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EPISODE 7 TITLE: Unexpected

“Don’t you want to say anything?” Wole asked Duke.
Duke rose and walked towards him. “I don’t know what to say. I am speechless sir. I had no idea you trust me that much.”
“I trust you to make you the director of this place. I am confident you won’t fail me.”
“I can never fail you sir.”
He smiled. “I know.”
They shook hands and everyone apart from Lola stood and clapped their hands. They congratulated him. Lola had tears in her eyes. She quickly cleaned them and rose on her feet. The secretary knocked and entered.
“Sir, your lawyers are here.”
“Okay. Send them in, in three minutes.”
“Okay sir.” The secretary left.
Wole thanked everyone, and his staffs wished him a safe flight.
Melvin moved towards Lola and whispered. “My new boss.” He winked at her.
Lola smiled brightly. “You are not serious.”
Zara motioned to meet them and hugged Lola. “Congrats.”
“Thanks.” Lola said with a surprised expression on her face.
Melvin did a mocking gesture behind Zara before he walked to the door. Zara and the rest left.
Duke motioned to Lola. “I can’t wait for us to work together.”
“Me too.”
He left the office and Lola moved closer to Wole.
“There is a reason you want me to work with him.” She said.
“There are many reasons, Lola. Both of you will spend time together and he could remember all his memories about you.”
“I hope so dad. Thank you.” Lola hugged him.
“You are welcome my precious daughter.”
Jidenna was in shock when Melvin told him what had transpired in the meeting. Oliver appeared excited and couldn’t wait to applaud Lola. Jidenna made sure he hid the displeasure look on his face when Melvin mentioned Lola and Duke were going to be a team again. It would be like old times and he didn’t want that.
Lola remained at her father’s office with his lawyers and the staffs continued with their jobs despite some of them gossiped about Lola becoming their boss. Some group of doctors assembled and talked of the changes made at the hospital.
Duke checked on Ahmed’s mom and went to his office. He felt strange to him that Jidenna did not say a word to him when he came out from the meeting. He later overlooked it, made some calls to his parents and brother to break the news. After he made the call, Jidenna knocked on his door and entered.
“Hey.” Duke said.
Jidenna responded with a nod and walked to his desk. “I heard Dr. Wole put you and Lola in charge of the hospital.”
He gave him a look and rose. “She deserves respect. She is Dr. Lola. You can call her by her name when you are not in the hospital premises.”
“Shut the fuck up!”
Duke gazed at him stunned. “Excuse me?”
“You were not there when I called her by her name when we were dating!”
“And you lied to me! I wasn’t the reason she broke up with you. She never loved you. She loved me!”
Jidenna clapped his hands with a smirk on his face. “Congratulations. Why don’t you clap for yourself? Now that Wole put you in charge with her, you think you can talk to me as it pleases you!”
He shook his head and started to move to the door. Surprisingly, Jidenna shoved him back.
“Come back here! I have not finished talking with you!”
“This is unacceptable Dr. Jidenna. I am your superior and I will be forced to give you a query.”
“Do you think I am scared of that? Since when did it bother you, who Lola loved?”
Duke was very angry. He gestured very close to Jidenna. “Point of correction, loves, Lola still loves me.”
He jagged a finger at his chest and Duke pushed it away. “Stay away from her. She is mine! Don’t start to act as if you care. You never did when you woke up. Don’t start now. It is already too late.”
“I am beginning to think you are obsessed with Lola. She doesn’t love. She doesn’t want you.”
“But you don’t love her!" Jidenna barked. "You don’t. Don’t start what you cannot finish. Don’t give her hope that both of you still have a chance to be together when you know deep in your heart you might never get the feelings you once had for her! This is the time to let her know she should move on with her life and give me another chance to prove we are meant to be together!”
Duke only glared at him. He refused to utter a single word.
“I may look crazy to you but I am saying the truth! Tell Lola…”
The unexpected knock on the door hushed him, both of them readjusted by moving away from each other.
“Come in.” Duke said.
Lola opened and walked in. She was visibly surprised to them. They seemed apart from each other.
“I hope there is no problem.” Lola said to the two of them.
“No problem.” Duke quickly said.
“I wanted to speak with you. I can come back later.”
“No.” Jidenna said to her. “I was about leaving when you came in.” He glanced at Duke. “Do the right thing.” Jidenna walked out of office and banged the door hard.
“Is everything okay with Dr. Jidenna?”
“Yes.” He said walking to his chair. “Please sit down.”
Both of them sat opposite each other.
"What can I do for you?" He asked politely. 
“I wanted us to organize a meeting among the senior staff after my father travels. I want changes at the hospital. I want us to be more organized. I noticed we don't have employee of the month. If we could vote for an employee of the month with a medal or gift attached to it for the winner, everyone working here would work harder and better.”
Duke smiled. “That’s a good idea. I would come up with some ideas if I have enough time to think.”
“You have the time to think. Just let me know when you are ready. You can inform the secretary to fix a date for the meeting.”
“No problem.”
Lola stood. He could have started another conversation with her, but he chose to allow Lola leave. Maybe Jidenna was right. Maybe it was time to let her know his love for her had died when he was in coma.

“I am proud of you my daughter.” Bidemi said. “I am so happy for you!”
Mother and daughter were having lunch at a fancy restaurant the next day. She had narrated everything to her.
“Thanks mom.”
Her face fell. “I am very sorry about your father’s health. When he told me yesterday, it broke my heart. You know I am truly sorry.”
“I know.” Lola stopped eating and placed her hand on Bidemi. “I need you to put him in prayers. He needs it.”
“I will.” Both started to eat. “Will you be following him to the airport?”
“Yes.” Lola replied. “I wish I could travel with him. He promised to always update me about his health.”
“That’s okay.”

During the weekend, Lola escorted Wole to the airport. She wished him well and he prayed for her before he took his flight. On Monday at the meeting, everyone was pleased with Lola and Duke’s suggestions. Some complained when Duke suggested they increased the working hours of some nurses and doctors, but at the end of it, it went well.
The hospital was in order, Jidenna stopped talking to Duke and ignored him whenever Duke greeted him. Duke didn’t tell anyone what was going on but Oliver noticed and tried to make amends between them. Jidenna warned him never to interfere.

Lola and Duke operated on patients together. Zara paid more attention to her work and stayed reserved. Melvin continued to be who he was and interacted well with his patients. Dr. Wendy returned from her sabbatical and asked Lola to reinstate her as chief of Surgery. Lola told her Dr. Robertson was going a very good job. Wendy was upset but respected her decision.

They were times when Duke would catch Lola looking at him. She would take her eyes off him. What worried her, Duke never talked about remembering anything about his love for her. Ahmed’s mom was discharged and Lola wished her good luck. Ahmed was yet to travel.

Bidemi was passing Lola’s room when she heard her crying. Lola had gone to spend a week at her place. She opened the door and Lola continued to cry.
She hurried to her daughter. “What is it? Did you lose a patient yesterday?”
“No mom.”
“Then what is it?”
Lola looked at her mother with tears in her eyes. “For how long? For how long will I continue to hope that Duke will love me again? It’s been weeks. The only thing he talks about with me is work. I am tired.”
“I know how you feel.”
“No, you don’t know how I feel. I am in love with this man and he doesn’t love me back!”
“Why don’t you talk to him again?”
She shook her head. “I don’t want to push him away. He appears comfortable around me. I don’t want it to change. It’s for the benefit of the hospital.”
Bidemi wiped Lola’s face with her hands. “Don’t give up. Anything can happen.”
“Anything can happen when? What if he falls in love with someone else? That scares me. It scares me, mom.”
She heaved a sigh and looked at her daughter with a concerned look on her face.

Duke arrived at the hospital very early. The previous night he could barely sleep. He had been having a severe headache that refused to go after he took some drugs. He called Dr. Wendy that morning. She was on her way. He wanted her to look into it.

He changed his outfit, got to his office, sat and rested his head on his desk. He slept off unknowingly until the knock on the door woke him up. 
Wendy entered. “Dr. Duke what happened? I have been waiting for you at my office.”
“I am so sorry. I didn’t know when I slept off.” He glanced at the clock. 11:34pm. “Oh my God! I didn’t know I slept for long! What has been happening at the ward?” He quickly rose on his feet and motioned to her.
“Everything is in control.” she responded. “Lola is doing a good job. I need you to come with me for a scan to know what is causing the headache. Do you still have an headache?”
“No. I feel a bit relieved for now.”
“Okay. Come with me.”
As they made way out of the door, Duke gripped his head and groaned in pain. Wendy placed her hand on him apprehensively.
“Dr. Duke, are you okay?”
Duke took a deep breath as the pain went away. He looked at her. “The pain has gone. Dr. Wendy, what is wrong with me?”
“You need to come with me now.”

Four hours earlier, Lola arrived and met Jidenna, Melvin, Zara, Melissa and the others occupied with some patients. She went to the dressing room to change and returned. She saw Jidenna talking to a man looking pale. His lips were whitish. Jidenna pointed at Lola and she walked up to them.
“Any problem?” She asked Jidenna.
“He said he is sick. He was directed to this hospital and your name was mentioned.”
“My name was mentioned to you?” Lola asked him.
“Yes. I heard you are good at what you do. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I feel pain all over my body. My hands itches me and I feel weak.”
“Don’t worry, you will be fine. I will take your blood to run some test to find out what could be the problem. Follow me.”
On his way with Lola, the man started to scratch his hands rapidly and all of a sudden, he slumped on the floor.
“Somebody help!” Lola yelled.
Without thinking of wearing gloves, Lola raised him, a female nurse and Oliver ran to join her. He was carried to a private room so she could attend to him. The room had two beds. They were empty and he was placed on one of them. The nurse took his blood to the lab and Lola with Oliver began to give him medications that could revive him. He was resuscitate but wasn’t responding to treatment. The man’s skin was becoming paler. He could barely breathe.
“This is strange.” Lola said.
“I have never seen anything like this.” Oliver said. “The test could reveal what is happening to him.”
“Go to the lab and tell them to be fast about it!”
“Okay.” Oliver pulled his gloves and disposed it. He went and returned after some minutes.
“I have told them.”
“Good.” Lola said.
“Should I wait?”
“Yes. I want us to watch him together.”
No problem.” Oliver said.
Lola placed the man on strong antibiotics that seemed to work slowly. The effect only made the man speak.
“What is happening to me?” He asked in a weak tone.
Lola had to move close to him so that she could hear him properly. “I don’t know. When did you start to feel like this?”
“Today. Yesterday I went to a hospital because i was feeling feverish. I was given medication. I was referred here in case the drugs and injection didn’t work.” 
"What's the name of the hospital?" Oliver asked.
"Health and wealth hospital."
Lola and Oliver looked at each other. The man coughed and mistakenly splashed some saliva on Lola.
“I am sorry.” He said weakly.
Lola quickly went to wash her hands and when she came back, the man had vomited blood on Oliver. His body was jerking uncontrollably. Lola ordered Oliver to clean up and she administered CPR on the man but he gave up.  Lola looked at him speechless. Oliver came and couldn’t say a word.
What was happening? Lola asked herself as her heartbeat began to pound faster. She was nervous. She covered the man and glanced at Oliver. She noticed something odd. He was scratching his hands.
“Are you okay?”
“I don’t feel well.”
Lola began to think. “This is not Ebola. This is something else. Something dangerous. I think it is a virus.”
“Virus?” He said weakly.
Oliver could barely stand. He wanted to fall and Lola helped him to the other bed. She wore a facemask and gloves. 

The nurse that took the blood came with result. She was still wearing gloves.
“Don’t come close to us!” Lola uttered and she halted. “Drop the result on the table.”
“Dr. Lola, is everything okay?”
“No Betty.” Lola took the result to read. “It’s inconclusive.”
“Yes. The lab tech still wants to run more test.”
“Get Oliver’s blood and go to the lab to run some test.”
Betty wore new gloves and took the blood of Oliver. Oliver was already groaning in pain.
Lola spoke. “After you go to the lab, tell Dr. Wendy what is happening. Tell her this could be a virus. Tell her I could be infected. Oliver is infected. She is more experienced to come up with a solution, like an antidote. No one can enter here until we are able to find a cure.”
The nurse was shaking out of fear. “What about Dr. Duke?”
Lola wanted to cry but held herself from erupting into tears. “Don’t bother him. Just go.”
“Okay.” Tears were swelling around the nurse’s eyes as she walked away. Lola quickly shut the door with the key.
Lola searched for antibiotics in the cabinets to administer to Oliver. Thank God he has not started to cough. Lola thought.

Now, Wendy was staring at the scan in her office with Duke. “Everything seems fine. There is nothing wrong.”
“For real?” He asked.
Duke shrugged and stood. “I no longer have a headache anymore. I think the drugs I took are already…” He touched his head with his two hands as he felt a sharp pain. He grunted and shut his eyes tightly. All his memories with Lola came as a flash. Everything he had forgotten returned to him.
“Dr. Duke, are you okay?”
He began to breathe gently. The pain vanished instantly. He dropped his hands and opened his eyes. They were moist.
“Lola.” He said.
“What does this have to do with Dr. Lola?” Wendy asked confused.
At that moment, the way Duke felt was unexplainable. When he remembered what he told Lola after he came back from coma made him mad. He wanted to hit himself so bad. How dare he treat Lola like that?
“Duke, are you okay?”
Duke smiled as he fought himself not to cry. “How could I stop loving her? I loved her. I love her. I love Lola.” The tears dropped.
Wendy was dazed.
Duke cleaned his face. “I have to see her. I have to tell her how I feel.”
The nurse burst the door open. She was crying. “Something is happening Dr. Wendy!”
Wendy and Duke gaze at her startled and puzzled."
“What happened?” Wendy inquired.
“A patient was directed to Dr. Lola but he didn’t make it. Dr. Lola thinks it’s a virus. Nurse Oliver is infected. He is dying. Dr. Lola thinks she is infected too.”
“What!” Duke exclaimed in shock. Wendy was astonished.
“Where is she?” He asked Betty.
“She said no one can enter the room until we are able to come up with a cure.”
“Where is she!!” Duke screamed at her.
“She is in ward A, room 16!”
Duke stormed out of the office and ran. Wendy and nurse Betty followed him behind, trying to stop him. Jidenna, Melvin and two other nurses noticed them and moved to their direction.
They got there and Duke attempted to open the door. It wasn’t opening. He went to the window side and saw Lola crying profusely beside unmoved Oliver.
“Lola!” He called her name.
She gazed at him surprised and moved to the window. “Duke.” She saw the rest behind him. “I am so sorry. I couldn’t save him. Oliver is dead!”
They were all speechless. Jidenna felt a bang on his chest. Lola began to scratch her hands.
“I am infected.” Lola said with tears raining down her face. “I am dying.”
“No you are not dying." Duke said. "I will not lose you. I can’t lose you. You are my heartbeat.”
Lola’s body shuddered. She didn’t believe what she heard. He placed his right hand on the window.
“I love you. I love you Lola. Open the door.”
“I can’t!”
Duke gave her a hard stare, went to the door and began to pound on it with his whole body. He was prepared to break the door down. He desperately wanted to have Lola in his arms without thinking of the consequences. He didn’t care. Lola was the only one that mattered to him at that moment. She was his number one priority, his heartbeat and the love of his life.
To be continued.... Thursday


  1. Carina u spoilt my Sunday, nothing should happen to Lola or you will have me to contend with

  2. Hmmmm. This is totally unexpected. Nurse Oliver... Such a cool guy. Jidenna must know something about what's happening. I know Lola will make it for the single fact that Duke has professed his love for her, she will fight to stay alive.

    Nice job Carina. Keep it up.

  3. pleaseeeeeeeee Carina, Lola must not die o, I beg u in the name of God. Oliver's death too pain me o and I can't risk a second heart break. Thursday is too far now, thumbs up

  4. Ohhhhh Diana and Yvonne why? So they infected the man with a virus and refered him to Lola to have her also infected. Wicked people. God will punish them.

    1. I never thought of this o,it's true the man was referred to her o, haha, wickedness

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