a strong woman.”
“I am not tired. Don’t forget when I give birth, I will go on maternity leave. Who will be driving you?”
“Please Tiwa; let me be the one to worry about that.”
The office’s phone rang. Tiwa answered and spoke on the phone. “Hello….” She listened. “Oh, okay. We are coming.” She ended the call and grabbed her mobile.
“That was Kevin,” she told Genevieve. “Dr. Omoni wants to see us.”
Genevieve and Tiwa went to the lab. Omoni was standing beside the body. She had covered it with a white cloth. She managed to smile at them.
“What was the cause of her death?” Genevieve asked her.
“Strangulation. She was beaten and strangled.”
“Who would have done something like that?”
“I think she knew who killed her.” Tiwa said. “She must have gone somewhere else after she left her friend’s place.”
“I found semen in her.” Omoni said. “She was raped too.”
“What!” Tiwa and Genevieve exclaimed.
“That’s it.”
Genevieve questioned. “Was there any defensive wounds?”
“Yes. There were defensive wounds on her elbow and wrists. I found pieces of skin under her nails. I am sure her attacker is quite injured with scratches on him.”
“What about time of death?”
“Because of the rain that fell three days ago, I couldn’t determine the time of death but I am sure it might have happened between 6pm to 10pm.”
“Thank you. We will leave now.”
Omoni nodded. “Detective Tiwa.”
“Please, take good care of yourself.”
Tiwa forced a smile. “I will.”
After the partners went to eat lunch, Genevieve called the mother of the victim and she informed her they were on their way to her house. She was expecting them. At 2:10pm, they arrived and met the bereaved woman with two men.
Lucy’s mother, Mariah was crying hysterically. “My baby girl is gone.”
“We are very sorry for your loss.” Genevieve said to her.
“Have you been able to find her killer?” One of the men asked. He was tall and quite younger than Mariah.
“If we have caught the killer, we would have mentioned it. Who are you to the family?”
“I am her brother in law.”
Mariah wiped her tears and stared at the detectives. “He is my late husband’s brother.” She pointed at the other man. “That’s my cousin.”
“Do they live with you?”
Tiwa glanced at the brother in law and the cousin. “Where were both of you five days ago, between the time the victim left her friend’s place at 4pm to midnight.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Richie, the brother in law asked angrily.
“Just answer the question.”
“What if I can’t remember where I was five days ago.”
“You have to think. We will give you time.”
He frowned.
“As for me I have nothing to hide,” the cousin, Andy said. “I was with my girlfriend at the hotel. We were together for three days. My cousin called me and I came here to console her.”
“Were you close to her?” Genevieve asked.
“You mean Lucy?”
“We were close but I am a very busy person. Whenever I am around, she visits me.”
“Did she talk to you about a guy?”
Mariah spoke. “My daughter loved education. She didn’t have a boyfriend.”
Tiwa looked at Richie. “Have you remembered where you were five days ago?”
“Richie was here with me in this house.” She quickly said.
Richie spoke to her. “You didn’t have to tell them.”
“We have nothing to hide.” Mariah gazed at Tiwa and Genevieve. “When Lucy didn’t come home in the evening, I became worried after I called her number and it was switched off. I panicked and called my brother in law.”
“When did he arrive?” Tiwa question.”
“I think around 8.”
Tiwa turned to Richie. “Where were you around 5 to 8?”
“Why do I feel you have a problem with me?”
“I don’t have a problem with you. I am only doing my job.”
“I was at home alone.”
“Can we see your daughter’s room?” Genevieve enquired. “There might be something we might see that can help us with our investigation.”
“Of course you can check.” She stood up and took them to Lucy’s room.
The room was neat and tidy. There was a bed, reading table and a wardrobe filled with her clothes and shoes. There were four different pictures of Lucy placed on the wall. Tiwa moved towards there to look at the pictures. She noticed something.
“Detective Genevieve, please come here.”
“What is it?”
Tiwa pointed at the photos one after the other. “Can you see her neck?”
“She is wearing a neck chain with a love pendant. It’s the same Chain in every picture.”
“She always wears that neck chain.” Mariah said.
“But she wasn’t wearing it in the photos we saw at the bureau.” Tiwa said.
Genevieve spoke. “That is true.” She turned to Lucy’s mom. “Was she wearing it on the day she left the house?”
“Yes.” The woman answered.
“It’s possible the killer is in possession of it. There must be a reason he took it after she was raped.”
“Lucy was raped?” She was shocked.
“Yes, I’m sorry about that.”
She placed her hands on her head and began to cry again.
“I’m very sorry.” Tiwa told her. “Who gave her the chain?”
“I never asked. I thought she bought it herself.”
“When did you notice she started wearing it?”
“I think it’s up to a year now.”
“We will go and talk to the friend she visited.”
Genevieve and Tiwa left the house to Lucy’s friend, Kate. Before they got there, Adebiyi called Tiwa to check on her. She was glad he called at that time.
They arrived at their destination and noticed Kate had been crying with the look on her face. Her parents ordered her to speak with Genevieve and Tiwa. They sat down outside under a shade. She narrated what she had told Leroy.
“Lucy left my place around 4pm.” Kate told them.
Tiwa inquired. “Can you remember if she told you anything before she left?”
“Not at all… but.” She recalled something. “On her way out of here, she made a call but I didn’t listen to her conversation because I was chatting on my phone.”
“Her mother may not know,” Genevieve spoke to Kate. “Was Lucy in a relationship?”
“Did she talk about any guy she liked?”
“No. Lucy talked more about school.”
“What about someone that she never liked.”
“Well, the only man she doesn’t like is her late father’s brother. She told me he is dating her mother.”
Tiwa and Genevieve looked at each other and back at Kate.
“Do you know about the necklace Lucy used to wear?” Tiwa asked Kate.
“You mean the one with a love pendant.”
“I know about it. My elder brother gave it to her.”
"But you said she wasn’t in a relationship.”
“No. My brother gave it to her as a birthday gift. It didn’t mean anything.”

“Where is he?”
“He is staying with a friend.”
They heard the horn of a car and the gateman rushed to open the gate. A car pulled into the compound and two girls came out. They were richly dressed. Both of them were slender but one was very tall. The girls moved towards Kate. Kate stood up to hug them.
The tallest one spoke to Kate. “Your brother told me you lost a friend. I am very sorry about it.”
“Thank you.”
Genevieve wasn’t sure of what she was seeing. She whispered to Tiwa and both of them stared at the shorter girl. Tiwa pointed at her neck chain.
“Kate, isn’t that the same chain Lucy was wearing before she died?”
Kate looked at it. “Yes. How did you get it?”
The girl looked at them awkwardly. “What’s the meaning of this? Are all of you calling me a thief?”
“No one is calling you a thief.” Kate said and touched the pendant. She turned it and it had the letter ‘L’ word on it. “This definitely belongs to my late friend. Who gave you?”
“My boyfriend." The girl named Eunice spoke.
Tiwa and Genevieve rose.
“Who is your boyfriend?” Genevieve asked her.
“My boyfriend’s name is Andy.” She answered. “Why are you asking?”
“Andy?” Genevieve looked at Tiwa. “I think we have heard that name before.”
Tiwa remembered. “Andy is the cousin of Lucy’s mother.”
“I don’t understand what’s going on.” Eunice said.
“Where were you five days ago?”
Eunice thought for a moment. “It was on a Friday. I was with my boyfriend, Andy. I was in a hotel with him.”
“Was there any time he left you at the hotel?”
“Yes. I remember complaining after he left me there. He received a call. He told me the person was his relative and she needed his help.”
“What kind of help?”
“He didn’t tell me.”
“When did he return?” Genevieve questioned her. 
“He came late. I was sleeping. He was having his bath when I woke up.”
“When did he give you the neck chain?”
“The next day. He said it was real gold and the ‘L’meant love.”
“We need the chain as evidence.” Tiwa told Eunice.
“No problem.” She quickly pulled it and gave it to Tiwa.
When Genevieve checked the time, it was 2:54pm. Time was not on her side anymore. She called the principal of the school to inform her that she would be coming a bit late and Freddie's class teacher should wait for her to come. She didn’t want to tell Quincy. He has been the one picking Freddie from school despite his busy schedule.
Tiwa and Genevieve drove back to Mariah’s house. They had called officer Lanre to meet them there. He was just getting there at the residence when they arrived. Mariah rushed out to ask if they had news. Andy and Richie were by her side. The partners didn’t waste time to ask questions.
“Mr. Andy, you are under arrest for the murder of Lucy,” Genevieve said to him. “Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford one, one will be assigned to you.”
Mariah and Richie were shocked. Lanre slammed handcuffs on Andy’s wrists.
“What is the meaning of this nonsense?” Andy yelled. “I am innocent. I didn’t kill Lucy.”
Tiwa showed him the necklace. He was stunned. “The world is a small place.”
“A test will be carried out because of the sperm found in her and I am sure it will be a match.” Tiwa raised his shirt up. There were scratches on his abdomen.
“How could you do this to me?” Mariah asked him in tears.
Andy faced her and wore a sad expression. “I’m sorry. It was the work of the devil.”
Mariah cried in the arms of Richie.
Genevieve took a cab to Freddie’s school. Tiwa and Lanre took Andy to the bureau. Leroy was happy they found the culprit. Andy was charged to court for murder. He confessed he was drunk when he raped Lucy. Tiwa didn’t believe him.
“He is definitely lying.” Quincy said to Genevieve in the evening.
Tiwa had called her to give her the details.
Genevieve said. “I wonder what he was thinking when he raped her and took the neck chain.”
“It’s so sad the victim died that way.”
“She was a beautiful girl. I feel bad for the mother.”
“Me too. What’s going to happen to the killer now?”
“He will definitely spend the rest of his life in prison. The case has been charged to court.”
“That’s good.” He smiled at her.
Genevieve finished having her bath and came out with a towel around her body. She wore her pajamas and heard a sound in the living room. She quickly opened her drawer and took out her gun. She tiptoed out of the bedroom and heard a male voice calling her name. She felt relieved. It was Adebiyi’s voice. She went to meet him at the living room.
“Why are you holding a gun?” he asked her surprised.
“I wasn’t expecting you today.” Tiwa hugged him. “It thought it was an intruder in the house.
“I am not an intruder,” he said. “I am your husband and I wanted to surprise you.”
Tiwa smiled and kissed him on his lips. “I miss you.”
“I miss you too.”
He put his hand on her stomach. “I hope my baby has been kicking.”
“Yes. I have been thinking we should go for an ultra sound.”
“But we agreed it should be a surprise when you give birth.”
“Is that what you really want?”
“That’s okay.” She kissed him again and they went to the room.
Tiwa made dinner and they ate. She told him how Genevieve and herself investigated a case in a day. He congratulated her. After dinner, they went to the room. Genevieve missed Adebiyi so much, she put her phone on silent. She wanted to have an amazing night with him without any disturbance
Around 2:04am at night, Adebiyi woke up. The ringing tone of his phone woke him up. Before he was able to grab his phone to check, it stopped ringing. He looked at his missed call. It was Genevieve. He quickly tapped Tiwa and she woke up.
Tiwa asked. “What is it?”
“I just saw detective Genevieve’s call.”
“Why is she calling you by this time? She has never done such a thing before.”
“I hope everything is alright.” Adebiyi said in a worried tone.
Tiwa glanced at her lamp table and took her phone. She widened her eyes. “Oh my God.”
“What is it?”
“I have six missed calls from Genevieve four minutes ago. I have twelve missed calls from Peter Harold.”
“Twelve missed calls from Peter Harold?” He asked in a puzzled tone.
“Yes. I have not spoken with him for the past two months. He called about two hours ago.”
“You have to call him now.”
She quickly dialed his number but it was switched off. She called Genevieve’s number, and she picked instantly. She turned on the loudspeaker.
“Genevieve, what’s happening?” Tiwa quickly asked in a nervous tone. She sounded very worried.
“I am sorry for disturbing you. I shouldn’t have called you under your condition.”
“It’s okay. What is it?”
“Something terrible has happened. I will explain to you better when we see tomorrow. I am currently in Peter Harold’s house. There is blood everywhere in his living room. There is a dead man here.”
Adebiyi and Tiwa glanced at each other in a panic state.
Tiwa spoke on the phone. “I missed Peter Harold’s calls two hours ago.”
“He called you?” Genevieve asked in a surprised tone.
“Yes. I called back but it's now unreachable. Do you know where he is right now?”
“I don’t know,” Genevieve said with fear in her voice. “Peter Harold is missing and I don’t know if he is badly injured or dead right now. Something terrible happened in his house. I am scared.”
Tiwa exploded into tears and Adebiyi Gold held her. 
To be continued….

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