Monday, June 17, 2019

Serial Killer: The case of Dana Sue Gray.

The people living in Canyon Lake, a community in California knew a dangerous person living in their midst. Her name was Dana Sue Gray.

The first person she killed was 86-year-old Norma Davis. Dana Sue had visited Roberts one day claiming she wanted to borrow a book about controlling a drinking problem. February 28, 1994, her body was found by Norma's neighbor, Alice Williams. Norma had a wood handled knife sticking out of her neck, and a fillet knife sticking out of her chest. Other than a broken fingernail, she had no other marks. A bloodied afghan lay at her feet. She had been dead for two days. Norma was the mother-in-law of the woman (Jeri Davis) who married Dana's father in 1988. She was Dana Sue's step-grandmother.

Her second victim was June Roberts. Dana Sue strangled her with a phone cord and repeatedly hammered her in the face with a wine bottle. She left her five-year-old stepson outside in the car while she committed the murder. When Roberts was dead, Gray took her credit cards and went on a shopping spree, including a meal of crab cakes and scampi, a $500 suede jacket, a pair of $161 earrings, and a $5.99 toy helicopter for her stepson.

After June Roberts, Dana Sue Gray moved on to Lake Elsinore. On that fateful day, 57-year-old Dorinda Hawkins had been working alone at her job at an antique store. Dana came in to buy a picture frame for a photo of her deceased mother. where she attempted to strangle Dorinda, leaving her for dead. Fortunately, Hawkins survived the assault, however, and was able to give detectives a description of Gray. The next day the story was in the newspaper.. 

Dana’s last victim, was a 87-year-old woman, Dora Beebe. A few minutes after Beebe came home from a doctor's appointment, Dana Sue alighted in front of Beebe's house. Gray knocked on her door to ask for directions. The woman invited Dana inside to look at a map. Once inside Gray attacked and killed Beebe by strangling and beating her to death with a cloth iron. Beebe was found later that day by her boyfriend of eight years, Louis Dormand. Dora Beebe’s credit card paid for a $1,000 mountain bike, some perfume, and a boogie board.

Dana Sue Gray was arrested and eventually admitted to the murders of Roberts and Beebe and the attempted murder of Hawkins. She was never charged with the death of Norma Davis, but police are confident she was the murderer. She claimed the murders were based on an impulse to shop. 

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