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Episode 7 Title: The Fact
Barrister Cynthia had called the doctor in charge of the autopsy to the stand. He was holding a copy of the report.
“Doctor Muyi,” she said. “Are you holding the result of the autopsy?”
“Kindly tell the court the result.”
“The victim was shot three times. I met with Inspector Kesmond. I told him the kind of bullets found inside his body. He said the gun Peter Harold surrendered had the same bullet.”
“That’s a lie.” Peter whispered to Kemi. She nodded in agreement.
He added. “He said that kind of bullet is used for that particular gun.”
Cynthia asked. “Are you saying the victim died by the defendant’s gun?”
“Objection your honor,” Kemi said. “Doctor Muyi was not present when the incident happened.”
“Objected overruled.” The judge looked at Muyi. “You can answer the question.”
“Yes, your honor.”
“No more questions your honor.” Cynthia said.
The judge asked Kemi. “Do you have questions for him?”
Kemi stood. “No, your honor. I will like to put Inspector Kesmond on the stand.”
Muyi left and Kesmond came to the stand. The registrar read him the oath of affirmation as usual before the defense attorney questioned.
“Can you explain how you manage to know someone was shot at Peter Harold’s house late at night?”
“An officer of mine was close to that place.”
“What was he doing there by that time?”
He shrugged. “He is a citizen of this country and he is allowed to be anywhere at any time. He is an officer. He is meant to protect anyone from danger.”
“Your station is far from Peter Harold’s house. His area is not under your jurisdiction. Tell the court where you were when your officer called you.”
“Objection your honor.” Cynthia opposed. “That question is irrelevant. It has no connection to how Fred Adebayo lost his life.”
“Objection overruled.”
Kemi stared at him shocked. “Your honor that question is vital.”
“It is irrelevant.”
Peter mumbled under his breathe. “I am fucked.”
“I will ask another question.” She faced Kesmond. “Were you at your station when your officer called you to come?”
“No. I was driving home.”
“Where were you at that time?”
“Objection your honor.”
Judge Ofili could see the expression on the faces of the jury. He didn’t want them to think he was on the persecution side. “Objection sustained. Please answer the question.”
“I can’t recall where I was.”
“No further questions.”
Cynthia didn’t have questions for Kesmond. Cynthia presented an officer, which said things that was not in favor of Peter. Kemi never bothered to question him. She couldn’t do anything to help him except she presented facts.
The judge adjourned the case a week later and left. Peter was taken back to the cell. He was not in the mood to talk to anyone. His effort was in vain. Kemi and Tiwa were talking outside when Genevieve saw Mirabel and moved to her.
“I am really sorry about today.” She told Mirabel.
“Are you sure Peter Harold didn’t kill Fred.”
“No. This is a plot against him. I want to ask a question.”
“You can.”
“When Osi came to see you, how did he act towards you?”
“The first day he came he was surprised I was pregnant. He told me he was sorry. The other times he came, he gave me money. Why are you asking?”
“I just want to clarify something. I also would like to know if Miracle had any best friend she confided in before she died.”
“I was her best friend. She used to tell me things but stopped when I started complaining about the way she dressed. She became close to a girl. She comes to see me once in a while.”
“I will like to speak with her.”
“I will send her phone number and home address to your phone. I have them.”
“Thank you.”
“Why are you doing this?” Mirabel asked. “I mean, why are you still asking about Miracle? We are here because of Fred.”
“My team and I are here because of Fred and Miracle. Miracle deserves justice too.”
She smiled faintly. “Thank you.”
“You are welcome.”
Kemi spoke with Tiwa. “If the judge continues to be biased, when we meet again, I will appeal for another judge.”
“They might bribe the new judge.” Tiwa said.
“I don’t think so. I will demand for Judge Abigail Osunde. Peter told me about her.”
“She doesn’t like Peter but she is never one-sided.”
“That is what he told me. Please call me when you speak with doctor Timi.”
“I will.”
Kemi bid her goodbye and left. Tiwa and Genevieve went home.
Detective Leroy continued to follow Osi. The fifth time he did, on a Saturday, Osi went to a hotel. The hotel was very far from the main town. Leroy wanted to turn back. He thought Osi was travelling but decided to change his mind and traced him there.
After Leroy waited for one hour inside his car, he went inside. Leroy went to the bar section to check if he was there but didn’t find him. He described the man to a waiter and he was told to check the swimming pool section. He gestured towards there and noticed Osi with a woman. She was wearing a swimwear and was sitting on Osi’s laps. They started to kiss. Leroy ordered for a drink and sat quite far from them. He cautiously took their photos. He finished his drink and left.
Leroy didn’t bother to wait until Monday before he presented the photos to the detectives. He called Tiwa and Genevieve and they agreed to meet at Adebiyi’s home.
Quincy, Genevieve and Fredrick got there first and they waited for Leroy. Fredrick was watching a cartoon channel when Leroy came and showed them the pictures.
“This is unbelievable.” Quincy said.
“Who is the woman with Osi?” Adebiyi asked curiously, when he saw the faces of Tiwa and Genevieve.
“It is barrister Cynthia.” his wife replied. “She is having an affair with her brother’s personal assistant. He betrayed his friend for money and sex.”
“I think it was Cynthia that killed Miracle.” Genevieve said. “Remember we heard Larry Ogbonna was protecting the person that killed her.”
“Mirabel said her sister was having an affair. We have to know the man she was dating.”
“But Cynthia wasn’t married when Miracle was killed.” Quincy said.
Genevieve spoke. “I am supposed to meet Miracle’s friend Elaine on Monday afternoon. Let me call and ask.” She dialed Elaine’s number and put it on loudspeaker.
“Hello Elaine. I won’t be able to see you on Monday. I want to ask you questions about Miracle.”
“Was Miracle dating a married man before he died?”
There was silence.
“Please Elaine, if you really want us to catch the real killer of your friend, tell me what you know.”
“I don’t really know anything but Miracle had an affair with a man named Robert Isi. He had a fiancĂ©e but he called off his wedding. That was what Miracle told me and that is all I know.”
“You are welcome ma.” She ended the call.
Genevieve looked at all of them. “I have not heard of Robert Isi.”
‘This case keeps taking us to different people.” Tiwa said. She was tired of the whole thing.
“Honey, please sit down and relax.” Adebiyi begged her and she did.
Leroy said. “Let me browse through the internet. Maybe his name will pop up.”
He did and nothing came up. He checked Facebook and Twitter but didn’t find anything until he looked at Instagram and saw Robert Osi. He cruised through his old pictures of year 2014. There were pictures of him and Cynthia and she was wearing an engagement ring.
“That means she was engaged to another man before she met Kennedy Ojukwu.” Genevieve said.
“It seems so.” Quincy stated.
Tiwa said. “Cynthia killed Miracle but we don’t know who she sent to eliminate her.”
Genevieve told her. “What we have found is not enough.”
“That’s true. I will have to wait for doctor Timi.”
“Is he back?”
“Yes. He said he would give me feedback on Monday. He has a shift tomorrow. I told him the name of the doctor that handled the autopsy.”
“We hope he will have something tangible for us.”
“I hope so.” Tiwa said in a distressed tone. “I really hope so.”
At the hospital after Dr. Timi finished with his patients, he went to Dr. Muyi’s office. He was going through some medical report. They greeted each other and Muyi welcomed him back from his holiday.
“Thanks doc.”
Muyi asked.  “Is there anything I can do for you?”
“I was hoping I could check for an autopsy result from one of my old patients. You did the autopsy. Can I have it?”
“You mean now?”
“Yes. It’s urgent.”
“I am quite busy. When I am through with what I am doing, I will check. What’s the name?”
“Sarah Buhari but I can do it myself.”
“Then that’s a relief for me.” He pointed at some heaps of files on a table behind his desk.
“Thanks.” Timi checked through the files and saw Fred Adebayo’s file. He sneaked the report and told Muyi he had seen it. He would photocopy it immediately and bring the original. Timi did the opposite. He returned one of the photocopies and kept the authentic one.
On Monday, Tiwa drove to the hospital to collect it. She thanked him and went to have lunch with Genevieve and Kemi. They discussed about it.
Later in the day, Kemi went back home. Tiwa and Genevieve drove to the bureau. They arrived there and saw a male teenager arguing with the receptionist. He was carrying a school and bag.
“What is going on here?” Tiwa asked and the boy faced the detectives.
“I was asking for both of you!” he said. “The receptionist was asking me why?”
They knew him. He was the boy from the house opposite Peter’s home.
“Why are you here?” Genevieve asked him.
“I came to see both of you. I didn’t see you guys again and I decided to come here myself. I actually searched on the internet for the best female detectives in Nigeria and I saw your names and the name of this bureau. Why didn’t you come back?”
“Your mom didn’t want us to talk with you. What’s your name?”
“Israel. I wanted to but she said I am not up to eighteen. Anyways, I have something for you.”
“What?” The partners asked at the same time.
He unzipped his school bag, and brought out his phone. “I was awake when it happened. I was staring outside and listening to music when I heard the gunshots. It was when I saw barrister Harold running out to enter a car, I brought out my phone to video it.”
“Were you not scared?” Tiwa asked him.
“No. I wasn’t the one being attacked. Another man holding a gun came out and drove away.”
They were amazed. He showed them the video and they watched it. The shooter’s car was parked outside. Genevieve paused the video, zoomed it, and looked closely. The killer was the same man following Cynthia and her husband at the party.
Tiwa and Genevieve were overjoyed. 
The video was transferred to them and Adebiyi compensated Israel. He could visit the bureau if he needed any help. Kemi was informed. She told them it would be better to present everything in court instead of them to go to the station and talk to Inspector Kesmond.
Kemi didn’t want to tell Peter what they had found. She wanted to surprise him. Everyone appeared in court including Larry Ogbonna. Kemi already asked Dr. Muyi to appear. She spoke to the judge.
“I will like the charges against my client dropped.”
Everyone wondered except for the detectives and their spouses.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Peter asked her.
She ignored him.
“Barrister Kemi,” the Judge said. “It’s seems you don’t know why you are here. If you don’t have anything reasonable to say, let the persecutor begin.”
She smiled. “I have something reasonable to say your honor.” She called the doctor to the stand. “I will like to present a document you.”
Kemi gave him and he looked at it. He was visibly shocked.
“Kindly tell the court what the document is about.”
He began to scratch his head nervously and clear his throat.
“Is something wrong with your mouth?”
“I… This… em…”
“Please, speak louder. No one can hear you.”
“This is a waste of time.” Cynthia said.
“It is not.” She gestured to her table, collected two photocopies of the report from her file, and gave it to her and the Judge.
They were stunned. Kemi looked at doctor Muyi and told him to answer her.
“This is the autopsy report of the victim.”
“Is it different from the one you presented the first day in court?”
“Was it the same bullet found in the defendant’s gun you saw inside the victim?”
“Is this the real result?”
“Why did you change it?”
 “I was paid to change it.”
“Objection your honor!” Cynthia barked.
It was too late for her. People were watching him. “Objection overruled.”
“Who told you to change it?” Kemi asked Muyi.
“Cynthia Ogbonna Ojukwu paid me to change it.” He pointed at her.
All eyes were on her. She bowed down her head in shame. Peter was smiling hard.
Kemi spoke. “I have evidence to prove barrister Cynthia Ojukwu sent her bodyguard to murder Fred Adebayo. There is a video of him coming out of Peter house.”
The bodyguard sitting with Larry quickly got up to leave. Genevieve had been watching him. She stood to block him from leaving. Officer Lanre and Quincy joined her.
“How you live your life does not interest me.” Kemi told Cynthia. “You don’t have the right to take another person’s life. You killed Miracle too.”
Tiwa moved to them with handcuffs in her hand.
“I didn’t kill her.”
“We know she was having an affair with your former fiancĂ©,” Tiwa said. She wanted to make her angry. “He must have known your kind of person. He chose your brother’s secretary over you.”
“She deserved to die! Yes, I killed her and I will kill her again if she wakes up! Femi was stupid to start investigating her murder. I got to know. I did the right thing! Peter Harold is the reason I never met my brother in-law!”
“Peter Harold is not the reason. Your brother in-law decided on his own to take his life.”
Tiwa read her her rights. Cynthia, her bodyguard, Osi, Muyi, Kesmond were arrested. Peter was a free man again. The detectives didn’t have anything on Larry Ogbonna. He was right. He didn’t kill Femi Adebayo. Mirabel and the former judge cried tears of joy. Peter’s family hugged him and jubilated. He thanked Tiwa, Genevieve, Kemi, Quincy and Adebiyi for their kindness towards him.
A day later, Judge Ofili was brought in for questioning. He was charged with bribery and corruption including Kesmond, Osi and Muyi. They were sentenced to twenty years in prison. Cynthia got thirty-five years while her hit man was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mr. Adebayo buried his son. Skeleton became a free man and Peter gave him one million naira. Peter hoped he won’t use the money to buy cigarettes and damage the remaining organs holding his body from falling apart.
The detectives with their husbands, Kemi and Jason celebrated the victory together. Two months later, Tiwa put to bed a baby-bouncing girl on Canada. Genevieve and Quincy were there.
Adebiyi left to speak with the doctor and when he returned to the room, Peter was with him. Tiwa was the only one surprised to see him. The rest knew he planned to come.
“I would love to carry her.” Peter told Tiwa.
She gave him and he looked at her in admiration.
“What’s her name?”
“Olivia.” Adebiyi responded. “Tiwa and I would like you to be her godfather.”
They could see the excitement in his eyes. “I am grateful. I will spoil her with so much love. Thank you so fuc… Thank you so much.”
They gave him a look.
“Because of her I would learn how to talk appropriately.”
“Better.” Genevieve said with a smile and stared at Tiwa. “Fredrick has a new wife.”
All of them laughed.
The End of season 4.
Season 2 of ‘Heartbeat of Bello’s Hospital’ will begin after I rest for a while. lol God bless you.


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