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Olivia stared at the mirror given to her by the nurse. She felt quite odd seeing a new face on her body but the purpose of it made her a bit comfortable. She would get used to it one-step at a time.

Marcus faced the doctor to require how long she would remain in the hospital. He responded she would stay for a few days or maybe more. They need to monitor Olivia before letting her go completely.

“Congratulations Olivia,” Sebastian said with a smile. “I hope you like your new face.”

She nodded and gave a sincere smile. “I think I do.”

“You look very beautiful ma,” Andy told her.

She giggled carefully. “Thanks.”

For the days Olivia was at the hospital, Andy visited every day. He would come in the morning and leave at night. Sometimes, Marcus assisted him by driving him to his house. Sebastian saw her a few times because of his busy schedule but he called every day to hear about her health development.

When he informed Joseph and Lucky about Olivia’s improvement, they were very happy to hear the good news. On the day the doctor announced he wanted to discharge Olivia, Marcus made a call to Sebastian. He left the company and drove to Bello's Hospital.

He met Olivia and Marcus getting ready to leave. Andy was arranging her personal belongings. 

“Andy, I think you should call the Uber driver now to take us to the hotel.” Olivia said.

“Okay ma.”

Sebastian hesitated to say something, but when Andy grabbed his phone to dial the number, Sebastian spoke.

“I think you shouldn’t make the call.”

They looked at him puzzled.

“Why?” She asked him. 

“Why go to the hotel?”

“I still have some days there. Some of my belongings are still in my room.”

“Andy will bring them and ask for a refund. I think you should stay at my place.”

Andy and Marcus gazed at Olivia. They were waiting for an answer. She glanced at them and back at Sebastian.

Sebastian added. “I have free rooms in my place. My home is big enough to accommodate you. I have a chef and a housekeeper. They stay at the boys’ quarter.”
“You really want to accommodate me?”

“Sure. Why not? I am inviting you to stay with me while you search for a place. Staying at the hotel is unnecessary now. Andy can always come around if you need him. It’s not as if I will be at home all the time. I am a busy man.”

She sighed. “Okay. Thanks. It means a lot to me for you to give me a roof over my head.”

“It’s nothing. I’m glad you accepted.”

“I can’t say no to a harmless and nice gesture from a gentleman like you.”

Sebastian burst into laughter and stood proudly. “Wow! So I am a gentleman.”
Olivia laughed quietly. “You are not serious. Don’t even start.”

Later in the day, while Andy went for errands on behalf of Olivia, Sebastian drove her to his elaborate residence. Marcus followed them to know his place. 

“This is my guest,” Sebastian told his workers. “She must be treated with respect. If you disrespect her, you have offended me. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” Both said together.

The housekeeper Nkechi served them drinks and the female chef, Lauren prepared a delicious meal. Sebastian took Olivia to one of the rooms. It was beautiful, colorful and she felt at home with the way he kept assuring her she won’t regret living with him for a period of time. When he made way to the door to give her privacy, she called his name.


He turned to her. “Yes?”

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but can we discuss about how to strategize regarding my siblings.”

He chuckled lightly. “You still call them your siblings.

“Do I have a choice?”

“They are traitors and we will treat them as such. No, you don’t sound ungrateful. I was thinking I will tell you my plans when you have rested for a few days.”

“I have rested in the hospital. I want to start now. There is no time.”

He nodded in agreement. “We will chat when we are alone at dinner time.”

Olivia offered a well-satisfied smile. “I hope you know I appreciate you.”

Sebastian gave a side eye, looking at her sarcastically. “Are you sure or you are just pulling my legs? Remember you said my ego stinks.”

She laughed. "You said you would shoot my long legs!"

He laughed. "We were angry at ourselves!"

"I know. I didn't mean it."

"I didn't mean it too. See you later." He walked out of the door. Olivia took a deep breath, surveyed the room and laid on the big bed decorated with a unique bed sheet. She spread her arms apart.

“At last, I can finally have what I deserve.”

After Olivia and Marcus ate lunch, Marcus thanked Sebastian for his hospitality and left. Andy came to drop her other belongings, ate and bid them goodbye. Sebastian left the house for a while and when he returned, it was time for dinner.

The Empire Manufacturing Company deal on different products such as cement, sugar, milk and even detergent. It has become one of the growing establishments in the country, owned by Nelson Badmus, Nelly Badmus and Naomi Ejiofor.

As they ate, Sebastian spoke. “The times I didn’t come to the hospital, I made some calls and saw someone.”

She continued to eat but focused her eyes on her. “Someone?”

“Yes. A few years ago, someone tried to assassinate me…”

Olivia opened her mouth in shock. 

Sebastian continued. “The detectives in charge of the case did well by catching the culprit. Detective Tiwa and Genevieve did everything they could about the case. I made a call to them to get me someone to get all the necessary info of your traitors.”

She tried to laugh but the look on his face told her to keep a straight face. “They were able to get you someone?”

“Yes, detective Akin,” he said. “We met and I told him I wanted details about them. The eldest Nelly is acting as the CEO; his twin Naomi manages the company and is the head of admin. Nelson is the chief accountant.”

She said, “I’m not surprised. How did you know about my siblings names?”

“Marcus told me when he narrated your story. I didn’t even give the detective their names. All he needed was the name of the company.”
“What about the other businesses they inherited?”

“Well, the supermarket is out of stock. Naomi owns it. A few business owners rented some of the shops at the shopping mall. Nelly is in charge of that one.”

“Why did few business owners rent some of the shops?”

“I have no idea.”

“Nelly had a bad behavior communicating with people. I remember he always embarrasses my friends if he knows they are not from a rich home. I can’t believe he has not changed. What about the boutique?”
“Naomi owns it. It’s doing fine. She has five hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Women admire the way she dresses.”

Olivia wore a faint smile. “I am not surprised. She loved fashion.”

“She is married but the info I got is that her husband was scammed. He lost almost everything. Presently, Naomi acts as the head of the house. She controls him. Rumor has it that she is cheating on him but he doesn’t know.”

She shook her head unbelievably. “Does she have kids?”


“What about Nelly and Nelson?”

“Nelly is married with a kid. Nelson is divorced, two kids with his ex-wife. He has one child with a babymama.”

Olivia opened her mouth in shock. “Are you serious?”


“I know Nelson wasn’t there when I needed him the time Nelly and Naomi threw me out, but Nelson is a good person. Is it that he is unlucky with love?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.”

“It seems things are working fine at the company.” She picked up her spoon to continue eating.

“I doubt.” Sebastian said.

She paused and looked at his face. “Why did you say that?”

“Detective Akin said he heard the company is in debts. They almost went bankrupt if not for loans. They might lose the company, other businesses and even the house they live in if they don’t pay when it is due. Although, your traitors are denying it but it is true.”

Olivia dropped her spoon again. She had lost appetite. “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t lose the company.”

“You are not going to lose the company.”


Sebastian drank some water before he spoke. “The Empire company products are still affordable and accessible in the market.They are consistent in the market. They are currently making profits. It depends on how they will handle it. I noticed they don’t deal on drinks for consumption. I am thinking we should give them a proposal to start an energy drink. We will bring the funds and the company will get some percentage from the success of the production. We will also invest in the company and as it grows, we will be willing to bring funds for any product they want to produce. For us to do that, they must make us a part of the company.”


“Yes. You and I will introduce ourselves as business partners.”

Olivia looked stunned. "I don't know what to say."

"Say nothing." 

She heaved a relieved sigh. Sebastian placed his hand on her hand. 

“One step at a time, Olivia,” he said. “It’s not going to be easy to get the company back, but  I promise to make it yours.”

She gave him a smile. “I don’t need to think about this proposal. Whatever you say, I agree to it. I believe in you. But why are you willing to make this work for me?”

"I have told you before, I love revenge."

He took his hand away and smiled back. “Do not forget, I believe in you too. Eat.”

Sebastian focused on his food and Olivia did the same. After eating, Sebastian bid her goodnight. He went straight to his room to work on his laptop. He started to construct the business proposal.

The next morning, Sebastian checked on Olivia in her room. She was still in bed, awake. 

“I will be meeting with one of my lawyers concerning the proposal. I will send one of my representatives to Empire Company to discuss about our idea. If Nelly and his siblings are willing to meet with us that means they must agree to our offer.”

“Do you think they will accept?”

“They might not want to disclose they are in debts but I believe they have no choice than to accept and work with us. I will see you in the evening, if you can’t wait for me, please go to bed.”

“Does that mean you will be coming late?” She asked with concern.

“Maybe. If you want to go out, you can use any of my cars. Ask the housekeeper for the keys.”


“You’re welcome.” Sebastian walked out of the room and headed outside. He met the gateman opening the gate for Andy.

“Good morning sir.” Andy greeted him.

“Morning.” he sounded surprised to see Andy. “Olivia didn’t tell me you were coming. Anyways, the housekeeper will inform her you are around, she is still in bed.”

“Okay sir.”

Sebastian hopped into his Mercedes and drove away.


Sebastian met and spoke with his lawyer and one of his representatives about the deal. They would meet with Nelson Badmus and his siblings. He informed Olivia that they had set a date for the meeting. On that day, Olivia hoped it would go well and she would receive good news. 


“I think we should meet them,” Nelly said. He still had that handsome face Olivia spoke about, but he had added a little weight. He wore a classy suit, expensive wristwatch and appeared dashing. “It’s a good proposal.”

Nelson was blessed with good body structure. He looked flamboyant with his well-ironed outfit. Naomi looked glamorous with her hair, makeup, knee-length, body hugged gown and louboutin heels. The three of them were together in the conference room having a meeting.

“Are you saying we should accept it?” Nelson asked. He wasn’t looking pleased.

Naomi kept quiet, listening to them.

“Yes,” Nelly replied. “This is an opportunity to find every means to pay our debts. As long as they are part of this company, they would not want to lose what they already have with Empire Company.”

“I understand what you mean but I have a bad feeling about this. We don’t really know these people. They could have an agenda. Why us? Why choose our Company?”

“That’s because they believe we are successful. We are going to benefit from this new production. We shouldn’t be debating about this. Let this be a done deal. Let’s meet with these business partners.”

The men stared at Naomi. They had a particular expression on their faces. 

“What?” She asked.

“Are you not going to say anything?” Nelson asked.

“Sebastian Akande is one of the richest bachelors in the country. He is very successful and handsome too. I have seen him in magazines.”

“Have you forgotten you are married?” Nelly her twin asked in a peeved tone.


“Can you be serious for once? You are the main reason we are in debts! You kept encouraging us to collect loans we didn’t need.”

She pointed at him angrily. “Do not put all the blame on me! Both of you has a part in it.”

“I am not going to sit and watch you involve me!” Nelson spat. 

“Are you not the head of account? Are you not the one in charge of the money going in and out of this company?”

“When you do come to ask me for money, do you expect me to say no? You would have screamed and accused me of disrespecting you!”

“Of course! I am older!”

Nelly stood in rage and banged his fist on the desk. “Shut up!!”

Naomi and Nelson stopped arguing and faced him. Their eyes had turned red. The two of them were obviously pissed at each other.

“What is the matter with both of you! We should be discussing about the growth of this Company yet you are arguing over irrelevant things.” He faced Naomi directly. “I am very disappointed in you. Speak like a married woman. Focused on your marriage.”

“But it is not working.”

“It was working when Samson Ejiofor still had money.” Nelson chipped in to speak.

Naomi jagged a finger at Nelson. “Look at who is talking. Why don’t you ask yourself why your marriage failed?!”

Nelson rose up furiously and Nelly quickly went to him.

“What do you want to do?”

“Tell Naomi to keep quiet!” Nelson yelled.

“Why should I keep quiet? I am your elder sister.”

“Keep quiet Naomi!” Nelly uttered. “I am getting tired of this. We should come to an agreement now!”

Naomi rose and grabbed her bag from the seat near her. “Well, I am in support of your decision Nelly. Majority wins the vote. It is final. Set up a date for us to meet them. We are ready to work with Sebastian Akande and his partner.” she wavered and spoke. “What did the representative call her name again?”

“Olivia King.”

“I can’t wait to work with them.” Naomi eyed Nelson before she walked out of the conference room.

Nelson turned to Nelly. “She made that decision because of our argument.”

“Both of you keep fighting for nothing. Whatever the issues both of you have, sort it out and leave business out of it.”

“How are we certain working with these people will benefit us?”

“It will, trust me. We will use them to pay our debts, and then we can find a way to end our deal with them."

“They we have a contract with us.”

“Let’s meet with them first.”

“Meeting with them means we have accepted.”

“Of course.”

Nelson heaved a sigh. “I just hope all will end well.”

Nelly placed his hand on Nelson’s shoulder. “It will.”

Sebastian arrived home and met Olivia watching a movie. 

“Welcome,” she said.

“Thanks.” He approached her.

“How was your day?”

“Good, very good,” he said. “I received a call on my way home. Your traitors have agreed to meet us. We will see them next tomorrow.”

Olivia opened her mouth in shock and excitement. She swiftly got up on her feet. “Are you serious?”


She threw her arms around him and laughed. He didn’t see it coming. He hugged her back and she pulled away. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay," he said. "Have you eaten dinner?”

“No. I was waiting for you. I didn’t want to eat alone.”

“That's okay. Let me shower. I will be back in a jiffy.”


Sebastian spent some minutes in his room before he stepped out of it. He wore a simple wear and smelled nice. The chef had served them fried rice, salad and barbecued fish with pineapple juice. He joined Olivia at the dining room. 

He sat down. “The food looks delicious.”

“Yes, it does.” She seemed very happy.
Sebastian concentrated on his food as he proceeded to eat. He had no idea Olivia kept her eyes on him. She wondered why she hated him in the first place. Her heart was beginning to tell her Sebastian Akande was a good man.

To be continued.


  1. I'm loving this... But kike, I'm trying to recall the name Olivia..

    The traitors have finally walked into the trap laid for them... (pakute onipe mu okete) Sébastien is too smart, that guy be acting like tough guy yet he ain't tough but he is intelligent. I smell a happy ending btwn him and miss long legs😁

    Olivia should concentrate and stop tripping for Mr handsome.

    Kike weldone, ur doing a good job. But pls compensate us for the 2wks break😍🤩😘

    1. Thanks Temi. Missed reading your comments.

      Olivia is a new character.

      Next episode will be posted soon.

  2. Goodmorning kike,how are you? Stay safe during this trying time, May the Almighty protect is all. when are you posting the next episode?

  3. Hello kike, hope you are fine and doing great?

    1. Temi I'm fine by his grace. I know someone that attended the AMVCA with her husband. They are currently isolating. We are hopeful.

      I will start posting as fromuch on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks!

    2. By his grace they are fine, no evil shall befall you and ur household/loved ones. Be safe dear

  4. Wow, wow, wow. Can't wait for the real action to begin thank u Kike..


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