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EPISODE 5 TITLE: Intentions.
“Dr. Ahmed, what’s that supposed to mean?” Lola asked him as he stepped away. She was confused.
Ahmed had turned and walked away. She ordered the nurses to prepare the woman for surgery after she gave her medication to stabilize her condition.
“It seems Dr. Ahmed is not available to perform the surgery,” A male nurse said to her. “Should I contact Dr. Duke?”
“So who is going to perform on her?”
“Dr. Ahmed!” Lola uttered and pointed at him. “Take her to the operating room!”
He nodded in agreement and Lola marched away with so much anger all over her face.
“I can never gain his trust again,” Zara said with tears crawling from her eyes. She sat while Melvin stood beside her.  “He hates me!”
She was with Melvin and she narrated everything that transpired between her and Ahmed.
 “You should tell him how you feel,” he said. “You love him.”
“He won’t believe me.”
“You were harsh towards him.  I still can’t believe after treating him badly, you fell in love with him.”
“No one can control the matters of the heart. I didn’t plan to fall for him. My heart chose to love him. I couldn’t control it.”
“I didn’t know you had a heart?” Melvin asked in a sarcastic tone.
Zara gave him an annoyed look.
“Don’t look at me that way,” he said. “You have always been too hard on everyone and you love using people. It’s not good!”
“But what should I do now to make it right?” A concerned expression glued he face. She wiped the tears off her face and stopped crying.
“First of all,” Melvin stood in front of her. “Are you willing to change to be a better person? It’s not about Dr. Ahmed, it’s about the people you relate with. I know you don’t respect Lola. If I was in her shoes, you won’t be working here anymore.”
“What do you mean by that?” She was beginning to get upset.
“It means you should start acting nice towards Dr. Lola. You take advantage of her despite you know she could be your boss one day.”
Zara rose. “Dr. Lola can never be my boss! Just because she is the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Wole, does not mean he would give her the hospital. That’s impossible.”
Melvin chuckled mildly while shaking his head. “You can never change. I believe you are jealous of her. I see no reason why you hate her.”
“I don’t hate her.”
“But you never admitted of not being jealous of her.”
She frowned and crossed her arms. “I am not having this conversation because of her. I want to change. I want Ahmed to love me.”
“You still don’t get it. Ahmed might not love you because of the way you react towards the people around you. Don’t forget, he is close to Lola.”
“Does that mean I have to lick Lola’s shoes before Ahmed will get to love me?”
“No. I am not Ahmed but if I was in his shoes, with your character, I will never fall in love with you, Zara.” Melvin started to walk away.  
“Does that mean you never loved me when we dated in the past?”
He turned back and saw how curious her eyes were. He sighed. “Do you want me to be honest with you?”
“I never loved you.”
She opened her mouth in shock. “But you claimed you loved me while we dated. Even when you cheated and I ended the relationship, you came back to beg me to take you back. If you didn’t love me, why did you beg me?”
Melvin gave a side smile. “The sex was good.”
He walked away without waiting to hear Zara speak. She didn’t speak. Zara was consumed with anger.
Lola entered into the dressing room and met Ahmed changing his clothes. “What do you think you are doing?”
“I’m leaving.”
“Excuse me?”
He turned to her and she noticed his eyes were red and pale. “I’m going home.”
“Have you been crying?”
“Lola, I have to go.”
“You can’t! Dr. Duke is not around. You are the only one that can save this woman’s leg! You will lose your job if you walk out and I won’t be able to help you.”
“I don’t care.”
“Is this about the court case? Do you think because you won the case and received the money, you think you can do anything you want?”
“It’s not about that.” He said and sniffed his nose. It was obvious he was trying not to break down. “Don’t forget I told you I would leave and travel out of the country to study more.”
“I know. If you want to leave, give yourself a good record and not a bad one. Ahmed, you are a good man.”
He looked down, closed his eyes for a moment and looked back at her. “Zara was never pregnant.”
“What!” She gestured closer to him. “Why would she lie to you?”
“She is a manipulator. She thought I would ask her out if she told me she was carrying my child!”
“That’s an act of wickedness.”
“And selfishness!”
“Please calm down. Ahmed, we will talk about this after the surgery. You need to do it.”
“I can’t.”
“She’s your mother.”
His eyes became angry. “She can never be my mother!”
Lola gently put her hand on his shoulder. “Then see her as a helpless patient that needs your magic fingers to operate on her.”
“If I operate on her, I cannot promise you anything.”
“I know that, but I also know you will try your best and do the right thing.”
Ahmed heaved a sigh and prepared for the surgery.
At Health and Wealth hospital, Yvonne came out from the conference room. She had finished a meeting with some scientists and Chief Daniel Jumbo. She took her phone from her bag and dialed Daniela’s number.
“Hello Dr. Yvonne.” She said.
“I just finished the meeting and everything is going as planned.”
“That’s good. So you think it will work?”
“Yes, it will. This hospital will be the best private hospital in the country. Wealthy and prominent will people reach out to us before any other hospital or travel abroad for their health issues. We are going to make history.”
“I can’t wait.”
“Daniela, despite you are not a medical doctor, your idea is outstanding. I am sure your father will share the good news and what we have come up with.”
“He will.” Daniela said. “We should create time and have lunch soon.”
“Yes, we should. Take care of yourself.”
“Take care of yourself too.”
Yvonne ended the call and walked to the direction of her office.
After several hours, Ahmed and Lola came out from the OR. They removed the gloves and went to wash their hands.
“I’m proud of you,” Lola said. “You did well.”
He didn’t say anything until he wiped his hands with a towel. He gazed at her as she waited for a response.
“Thanks Lola.”
“You are welcome. After she wakes up, should the nurse inform you?”
He shook his head. “No. I don’t want to involve myself with her.”
“She might be here because of you.”
“After I have won the case? There is money now and she is back.”
“She has been gone for a very long time. You said it yourself. Why don’t you want to hear her out?”
“There is nothing to hear Lola,” Ahmed said. “I am submitting my resignation letter tomorrow morning. I will be going to see your dad now.”
“You don’t have to leave.”
“I have to leave. I had plans for that child. Zara played with my emotions. I can’t work in the same place with her. There is so much anger in me when I think of her. I don’t want to have anything to do with Zara and that’s final.”
“Does that mean I can’t stop you from leaving?”
“You can, but I have made my decision. I am sorry.”
Lola heaved a sigh.
While Duke remained in his parent’s place, he rested, made some calls and invited Jidenna to dinner the following day. Later in the evening, Zara called Ahmed several times, but he refused to pick her calls.
In the morning, Ahmed’s mother woke up and requested to see the surgeon that saved her life. Ahmed had not resumed for work, except Lola, Melvin, and Zara who kept to herself. The nurse informed Lola and she approached the woman on the bed in the ICU.
“Thank you for saving my life, especially my leg.” She said softly.
“The surgeon that performed the major surgery is not around, but he is glad he could save your leg. Although you might not be able to walk properly for few weeks, but you will be fine.”
“That’s what the nurse said.” She said with a faint smile. “She also told me the name of this hospital and I am lucky the people that helped me out of my car brought me to this place. I know my son works here. Do you know Dr. Ahmed?”
Lola cleared her throat and thought of what to say to her. “Yes. He performed your surgery.”
Her eyes were obviously surprised. “He did?”
She nodded and smiled. “Yes.”
“Please, when can I see him?”
As she was about to talk, Melvin came in and she gazed at his direction. “Dr. Lola, Ahmed just submitted his resignation letter.”
“What!” the woman exclaimed. “What’s going on?”
Lola turned to her. “I will be right back.”
She followed Melvin to search for Ahmed. Jidenna informed them he saw him going towards the entrance after he said goodbye to him. They went outside and saw him with Zara.
“You don’t have to go!” Zara uttered. “I am sorry.”
“Sorry is not good enough! Just stay away from me, that’s all I want from you!”
Lola quickly motioned to him. “Ahmed, I can’t believe you are leaving.”
“Lola, I was going to call you later. I assumed you were busy.”
“Your mom wants to see you.”
Melvin and Zara looked at her with a shocked and puzzled expression on their faces.
Ahmed focused his eyes on Lola. “I don’t want to see her. I am sorry I am leaving unexpectedly, I am sorry.”
“You can’t just leave like that,” she said emotions in her voice. “Your mother needs you. The hospital needs you. I need you. I need my friend.”
He walked closer to her and took her hands to hold. “I know you need me considering what you are going through. I am sorry for being selfish at this moment, but I cannot work here any longer. Right now, you are the only woman in my life that is true to me. I appreciate you. I know you will be fine, Lola. You are strong, kind and selfless. Dr. Duke will eventually remember you, I believe that.”
“It seems I can’t stop you this time. I will miss you my friend.”
“I will miss you too.” Ahmed shut his eyes tightly and hugged Lola. He stared at her. “You will be fine. Your friendship means a lot to me, don’t forget that. I will always keep in touch.”
“I will keep in touch too.”
Ahmed hugged her again and marched away while crying silently. Zara didn’t even know when she began to cry. Lola walked inside without looking at her direction. Melvin only watched her with little concern.
Lola informed Ahmed’s mother about her son’s resignation. The woman pleaded with her for his number, which she gave him. She wanted to explain to Lola why she left and returned.
“You don’t owe me any explanation.” Lola said to her. “If you are able to reach him after you are discharged, explain to him.”
“I will.”
At closing hours, on her way leaving the hospital, Lola met Jidenna by the side of his car. He asked to see her and she walked towards him.
I hope there is no problem.” She said.
“No. I am actually on my way to have dinner with Duke. Do you have any message for him?”
She gave him a look. “You don’t have to tell me you are going to see him. You know I won’t have a message for him. I have nothing to say to him.”
“I didn’t know.”
Lola sighed. “Is he still at his parent’s house?”
“Okay. Drive safe.”
“And you too.”
Lola managed to offer him a weak smile.
“Are you serious?” Duke asked as he ate with Jidenna on the dining table. They were also having a conversation.
“I am serious.”
“I have no clue both of you dated. Am I the cause of the break up?”
“I really don’t know. She claimed she fell in love with you after you professed your love for her.”
“Then why did she sound as if I am the only man she has ever fallen for? She never mentioned she had an affair with you. Ahmed didn’t say anything about it.”
“That one? He is very unserious. He resigned today.”
“He called me.”
“Yeah,” Duke said. “He explained some things to me. I am not going to blame him. He is going through something in his life and he has every right to make such decision. I won’t judge him.”
Jidenna formed a smile and drank some water. “Are you still interested in getting back to Dr. Lola?”
“There is nothing to get back to. I am aware there will be a meeting regarding the Top 2. Lola will have an automatic employment.”
“Dr. Wole told you?”
“Yes. I remember I gave him a document concerning the Top 2 I voted for before I took a leave. I will ask him on Monday about it.”
“Oh okay.”
After dinner, Duke escorted Jidenna to his car and bid him goodbye. As Duke returned to the living room, he met his dad waiting for you. He was holding an envelope.
“Dad,” Duke said, walking towards him. “What’s going on?”
“It wasn’t on purpose but I heard a little of your conversation with Dr. Jidenna.” Solomon said.
“I don’t know his intentions, but he didn’t have to say he dated Dr. Lola. He could be lying.”
“Dad, Let’s not talk about her, please. I am moving forward with my life and focus more on my work when I resume. I am grateful for the role she played when I was shot and I am even planning to buy her a gift of appreciation.”
“Do you think that will change anything?”
“I don’t know. I don’t love her.”
He extended the envelope to him. “What about this?”
“What’s that?”
“Why don’t you read it first,” Solomon said. “I found it in one of my books. It’s yours.”
Duke collected it and opened it. “This is my handwriting.”
“Yes, it is. Goodnight.”
“Good night dad.”
Solomon walked away and Duke sat down to read it.
Lola turned off the TV in the living room. She was about to turn off the light and go to the bedroom when she heard the sound of the gate. She glanced at the wall clock. It was 9:37pm. Who could it be? She questioned herself. Someone was knocking, Lola walked to the door to inquire.
“Who is that?”
“It’s me….”
She recognized the voice instantly and quickly opened the door.
“Duke.” Her eyes were surprised.
“Dr. Lola, how are you?”
She managed to put on a weary smile. “I’m good. What are you doing here by this time?”
“I had to come and see you briefly.”
“Please, come in.”
“There’s no need. I told the driver to keep the car running.” He brought out the envelope from his pocket and extended it to her. “I found this today and I believe you should read it. It belongs to you.”
She took it. “I don’t understand.”
“I must have written this before the gunshot and kept it at my parents place. My dad saw it and gave me. Lola, the man I was before loved you so much. He adored you. This is the new me and I am sorry. I still cannot remember some things and if I never do recollect them, I hope those words inside that letter would make you find peace and you will be able to move on with your life without me in it. Take care of yourself Dr. Lola.”
Duke turned and walked away to his car. Lola heaved a sigh, looked at the letter and went inside. She sat down, opened it and began to read it with a huge smile. 
 Dear Lola.
I want to talk to you too. I want to let you know I love you. No, I am madly in love with you. I can tell you are happy you have found your father. I am happy too. Getting away from the hospital because of you is of no use. I miss you. I am missing you.
Lola Bello, I need you in my life. I wish to cater for you and show the world what you mean to my dear heart. I have never been in love. You are the first woman I have fallen in love with. Lola, you are my first love.
There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. What I did for you is just little. I want to show what you mean to me.
I don’t know what tomorrow might bring but I know I will never stop loving you. Loving you will be endless. I love you Lola. I want us to be together forever.
With love, Gerald Duke.
Lola read it again and burst into uncontrollable tears. She had fallen in love with Duke all over again. His words touched the deepest part of her heart.
To be continued tomorrow…Will post the next episode at night


  1. Hmmmm. This is twisting to the right direction. However I pray Dr Ahmed finds peace

  2. Oh so Duke found the love letter I talked about. Well it's a step in the right direction. Let's see what happens afterwards.


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