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Episode 5 Title: Conspired
“Staying quiet isn’t going to solve anything.” Genevieve said after a long silence. “What are we going to do next?”
Peter said to her. “You need to find out the person Fred Adebayo was working with at Larry Ogbonna’s office. Someone knew Fred was coming to see me that day and used the fucking opportunity to set me up. It’s a plan work.”
“Wait,” Kemi said to clarify. “Are you saying Fred never knew investigating the death of Miracle could cost him his life?”
“Yes.” Peter stated. “If he had not gotten me involved, he might still be fucking alive.”
“That means someone in Larry Ogbonna’s office knew Fred had contacted you.”
“And the only person that knew he was coming to see you was the informant.” Tiwa chipped in.
“Exactly.” Peter said. “What about the flash drive?”
“Idara has not been able to open it. It is encrypted.”
“I need both of you to speak with Fred’s father and his girlfriend.”
“We will.”
“Your life is in danger here.” Kemi said. “The judge is not ready to grant you bail.”
“I will have to be careful.”
“This place is not safe at all. I will try and speak with the judge again.”
“I won’t advise you not to but I doubt he will grant me bail. I fucking deserve what is happening to me.”
“You don’t deserve this.” Tiwa told him.
“Someone fucking died because of me.”
“I know what you did was unfair, self-indulgent and illogical but you don’t have to be in jail for a crime you didn’t commit. You didn’t know he was suicidal.”  
“I should have kept my fucking mouth shut. I don’t know why I didn’t return the medical report. If his family knew how I got the information, they would have sued me.”
“I think that is what you deserve and not this.”
Peter frowned at her.
“Suing you is better.” Genevieve said and looked at her wristwatch. “I think we can still see Fred’s father today. We will speak with his girlfriend tomorrow.”
“Please, let me know when Idara unlock the flash.”
“We will.”
“As for me, I will keep everyone updated.” Kemi said.
“Okay.” Peter, Genevieve and Tiwa said at the same time.
An officer came to take Peter away. He had his gunshot injury medicated. His uncle arranged for a doctor to attend to him every two days. Kemi drove back home and the detectives went to see the former judge. They met him in his home. The three of them sat in his living room. Mr. Adebayo eyes were red. It was glaring he had been crying since his son’s death. They told him Peter was innocent.
“Are you sure about that?” He asked weakly.
“Yes sir.” Genevieve said. “We need to know why you retired.”
“What does it have to do with the death of my son?”
“Your son secretly investigated the death of Miracle.”
“Miracle?” He asked in a confused tone.
“Miracle was the late secretary of Larry Ogbonna.”
Adebayo opened his mouth wide.
“Is everything okay sir?” Tiwa asked him.
“Fred shouldn’t have done it. I retired willingly.”
“I don’t think so sir. Did Larry threaten you?”
He sighed sadly. “My son started asking questions about Larry Ogbonna after he started dating his girlfriend. I never knew why. I dismissed the case because I was blackmailed.”
“By who?”
“I don’t know. Someone sent a video to me anonymously.”
“What was the video about?”
“I can’t tell you but it is something I am ashamed of and the only way they will delete the video is if I dismiss the case. I retired because I didn’t want anyone to control how I judge cases.”
“Do you think it was Larry Ogbonna that killed Miracle?” Genevieve questioned.
“I read a rumor. I heard he wasn’t the one but he was close to the person that did it.”
“Please, we will need the number of his girlfriend.”
“I will get my phone.” Adebayo stood up tiredly.
“Sir,” Tiwa said. “Have they returned your son’s body to you?”
“No. The hospital in charge of the autopsy is still with the body.”
“Do you know the name of the hospital?”
Tiwa and Genevieve exchanged glances and gazed back at him.
“Please, we will be grateful if you tell us the name.”
“No problem.” he said in a saddened tone. “I don’t want my son’s killer to walk freely. If Peter Harold is innocent, please find the real murderer of my son.”
“We will.”
He told them the name of the hospital and wrote down the phone number they requested for and they left. Tiwa dropped Genevieve at her residence before she drove home. Tiwa called Dr. Omoni to inform her about the hospital. It was called Hope Medical Hospital.
“I know the hospital,” she said. “But I don’t know any medical practitioner there.”
“So how are you going to get the result of the autopsy? Peter didn’t shoot Fred and I don’t want a situation whereby the bullets taken from the body will match the bullets in Peter’s gun. They might change it.”
“I know but I am sorry I don’t know anyone.”
“Does that mean you can’t do anything to help?”
Tiwa heard Omoni sigh heavily before she answered. “I will see what I can do.”
“I will call some doctors I know and ask if they know anyone at the hospital.”
“Please do and give me feedback.”
“I will detective Tiwa.”
Tiwa ended the call.
Kemi and Jason kissed their children goodnight and went to their bedroom. Jason had noticed his wife’s gloomy mood when she returned but stayed quiet and waited now for him to ask what the matter was. He joined her on the bed.
“I know you don’t discuss about your cases with me but it seems this one is getting to you. What happened today?”
“It’s my client. He was framed for murder.”
“That means Peter Harold didn’t do it.”
“No. When the trial begins, I will request for bail. At least the jury will be there to witness how I will defend him. I just hope my effort will not be in vain. I really want to win this.”
“And you will.” Jason said and smiled at her. He was trying to encourage her.
She put her hand on him and smiled too.
“You are a business man. I know you have worked with several companies. Have you ever done a deal with Larry Ogbonna before?”
“Larry Ogbonna?” He sounded as if he knew him.
“Yes. Do you know him?”
“Not really. I have never done business with him but Denzel was a special guest at Larry’s sister wedding. He is her favorite actor.”
“Yes. I think he is holding a party in his home on Saturday. It is strictly by invitation. Denzel told me if I wanted to follow him but I declined.”
Jason looked at her surprised. “Nothing. I just thought you would be busy and I will look after the kids.”
“Nathanial will spend the weekend at his friend’s place and I will take Jayden to Eniye’s place. Tell Denzel to get us invitation cards.”
“Why are you so interested in the party?”
“I am not interested in the party. I am interested in the guests. I want to know who will attend. It is possible the real killer of Fred Adebayo will be there.”
“Now, I am scared.”
“You don’t have to be scared,” Kemi said. “I am not going there to start asking questions. I have eyes.”
“I don’t know if Denzel still has invitation cards for a couple.”
“Ask him, please.”
“I will call him tomorrow.”
“Can you call him now?”
“It’s late. He might be sleeping.”
She blinked her eyes seductively. “Please.”
Jason smiled and shook his head. He came down from his bed to grab his phone and make the call. He called Denzel twice but he didn’t pick. He looked at Kemi.
“I told you he might be sleeping.”
“I am sure he would call when he sees your missed calls. If he has more than one invitation cards, let me know.”
“For what?”
“For the detectives.”
“What! The party is for pleasure. Guns are not needed there.”
“No one is bringing any gun to the party. It will only be an opportunity for the detectives to question Larry Ogbonna. They went to his company and his secretary lied he wasn’t around.”
“I will ask Denzel but he must not know what you are planning. He won’t trust me again.”
“I know. We will not cause any trouble there.” Kemi smiled broadly at him and spread her arms apart. “Come here sugar.”
Jason went to Kemi and cuddled her on the bed.
Adebiyi was giving Tiwa a massage on her shoulders. They were in their bedroom. She complained of pain. She called her doctor and he advised her to rest and come to the hospital the following day for checkup.
“This Peter’s case is becoming stressful.” Adebiyi said to Tiwa. “You need to slow down.”
“Peter is our friend.”
“I know. You are carrying our baby. I hope the case will be over before you will put to birth. I have already booked your flight ticket to Canada.”
“I know. I am sure it will be over before then.”
“I hope so.” Adebiyi cleared his throat. “Genevieve will understand if you don’t go to work tomorrow.”
“I know but I will go to work but see my doctor before going to the bureau.”
“Will you go to Fred’s girlfriend’s place with Genevieve?”
“Officer Lanre will drive both of you there.”
“I can drive by myself.”
“If you don’t allow him, I will have to do it myself.”
Tiwa took a deep breath and stared at him. “Okay Mr. Gold, officer Lanre can drive us.”
Adebiyi laughed. “That’s my baby.” He kissed her neck and came down to rub her legs.
Quincy was playing a game with his Samsung tab on the bed when Genevieve entered into the bedroom with her phone in her hand. She had gone to check on Fredrick. He was sleeping peacefully.
“I just received a call from barrister Kemi.”
He paused the game and dropped his tab beside him. “What did she say?”
She narrated what Kemi told her about the party.
“That is a good idea.” He said.
“If you and Tiwa are given the invitation, you have to be careful.”
“We will.”
Genevieve climbed the bed and put her hand across his body. He pecked her on the head.
“When Peter’s case is over,” Quincy said. “We are going to travel, any country of your choice.”
She looked at him surprised and grinned. “For real?”
“That will be nice.”
“Think of a place before the end of the week so that I can start planning.”
“Okay love.”
The following morning, Adebiyi and Tiwa went to the hospital together. Her doctor informed them their baby was healthy but she should reduce her workload.  
Tiwa used the opportunity to ask the doctor if he knew Hope Medical hospital.
“My younger brother works there. He is a medical doctor too.”
“That is good news.”
“You won’t understand. Can you give me his number? I need to ask him questions about something.”
“I know you are a detective. I hope he won’t be in trouble.”
“No problem.” Doctor Jim gave her the number and recollected something. “I just remembered. He is on leave.”
“Do you know when he will be back?”
“I think next week but you can call him to confirm.”
“That’s okay. Thanks.”
“You are welcome.”
Later, she called Doctor Jim’s brother but his number was unreachable. Adebiyi and Tiwa drove to the bureau. Genevieve had gone to inquire on the task given to Idara. She told her she was still working on it. When Tiwa and Adebiyi arrived, Lanre drove the detectives to see Mirabel, the sister of Miracle.
On their way going, Genevieve asked after Tiwa’s health. She told her what her doctor said.
“You really need to rest.” Genevieve advised her.
“I know.” Tiwa smiled at her. “Adebiyi wants me to have my baby in Canada.”
“That is so cool.” Genevieve said happily. “I am happy for you.”
Kemi came out of the kitchen to listen to Jason’s conversation in the living room. He was prepared for work and speaking with Denzel.
“Please hold on.” Jason said and gazed at Kemi. “He has only an invitation for a couple.”
Kemi asked for the phone and he gave it to her. “Hey Denzel. Good morning.”
“Good morning to my favorite lawyer.” Denzel said in a happy tone. “What’s up!”
“I’m good.” She replied with a smile. “Is it possible to get an invite for one person?”
“I don’t have. What I have is for a couple. I can get another one if you know any couple that wants to come.”
“Get it and I will get back to you.”
“No problem. Let me talk to my friend.”
“Okay.” She returned the phone to Jason and left to make her own call.
Genevieve had finished speaking with Kemi and she explained everything to Tiwa.
“I think she should take the invitation.” Tiwa said.
“Who will go?”
“You and Quincy.”
“What about you?”
“I have to listen to your advice. I really need some rest during the weekend. Go with your husband. It will be fun.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I will continue to try the doctor’s number. When I am able to reach him, I will let you know. Dr. Omoni is not helping at all.”
“You can’t blame her.”
“I know.”
They arrived at Mirabel’s home. Mirabel was still crying. Her stomach was quite big. It was obvious she was pregnant.
“Fred and I were planning to get married immediately he caught the true killer of my sister.”
“We are very sorry about Fred.” Tiwa told her.
She cleaned her wet eyes. “Thank you.”
“Do you have any idea why your sister was killed?”
Fred felt she found something discriminating in her boss office but I doubt it. I think she was having an affair with a married man or a man that was engaged. I can’t really remember. I think it got her killed.”
“Do you think it was Larry Ogbonna?”
“I don’t know. She told me she didn’t like him but maybe she was lying.”
“Did Fred and you live here together?” Genevieve asked when she noticed their photos on the wall.
She nodded. “Yes.”
“Do you know the person that Fred asked to work in Larry Ogbonna’s company?”
“He never told me anything. He didn’t want me involved.”
“What about his friends?”
“I know few of his friends but I don’t have their numbers. I never thought something like this would happen. I am so stupid.”
“You are not stupid.” Tiwa said to her. “Can we check your room? Maybe we might find something that can help us.”
“That is not a problem but most of his things here are just his clothes and shoes.”
“What about pictures?” Genevieve quickly asked. “Pictures with him and his friends in case we bump into them.”
“Okay. I will get you his pictures. Do you still want to check the room?”
“No need.”
“Okay.” Mirabel left them. She came back and showed Genevieve and Tiwa photos of Fred and his friends. There were several photos of Fred with three of his friends.
“Who are these guys with Fred?” Genevieve asked her.
“They are his close friends.” Mirabel answered and pointed at them one after the other. “Henry, Donald and Osi.”
Henry was the tallest. He had a nice smile. Osi was quite tall. He was black in complexion and slim. Donald was good looking, tall and fat.
“Did they come to see you?” Tiwa enquired.
“Donald came once. Henry has not come to see me. Osi came to see me three times. I should have collected his number.”
“It’s okay. Do you know where Henry or the others work?”
“No problem.”
Genevieve and Tiwa glanced through the remaining pictures. They returned them and assured Mirabel they would keep her updated and find the true killers of her sister and boyfriend. Tiwa and Genevieve came out from the house. Tiwa’s phone rang and it was Idara calling. She answered.
“Hello Idara, what is it?” Tiwa asked and listened to Idara for some seconds. “Are you sure of what you are saying?” Tiwa listened again. “Okay.” She ended the call.
Genevieve asked curiously. “What did Idara say?”
Tiwa answered. “There was nothing in the flash. Fred Adebayo was played. The traitor must have told Larry Ogbonna everything and when he heard Fred contacted Peter, they set him up. They collaborated to conspire against Peter Harold.”
To be continued….

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