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EPISODE 1 TITLE: Heaven Must Wait.

Lola Bello screamed as she held Duke’s body. Blood had soaked his clothes and stained her. She didn’t care. She was screaming for help. The second gunshot had pierced into the ribs of the woman. She shot herself too and collapsed on the floor. Jidenna ran to grab Lola from the floor, as doctors, nurses, patients, and even visitors began to come out of their hiding places. Oliver and other doctors ran to Duke and wheeled him away to the OR even though Lola tried to follow them.
Jidenna stopped Lola by holding her with so much strength. She cursed him and even bit his hand, but he refused to release her. He knew she wasn’t in her right state of mind. The doctors had to be professional and two of them with a nurse took the woman away to the operating room. Dr. Fola came forward and followed them.

The hospital was in disarray. People were scared and cautious. Dr. Robertson with Melissa, Melvin, with Zara prepared to save Duke’s life. Ahmed abandoned a patient and assigned a nurse to him so that he could join them and be there for his boss. The security men contacted the police. Wole rushed out from his office and saw Lola. He ran to her and gazed at her outfit with fear in his eyes. She was unhurt but he didn’t understand what was going on.

“It’s not her blood.” Jidenna assured him and released her.
Wole felt a quick relief and still had doubts. He knew something was wrong. Lola couldn’t stop the tears from dropping down as she cried in her father’s arms.
Wole looked at Jidenna. “What happened? I heard two gunshots.” He stared at the blood on the floor in fright. “Whose blood is this?”
“Duke!” Lola whimpered as tears flushed down her face.
Wole gazed at her speechless. He didn’t know what to say. Jidenna quickly explained briefly.
“Oh my God!” He held her tight.
She looked at him with her wet eyes. “Dad, I love Duke! He must not die!”
He appeared astounded and sad that a tragedy had happened to the man his daughter loved.
Nurses with Oliver ran across the hall and Lola let go from Wole’s grip to stop Oliver. She stood in front of him with her father and Jidenna by her side. Oliver quickly told a nurse to help him get what he wanted and return to the operating room.
“How is he?” Lola wiped under her nose. “What’s happening right now?”
Oliver’s lips moved, but no words came out. He had no idea what to tell her.
“I have to go!” Lola started to walk away in speed. “I need to see him!”
Jidenna quickly grabbed her arm and she barked at him.
“Leave me alone!”
…But he didn’t leave her alone. He begged her to stop. Wole pulled her into his arms to console and pled she should stop crying and dry her tears. She tried to hold back the tears and began to breath fast. Oliver was about to leave when Jidenna questioned him.
 “How is Duke? Is he dead?”
With the look in Lola’s eyes, she was enraged with his question. How could he? She turned to him.
“What kind of a question is that? Do you want him dead?!”
“No.” Jidenna looked at her. “I don’t want Duke dead.”
She shut her eyes and shook her head miserably. She didn’t want to see Jidenna at that moment. She might say words she would regret later. No one spoke, just staring.
Wole quickly spoke to Oliver to break off the silence. “Who is presently with Duke?”
Oliver revealed the names and he took a deep breath. He gazed at his daughter with pity. “He is with the best hands. I am sure they will do everything to keep him alive.”
“But I want to see him.”
“You can’t. You don’t need to.”
“He needs me father!” She burst into more tears and he cleaned her face with his bare hands.
“I know but you have to stay strong and let your colleagues do their jobs.”
“I’m just going to watch them as they perform his surgery. Please.”
“I don’t want to see you suffer. You just have to wait and hope. I promise to keep you updated.” He gazed around them and Oliver had gone. He faced Jidenna. “Please, take Lola to my office.”
She shook her head vigorously. “No! I don’t want him.”
Jidenna’s face fell. He felt bad. “Lola, I don’t want Duke to die.”
“I said no!” She glanced at Wole. “I just don’t want him to take me.”
Jidenna wanted to speak further, but Wole rapidly spoke to his daughter. “That’s okay.”
Oliver came forward and Wole signaled him to come which he did.
“Oliver, please kindly escort Lola to my office. Let me check on them at the OR.”
“Yes sir.”
“Please stay with her.”
Lola said to him. “I don’t need him to stay with me.”
“Okay. Please follow her.”
“Okay sir.” Oliver stated.

Oliver walked with Lola to the office and left her alone as she paced around. She began to cry again, this time soundlessly, so that no one would know. Wole left Jidenna and proceeded to the OR to check what was going on there. He saw the surgeons doing everything within their power to revive Duke. He had lost a lot of blood. Wole put his hands on his waist and bowed his head. He didn’t know what to do next.

Patients, visitors who knew Duke prayed for him. They wished he survived. No one was smiling. They carried sad faces even those with serious medical conditions. Lola continued to cry silently as she sat on the floor.
Lola thought about the last minute she spent with him. She shouldn’t have left him. He wanted to leave and explain to Jidenna, but she stopped him. Why? She asked herself inaudibly. She blamed herself for what had happened. She thought again. What if she had allowed him to leave his office at that time, maybe it would have been worse.

“This is worse.” She said and sniffed her nose as she wiped her face with the back of her right hand. She won’t be able to take it if she lost Duke. She must not lose him. She must never lose him.

Lola took a deep breath and rose on her feet. “I shouldn’t be here.” Wole allowed her to come to his office because she happened to be his daughter. If she was only an employee, she had no right to display such behavior when the unfortunate incident occurred. She gestured towards the door and exited.

Forty-five minutes later, Wole looked at the time on his wristwatch and sighed heavily. He had been standing outside the operating room, watching the surgical procedure. He began to wonder why Lola had not come over since he had not gone to give her updates. He stepped away to go and check on her. On his way to his office, he saw her occupied. She was attending to new patients with Oliver and other nurses by her side. He became extremely sad. Lola’s eyes were red and she had swollen cheeks. It was obvious she cried for a long time. Lola gazed around her as she noticed eyes on her. She saw her father, appeared to be nervous and she motioned towards him in haste.
“How is he?”
He only shook his head. Lola stared into her father’s eyes and tears rushed from her eyes. He didn’t care if she washed her hands or not, he brought her close to himself and gave her a warm hug. He didn’t say a word. Wole didn’t want to make a promise about Duke that might not come to pass.
She freed herself. “I have to keep myself busy.”
“I understand but…”
“Dad just let me know when the surgery is over.”
“I will.”
She gave a nod, walked away and disposed the gloves she was wearing. Wole had gone to make a call.  Before Lola could clean her face, a woman in her fifties, the mother of a female patient in her teens extended a clean handkerchief to her. Lola looked at her with pure emotions all over her face and managed to smile faintly.
“Thank you.” She took it.
“You are welcome.”
As she wiped her face, Lola buried her face into it and erupted into loud sobs. The woman put her hand on her back and rubbed it gently.
Lola wept. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this. I am sorry!”
“It’s okay. It’s okay to cry.” The woman told her.
A tear dropped from the left eye of her daughter and she quickly wiped it away. Others that watched turned their faces. Lola stared at the teenager for observation and enquired about the symptoms she had, but Lola couldn’t even talk. She cleaned her face and inhaled in and out.
The woman spoke. “I will pray for him.”
Lola patted her face with the handkerchief and looked at the woman. “Thank you.”
She focused on her patient, wore a quick smile and attended fully to the teenager. Wole contacted Duke’s brother, Mike to break the sudden news. Mike was in shock and told him he was on his way to the hospital.
“Please don’t let my brother die!” He said over the phone.
He replied quietly. “He is with the best surgeons.”
Wole made another call and remained in his office. For the first time in five years, he prayed. He prayed for Duke. Lola continued to attend to patients just to get her mind off Duke. It was impossible for her. That didn’t stop her from thinking about him. After she was through with the last one, she decided to be alone. 
The OR was quiet as the surgeons gazed into each other’s eyes. Melvin leaned against the wall, feeling downhearted, same with Ahmed and Zara. They felt the same way. Dr. Robertson agreed to speak with Dr. Wole and wait for the arrival of Duke’s family.
The moment Lola rose to leave and ask her father for more details, she saw her mother and broke down in tears. Bidemi hugged her.
“I’m so sorry Lola. I am sorry about Duke!”
She looked at her with tears all over her face. “Duke… How did you know?”
“Your father called me. I had to come. Please cry no more.”
“I have to see father. I have to know what is going on.”
“That’s okay. Please wipe your tears first.”
Lola wiped the tears away and both of them went to Wole’s office. They were about to open his door, when he came out of his office.
“Thanks for coming.” Wole said to Bidemi.
“You don’t need to thank me. I have to be here for her.”
He peered at Lola. “I’m on my way to the OR. Let’s go together.”
“Okay dad.”
She took his hand and she squeezed it tight. Wole felt it. He felt her pain and he was extremely sorry for what she was passing through. They saw Robertson with Melissa coming to their direction. Lola’s body vibrated and her heart beat faster than usual when she saw them. She hurried to meet them. She knew something was wrong. Their eyes showed it. Wole and Bidemi sauntered closer.
“How is he?” Her eyes were beginning to get wet as she waited for an answer.
“Dr. Gerard Duke is in coma.”
It was as if her heart had been broken into two. She felt a crack in her chest and the way she felt inside, Lola thought she could give up the ghost. Her lips trembled with her hands.  
“His brother is on the way.” Wole told them.
Before anyone could say another word, Lola ran to the Intensive Care Unit and they followed her. She saw Ahmed and he didn’t know when he burst into tears. Lola cried with him. Zara quickly looked away. Melvin stayed mute but it was noticeable that he was angry and down. Lola went in to check Duke. To keep him stable, he was placed with the ventilator ICU equipments. Ahmed stood beside her as Lola took Duke’s hand and kissed it.
“I need you to come out of this. I know you Duke. You are strong. You are strong enough. I need you. I need you now. You told me we would be together. You have to make that happen. Please.”
Lola cried as she kissed his hand again. Jidenna walked in with a sad expression on his face. He gazed at Duke for a moment and glanced at Lola.
“I am sorry.”
She only looked at him.
He continued. “The police are here. They want to speak with the witnesses.”
Lola kissed Duke’s hand again and walked out. Jidenna followed her behind. The two of them and a few others around the hallway gave their statement and they inquired about the gun. No one knew where it was. They searched around the crime scene and didn’t find it. The footage positioned there had a slight issue and it wasn’t detected until now.
Something was off. Lola thought to herself. The surgeon in charge of the shooter notified the police about the woman. She died during surgery. They checked her bag and didn’t find any means to contact her family.
Mike and his wife arrived, Oliver took them to Dr. Robertson’s office, and the critical condition of his brother devastated him. 
Mike and his spouse, Lebechi were led to see Duke before he would go to his parents and inform them. He could not tell them over the phone. He forced himself not to cry. He believed he had not lost his only brother and best friend. He wouldn’t give up on him. Lebechi prayed. Before Lola returned to stay beside Duke, his brother had gone.

“Are you kidding me?” Ahmed asked Zara. They were alone, outside, at the backyard.
“I am serious.”
“How can you be talking about this right now? Dr. Duke is battling for his life!”
“Yelling is not the answer I want to hear.”
“Why are you so selfish? Can’t you wait?”
Zara scowled at him. “Wait for what. I want to know the preparations you have for the pregnancy.”
“I told you I am ready to accept whatever you decide.”
“I want an abortion.” She flung her face away.
She gazed at him surprised. “What do you expect?”
“I thought you were going to keep it and tell me what you needed.”
“Do you think I am ready to be a single mother or a baby-mama? You must be out of your mind!”
“This pregnancy is unexpected. I never planned for this.”
“I never planned for this too.”
“Well it doesn’t sound like that.” Ahmed quickly said.
Zara gave him a look. “What do you take me for? A desperate woman?”
“I take you for who you are. You are Zara and I want you to keep the pregnancy. I will be a responsible father to our child.”
“I want more than that if you really want to be in this child’s life. If you are ready to give me a better offer, I would have this baby otherwise, I am removing it!”
Zara didn’t wait for Ahmed to speak. She marched towards the backdoor of the hospital. Ahmed opened his mouth for few seconds.
“What does she really want?” He asked himself delicately.

Wole held a late meeting and made Dr. Robertson the acting Chief of surgery. Duke would take over when he recovered. The police left and promised to find a way to locate the woman’s family and keep in touch with the hospital.

Mike and his parents arrived. Mirabel and Solomon Duke went with Mike to see their other son. They met Lola sitting beside him and she quickly rose up. She greeted them and Solomon and Mike only answered. Mirabel was already crying and her husband who acted resilient consoled her.

Mike felt she might be one of the surgeons that operated on Duke, but he didn’t understand why she was by his side as if both of them were close. He saw how Lola continued to look at Duke even though she stood near the door. She speedily wiped the tears that was about to fall from her eyes and walked away. Mike came out and saw her looking gloomy.
He motioned towards her. “Dr. Lola?”
She looked at him surprised and puzzled. “Yes.”
He added in a saddened tone, “I am Mike. Duke’s brother.”
“I know.” she said softly. “You and Duke look alike. How did you know my name?”
“As he told you how he felt about you?”
She nodded gently. “Before he was shot, he told me he loved me.”
“Do you love him?”
“Yes and it’s with all my heart. I should have known he cared about me. I didn’t even know he told you about me.”
Mike smiled a little. “He did. He took a brief leave just to get away from you. He thought you didn’t like him.”
“I don’t like him. I love him. I told him before this happened.”
“I’m glad you did and I am sure that is keeping him from dying. I want to believe your love for him will bring him back to us.” He looked back and glanced at her. “I have to be with my parents.”
“I understand. I promise to check on him whenever you and family are not here.”
“Thanks.” Mike walked away.

Lola listened to the advice of her parents to go home and rest. Mike and his mother were going to spend the night at the hospital. Ahmed, Melvin, Zara and others left. Lola would be notified whenever her attention was needed concerning Duke.

Lola couldn’t even eat or drink anything offered to her by her mom and dad. Wole agreed for Bidemi to spend the night in his house. She stayed in Lola’s room and watched her cry and talk about Duke. Lola asked her father about the woman that shot Duke. He told her how she stalked him for a long time before she was admitted in a mental institution.

In the middle of the night, Lola woke up. She couldn’t sleep again as Duke filled her mind. She even made a call to the hospital to ask if he had woken up. The reply crumpled her heart.
The following morning, Solomon Duke came to the hospital with items for his wife. Mike had gone home and left his mom. On his way inside, Ahmed sighted Solomon. It came as a huge surprise and he quickly traced him to where he was going. He got to know and went to look for Lola. He saw her.

“How is he?” It was the first thing she said to him.
“Nothing new.”
She sighed disappointedly. “I need to go and see him. Is anyone with him?”
Ahmed replied. “His parents. I have to tell you something, in fact, two things.”
“What is it?”
“I know Dr. Duke’s father.”
She gave him a look. “How?”
“I didn’t know he was Duke’s father. I am such a fool! I should have asked for his help when he asked me.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Duke’s father is the judge in charge of my case.”
Lola widened her eyes. “Are you serious?”
“Wow! I don’t even know what to say.”
“I don’t even know what to say too. I spoke to Zara yesterday and I think she wants me to marry her otherwise she would have an abortion.”
Lola couldn’t smile even though it sounded funny to her. “Dr. Ahmed, I am not in the right state of mind to say anything about this.”
“I know.”
“You and Zara need to sit down and talk about what you really want.”
“We will talk about it.”
“Please do.”

At noon, Lola finally ate a little and returned to doing her work. Jidenna tried to speak with her, but she wasn’t in the mood to talk. For two days, whenever Duke’s family wasn’t there with him, Lola was by his side. At home, she would be alone in her room, thinking about him.
The next day, Lola arrived at the hospital very early in the morning. She didn’t wait for Wole. She decided to see Duke before going to the dressing room. Lola opened the door of the ICU and met Jidenna very close to Duke. Lola gave him a look and gestured close to stare at his hands. She wanted to know what he was holding but found nothing.

“What are you doing here alone with him?” Lola asked him.
“What kind of a question is that? Duke is my friend.”
“I know.”
“Lola, do you think I want to hurt him?”
She glared into his eyes. “I don’t know what to think anymore.”
“Yes I admit I still want you. I still want you to be with me, but I wouldn’t hurt him. I only need you.”
“You shouldn’t be telling me this.”
I know but I can’t help myself. I think about you every day, Lola.”
“I think you should think about your child and do the right thing.”
Jidenna motioned near her, but she stepped backwards. “Why are you doing this to me?” He asked.
“I am not doing anything to you. Can I be with him alone before his family comes, please?”
He shrugged. “Sure.” Jidenna opened the door in anger and stormed out of the room.

“Something is wrong.” Lola said to Wole in his office one hour later when he arrived. She was standing close to where he sat.
He asked her. “What is wrong?”
“I have been thinking about it and that’s why I came early. No one can find the gun. Don’t you think someone took it to hide?”
“Hide for what?”
“I don’t know. I just believe something is off. The woman couldn’t have taken the gun. She was unresponsive. How was she even able to leave the mental institution? Who considered her fit for discharge should be arrested. She was still unfit.”
Wole sighed. “I never even thought about it. You are right. I know the mental institution.”
“I don’t want us to go there.” Lola sat down.
“I don’t care if she is dead. I want the woman investigated. I need the help of a detective to go there and investigate how the woman walked away without proper checkup.”
“We can do that on our own.”
She shook her head. “No. They would probably lie or try to cover up their mess. What if they tell us she escaped and they have been looking for her?”
“What if that is what actually happened?”
“I thought so too but we can’t find the gun. How did she even get it in the first place? Something is not right, dad.”
“That’s okay.” Wole said and picked his phone from the desk. “I will make a call to ask for a good detective.”
Lola said. “A good one. I am ready to pay.”
“I will pay. I know who can get me a competent detective. Duke is not just an employee. He is like my own child.”
She smiled for the first time since the day Duke was shot.

Lola came out from the office and saw Mike walking away with anger. She called his name and he looked at her way and answered. The expression all over him didn’t change.
“What’s the matter?” She asked.
“It’s my father. Some years back, my mother’s brother was in coma.”
“He woke up three years later and turned out to be useless. He was brain dead. He didn’t live up to a year before he died. My father thinks we should say our final goodbye to Duke. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.”
“He is presently speaking with Dr. Robertson. My mother wasn’t able to come today. She is very sick. My father said Duke might never wake up and even if he does, he might turn out to be like my uncle.”
“Duke won’t turn out to be like your uncle. It won’t even be up to three years before he will wake up.”
“You don’t know that. No one knows when he will wake up.”
“Does that mean you want to give up on him?”
“Never. I can never give up on my brother. I will let you know whatever my dad decides. I think he wants to wait for a month. If he doesn’t wake up, I’m sorry, we will have to let him go.”
Lola stared at him dumbfounded. Then they heard the broadcast of a female voice alerting the doctors nearby to go to Room 12. Lola panicked instantly. 
“That’s Duke’s room!”
She ran there and met two nurses there with Zara and Melvin. Mike followed but a nurse did not allow him in. He watched through the window. One of the nurses was offering him CPR. He had relapsed.
Lola quickly climbed on top of Duke and began to give him CPR, she came down and ordered a nurse to administer the defibrillator on him. She did.
No response from the machine and the ventilator that monitored his breathing. Lola climbed him again for CPR. She started to cry. “Duke Please! Please! Don’t give up! Please I am begging you! Don’t die! Don’t let go. Please!!”
She came down again and the nurse placed the defibrillation on him. In a less than two seconds, the machine began to work as Duke was revitalized. Lola took a long deep breath. The others were relieved too. Duke was still with them despite being in coma. Lola was exhausted, but it didn't stop the tears from crawling down her cheeks.
To be continued on Sunday.


  1. Oh dear, poor Duke. I cried reading this episode.
    With Lola's love for him, i know he'll be out of coma in less than a month.
    Why do I have a feeling that Jidenna has a hand in the ordeal and probably has the missing gun... Well, Sunday is just around the corner for another exciting(no more tragedy please) episode.

    Thanks Carina. Thumbs up to you.

    1. No more tragedy. Lol
      Okay o. We shall see.

    2. This is also my reaction reading did episode.

    3. OK. Next episode coming soon

  2. kudos cj.

  3. Tnx Carina for the update though it's sad reading this. I trust Lola & Duke to pull through for each other

  4. I Think Dr Yvonne has a hand in this. Jidenna couldn't have sent the stalker. The woman came almost the same time that Jidenna saw Lola and Duke together. He or Zara might be hiding the gun but he certainly didn't send the woman someone else did and I strongly believe Dr Yvonne or Duke's ex sent her.

  5. This is Yvonne's handwork. I just hope one of the four interns don't have anything to do with it esp Zara and Melvin or even Jidenna.

    You are the best


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