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Episode 6 Title: Inescapable
Lola met Jidenna alone at the lodge. There was sadness all over his face and she could see it clearly. She sat beside him and he took her hand to hold. She nippily looked at the entrance and it got him worried. He let go of her.
“Are you ashamed of me?” Jidenna questioned.
“No. I won’t have agreed to be your girlfriend if I was ashamed of you.”
“Then why does it seem so.”
This time, Lola took his hand and patted it gently. “I care about you Jidenna. I only want us to be professional whenever we are in the hospital.”
“But it looks like you don’t want anyone to know we are dating.”
A male doctor entered, though Lola felt uneasy but she still held his hand. The doc nodded at them, went to collect a bottled water and left.
She spoke, “Dr. Duke is aware. Someone in this hospital knows about us.”
“Is that why you choose him over me?”
“I don’t understand.”
“The surgery both of you did together.”
“Jidenna, you are not a surgeon.”
“I know but you should have told me to come.”
“If you think I was the one that called Dr. Duke to come, you are wrong. It was one of the nurses around that made the call. Not me my darling.”
Jidenna smiled after he heard her last one. It made him feel important. “Lola, I really want us to be serious. I take you serious.”
“I do too.”
“If you do, will you follow me home?”
Lola gazed at him surprised. “Today?”
She released his hand. “But it’s already getting late. I don’t want to go home at night. It’s not safe.”
“You can spend the night at my place or I will take you home safe. Your mom likes me.”
“This is not about my mom. This is about me. I will definitely know your place.”
“It is obvious you don’t want to follow me home. So when?” Jidenna gave her a look while waiting for an answer.
Lola let out a sigh as thought of what to tell him. “On Saturday.
He lifted his left eyebrow. “Promise?”
She smiled lightly. “I promise.”
Lola didn’t see it coming. Jidenna quickly put a peck on her forehead and Ahmed entered and saw it. Lola shifted a bit away from him and rose.
“Dr. Jidenna, I don’t know if you can talk to the patient at ward 2 so that we can know what to do concerning her decision to go ahead with the surgery.”
Jidenna stood up. “Okay.” He walked out without looking at her.
Ahmed had picked a magazine and sat down to read. He lowered the magazine to reveal his eyes at Lola. “You didn’t have to come up with a story. I know.”
“You know what?”
“I know both of you are dating.”
She moved closer to him. “How did you know?”
He dropped the magazine beside him. “I didn’t know. You just told me.”
Lola opened her mouth. She closed it, carried the magazine and sat.
He added. “I only guessed when I saw him peck you. I know he wouldn’t do that if he had not done it before. For how long have both of you been dating?”
Lola looked at him. “Few weeks. Getting close to a month now.”
“I thought it was Dr. Duke you wanted?”
That felt like a bombshell to her. Her eyes flashed with a great surprise. Lola wanted to say something but hesitated. She didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag just like that. Ahmed might just be guessing and want to hear her response. She had to be careful.
Ahmed smiled. “You don’t want to say anything. Recently, I have seen it in your eyes whenever you look at him. I knew you liked him when you challenged him in his office. You wanted to provoke him and see what he would do.”
“I am short of words.” She said softly.
“Lola, during this short period I have known you, you show who you really are.  Lately, I know we have not really sat down to talk. I see you and Dr. Melvin.”
“He just want to be a friend, that all.”
“I know.” Ahmed looked away, and stayed silent for few seconds before staring back at Lola. “Do you love Dr. Duke?”
Lola didn’t have the heart to lie. She wanted the truth about her feelings for Duke to come out. She wondered if she was in a relationship with him, if she would keep it as a secret. No way. She would definitely let the world know she and Duke are partners. She was unfair to Jidenna.
“Yes, I do.”
“Then why are you with Dr. Jidenna?”
“I said yes to him in my venerable moment. I lost a patient and he was there for me. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would probably cry alone or on your shoulder.”
Lola shut her eyes, as she could not stop the tears from dropping. Ahmed put her head on his shoulder and tapped her gently.
“You are strong Lola. Please don’t cry. Don’t let people see you cry.”
Lola wiped her face and raised her head to stare into his face. “What have I done? How am I going to get myself out of it? I don’t want to look bad.”
“You are not going to look bad. You are only going to make him look sad and that’s for a while.”
“I don’t want that.”
“The choice is yours, if you don’t do it, you will never be happy with yourself.”
“I’m thinking maybe I might fall in love with Jidenna.”
“Like said before, the choice is yours.”
“I even doubt if Dr. Duke feels the same way, although he has been nice to me recently.”
“Then use that opportunity and get to know him better. I know you don’t see him often but when you do, be yourself. Let him know the kind of person you are.”
The door opened and Nurse Oliver entered. His eyes fell on Ahmed.
“Dr. Duke wants to see you in his office now.”
Lola and Ahmed stared at each other.
“We will talk tomorrow.” He checked the time. “When I am done, I might go home from there.”
“That’s fine. Thanks.”
“You are welcome.”
Lola went to the washroom, washed her face and dried it with her white handkerchief.

“Are you saying my wife can’t have a child?”
“All the tests we have done reveal she was born without a womb.” Melvin answered the man as he consoled his wife.
“How is that possible?”
“It is rare but possible. I am sorry your wife is among these women battling with such condition.”
“God!” He uttered.
The couple has been married for four years without the wife getting pregnant. The husband felt it was his fault and when his family began to ask questions and put pressure on both of them, they decided to come to the hospital.
“I know it took us a long time to check,” the man said in a concerned voice. “Is there anything that can be done that can make her get pregnant?”
“I’m very sorry, no sir.”
“Nothing can be done but there are other options if you want to have a child.”
“If you think adoption is an option, it is not for both of us.”
The sad looking wife stared at him. “We can adopt.”
“What are we going to tell my family? I can’t bring another man’s child into my home.”
“This is the only way we can have a child. I don’t have a womb. I am useless.”
“You are not useless ma,” Melvin told her. “What about surrogacy. It’s for you to agree.”
“How are we going to do that?” The husband of the woman questioned.
“It’s insemination of your sperm into another woman. She will carry your child and there will be a contract between you and her. We are Africans and we don’t do that but if you are interested, I can organize it for you or you travel abroad and do it.”
He peered into his wife and back at Melvin. “This is too much for me right now. We have to go home and think of it. My wife and I need to be alone.”
“That’s not a problem. Whatever you decide let me know.”

Wole Bello heard a knock on his door and he gave his consent.
“Come in.”
He was surprised to see Lola when she walked inside. She had a beautiful smile on her lips.
“Dr. Lola. I didn’t send for you.” He said.
“I know. I just wanted to check on you. I haven’t seen you for a while now. How are you doing sir?”
“Fine!” He rose on his feet, as he couldn’t stop smiling at her. “Please sit down.”
“I don’t that is necessary. I am sure you were busy before I came here. I don’t want to distract you.”
She didn’t know what else to say with both of them in the office alone.
“I won’t take no from you and I was not busy.” he said and pointed at the chair. “Please sit down.”
She sat. “Thank you sir.”
“So how are you?”
“I’m doing great.”
“Time is running fast and soon the top two will be chosen. It is not in my position to choose but I hope you will be among them.”
“I hope so. I have always wanted to work here.”
“Why? There must be a reason you have always wanted to work here.”
Lola rubbed her hands before she answered. “Before the accident which I am very sorry about, I read about your work and how talented you were. When I heard you were building your own hospital, I knew you were going to devote your time in making this place one of the best. I think it is the best private hospital in Nigeria.”
Wole smiled so hard he wanted to tell her so many things. He didn’t know what her reaction would be.
She added. “I was in my first year, second semester when you started to build this place. I am very proud to work here, and if I am not among the top two, I will still be proud. I worked here temporary and I met you.”
He just continued to smile and stare at her. Lola began to feel shy and then another knock on the door. Wole removed his eyes from Lola and spoke.
“You can come in.”
Dr. Yvonne entered and her face wasn’t cheerful at all. She looked quite unhappy.
“I need to talk to you sir,” she said. “It is very important.”
Lola stood instantly and said to Wole. “Thank you sir for your time.”
“I should be the one thanking you. I hope we will talk better next time.”
“I hope so too.” Lola approached the door and looked at Yvonne cheerfully. Yvonne’s face didn’t change at all and Lola walked out and closed the door behind her.

Duke had gone home after speaking with Ahmed.  Ahmed changed his clothes and was on his way out of the building when he saw Zara. She called his name. He didn’t have any option, he answered her.
“Yes Dr. Zara.”
“Are you leaving now?”
“Me too. Why don’t you wait by my car?”
“I want to take you home.”
“You don’t have to take me home. I will take a taxi.”
“But I insist.” She shoved her hand in his hand. “I am coming!”
She hiked away and quickly went to the dressing room. She returned to her car and met Ahmed shouting on the phone. He didn’t know she was standing behind him.
“It is not your house! I won’t take it lightly. I am not a fool!” He kept quiet to listen to the caller for a minute and said. “This is not your decision. I don’t need any money from you. I am not selling the house! We will wait for the judge’s verdict. That is what I want!” He ended the call and turned to see Zara.
“What was that all about?”
“Please, I’m not going home anymore. I will just lodge at a motel.” he gave her the phone and wanted to walk away. She grabbed his arm.
“I won’t allow you leave like that until you tell me what is going on.” Zara said.
“I don’t want to talk about it. I am just angry.”
“If you don’t want to talk about it, fine. I will take you to my place. There is a free room at my house instead of you to stay at a motel.”
“I rather stay at a motel because I don’t know when I will leave.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Zara said. “If I get tired of you, I will simply tell you to leave. At least it will save you some money.”
“I know you can’t change but are you sure about this?” Ahmed asked.
“Yes. Get into the car!”
She unlocked the car, got in and Ahmed did too. Zara drove away.

Jidenna dropped Lola at the front of her house. She invited him in. She knew her mom would be home at that time. Bidemi had called her one hour ago, informing her she would arrive late.
Lola left to the kitchen to make dinner. Jidenna checked on her to keep her company. After the food was ready, Lola served for both of them and they ate. She did that so that he wouldn‘t think she did not take him serious.
Ahmed was right about what he told her but she couldn’t do it. Breaking up with him was not on her list. She did not want to lose Jidenna, because she would lose Duke too. Duke didn’t love her.
Thirty minutes later, Jidenna was ready to leave. She followed him to his car and he kissed Lola before bidding her goodbye.

After Zara had her bath and wore her pajamas, she went to Ahmed’s room. On their way home, they had bought food, ate without talking to each other and she showed him his room. Zara entered and met Ahmed still with a frown on his face. He was wearing only trousers and lying on the bed. He had a nice skin color.
“Are you still angry?” She asked him.
Ahmed sat down and tried to look happy but it didn’t work. “Not really.”
“That’s not the right answer. I don’t know what is making you angry, but this is my house, you have to be happy.”
He looked at her. “But you don’t always look happy to me.”
“You don’t know me. This is my house. I pay the rent. You are not going to act as if you are the owner.”
“I didn’t come here for you to insult me.”
“I didn’t ask you to come here and make my house look like a graveyard. I am about to watch a romantic comedy. You need to cheer up and join me. Don’t make me wait for you.”
Zara stormed out of the room and Ahmed shook his head. At the living room, Zara took the remotes of the TV and DVD, sat down and turned them on. She paused the movie and waited. She was getting impatient and wanted to stand when Ahmed came. He had worn a shirt.
“You are lucky you came now.” Zara said.
Ahmed kept shut and sat with her. Zara played the movie.

“You are going to have a scan.” Lola told a young woman the following morning after an inspection of her left breast. She had complained of a big lump.
“Are you sure it is not breast cancer?” She asked in an anxious voice.
“I have to see the result of the scan and test before I can give you the right answer. Not all lumps in the breast are cancerous.”
“I’m really scared.”
“You don’t have to be scared. It is good you came to the hospital immediately you noticed it. Is there anyone in your family that has breast cancer?”
“No. I haven’t heard.”
“There might be causes of why there is a lump in your left breast. Have you ever done any abortion before?”
The woman looked down.
Lola continued. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. You can confide in me.”
She finally had the courage to stare at Lola. “Yes. Five times.”
“I am not going to judge you but you have to make good decisions for yourself.”
“I know it’s not right but my boyfriend doesn’t want us to have safe sex.”
“And that might cause damage to your womb if you continue to get pregnant and have an abortion. Make the right choice for yourself and not for your boyfriend because you want to please him. Anyways, see me after the result of the test and scan.”
“Okay doc.”
The woman left and Lola sighted Ahmed entering the hospital. She looked at her wristwatch and raised her hand so he could come to over. He saw her and motioned towards her.
“You are late,” she said. “Why are you just coming?”
“I slept late. Did Dr. Duke ask after me?”
“I have not seen him today but he should be at his office.”
“Okay. We are going to talk at lunch.”
“No problem.” He was leaving when she asked.
“Do you know why Dr. Zara has not come yet?”
Ahmed shook his head. “Not at all but I am sure she should be on her way.”
She shrugged. “Alright.”
Duke was explaining to an old woman who brought her grandson after he broke his arm when he fell down the stairs. The six years old boy was lucky he didn’t have a head injury. He showed her the little damage the fall had caused and assured her, after the minor surgery, he would be okay. 
“I left him just for two minutes and this is what I get.” The woman said.
“Children are fast. In less than thirty seconds, they can do anything. They need someone to always monitor them.”
“His parents travelled out of the country and left him in my care,” she said in a saddened tone. “How would I explain to them? My daughter in-law never wanted him to stay at my place. She said I pamper him a lot. Now this is an opportunity for her to convince my son never to allow my grandson spend his holiday with me.”
“When are they arriving?”
“In a month’s time.”
“I think the injury would have healed but you still have to tell them.” Duke said.
“Are you sure he will be fine?”
“Yes ma. He will. The damage is not severe.”
The woman heaved a relieved sigh and thanked Duke. Duke paged Ahmed and Zara. Luckily for her, she had arrived. Ahmed and Zara didn’t talk to each other and they prepped for surgery. The two of them joined Duke at the OR.

“How was the surgery?” Lola asked Ahmed as they ate lunch at the cafeteria.
“It went well. The boy is doing very okay.”
“How is Dr. Duke doing?”
“I think you should ask him yourself.”
Lola stopped eating and gave him a look. “Really?”
Ahmed managed to laugh lightly. Zara walked in, they made eye contact and Ahmed quickly looked away. “He is doing very okay.
“That’s what I want to hear.”
“I know. There is something I want us to discuss. I don’t have anyone to talk to.”
“What is it?”
“I have a case in court.”
“A case in court?” Lola asked surprised.
“Yes.” Ahmed narrated about his family. How his mother abandoned him, his dad’s death and the takeover of the house by his uncle and wife.
“Does that mean you have been living with them?”
“Yes. I don’t have a choice. I don’t know what the verdict will be. Now my uncle said we should close the case, sell the house and share the money 50/50. I am confused. I don’t know what to do.”
“Don’t listen to your uncle.” Lola said and drank some water. “If he is willing to share the money equally, that means he knows he would lose in court. He is afraid. I want you to hold on. The house, and the money in the bank is rightfully yours. Who is with the death certificate?”
“It’s with me.”
“That’s better. Let the judge decide. There is no way he won’t allocate the house to you. The money in the bank is not even his business. Go to the bank with the certificate and necessary document to show you are his son.”
“I wanted to wait for the judgment.”
She placed her hand on his. “If that is what you want, no problem. If you need me, I will there for you. You are a rich man Ahmed. Don’t forget me when the money is accessible.”
He laughed. “I won’t. I was so angry I didn’t go home yesterday. I slept outside.”
“I don’t think you should go back there and live with your uncle and his wife. It is dangerous. I don’t trust them.”
“You are right.” He sighed audibly and began to eat.
Lola turned to where Zara sat. There was a scornful look on her face and she wasn’t staring back at her. She was glaring at Ahmed.

Duke came out from Wole Bello’s office with an annoyed facial expression. He looked upset. He gestured towards Yvonne’s office and saw her coming out.
“We need to talk in your office.” He said to her.
“We don’t need to talk in my office. I know why you are here. You can’t change my mind.”
“What do you mean I can’t change your mind?” he asked. “Dr. Wole just told me you quit your job. Dr. Yvonne, we need you in this hospital.”
“But you don’t need me.” She said not minding if anyone was passing by.
Duke didn’t say a word.
“Anyways,” she said. “I will still be here until Dr. Wole gets my replacement. I will still be here for a week.”
“A week?”
“Yes, I have gotten another job.”
His eyebrows rose. “Dr. Wole didn’t tell me that.”
“I didn’t tell him. I applied for another job when you turned me down. I am to resume work next week at Health & Wealth hospital.”
He did a double look. “That is a new private hospital. Is that not the hospital owned by Chief Daniel Jumbo?”
“Yes and I am aware he is the father of Daniela, your ex-girlfriend.”
“Chief Daniel Jumbo cares only about money. He just wants to make money. He doesn’t care about the welfare of the sick.”
“I don’t care about that. I only care about my work now.”
Duke sighed and shook his head. “What about Matthew.”
“I’m not going to divorce him. I have to go now.” 
“Okay.” He said quietly.
Yvonne was walking away and recalled something. She turned to him. “Duke.”
“I am no longer in charge of Dr. Lola and Dr. Melvin as from now. They are all yours.” Yvonne walked away.
“Damn it.” Duke said underneath his breath.
This would make him see Lola regularly. What he wanted to avoid had become unavoidable. God help him control his feelings for her. His body shivered as he sighted her coming his way.

To be continued on Sunday.


  1. But truly this Lola is kinda acting selfish ooo. She should end things with Jidenna already. The hide and seek is too much.

    I wonder what transpired between Ahmed and Zara. I hope it's shaa not sex but really they will make a cool couple.

    Thank CK, that was a long episode and I enjoyed. Please let's not wait for too long for another episode.

    All the best

  2. Tnx Carina. I can't wait for the drama to unfold

  3. Awwwwwww, this is so interesting.
    But Carina how did you come about writing a medical series. This is fantastic. And you know so much about this profession.
    I am endeared to this particular series, first because I'm a doctor and because my name is also Omolola. I'm not a surgeon though. Infact, not a surgery fan. But this series feels real. I hope Lola makes the right choice because I wont like her to loose out on love. We Lola's re good like that. Smiles.
    Thank you for this story.i love it.

    1. Thank you Dr. Omolola. Grateful.
      I wanted to write something different and I love the profession. I did some research and I know few things about it. Thanks for loving this story. I hope Lola does not lose out on love.

    2. Weldone Carina.
      You did our research well. Nollywood should come and learn from you or better still contact you to write sensible script for them...
      I'm impressed and it is indeed different and amazing. Thumbs up girl.

  4. Wow this is so interesting, thanks ck, can't wait for the next post


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